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  1. I am curious about the alternate footage in this edition... Is it just Rey running late all the time?
  2. As all movies are also being released individually, is there really anything exclusive in the box? Except that it’s a box. Is that a book, also? Or just fancy cardboard housing for the discs? Because it seems that buying the box set is more expansive than just buying each separate release. How does that make sense?
  3. I started watching The Outsider (HBO), based on a recommendation that it is good. I read the book about a year ago - but didn’t really much enjoy it (it was “ok”) - and after five minutes into the show, I realized I already knew exactly how everything was going to pan out, leaving me with zero interest to keep watching. I mean, what’d be the point? I hear good things about the show though, and the first couple of minutes looked good if you’re interested in a supernatural thriller. I don’t think many viewers realize this is a Stephen King story.
  4. I told my colleagues that I intended to pick up some titles on disc for the Black Friday deals, looking to make some bargains. They looked at me as if I’d spoken in another language. They smiled with that “I hear you talking but don’t understand what you’re saying”-smile. It’s a very select few who still buy physical media these days. Do Germany still have exclusive releases for the German market though? I remember this being a thing a couple of years ago... For example, I think this was the case for Strange Days (1995) and it’s 30th anniversary release, remastered in 2015. Shame that such a great movie gets such a limited release, but better than not having it at all, I guess.
  5. Check with the bank that issued your card.
  6. I’ve seen 3 or 4 episodes now, and the show seems to be tailored made for hardcore Star Trek fans. I thought E1 was interesting, but for me, it has been downhill since. The last episode I saw ended with Picard being saved by some woman with a thing on her face, that I guess you were supposed to recognize... ? It was filmed that way, like a big reveal. But Iq am not a Star Trek nerd so that went right over my head and I think I’ll just tune out from now on. Or maybe one more to find out who space lady is? Edit: I guess I should point out that the show feels extremely well made, grand even. Maybe I’m wrong but it seems the typical show to get cancelled... there’s not enough action, it’s too much of a slow burner, it relies too much on lore... and then, a few years after it’s cancelled - and because it takes time for people to discover all the layers and depth - it will be hailed as one of the greatest sci-fi shows ever and we will all lament its cancellation.
  7. It’s the same kind of perplexing reasoning as with the Alien 40th anniversary shorts that Universal produced, and then, when the Alien 40th anniversary 4K was released, they’re not included... No wonder physical media is dying.
  8. I don’t want to buy a 27 disc set of Star Wars... 9 discs is enough for me.
  9. This looks like a show to watch an early Sunday morning when you’ve nothing better to do. I think I’ll do just that.
  10. I’d love if LaLaLand made a box (could be a 2CD set) of these “random”, unreleased compositions that JW has done over the years (I guess reminiscent of Call Of The Champions released by Sony Classical in 2002). Throw Dear Basketball on there, and you’ve got a smash hit.
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