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  1. I know Mike provided the fixed files when the issue was first discovered, although I'm not sure everyone got those.
  2. I attempted an action-y cue whilst my very slow hard drive was giving out. Reverb is a bit high for my taste, but it didn't turn out as bad as I thought it would given the circumstances. (Temp footage included) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_-BKcQ64M0nZGUexx_NrimcqELWgxmbi
  3. I always thought of Eddie Karam as a bit of an enigma. I could never really find much information about him online, and not even a single photo of him! Some pretty cool insights into how JW scores go about being orchestrated here!
  4. This flew completely under my radar! Wow, a separate album for each episode, so I assume all the music is probably released! But still, about $10 per episode, yikes...
  5. Or I suppose his rates could be pretty low so studios keep offering him projects, and he just doesn't know how to say no. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. I still have some hope for the score though, as I know JD wants to stay faithful to JW's original scores. The only way that wouldn't be the case is if the director pressured him to go a different direction, which I don't think will be the case. He has such as... interesting... range as a composer. It's funny to tell people "the guy who scored the Spongebob live-action movie also scored Passion of the Christ. And Iron Man 2. And the Orville. And a ton of movies nobody's ever heard of."
  7. Blu-ray/DVD films, due to the framerate being 23.976fps whereas the native film framerate is 24fps, results in the film's audio typically being too fast. Although I suppose how the tapes were transferred in '77 could've resulted in the audio a bit too slow in this case perhaps. I'm sure someone else would be able to explain it in better detail. Basically in essence no film audio is at the proper speed due to NTSC/PAL standards.
  8. Wiser words have never been spoken @Mattris. Clearly you were right all along and we are all simply unable to comprehend the miraculous nature of your divine predictions, and are unworthy to receive them. #MattrisFan2022
  9. "Downtime leads to boredom, boredom leads to arguing, arguing leads to engaging with Mattris." -Yoda @Mattris You know what? You're 100% correct. I see now that I was wrong. Episode X-XII are have been completely finished, and will be the best films ever made in the history of history. Episode VII-IX will also become some of the best films ever made because of this, and everyone who doesn't like them will suddenly love them. Also John Williams has already scored all thee of these films and will soon be back next year to score XIII-XIV, and they will be even better. You will be crowned king of JWFan, and replace Andreas and Ricard as site owner. The site will also be renamed to MattrisFan.
  10. You do realize Palatine returning was the #1 fan theory, right? There were two main theories for IX: either that Snoke was Plagueis (which was proven to not be the case when he was killed) or that they'd just copy Dark Empire and have Palpatine somehow return. You are not unique in this belief. Hell, even RLM predicted that. Being right about ONE thing that literally millions of other people were right about means absolutely nothing, and in no way means you're correct about further films. As for "X already being completed", you have any proof of that? Also you never addressed what I said about how thousands of people work on these films, and in public places. It would be physically impossible for nothing to leak during a film's production. That has never happened in the history of cinema, nor will it ever happen because it's just simply unrealistic.
  11. I chose to stop responding because I simply disagree with your assessment, and no matter how much common sense we use you just won't back down, so I'd rather not waste my time and energy engaging with an obvious troll (which unfortunately I'm doing by responding right now). Star Wars Episode X is not currently in production, will not be in production for years if ever, nor is John Williams working on any more Star Wars films (aside from *possibly* themes for standalone films, if we are lucky), mark my words. There is no evidence to the contrary. And even if they were, which they are NOT, I wouldn't care. I'd be happy to see more Star Wars, but it wouldn't "hit me like a ton of bricks", I would be relatively un-phased due to the Star Wars fatigue we're all experiencing from the non-stop productions. Also before I stop replying to this nonsense: so much content has leaked from all of the Star Wars productions. Do not forget there are thousands of people who work on these films, and real-world locations, sound stages, and cities where they are filmed. You'd be naïve to think someone wouldn't have leaked concept art, or some nerd flying their drone over a set by now. Where are they filming this supposed "Episode X", In a top-secret underground government facility with a dozen employees all locked in a confined space until the film releases just to do something as unnecessary as avoid spoilers? What a stupid thing to believe if so. I'm going to try my best to stop replying and engaging with this stuff, as hilarious as it is to observe. I've fed the troll enough, time to let his belly settle.
  12. The thing is that the stems do have a tiny bit of frequency cutoff, but no artifacting. The bootleg on the other hand is filled with artifacting due to only surfacing as MP3's. If absolutely necessary, I guess it wouldn't be too bad, but definitely far from preferable. Not something I personally would want to spend money on anyway.
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