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  1. So finally got my airline tickets and hotel the other day (for London)! This’ll be great!
  2. I am about to finish Moon Knight. It’s good but its still kind of ’meh’ to me. I mean, it doesn’t move me. The only ones that made me feel anything was Wanda and some episodes of What If. Loki and Hawkeye was on the same level as Moon = good but ‘meh’. Falcon & Co was, to me boring and entirely skipable. Funny story! Well into the show, episode 3 or 4, my wife commented something about “that guy from Star Wars - is he in Marvel know?” and I responded confused with “What? Who?” I hadn’t realized it was Poe… I think he’s quite good in this actually, so I write that down that one to him having - ultimately - an unremarkable role in the ST.
  3. Haven’t seen it, but it sounds like a hoot!
  4. I think the point comes across in other episodes, but in more engaging ways.
  5. Not that anybody cares, but I thought I’d give an update on my progress on TNG - more specifically on the “best of” list I put together from various sources on the web. Half way through I am currently at the end of S04 and damn it, how good it is. First though a comment on S03, where the show is said to really “get good.” I enjoyed the whole series, and of course especially the ending of S03 and the plot’s conclusion in the beginning of S04 - the first battle with the Borg - which I guess is a highlight of the series (and perhaps Star Trek in general). But what really blew me away was what followed the Borg in S04E03! It’s basically a drama where Picard is dealing with the trauma of being assimilated by the Borg. Not a whole lot of sci-fi to go around: he mulls around with his estranged family. It is slow paced, devoid of any Star Trek clichés and character driven - I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it in any sci-if or “action”-series - and it’s great. What a hell of a thing to put in here! Another thing I have started to appreciate on the whole is that the writers don’t shy away from an ambiguous ending, or an ending where the good guys don’t necessarily win. That’s also something we don’t often see today. “Vash” I had previously added to the list, on my own initiative, S04E20 “Qpid” based solely on the fact of the appearance of Q. But 5 mins into the episode, I realized was missing some backstory due to the appearance of Vash, an intelligent, beautiful and charming femme fatal. She grabs your attention from the moment she appears on the screen! So I quickly backtreaded and added the episode where Picard and Vash first encountered each other: Season 3; Episode 19 - Captain’s Holiday And boy am I glad it did. Granted, the two episodes are a bit silly, but Jennifer Hetrick‘s portrayal of Vash - and the character’s impact on Picard - is something not to miss. Editing the “best of”-list Simultaneously, I have come across another episode that I think should be excluded from the “best of” list: Season 4; Episode 22 - Half A Life It’s not bad per say, it’s engaging and has an interesting plot. But the whole episode is just a downer and it doesn’t go any where or include any new insights to the crew and cast that we like. I just didn’t find that the premise could hold up to previously selected episodes of S04 which were a literal the ‘homerun’ of quality screen time. So sadly, this episode rather breaks the pace. That said, can’t wait to continue with the finale of S04.
  6. Sorry, I was thinking about this. It’s not confirmed yet what the changes might be. “The Jaws 2CD set is currently sold out but will likely be re-issued at some point with a slightly different program.”
  7. I sampled some of the Star Wars Stories tracks, at least what is on YouTube, and it’s not that bad. There are plenty of worse recordings out there. If I were in my early teens and came across this as an introduction to soundtracks I could be worse off. Better off as well, granted, but to say that it’s dogshit just isn’t true. Also, I do like the idea behind the album. A ‘no-John Williams (almost) Star Wars-album.’ It’s fun to see how the musical universe of Star Wars has grown outside of John Williams in the last couple of years.
  8. I guess the problem with these limited editions produced by highly specialized companies is that you never know which edition is the one to get. Wasn’t there a cue missing from the 2nd pressing of Jaws due to a rights issue?
  9. So can someone put in the calendar for the 1 Jan 2023, to check if our collective speculation was way off or if it was somewhat accurate?
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