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  1. As long as sound is generated by speakers in the future, I should be fine. 😉
  2. TLJ is totally political. Chewy is a vegan. Free the animals. And the socialist message that everyone is equal.
  3. I think all Die Hard movies, as well as the Alien franchise is due down the line, don’t you?
  4. Yeah, I have no doubt that it is cool if it’s well done and it is that kind of movie, but I feel that already decking out your living room with a 5.1 system is an undertaking - and to be honest - quite a luxury. Atmos, or let’s be honest, even a 7.1 speaker set up, seems... excessive. I’m even inclined to say that you don’t even really need surround sound to enjoy a good movie. But, then again, I’m old school at heart.
  5. Yeah, there’s always something isn’t there. I read that the 4K version of Alien Director’s Cut (1979/2003) is missing the stars from most of the exterior space scenes. Small detail, but... how’d they mess that up?
  6. Yeah, I’ve never had a problem with any of the 4Ks that I’ve picked up. In any instance, the picture quality has been an improvement (from either my old Blus or - duh! - my old DVDs). I get the feeling it’s a lot of negative talk from Blu-ray die hard fans who just don’t want to let go of their old format (or their money, spending it twice on the ‘same’ movie). Change is hard.
  7. I’ve been meaning to get this one as well. What’s your take on “the transfer is too dark” reviews?
  8. OK, I’m going to play the Devil’s advocate for a sec. Couldn’t you really get the same kind of results just using a Photoshop filter? I mean, if you want to split hairs, that is also an AI applying digital enhancement so that the end result is more appealing to the eye. These we’re done with the free upscaling page that was posted here recently. Prove me wrong.
  9. The release of Jaws 4K is imminent. On the horizon we have 4K box sets coming for both Indiana Jones and Lord Of The Rings. I can image a ton of fans double dipping on these releases, just as they might have done with Star Wars 4K that was released recently. Which movies have you gone for twice, so far? This is my confession. What’s yours?
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