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  1. I've heard enough of his action work to say that this is the first I'm picking up on it, but I don't doubt there's a third instance in-between. Considering how much of a miserable time Zimmer supposedly had with POTC4, all bets are on it being a temp track. I guess it's also possible that he liked that particular idea too much to not want to expand on it in a later project. A shame it had to be On Stranger Tides, given how underutilized it is.
  2. Granted, I feel like that's more the concern of a mid-tier composer than the likes of JNH and Elfman, who are still attached to big names and projects. We're barely starting the decade, so it's definitely possible that might no longer be the case. But as is, I doubt they have much to worry about, especially if it's something neither have mentioned recently.
  3. So what's the deal here? Did they make a whole score that was rejected, or did they only ever make a few pieces? Either way, not sure if this should intrude on my potential excitement, since Snow doing this film does peak my interest in spite of not being familiar with him. Suppose they're rather lucky that they at least made it to the film partially, unlike Romer.
  4. Wasn't there like almost no ST stuff in a while prior to the Kelvin films? I feel we should be a bit grateful the franchise is continuing to be a thing, even if the direction seems shaky.
  5. Except the one still I've seen of Bill & Ted 3 has him clean shaven, so I'm guessing either that was shot a bit earlier or there might be a story reason for it.
  6. There's 2, actually. Not sure what you'd exactly call it, but what I presume is this action beat (that's also in the 2nd one) pops up as one of the sub-themes for DP: As for POTC, this one is a bit looser, but I think there's enough of a connection between the Adler material and the Angelica theme:
  7. The only thing I've seen about Desplat getting the boot is a fan poster that likely existed before the last trailer, where a sound mixer is given the composer credit for whatever reason. At this point, I doubt Kevin Feige and co. are having SW esque issues to warrant repeating such a firing.
  8. Sherlock Holmes (2009) - Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe Well that was interesting. I applaud it for being one of Zimmer's most recent works to try and have a distinct identity. The very off kilter style and instrumentation really helps personify this particular iteration of the character. That being said: besides a couple of standout cues, there isn't much strength in terms of the underscore. Like HZ had all these great ideas, but didn't get to quite fine tune them by the time he wrote the proper tracks. That isn't to say it ever gets boring or that the wackiness wears thin after a while, but there isn't really a solid core here to really gravitate towards. I also couldn't help notice parts that I'd hear again in later works (particularly POTC4 and Dark Phoenix). From what I remember of the sequel, it did a much better job of fleshing out the general concept, while being able to be fresh in its own way. Despite all that, I do think there's definitely moments here that are worth seeking out. I'm told the OST is fairly well put together, so maybe go for that. Do also include the Dredger material, since it's the best stuff here. A bit of a mixed bag, but I don't mind revisiting it down the road.
  9. Considering it'd be too early to start writing the score, I assume it's a synth mock up (unless he did this whenever he recorded his last score). It's a simple enough thing that it'd sound relatively fine as is.
  10. Oh, it seems I completely misread you. I thought you'd said that the piece was the whole thing, not that it was from the theme itself. Apologies then.
  11. What else am I supposed to go by if there's not much info currently? Sure, it's more likely this is a small sketch he had recently done, but it still fits the image pretty well. Besides, Reeves might've felt like including it to make it stand out a bit more.
  12. Except has either Gia or Reeves said it was the theme? All that's certain is that he contributed music to a mere minute of footage, and nothing more. The fact Watertower only labels it as "Camera Test" should be telling that at the very least, that's all it is currently.
  13. Knowing my track record, you'll say the exact same thing about the rest of it. At least Spidey has multiple sections to it, even if it remains fairly simple. As much as Gia doesn't quite have the chops to make a truly grand theme, they're never as simple as this video has it. So I'd still insist we wait and see.
  14. There's just no winning when an RCP composer is talked about here. If it turns out bad, then it's a factory produced mess. If it's good, then surely it wasn't because of the guy who's name is on the front cover. Not to say that there isn't any merit in figuring out what exactly happens in the production of a score by the company, but it gets us nowhere if it's constantly the same jokes and comments. Might as well start saying that now the hired minions have to get their own hired guns when Zimmer is expected to deliver a score in 6 hours.
  15. Yup. It's become blatantly obvious to me that whatever is in the clip is the build up, rather than the actual theme. It just feels too incomplete as is, as both of Zimmer's main Bat motifs feel more complete in their simplicity. I'd wait until a proper track gets posted.
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