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  1. I think it is the exact opposite. Jurassic World has more direct cut & paste from Williams then Fallen Kingdom. JW FK at 0.43 At 00.15 and 1.20
  2. Thanks to this sale, I took the opportunity to get Schinler's List and Die Hard.
  3. Great thread! Did not know they have so many digital releases. You forgot Back to the future part 3
  4. https://www.facebook.com/1689850014571627/posts/2839994909557126/
  5. Movies: Hook and Peter Pan (2003) Score: Hook (John Williams) and Peter Pan (JNH)
  6. He didn't. White Vision already has the memories in his hard drive but could not access them. Fake Vision only helped him open up the memory bank.
  7. Titanic by James Hornet (La La Land Records) E.T. by John Williams (La La Land Records) Home Alone by John Williams (La La Land Records) Home Alone 2 by John Williams (La La Land Records)
  8. Cap lived with Peggy in an alternate universe and went back to his own universe in the end ass a old man to give the shield to Sam.
  9. Wow I didn't know that. I would love to hear that. I still thinks the Force Theme works the best but it would have been intresting to hear it.
  10. Does it? We Luke and R2 on the Falcon, the children telling the story of Luke on Crait in TLJ and we have Luke talking to Rey on Ahch-To in the Rise of Skywalker. Every other appearance of Luke's Theme has been when Luke is not there and they do not mention him.
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