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  1. Cap lived with Peggy in an alternate universe and went back to his own universe in the end ass a old man to give the shield to Sam.
  2. Wow I didn't know that. I would love to hear that. I still thinks the Force Theme works the best but it would have been intresting to hear it.
  3. Does it? We Luke and R2 on the Falcon, the children telling the story of Luke on Crait in TLJ and we have Luke talking to Rey on Ahch-To in the Rise of Skywalker. Every other appearance of Luke's Theme has been when Luke is not there and they do not mention him.
  4. Not Leia's Death but when she lies down. Thats mean that we have two options, either its when Rey meets dark Rey or when Rey and Kylo talks before the fight. The November cut has only music to one of the scenes, Daisy in a Veil at 50 seconds which fits with what we have for the Rey and Kylo conversation. So I think that Filial Fencing is tracked into the scene between Rey and dark Rey.
  5. Me too! I really liked the first one but this one is just great, probebly the best none Williams Jurassic score.
  6. Don't forget Prisoner of Azkaban and Mischief Managed. First we have a little more then 4 minutes of the original End Credits (the last minute of it we already here in A Window to the Past) then we have Buckbeak’s Flight (again), The Snowball Fight (again), Double Trouble (again),The Knight Buss (again), Aunt Marge’s Waltz (again) and ends with Hedwig's Theme.
  7. BEST SCORES OF 2020: The Mandelorien Season 2 the Call of the Wild Wonder Woman 1984 BEST CATALOG TITLES OF 2020: Solo a Star Wars Story Deluxe Edition How to train your Dragon Deluxe Edition
  8. Well he did score Winter Soldier and Civil War so it makes since he did this one.
  9. I am planing to watch this soon. But I have just moved so I haven't had time to watch it yet. I really like The Hobbit comentery so I am looking forward to watching this soon.
  10. In a way that is what happend in Return of the Jedi as well. When Vader said he would turn Leia to the Dark side Luke "for a moment of pure instinct" wanted to kill Vader but he regrets it almost Immediately after he cut Vader's hand off and decided not to do it.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/1689850014571627/posts/2770816293141655/
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