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  1. I liked seeing those dog things the Tuskens have again. This show does what the sequels didn't: mixing familiar species with the new species.
  2. I saw someone post this in Discord this morning, but I can't seem to find the post anymore on JP's Instagram. If true, that means the DE will be released on November 20.
  3. Oh I know, but I'd rather just keep them safe, specifically if it's a limited edition. Plus I have no reason to listen to them since I have the uncompressed files ripped to my computer.
  4. Whenever I get a new CD, I rip it to my computer and then immediately display them on a shelf right next to my computer and almost never touch them again. Because of that, every single one of them is in pristine condition. Not a single scratch on any of them.
  5. Yeah, that's the general consensus. There's some weird horn melody at the end that doesn't match up with the sheets, but it sounds like it otherwise.
  6. That's the most likely scenario. And due to the short length I question whether it would even be on an official expansion either.
  7. Could be. However due to it being percussion-only and having a high tempo, I'd be more inclined to believe it might be the Conveyor Belt insert; however that only only lists strings and brass. Very confusing. I'd imagine due to the simplicity that the percussion was improvised, but that's just a guess.
  8. That's definitely not it. No idea why he thought that was correct.
  9. Yeah it's definitely not the drums considering it utilizes most of the orchestra. My initial thought is that it could be the orchestra "hit" that is heard throughout the film, but that certainly isn't 3 measures, unless it's just part of the sweetener. Plus we also still don't know what that Conveyor Belt insert is either.
  10. I just noticed your footer. What a nice laugh to start off the day!
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