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  1. Thats not true, Obi-Wan and moul have several scenes together in the Clone Wars.
  2. I think we can add this cue titels that was tracked in Rise of Skywalker: 3M26R from Ep.7 You're Han Solo? 4M36R from Ep.7 I Ran Into You 5M46R from Ep.7 Kylo Stalks Rey 6M50R from Ep.7 Han and Leia Reunion 6M55R from Ep.7 Council Meeting 6M56E from Ep.7 Ren In Cockpit 8M77 from Ep.7 March Of The Resistance
  3. I just notis that "2M02 Fixing The Helmet", "4M07 Rey's Grief", "7M21 Parents" and "7M38 I Am All The Sith" al have different versions off the Emperor's Theme in the final cut but not on November 11th cut of the movie. But both "2M02 Fixing The Helmet" and "4M07 Rey's Grief" sounds very similar so one of them could be tracked. Speaking of "7M38 I Am All The Sith" It has no returning themes, but the OST and FYC version has Emperor, Ray and Force Theme.
  4. I always thought that the chronological order of the OST was: Main Title and Escape Ahch-To Island 00.00-1.40 Revisiting Snoke Ahch-To Island 1.41-end The Supremacy But looking at the Cue Titels the correct order should be Main Title and Escape Revisiting Snoke Ahch-To Island 00.00-2.14? The Supremacy Ahch-To Island 2.15-end?
  5. I think it is Poe's Theme that is Theme In because I think it is an alternative to too the March of the Resistance theme at 03.02
  6. At 01.53 on "Hard to Get Rid Of" I think you can here a very brief appearance of The Imperial March. Now I have only seen the film once but is it not around that moment Vader's helmet transports from Ray on the Star Destroyer to Kylo Ren on Kijimi?
  7. I must say that I really like "4M06 He Won't Remember" Especially when Luke's Theme appears as C-3PO says friends.
  8. If we look at next cue after 1M08 Approaching The Nursery we see 1M09 Rey Wakes Up. Perhaps Ray has a dream about a Nursery from when she was a child?
  9. Perhaps Poe's Theme wasn't in things cut? Poe's Theme in Battle of the Resistance and Reunion was cut from the final cut. And the version we here in the old Death Star (FYC) could be an alternativ version of what we here on the OST and was recorded after this cut.
  10. I think you mean Poe sees Zorii. And you can here Poe's Theme in that moment. I think it is Yoda's Theme.
  11. What do you mean? You can here Leia's Theme at 3.16 on the OST. Or is it a different version in the film?
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