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  1. Oh, I completly missed and forgot the broadcast. Hope someone will share it!
  2. E.T, The Empire strikes back, Raiders of the lost ark, Superman... And Star Wars!
  3. Well just recieved it. Didn't really pay attention to it. The music should sound like all the actual international Bluray releases. It is a track for dubbing... so it should be a professional quality (A quality from 1970 ) and should be provided by Universal. The isolate track comes with all the SFX you can hear in the film. Just the dialogues are missing. Each Menus and Bonus galleries have a piece of the Score. I also have the Kino Lober edition. I will check later.
  4. I've just recieved my copy from Amazon.de. I confirm that the German version gets an Isolate stereo track with Music & SFX - No dialogue.
  5. Hahaha @filmmusic... Not the best movie for sure. The copy is really clean. An other bluray surrounded by others!
  6. Reporting here a cue list I've found. Bob DiMucci at FSM made this cue list after watching the Youtube version of the film (I have added the first cues which where cuted on the Youtube version.) : 1 - Score Cues (From the bluray) 0:16 - Universal Logo (The theme is played by Bells) 0:50 - Overture / Over Rome (Orchestra) 3:30 - Uno di qua, l'altra di la (vocal by Ornella Vanoni) 2- Follows the Score Cues from the Youtube Version 2:47 – Main Title 2:36 – Bruno Implores Karin 2:37 – Karin’s Reverie 1:03 – Karin In Sweden – Winter 1:15 – Karin In Sweden – Summer 2:23 – Karin Meets David 0:24 – Karin / Bruno Flashback I 0:12 – Karin / Bruno Flashback II 0:40 – Karin and David Go Boating 1:17 – Karin and David Talk 0:39 – In Washington DC 0:40 – Arriving In Rome 0:45 – Karin Goes to the Music Conservatory 1:02 – Karin Tells David of Bruno’s Visit 0:37 – Karin Dreams of Bruno 0:31 – Uno di qua, l'altra di la (vocal) 0:37 – Bruno Arrives at Monte Carlo 3:03 – Karin Comforts Her Daughter / Karin Talks With Bruno 2:57 – Bruno Walks Karin Home 0:20 – Morning 0:58 – Bruno Is Hurt 0:42 – Sunset Walk On Beach 1:23 – Bruno Recounts Car Accident 0:46 – Bruno Confronts Karin 6:15 – Karin and Bruno at Cortina 1:20 – Karin and David Reunited / End Title Total Time - 37:49 (26 tracks) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Source Music 1:03 – Karin Plays Piano I 0:39 – Accordion and Guitar Dance 0:50 – Accordion, Guitar, and Piano Trio 1:03 – Guitar Solo and Vocal 1:02 - Uno di qua, l'altra di la (vocal by Ornella Vanoni) - Reprise 0:31 – Karin and David Marry 2:30 – Rome Party 0:25 – Piano Practice 0:34 – Karin Plays Piano II Total Time – 8:37 (9 tracks) Finally, I can't really tell if this Bluray edition has a Stereo track. If it does, the stereo image is really not wide.
  7. Yes it is 14 minutes missing. A lot of JW scores from this period get a short amount of music in total.
  8. Still waiting for my bluray copy. The existing running bootleg with what should be the complete score has a count of 19 tracks. 32 minutes of music for this movie.
  9. Mine is on the way. Arrived in Europe and Should be home on friday!
  10. Released on Amazon: 1963 - Diamond Head (there is an HD digital version of it) Audio is DD 2 channels 1966 - The Rare Breed (German bluray includes music & effects track)
  11. No region A I had confirmation by Kinolober & Redcode... A multregion bluray will be an option. I get mine (a SONY player) from Amazon.
  12. I should try to make a rip of the audio in wave quality when my copy is arriving. Is someone capable here to make a good job to work on it?
  13. Years ago I've made a very awful bootleg with a youtube version. But If someone is interested in making a new bootleg with this bluray, with a cleaner result it should be great!
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