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  1. Great news! But it’s not actually available for purchase yet, right? When will it be released?
  2. I think the discussion about artistic intent and the director’s vision is interesting. The Marvel movies (and their equivalents) are 300 million dollars cinematic versions of Happy Meals… We’re not really talking about The Seventh Seal by Ingmar Bergman here. In the case of blockbusters, how much is really artistic intent, and how much is studio interference, test viewings, rush release dates and sales goals… ? And then, whatever is on the cinematic screen is burned on to a disc with HDR filters appliedand a newly encoded soundtrack for DTS, so who even knows what the “intent” really was any more - and is it lost already? If nothing essential is actually cut out - for example the Disney+ version of The Simpsons which cut 4:3 to 16:9, or the pan & scan format which cut widescreen to 4:3 - then I don’t mind it all that much. And I’m not holding this as an absolute rule, I guess I am judging case by case. I do realize that we lose image in the case of Snyder Cut, but for some reason it just irks me. At the same time, I’m glad it’s out there for whoever wants to consume and enjoy it in 4:3. To each it’s own - it’s just not for me. I’m just glad that ‘iMax Enhanced’ seems to strike a balance between “original release” and “maximize home media entertainment set ups (ie 16:9). In my view, a business decision intended to make the home viewing experience better for most consumers.
  3. Point is, the best option seems to be “go half’s way”, as they’ve done with ‘iMax enhanced’: enlarge the picture enough so that you fills 16:9, but not do much that you end up with 4:3. For me at least.
  4. Disney+ does it right! They are beefing up 13 Marvel films with iMax enhanced. For them, ‘iMax enhanced’ seems to be about maximizing the experience for the home viewer. This I can go onboard with! Much better than the Justice League Snyder Cut in my opinion.
  5. It’ll be four versions of the album: > standard version > deluxe version > standard version “live edition” > deluxe version “live edition” Bonus features: collectible postcards and good embossed packaging!
  6. I attended Mozart’s Requiem yesterday, Friday 12th, performed by orchestra and two choirs. A couple of days before, Tuesday 9th, I had tickets to a small jazz club where a guy called Jay-Jay Johanson performed. Very good!
  7. Oh, come on quit it, “worst show of the year”… what are you on about! My impression is that the long, one take, dialogue scenes was a stylistic choice, not a case of ‘bad writing’. If you and your family didn’t like it because it was too ‘dialogue heavy’, then there’s plenty of other ‘stuff’ out there for you, but please distinguish between different tastes and different quality. The people I saw it with would put it as one of the top showed of the year, so who’s to say who’s objectively right? (Obviously, I am, but you know, have to be PC these days. 😉)
  8. I’ll put it on my ever growing to watch-list. 😉
  9. Only Murders in the Building IMDB I’m 5 episodes in and it’s a good show, very enjoyable. The duo of Steve Martin and Martin Short is great, takes me back to The Three Amigos days. A lot of the jokes are really old school - they don’t make ‘em like they used to - but I’m loving it. My only gripe is with the show is the casting of Selena Gomez. It’s my first time watching anything she’s in, I’ve heard some of her music, which can be enjoyable, so I’d say I’m judging without a negative bias… But her acting - ouff - horrible. She’s pretty, but she’s got the charisma of a cardboard box and the acting talent of one of those early text-to read programs. Really wish they’d gotten someone with acting chops instead, as she does suck the enjoyment out of the show a little bit. Still - the story’s good, every other actor pulls their weight, visually it’s very pleasing and the show has a charming soundtrack, so over all - a good show. Midnight Mass Funny, I thought the writing was brilliant. The story is quite standard, but it’s handled extremely well with good writing, good acting and a good soundtrack. True, it takes it’s time but I thought that every scene had a point and was on point. The show transmitted emotion on a level that I miss from a lot of shows, actually. Even had a chat with my mates about how good it was, and we all agreed.
  10. Wait, is the issue with disc 2 “solved” for those who purchases it now? So, I’m stuck with my “faulty” dis because I purchased on the day of release?
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