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  1. I don't think I've heard any of those. None of the films interested me so I didn't bother listening to any of the scores. Plus only 3 of the composers I'm somewhat familiar with.
  2. As long as the music exists and music keeps being created, my interest does not wane. Expansions are but a cherry on top.
  3. I literally just came here to say that. Just now was the first time I noticed that and was like, "oh shit!" only to realize it was just the IJ5 thread.
  4. I can't quite tell if it's either a low horn (such as a tuba) or a synthesizer.
  5. I can hear it on the album as well, it's just shorter/quieter.
  6. I snuck into the future and found that the boxset will be released in the year 2321. By then most of our descendants will be part alien, of course.
  7. They want to wait for the tapes to degrade more so it can have that "nice, natural vinyl sound".
  8. An amazing day for Star Wars news folks! First an announcement that JJ Abrams would be re-editing the music for the original trilogy, now this! The new mega boxset will include 30 discs, over 25 hours of music, and will cost $799.99 USD (Limited Edition of 8 units). To order yours today, just buy $799.99 worth of Walmart gift cards and send the codes to notanindianscammer@gimmeyourmoneys.net. EDIT: I just found out, the first 2 people to order will get an autographed copy signed by James Williams! EDIT: Sold out!
  9. It's quite clear to me, and I imagine everyone else as well, that JJ Abrams has severe ADHD. You watch an interview with him and he's jumping from one thing to the next, talking so fast that he's constantly stuttering. Whether he's been clinically diagnosed and medicated however I have no idea. EDIT: Literally just saw this relevant clip while watching Family Guy: JJ Abrams on Family Guy - video Dailymotion
  10. I'll find the theatrical clip and upload it... Alright I used a 35mm film scan for better quality, hope you guys don't mind Czech audio. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VlKGctVplMVJTleJUPfiHlBoSrlNhau3/view?usp=sharing There might be a *tiny* difference in speed due to this being a film scan, so you might need to resync the footage or music if doing an isolated score.
  11. That is the reason. In the theatrical cut (also released on VHS and Laserdisc) only Anakin and Sebulba are introduced. In ~2001 George was able to go back and change a few things for the DVD release, including a longer "flag parade" sequence, longer podrace, and alternate/longer arrival on Coruscant. They also finished up several deleted scenes at the same time for the bonus disc. In the theatrical cut the music fits almost perfectly.
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