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  1. I was on a date once with a girl who grew up listening to soundtracks. She knew damned near almost as much as me as we as we rattled off the old familiars such as Williams, Silvestri, Horner, Shore, Morricone and Zimmer, each trying to up the other. We stayed up all night talking about Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List etc etc. First and only time that ever happened. It didn’t end well. Today we’re married.
  2. I remember getting the OST remasters at the time of release. I was curious about the listening experience. But years of listening to the Anthology and the Special Editions made it hard for me to absorb any greatness that lingers in the original sequencing/editing. But, as it’s Star Wars, still it’s soundtrack gold.
  3. At least we agree that the collaboration, the music and the way it's all treated is an event in itself!
  4. Across The Stars is perfectly available in a nice vinyl release. https://store.deutschegrammophon.com/p51-i0028948370689/anne-sophie-mutter-john-williams/across-the-stars-2lp-/index.html I do understand the gripe "but the 2LP doesn't have the CD deluxe edition tracks", but that's another discussion. I just wanted to put a spotlight on the fact that they put out four (!) singles, with very nice artwork, and the tracklists seem to have been well thought through (as far as singles go), and that it's very nice to see this kind of well executed marketing strategy - whi
  5. I think it’s great. It almost makes me want to collect vinyl. Kudos to anyone who appreciates this kind of thing and got them all!
  6. I know, we all know of the vinyl singles from Across The Stars: Hedwig's Theme Remembrances/Markings Across The Stars/Princess Leia But I'd somehow missed that there was another single released: A Prayer For Peace / The Chairman's Waltz Neat! On a sidenote, I like how all covers are thematically consistant, with Williams' precense looming in the background, as if to say "from the mind of John Williams", that kind of consistancy is rare nowadays.
  7. I’m not a hater. I’m a lover! But if you are arguing that I care about (hate?) the Suicide Squad poster, then I hate to disappoint because actually - once again - I don’t. Then again, it depends on the topic. Of course there are things I do care about. JWs scores, old and new. Superman movies, will there ever be another good one? And probably lots of other things. I care about execution, perception and reception. I care about having an opinion. I care about insight - even if the subject is trivial. Why do you care, if I care or not? I’m flattered, b
  8. I know, haha, but whatever, it’s all good. I think my contribution in this thread tonight (both posted within one hour!) about 1) MCU as a whole vs DCEU as a whole, and 2) Suicide Squad poster 1 vs poster 2 were not only original in thought, but posed some entertaining questions and/or viewpoints. That’s more than most people dream about! 😅
  9. The new Suicide Squad poster is bad, but what really made me hate it is the ‘alternate’ version. At least, poster 1 was consistent, all the characters trying to look “bad ass”. Poster 2 seems to try to “goof it up”, like it’s trying to be a “blooper” version of poster 1. But some characters still look “bad ass”, just in a different pose (but they don’t do they?), and some characters they didn’t bother to change at all. What’s up? It’s seems sloppy, but I’m guessing that a multi million dollar production doesn’t do mistakes at this (amateur) level
  10. Compared to the MCU, that is generally regarded as overall good (although we all might have a few differences here and there at what we consider the highs and the lows), the opinions on the movies making up the DCEU is all over the place. I think the only thing even coming close to kind of a general opinion is that Wonder Woman was good. Other than that, each movie has both their defenders and their haters. For me, it goes (In no particular order) The good ones: Wonder Woman Aquaman Shazam! Justice League The bad ones: Ma
  11. I saw Radiohead live back in 1997, on the OK Computer tour. The setlist was: 1. Airbag 2. Karma Police 3. The Bends 4. Exit Music (For A Film) 5. Subterranean Homesick Alien 6. My Iron Lung 7. Talk Show Host 8. Paranoid Android 9. Let Down 10. Creep 11. Planet Telex 12. Climbing Up The Walls 13. Bullet Proof... I Wish I Was 14. Bones 15. Just 16. Fake Plastic Trees Encore: 17. Lucky 18. Banana Co. 19. No Surprises Encore 2: 20. You 21. Street Spirit (Fade
  12. ST Discovery S3E2 I guess I was wrong about that last statement. It had its moments, but jeez, it is extremely hammy. But I don’t think it’s the show’s fault, I guess it’s me.
  13. Still, interesting post and it kinda fits in here. I’ve seen discussions go sideways in much worse ways.
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