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  1. I think you’ve chosen a good strategy to get people to attend by threatening to pull the plug. Nothing better as motivation as a little bit of FOMO. ; )
  2. From Thor? That’ll be a cold day in hell? 😂
  3. Yes. Embossed preferably. If that’s not possible, limited edition slip case cover for the invitation will also do.
  4. When’s the next meeting? I’ll try to attend if I’m Invited.
  5. Yes, yes, I know, but a lot of movies are also overly long. Especially in recent years where movies seem to be longer and longer for no reason, certainly not from a storytelling point of view.
  6. Just reboot the whole damn universe already. The can re-record all the movies. Imagine the drama! How daaaare you!
  7. Who anywhere, ever - ever - wanted a four hour movie, of anything? Nobody. It’s not like the story for JL is complicated, or nuanced or intricate in any way. It will just be more plodding around, and faffing about.
  8. Parasite was a wonderful movie. I think it was the last movie I caught in the cinema before the pandemic.
  9. Yes, there was this. But there was also this. Edit: But the 4K seems to be fan art, so we’ll just have to wait and see. Incidentally, here’s another fan concept of the box art.
  10. I get it. Superman is uncool, Superman is not relatable, this is not a “Superman-movie”... But whatever... Can’t even be bothered to put Superman in the artwork? I mean, I get it, the two - so far - best grossing DC movies has been Aquaman and Wonder Woman... Mind, that this is a rumored mock up, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s far from the actual product. But still, omitting the most popular superhero of all time?
  11. Wandavision - Probably, a lot of people ”caught” it. 😉 So the first two episodes... It was well made, but interesting only because you know the characters from the MCU. There was no plot, no story. No propulsion. If it didn’t have MCU-characters in it, I probably wouldn’t have made it past E1. And people will say, “yes, of course it had plot, of course it had story”. No, not really. Compare it to Mandalorian. First two episodes set up character and story and drama. Who is Mando? Will he find the “asset”? Why is the asset a kid? W
  12. Yeah, I get what you’re saying, I am also one for re-watching stuff I like (and sometimes re-watching stuff I don’t like, just to be sure. I saw TLJ three times, hated it every time!), but all I am saying I’s that this show might not be one to re-watch. The Terror is good. But it’s not that good - I think. Others might disagree of course and then my whole argument falls apart. ; ) But from that point of view, it might be worth forking up 10 dollars - horrible interface or not - to see a thing you really want to see. But I do understand your evaluation of the
  13. Hahaha, it would’ve been so much better if you’d just left it to our imagination! 😂
  14. Just get Prime for a month or two and then unsubscribe. It’d be about the same price as a BD-disc and I doubt you’d ever watch this again, considering how much content we have nowadays - both current and old.
  15. No, I haven’t come round to that one yet either, I hear it’s a much more “surface level” story (cash grab spin off on the heels of the success of its predecessor?) compared to S1. But I’m curious to check it out.
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