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  1. The point still stands. If DJ never told the First Order about the ships they would never know that the Resistance are escaping.
  2. Not true. If Finn and Rose had not go to Canto Bight they wouldn't have meet DJ. DJ is the one who tells the First Order that the Resistance is fleeing to Crait. It is thanks to Finn and Rose that the Battle of Crait happend.
  3. But he only did it because of Rey. He did not go to Starkiller Base to save the Galaxy only to save Rey. If Rey hadn't been taken Finn would just run. He already knew that they are bad. But Finn wanted torsdag run, Rose helped Finn to stop runing and to fight instead.
  4. And that casino planet gave Finn some nice character develompent so that Finn can stop runing from the First Order and fighting them instead.
  5. I must thank you @Doug Adams and @Jim Ware for this three wonderfull comenterys. I have learn so much new information about this scores now, everything from choir text, hidden themes, music that is tracked and not tracked, music not heard in the film or soundtrack and much more.
  6. Whats wrong about that? Do you want him to write new themes for characters who already has one? I think TLJ is the best sequel score because it has so much thematic material in it. It is a Battle motif so it is suppose to be in both Battle scenes.
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