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  1. They recorded the Emperor's Theme from the "The Force is With You" and on screen it says November 21st last day of recording. You can see it here from 6.15
  2. It is now confirmd that The Force is with You was recorded on the November 21st thanks to The Maestro’s Finale. Thats mean that 7M38 I Am All The Sith is an alternative version of that scene.
  3. The last one is probebly the night vision goggles from Jurassic Park
  4. This is probebly my favorite Indy score so to pic only one cue is hard. But I will go with Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra, because it has always been one of my favorite once.
  5. I have probebly listen to it between 10 and 15 times alredy and yet I am not tired to here it again and again and again. This should have been on the OST!
  6. I am probebly the only one here who liked Crimes of Grindelwald. Sure it was not perfect but I find it enjoebole.
  7. Thats not true, Obi-Wan and moul have several scenes together in the Clone Wars.
  8. I think we can add this cue titels that was tracked in Rise of Skywalker: 3M26R from Ep.7 You're Han Solo? 4M36R from Ep.7 I Ran Into You 5M46R from Ep.7 Kylo Stalks Rey 6M50R from Ep.7 Han and Leia Reunion 6M55R from Ep.7 Council Meeting 6M56E from Ep.7 Ren In Cockpit 8M77 from Ep.7 March Of The Resistance
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