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  1. Sand planet, laser swords, space telekinesis, the same ~10 characters, saying poodoo instead of shit, etc.
  2. All three of the sequels did. Well over 3 hours of music each. Maybe even upwards of 4. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Interestingly enough Bernstein also had some trumpet takes recorded. Shofars & Fanfares (Alternate).mp3
  4. Elmer Bernstein's The Ten Commandments. And yes those are shofar horns. Here is an excerpt: Shofars & Fanfares (Alternate).mp3
  5. That would entirely depend on how similar it is. Temp music is used in just about every film score in existence, where the composer is required to write music similar to what the director/editors edited the film too. For example a lot of people often bring up the similarity between Williams' Star Wars theme and the theme from King's Row, with the first several notes starting off exactly the same. If it's just a few notes, or sounds vaguely similar but not exact, then not only is it perfectly fine, but in the music industry this is literally part of the job of a film composer, to emulate other composers' work, as ridiculous as that may sound. I don't think that quite applies here. And that's not entirely true, copyright in this case is kind of a gray area.
  6. He's rebranding on account of a new artist: John Debney, the guitarist. He's the cousin of John Williams, the guitarist.
  7. I saw it as Tony Gilroy saying "well, I was hired to run a show set during the Empire's era, but all these other shows have stormtroopers. Might be nice to do something a little different".
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