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  1. I'm going to go ahead and predict an article title that's going to inevitably pop up here in the next year or two: Steven Knight's 'Star Wars' Movie Cancelled
  2. The entire page disappears for me after about a second. I suppose it's just not available only in the US then... strange. EDIT: I got it to finally work with my VPN, but I had to go through a ton of hoops.
  3. Interestingly it's available on Qobuz in lossless, but apparently only available if you have a card issued in Mexico(?). I tried using a VPN alone and still no dice. EDIT: For anyone interested... https://www.qobuz.com/ie-en/album/lo-mejor-de-juan-arvizu-juan-arvizu/0886444234603 "A Solas" is the track in question.
  4. Since John didn't write them I doubt he'd allow for them to be included anyway. I don't imagine they'd be able to license them either, plus that would just drive up their budget even if they could. But, we now know where they come from, so it wouldn't be necessary for them to be included.
  5. They're partially right. Ralph McQuarrie did create the concept art (as you posted above) for this particular area, and this same location (Monument Plaza) is the location seen in the Special Edition of ROTJ; however in the SE the plaza looks completely different and does not show the actual mountain peak. The location as it appears in The Mandalorian is based off a combination of Ralph's artwork as well as its appearance in The Clone Wars season 2 (which is primarily based off of Ralph's artwork as well, but with the added mountain peak). Interestingly this location first appears in TCW during the first Mandalore arc, which brought Jon Favreau into the mix.
  6. The second half of the timpani overlay is completely clean in the Atmos mix too, so a combination of methods would work well I think.
  7. They must've been hired a long time ago since filming already wrapped last year and the show is coming out in a few months.
  8. By the way, for anyone that wasn't in the private chat yesterday, we were able to find all of the Cairo diegetic music from Raiders... "Finshabi" from Voyager Series: Songs of the Sahara (Indy and Marion walking through streets) "Mabihwa Gayrak" from Middle Suns: The Music of the Middle East (In alley way, when monkey gives the salute) "Andebdoea" from Voyager Series: Songs of the Sahara (Walking through streets again) "Dallou'a" from Hanaan & Ensemble: The Arabian Nightingale (Indy and Belloq in the tavern)
  9. Somehow I only just now realized that a section of "Preparing to Land/Bonding Ceremony" is a reworking on "Arriving on Moclus". I'm sure this has already been mentioned before and I just missed it.
  10. It was pretty obvious from the beginning of the series, but now solid confirmation that this show is basically a Snoke origin story. Really interested to see where (and how) this goes...
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