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  1. Horribly bad movies but I’ll go as far as saying mildly entertaining. I kinda snoozed through the second one tbh, I found that plot uninteresting since they told us in the first one how it would play out. And then in the third one the outcome of the 1666 segment was extremely obvious, so I thought that that whole part was just a big snooze fest. In the end, I didn’t find much redeeming about any part of the trilogy, not even as a teen slasher. They didn’t do it for me. But they were mildly entertaining, I’ll admit to that. But if you liked them to any more degre
  2. Fear Street Trilogy (2021) Fear Street: Part One - 1994 Fear Street: Part Two - 1978 Fear Street: Part Three - 1666 So apparently there’s a series of books called “Fear Street” about a street with the same name where a bunch of weird shit keeps happening, murders and such. I didn’t pick up other mention of any “Fear Street” in any of the three movie which seemed curious to me, but whatever. I’m not a fan so I didn’t take offense. I guess it was a creative decision to tell a better story. But was it though? I guess the fact that they pul
  3. Saw the finale. Am I the only one who thought the whole series was kind of ‘meh’?
  4. Some time ago there was a discussion regarding the cover for Jaws 4K. I came across this photo by a guy called Euan Rannachan. I almost wouldn’t mind if over the one we got.
  5. Well spotted! It would for sure. The whisky on the pic makes no sense in context to the story. I do do that from time to time - match the dram with the media, that is - for example my first listen of the expanded Far And Away...
  6. Yup, I also wasn’t smitten by Lovecraft Country. I read the book and it was good. The series is good too, but I understand your criticism about the monster. It’s better done in the book. It’s written as a kind of alternate history about what “really” happened on that lost expedition. “The expedition met with disaster after both ships and their crews, a total of 129 officers and men, became icebound in Victoria Strait near King William Island, in what is today the Canadian territory of Nunavut. /—-/ The survivors, now led by Franklin's second-in-command, Francis Cr
  7. I don’t lament the loss of the Joseph Williams source cues as much as I do missing out on the alternates for “Inside Dr Know's” and “A.I. Theme (Vocal)”. And needless to say JW’s arrangements of “I Only Have Eyes For You” and the “Sleeping Beauty” waltz - even though they were never in the cards. Still...
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