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  1. Hmmm, I think I might've mixed tracks up, looking at this: Yup, I believe this was something I completely misunderstood then, since I only remembered the detail of it being a cue that was mixed with a source cue on the iso. Guess I never bothered to double check til now (that it's Worth A Life and not Flashback).
  2. That's the cue they couldn't find the film take for, so it's very likely the takes they did have pales compared to what Horner decided on for the final product. Since I recently decided to order the set, I had messed around with isolating it from the source track its wedged in-between on the isolated score. It's a bit of a mixed bag, since while the ending ends cleanly enough in one of the AI algorithms I used, the beginning never managed to fully isolate (one of the attempts just straight up cutting to when there's no instruments at all). So I guess I'd have to use one of the takes on the LLL set to fill the hole there (assuming it's even similar enough to line up properly).
  3. Went to the 3:00 screening today (so unfortunately wasn't there for the post Q&A screening (hope people showed up for it!)), and I had a great time. I can certainly understand why people have issues with the film, and I'll certainly concede that it really requires a specific mood to appreciate it for what it is. But it's such a visual and audio wonder that I can't really complain much (even if it probably could've used some further drafts to flesh out things). That being said: it benefits so much from being seen on the big screen that I have a hard time telling if it would work as well if I watched it at home. Certainly got me interested in seeing much more from the franchise, and I'll most definitely see the Wrath of Khan screening once that arrives.
  4. I was gonna make the point that Thor at least doesn't actively mock us for the expansion preferences, but I got a hunch Bruce would tell me I'm getting worked up over a "joke" again
  5. The issue I'm having is that based on the info I've seen so far, I doubt it'd be the definitely absent Shut It Down cue, since it seems to accompany a following scene. And since nothing else is listed on the HZ.com cue list there, I'm starting to wonder if it's a last minute thing that just didn't get properly written down and archived.
  6. I am noticing two tracks on here are ones that aren't on the bootleg (Conklin Killed, Got Any ID?). However, the other one of the final tracks listed on HZ.com (Shut It Down) is absent, so either it went unused or JP didn't think it added anything to the presentation. As such, it seems we ended up with only 99% of the score now.
  7. When you're in a group with various time zones, it's easy to get mixed up. Of course, I could've also just checked the world clock on my phone, now that I remember it exists. So 4 hours left then.........
  8. So I checked Apple Music NZ on a VPN, and I don't see any new listing or an update to the existing album. So either it's like Morbius where it'll pop up by the end of the day, or this is gonna end up being yet another Ant Man situation where the extra tracks are LP only.
  9. All the arrangers being the entirety of Balfe's regular crew, so I guess that rumor of him getting involved partway through isn't particularly far fetched now.
  10. I appreciate all this MCU Jackman talk (even if I think CW is honestly very disappointing and I haven't gotten to hear F&TWS yet). TWS is not a score I revisit often, but I absolutely admire its display of creativity with a developed soundscape that most other RCP scores tend to lack even now. About FF: I am one of the odd few to prefer Beltrami's efforts for the franchise than Ottman (even if I gravitate towards the latter as a composer more (I do prefer his FF theme by itself)), so I wouldn't mind him taking another stab at the property with the proper creative control that wasn't afforded with the 2015 film.
  11. Is there a fully transparent one for that? Since I'm sure one would want the inlays to be visible (though if this is just 2 discs, then I guess it would be formatted like this based on MJ's HIStory album).
  12. The more "ghostwriter" is thrown around for people that absolutely got royalties for their work from all the repotoire credits they have, the more I'm just convinced it's a term used purely out of spite than from any real attempt to actually understand the MV/RCP methodology. I have to ask once more: what solo RCP composer managed to fully replicate Zimmer? And I don't mean the quick tricks and FX. Everything.
  13. I did see on Wikipedia mentioning a few tracks made by Joseph Williams. Are they preexisting or made for the film? I don't imagine they're on the new release anyway. I had a friend mention this as an underrated piece in JW's canon, so I'm interested in purchasing this eventually.
  14. I want the source that says Lalo Schiffrin was considered for X3 as well.
  15. Do I get to scare people by saying that Aruj is one of Balfe's guys?
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