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  1. It's near impossible, but if I had to pick my "least" favorite score, I'd probably have to go with TFA, solely based on the music that we have. But, I mean that's by a very microscopic margin. I love each of the scores pretty much equally.
  2. The menu's are usually lossless and in 5.1 surround sound. I guarantee it'll be the same case for this.
  3. Was TFA's produced by Bad Robot? Then maybe that's why. That would be good news considering I imagine they'd be doing the TROS doc as well. Perhaps that's why the other films didn't have that, since Bad Robot wasn't involved with any of those films.
  4. I'm hoping the documentary will be in 5.1, and will contain unreleased material, like TFA. But unfortunately I doubt it. The last 4(?) docs have been in stereo and haven't contained any new music.
  5. I've never learned to speak English. I only speak the language that I'm typing in right now. Russian? Something like that.
  6. "The new High Republic series will be getting a musical treatment from the very talented and critically acclaimed...
  7. I'd do it myself, but I'm not going to buy the digital version of the film just for ~40 seconds of music. I'm sure it'll still be there when the film is released. There's no sense in making multiple versions of the menu.
  8. You need to have your 4K drive flashed with older firmware in order to play and rip 4K blu-ray discs on your computer. If you go out and buy one at like Best Buy or Amazon or something, they will not be able to play the discs without both an HDCP certified setup as well as a specific program to play the video; also ripping the discs would be physically impossible.
  9. The blu-ray drive in my PC is so old I plan on upgrading to a flashed 4K drive in a few months.
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