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  1. I didn't notice until second viewing (first time I was concentrating more on the story/visuals) how lame and Zimmer-y the music during Vader's reveal was.
  2. If ever there was a time for a downvote button as I suggested the other day...
  3. Overall I thought the score, especially for Ep1, was pretty good. But going back just now it seems that all of the highlights that I took note of contained bits of Williams' theme, meaning that it was all Bill Ross' material that I liked. I couldn't recall really any of Holt's music.
  4. Figured out what the helmet was! It's a new type of Purge Trooper that will appear in later episodes (they were briefly shown in one of the trailers).
  5. Nah, doesn't resemble her helmet at all. Iirc I think Phasma's helmet was in the old logo, and looked exactly like her helmet in the ST.
  6. Kind of unrelated, but what's that first helmet (after R2) supposed to be? I don't recall seeing that one before.
  7. Wasn't Bill Ross one of the top choices for scoring the show? So in that case it kind of came true in a way.
  8. I thought it was pretty good. I have about the same reaction as with Mando/TBBF, but with the added bonus of Williams. Definitely more "Star Wars-y" sounding than Mando, for those that didn't like Ludwig's stuff.
  9. I have all my Kontakt libraries still on an external HDD and they work fine. EW's PLAY and OPUS are practically unusable on my HDD though. I don't really have any Spitfire products aside from LABS so I'm not sure how well they work on an HDD vs SSD.
  10. Hm, you might want to save your money then, or at least save as much as possible and get a temporary external HDD. It's not just slowness being a factor (at least not in my experience) but also tons of dropouts and crashing, mostly the former.
  11. I made sure to download the Twitter video just in case.
  12. Strange, it wasn't a sizzle reel as I had presumed. Also no sign of Ahsoka, although I did hear that image was from that panel.
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