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  1. He has some connection to RCP if he can so easily talk to the crew like he does sometimes (here's me asking a question about Ring 2 for instance). Not to mention actually confirming stuff before any proper leaks (i.e. now deleted comments that alluded to Balfe making a proper full score for Ad Astra prior to his complete getting out). So at the very least, he has more credibility than some news websites out there. And once more: I saw no real headlines about Djawadi being on Eternals (not even here, having checked to make sure), so how would you expect one to know? It's not often the averag
  2. That's one hell of the low key confirmation, given it was mostly IMDB rumors prior. I'd have expected some media buzz. His HZ.com page lists it now (after Hybrid initially denied it), so it's definitely legit at this point. EDIT: Okay, I am being way too hasty today, because it was just one random off the cuff comment a user made with not much else in descriptions or replies. Guess the Space Jam 2 thing is making me too weary of composer announcements recently.
  3. Djawadi for The Eternals or whatever else he's rumored for isn't confirmed as well. Given Gia was able to confirm being on SM3 but not DS2, that does make me a bit unsure about if he'd actually get to do the latter. EDIT: I'm just noticing the wiki page linking to this. Is it actually legit?
  4. I believe it was outright stated by MV in a post once that SM3 is completely outside the realm of possibility for them. Besides, given the uncertainty regarding Sony working with other labels in the future, I'm sure any current potential release would likely be a solo effort on their end, if Ghostbusters is still enough of a big property for them to want to do both original scores alone. As for the actual contents I'd want: just give me the full unaltered Young score, since everything Lurie and Debney is already easily available. We have most of CY's efforts, but a few
  5. Considering the release supposedly only needs to be approved at this point, I am curious if it's Kamen's original untampered score, or if it ends up being that leaked isolated score that'll be what's officially published.
  6. I decided to test this, and it did work somewhat. The mix must have been subtly different, because it only resulted in making the following section super quiet. At normal volume, it'd sound pretty isolated, but I'm sure a more attentive ear would pick up on the artifacts of what was there. In fact, I'm not sure if it's much different from merely just fading out on the regular track, but you be the judge of that. Also, for anyone who cares about the full list of who worked on what cue, Hybrid did update the DE page today on the HZ website (though Willis is missing on Extra Deluxe Mine Missio
  7. It definitely exists, but because the quality was basically no different from what was on the website, it basically only exists as a collectable.
  8. Have we completely forgotten digital booklets are a thing? I don't know if many Disney releases have them, but I assume Powell would want one if he cares about it enough.
  9. Finally received my copy! I almost forgot about it when it had occurred to me to check if it'd actually shipped, which it disembarked on the 15th. Feels nice to finally own a VS release, especially since I do like the label disc art on these. Will give it a spin once the second disc finishes ripping. Yup. EAC came with them, but 3 tracks from disc 1 had the wrong numbers on them. I would've assumed they'd have just copied and pasted it from the Varese website, but I guess not.
  10. Okay, Space Jam 2 has not actually been confirmed to have HZ onboard. It'd have been mentioned and listed on the website at this point, given how much Hybrid has been able to confirm some stuff prior to official announcements, releases, or leaks. Oh yeah, and there's also the fact this is the only official composer announcement I have found, long after all the rumors of Zimmer's involvement: http://filmmusicreporter.com/2020/04/15/kris-bowers-to-score-malcolm-d-lees-space-jam-2/
  11. Fallout I think is just affected by the virtue of what it represents than what the actual music has. It's not bad on its own, but given how much I really like most of the previous ones, I just can't help but feel disappointed. Someone did bring up the possibility of the NTTD clip maybe using temp, but given the film is pretty much done at this point, why would they have an earlier version of the scene lying around to just post like that? Either way: 45 seconds is still nothing, you scoundrels.
  12. No matter what the end result is: I'm still glad it's Zimmer and not Balfe. Sure, "what's the difference," you could say. But given how much Fallout still leaves a bit of a pit in my stomach, I'm sure NTTD will at least be something noteworthy within the presumed studio demands to make RCP Bond.
  13. Wow, this is quite the sight to behold. 2020 may be hell, but Powell sure knows how to tide over fans in the meantime. I wasn't the most impressed with the full score on first listen, given the usual issues with initial impressions and listening conditions. But giving it a go today did convince me to buy the release, given I figured it would only grow on me more with each listen. This is the first time I'm actually buying anything from VS, given I'd only have a couple LLL albums and Young Sherlock from Intrada. Given Powell likely supervised the release himself, I trust he knows what he's d
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