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  1. The only once I am interested in that are not Star Wars or Indiana Jones are Hook, The Terminal and Tintin. But only two are possible at the moment. I am more interested in the reissues like Jaws, E.T, Jurassic Park
  2. That is still correct in the books. They never said it in the films so I see no problem with it.
  3. Well the Phoenix never really had much focus in the film to be honest. It was there and we learn whay but I never felt there was a good moment for Fawkes theme to appear. It never had a moment lik in Chamber of Secrets or at the end of Half Blood Prince.
  4. Just saw the film, there are two unreleased Williams material, one big Hedwig's Theme appearance and some rerecorded parts of the Quidditch match including Nimbus 2000 but it is either an Insert or tracked because the original Version you can here in the Case Chase between 00.00-00.32.
  5. How to Train your Dragon The Deluxe Edition by John Powell How to Train your Dragon 2 The Deluxe Edition by John Powell How to Train your Dragon The Hidden World OST by John Powell
  6. Got my copy today as well. Just one question, on the web site it says limited to 2 000 copies but on the cover it says 3 000?
  7. Just finish listening to it. I think it is okey, some tracks are great but as a whole its just fine. Not one of my favorite Giacchino or Star Wars scores. I always thought that the highlights where on the OST so I didn't care if this get an exdended/deluxe version (unlike Williams and Powell where I defenetly wants it) but it is nice to have the complete score.
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