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  1. I've never actually had an old fashioned before... I'll have to put that on my to-drink list. 🤔
  2. Yeah that's just random stock music. Uploading it to YouTube and checking the copyright could yield some results.
  3. Gotcha. I have a fan on for whitenoise or I can't sleep well either; too quiet in the house, too loud outside. I've always had issues with earplugs so I can't use them.
  4. I don't use earbuds either, I've been using HiFi headphones as long as I can remember. Yep, goes away immediately for me when I pause the music. I only get this probably 70% of the time. It's not bad fortunately, just a minor annoyance on occasion. Google results seem to indicate that it's a somewhat common issue, I've had my ears checked before and nothing was found. One thing that I had not considered that I found only a couple Google results for was that it could be jaw related. I have TMJ, so basically one side of my jaw isn't fully
  5. I've had this issue for years where when I listen to more action-oriented music my ears will plug partially, and if I keep it going to long it'll start to loudly crackle. Now the thing is that I listen to music very quietly, and typically only with headphones, so it's not irritation from listening to music too loudly, and I don't have any hearing damage. I suppose it could be sinus related since all that stuff is connected. Anyone else have this issue?
  6. Just judging by visuals, Season 2's mixing seems to be even better than Season 1. Season 1's is much more levelled, leading to the louder parts being way too loud. Season 2 has some nice peaks! Getting ready to listen once the discs are done ripping!
  7. I know that was a running theory for years, but it's not an editing mistake because in the next shot then are still running down the hallway incredibly fast with the motion blur effect still applied. If it was a mistake it would've only been present in the one shot. Why they never use this ability again though, I have no clue.
  8. My only theory is that it's because the tone is lighter on the top half of the booklet, so it's much easier to see the black ink as opposed to if they signed it toward the bottom. There's not much negative space unfortunately due to there being several characters on the poster. I'm about 50 orders behind you, so either I can not buy a frame and have absolutely nowhere to put it if I do get an autographed booklet, or I can run to the store right now to buy a frame and be disappointed when I realize I didn't get an autographed booklet.
  9. Clearly it's signed by Al Ulf, assistant boom operator. @Jay would you mind if I asked what your order number was? I just want to see if I ordered early enough to get an autographed copy, in which case I need to go out and buy another frame.
  10. Either way, I don't need to renew the warranty on my car. I don't even have a car!
  11. Hmm... not sure if spam, or genuine greeting...
  12. Looks like I'll have to wait until Monday for the physical set to arrive. I guess I'll just have to listen to the digital version this weekend.
  13. I always thought most people seemed to like it. I've only ever seen bits and pieces of it, and that was many years ago so I don't recall too much of it. I just assumed it was one of those movies like Saving Private Ryan that people just seem to like. I take it that assumption was not correct
  14. Introducing Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition - YouTube
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