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  1. So I finally, a bit late perhaps, had time to sit down with The Towering Inferno. So early this Saturday morning, with a cigar in hand, the sun rising and my headphones on tight, I sat down on the balcony and pressed play. I guess this is the “crown jewel” of The Disaster Box and it doesn’t disappoint. The composition is the epitome of disaster music. Each cue paints a vivid picture of wreckage and unfortunate events. I am not an avid fan of “action music” - those kind of busy cues rarely make it into my regular rotation when I listen to John Williams or any other composer. So a lot of these tracks - though expertly crafted - I am unlikely to return to. Nonetheless, there’s an abundance of good music on here. For example, I really like the suspense build-up in “The Solution”. But it is the quieter moments that I find the most appealing and most likely will put into regular rotation. The main theme pops up frequently throughout the score giving the score a clear identity but the arrangements differ enough not to make it to monotonous. The last three cues, “Waking Up”, “Finale” and “An Architect’s Dream/End Cast” is as good as an outro to a movie as John has ever written. In the score I was particularly taken in by the cue “Harlee Dressing” that had so many “Williams-isms” in its arrangement that I almost had to double check that I wasn’t mistakenly listening to a more recent soundtrack! That track is a clear prototype of techniques that Williams would infuse in almost every famous soundtrack that he would write from the late seventies and onwards. It is amazing to listen to! The source cues are all a joy to listen to. It’s Johnny Williams all the way, baby! Jazzy, melodic and breezy... to hear what a musical mind like Williams comes up when composing easy listening jazz is mind blowing and I find this part of the release to be absolutely essential. I was quite surprised how heavy on the jazz the OST was compared to the original film score, which makes it an interesting listen - if albeit a bit jarring. Don’t miss “Susan And Doug” which is a jazzy underscore cue, but isn’t in the source tracks section of this 2 CD set! On the whole, the music to The Towering Inferno is an entertaining listen and a cool album to own. Lots of gems to come back to again and again, each with its distinct flavour. Both CDs sound great and sits nicely in the collection of JW’s earlier works.
  2. I think both Steven and John had originally planned to work on Bridge Of Spies, health issues aside, and I don’t seem to be the only one... So, unrealized, it is.
  3. Terminator Dark Fate I don’t know what the fuss is about. I though it was a good movie. I didn’t see any of the SJW-themes that reviewers have lamented drags the movie down, but found it to be an entertaining action movie.
  4. I am sure he and Spielberg talked about Bridge Of Spies, but that he had to now out due to time constraints.
  5. TBH, as much as I’d love a MM-produced, C&C, OT box set... I can’t feel much bitterness should I die before it comes out, with slightly better sound. We already have the music. It made JW a legend. I have to admit, I am quite happy with my ‘93 box set, the 97 SE’s, the Ultimate Digital Collections and all the re-recordings done in between done by both Williams and Gerhardt. As a collector and a fan of a living composer, the likes of this world hasn’t seen for a long, long time.... I can’t believe how lucky I am, in spite of that they messed up the mixing on TESB and that ROTJ sounds as if it were recorded in a box. The last couple of years we have gotten some amazing expansions, better than anyone thought possible, the HP-expansion, the JP-expansion... even Heidi and Dracula! What a time to be alive! I’ve seen Williams conduct thrice now, which is three times more than an ever dreamed of, and every re-release that happens my way I will happily purchase, be it SW, Far And Away or The Eiger Sanction. But I will not spend my days in bitterness over a SW box set.
  6. I was fortunate enough to have been able to go to both performances, and just came out of the second concert. It was equally amazing as yesterday, if not even better!!! I’ll gather my thoughts as soon as I have some time to put them down... right now I need some champagne to celebrate an amazing weekend!
  7. Arrived yesterday and had a drink at the rooftop bar! See you all at Musikverein!
  8. With the production slate being what it was and probably a lot of studio interference - Disney not wanting another Solo-flop or a Last Jedi-controversy on their hands - I heard that TROS was still doing reshoots 11 day’s before the premiere... No wonder the score might feel a little chopped up in the movie and JW’s 40-year leitmotif structure is broken in places.
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