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  1. I understand your point and can agree that Escape from Jakku is not Williams best action cue, but I think there are action cues from the last decade that do follow the thing you are loking for. TLJ https://youtu.be/r9RBOpB0rVA TROS https://youtu.be/jyQrRMkZR8k
  2. It stands between Chewie and Enfys Nest. But I think I go with Enfys Nest.
  3. It has arrived. Unfortunately the case is broken so it completely fell apart. I have contact La La Land Records for a replacment case. On the plus side this score is really good.
  4. They are all great. But the Star Wars sequels are my top 3 and TLJ is my favorite of them all. (If Star Wars was out it would have been Tintin)
  5. Unfortunately thanks to the pandemic it has changed date to the 16th of December 2021.
  6. It looks like all instagram links are gone. If you look at my main post it should have a link to Powell's instagram.
  7. I am very interested in listening to this. I have listen to the OST many times but I have only seen the entire film once. So with the exception of a few unreleased tracks on Youtube I have not heard the rest of the score since I saw it in the cinema.
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