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  1. So, After recieving it.... This DVD copy is worse than the youtube version. For those who already get the youtube one... KEEP IT!!!! Do not expect more! Here some capture: 1 - The youtube version 2 - The RobertsVideos.com DVD ( Which seams to be made from the same youtube version) 1 - Youtube 2 - 2 - The RobertsVideos.com DVD ( Which seams to be made from the same youtube version) Cheers!
  2. It was 24 Euros (Plus 4 Euros for shipping to France). We'll see the quality.
  3. I get it from a DVD german release through amazon. And yes it was as extra bonus.
  4. I will wait and see so... Update: Message from the store: "It is uncut, the film here is in the public domain and I paid a fortune to find a copy. It is from a tv showing from 30 years ago I believe and is uncut, or a directors cut as it is longer than the running time on imdb."
  5. I am loving all the new themes, And I am hoping we will get an Isolated track include in the digital release like TLJ. For the End Credits, I don't really understand the use of the Imperial March, without any appearence of Annakin in the movie. I would prefer a larger rendition of the Emperor Theme instead of it or even more the Anthem of Evil theme.
  6. Thank you Yavar! I've send a message to the store for more shipping informations. Does someone already bought it? And in this case, knows the quality of the video/audio source?
  7. Yes, with something like an empty location image, like you did before, maybe the stormy sea with the death star without any characters in it. What do you think? Here a quick test
  8. Same, I have the youtube version too before it was deleted for copyrights.
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