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  1. I enjoyed the first Transformers film in particular when it came out. It went downhill from there pretty quickly. I even played the 2007 video game quite a bit as well. Most of those RCP guys are programmers, so they often times create their own samples. I'm sure they probably use programs like Omnisphere as well.
  2. Yeah they still primarily do video game scores on occasion. The last ones I'm aware of were for expansions for SWTOR as well as Halo 2: Anniversary in 2014. I'm not sure what they've been up in the last ~5 years though, other than Squadrons.
  3. I think there's something more... secretive... about it. As if he was trying to send us a message........... perhaps someone should check the spectrogram.
  4. I feel as though there's a secret message to be decoded..... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G3tNWNO1IXWxPiLNGFxXZWkqNxDxDnQv/view?usp=sharing
  5. For TFA anyway, as I hadn't tested TLJ yet. However I did notice for TFA that they are not the same edits. The waveforms aren't quite as compressed on the HDTracks version, and the takes aren't edited together exactly as they are on the CD, causing both versions to desync every time a new take begins. EDIT: Uh oh guys, looks like the HDTracks version of TLJ does have a watermark. As far as I can tell none of the other films are watermarked, just TLJ. Here's an example of TLJ's watermark: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DCIGpDGCa_f2gQApL1N8s5mxH9-AahpP
  6. He's done other projects in which his own style was more apparent. Heck, even JFO was a bit more Haab-esque than Battlefront.
  7. That's part of the actual recording, not a watermark. A watermark would be more of a quiet artifacty/pulsing sound.
  8. Gordy Haab said months ago that he composed the score for Star Wars: Squadrons. They used the Skywalker Symphony this time around due to the lower budget, instead of the LSO. Also the cues weren't really "leaked" persay... There is a technical alpha going on right now, so many people are able to play the game.
  9. Yes I'm aware. There is no watermark present. If there was then my process would have detected it immediately.
  10. It was a fake article guys, relax. The Orville is likely NOT being cancelled.
  11. I did some tests (mostly with Star Wars music) and there were no watermarks present in any of my HDTracks releases. They were identical to the CD releases in every way, minus the higher frequency of course.
  12. No matter how many times someone makes that correction, I will always be confused when someone refers to sheets as "score".
  13. Surely you're thinking of one of many fan edits using the cue titles that we already had... Nevermind, I assume you're referring to the score sheets.
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