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  1. One thing I really like in this score is the Force Theme in Reunion at 0.30. Because it is the same version as in Farewell and the Trip from TFA but more complete. Here you have the Force Theme at 0.48 but it is only the first half of the theme, suggesting that they won the battle not the war. Here you have it in TROS at 0.30 but now in complete form because they have won the war.
  2. You are defenetli the sexiest young celebrity on this forum.
  3. I love both The Philosopher's Stone and Hook. But The Philosopher's Stone is one of my al time favorite score so it wins.
  4. I was watching this clip again and I notis that around 8.52 they start playing Leia's Theme from the original End Credits (with the Rebel Fanfer)but I can't remember it in the film? Is it possible that Leia's Theme was part of the End Credits for TROS but was edit out on the OST and the film? Or was it part from another cue?
  5. For me it is the opposite. I hardly notis it in the score to be honest. But I can recognize Kylo Ren, Snoke, First Order with no problem.
  6. They are playing Home Alone on the 18th of December in my hometown. I have already booked my ticket
  7. Finally!! I have been wondering what cue that was. So the insert is Luke's Theme. I was wrong then.
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