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  1. Yes, it wasn't originally from ScoringSessions, but was uploaded to a B-Roll YouTube channel back in December. Since then it has already been discussed and analyzed in depth.
  2. I'm well aware, and that Eastman grain plate is actually what I typically use. However for this test I was rendering it in Resolve, using a Fuji grain plate (not digitally generated, it's an actual film scan). I'll perhaps make my own custom grain plate using the Eastman preset and import it into Resolve to see if that looks better.
  3. I think Matt Wood (or someone else) said recently that these were actually made with 3D in mind since these scans were done before the Disney merger. Less grain is great for 3D releases; not for standard releases though. Speaking of which, I'm currently refining a few aspects of my edits. Here is a quick screenshot of a test grain plate... what are your guys' thoughts? Too much grain? Not enough? Perhaps a different size or type of grain? (Ignore the color, I didn't do any correction yet).
  4. I think the 2K version on the standard Blu-ray disc (non-HDR) looks pretty alright; certainly better than the 2011 Blu-ray release. It is a bit on the less-saturated side though, and some shots are a bit muddy. The DNR obviously is the worst issue plaguing all the new sets, which of course TESB suffers from pretty bad.
  5. I made my own edits using them. Well, for Star Wars and Jedi anyway. Still waiting on 4K80 before I can do my Empire edit. I just finished my ANH project yesterday actually; it looks pretty nice but could use a bit better CC on a few shots. I also added some grain plates to help them look a little more consistent.
  6. I'm on the SWT forums all the time watching the progress (and even helping out with some projects). Progress is actually going well for 4K80 and hopefully shouldn't be too long a wait now. The Grindhouse version as I mentioned is the only publicly-available scan at the moment that I'm aware of; it looks alright but since it's a raw scan obviously it needs a lot of work. ~70 GB isn't too bad for a 4K film, especially if you have a huge collection of them on your PC.
  7. The thing is that some tracks sound phenomenal, while others sound pretty bad. The botched mastering only seems to affect one channel though; for instance if you listen to the right(?) channel of "The Asteroid Field", it sounds just fine. The left channel on the other hand has a very noticable frequency cutoff, way too much bass, and way too much reverb, making it feel like you're listening to two completely different pieces of music in each ear.
  8. That's not true at all. John is the one that suggested that McNeely score the book.
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