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  1. Even without the infamous production history in mind, you probably would get suspicious when you hear this: The curious thing is that unlike every other track, He's A Pirate has been updated on streaming to reflect the proper writers of the cue (instead of simply crediting everything to solely the album artist), which makes me wonder if it's a result of Disney wanting to set the record straight without actually drawing attention to it. Ah, you mean the bit that was taken from this not too uncommon temp cue in the 2000s? That's another issue with Pirates 1 being so janky, since when it's not repurposing previous MV ideas, it's having to basically copy the temp track (the Kilar Dracula lifts being very unsubtle).
  2. Neat. Now when are they gonna do a physical release for Glass Onion? Would love to own it, even though I haven't gotten Knives Out yet.
  3. Based on experience, I get the impression this isn't the first time he's been told that
  4. In that scenario, I would be even more confused, because at least Spielberg does coherently convey what his movies are aiming for. I get what KotCS was going for, even if I think it just didn't do a good job after a certain point. DoD feels so much like homework half the time that if I saw Steven's name on it, I'd be tempted to call bullshit.
  5. You can, but that won't stop people from wondering why you still bother commenting if every post will in essence be some variant of that exact thing. It kind of grinds things to a halt if the same people are always making the same points, even if it might feel justified because the money making machine always has the same ultimate goal. Maybe that's why the Indy discussions are more fun, because by virtue of only having two actively contested sequels, we actually are able to discuss how each fumbled the bag in their own unique ways. And even then, I suspect that's only because KotCS was still helmed by someone the forum continues to respect, so you're almost forced to say different things about DoD as a result.
  6. Yeah, that's the main thing I struggle with, because some of my favorite things can have their moments that probably would look appalling out of context. It's part of why the recent Spider-Man 3 screening was somewhat eye opening for me, because bits that would've already been in infamy suddenly stood out more than they did prior, now that there's a crowded audience involved. It really does change things when you're going off of what the grain is taking note of, rather than what you on your own might take note of when you're watching at home. It's not guaranteed to change your overall opinion, but it does affect your thought process, even if only slightly.
  7. When I went to see the EE trilogy at the theater for the Fathom screenings, I did not mind the appearance of the movies as far as the DNR was concerned. It's probably because of examples like the recent Cameron 4K releases that I probably thought it was tasteful in any sense, but it was only in like one or two shots where I felt it was too mushy for what it should look like. Part of that might be how I tend to expect 2000s movies to look like, even though I already have things like Raimi Spidey showing the ideal path for a 4K master. That being said, that video sure is eye opening. It's one thing to be told what the changes are, but it's another to actually see them. I hadn't even known An Unexpected Journey was altered until now, so it really is getting near Lucas levels at this point. I'll admit that I'm pretty poor when it comes to picking up on color, since I'm one of those people that tends to benefit from the yellow tint that's infamous in a lot of things. But I'd like to support having the original look whenever I can, since I certainly would be one to complain if I film I did know well was changed to this degree (even if I might still not notice if it's been a while).
  8. Sooooooo I start TNG at the third season, right?
  9. Yeah, wouldn't the massive amount of Legends material pre-reset already go way beyond that particular designation? Most people here seemed pretty keen to ignore those, yet I guess the added touch of being a live action Disney+ show makes it too hard to avoid.
  10. I'll salute the madman who decides to make an appreciation thread for this specific show
  11. I'd more like to know how many of you are actually watching it, because I can't really picture any of you having given it more time than what you've written about it here. That's not me being judgemental, given my own experiences in listening to discussions about streaming efforts. I'm merely curious as to the mechanics behind what makes a TV show in this current climate of media.
  12. Well that first thing is what world building/lore would be a part of! If anything, it's more damning that the more prolific discussions are in regards to major canon alterations, because that leaves the rest of it being unremarkable otherwise.
  13. Well I guess I'm struggling to understand how creatives that have had well liked works prior have ended up having a lot of issues with SW. And I probably am not one to think that it's purely a result of casual audiences having lower standards than longtime fans of the franchise, just based on what has been propped up as great TV these days. I can certainly believe it's the Marvel problem of getting talent that is too new for their once well oiled machine, but then even that had produced some occasional hits. I do have to question once more what exact agenda is being pushed in Disney SW, because every complaint with this show seems largely rooted in the world building and handling of the lore. It's a different team from previous TV shows, so surely the faults lie in different areas, in the same way Obi-Wan's flaws differ from Ahsoka's. There's likely less of an expectation to hit certain buttons than say the live action remakes, which have a noted set of recurring traits.
  14. Or rather, great storytellers for a medium they have little experience with
  15. The real crime is that the cantina music is no longer called Jizz music in-universe!
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