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  1. Glad to report that Heidi and Jane made it home safe. Although they did pick up some sketchy company along the way.
  2. Wasn’t the last one - the third one - called Bad Boys For Life? What a missed opportunity. Obviously, they should’ve saved that title for this one - the fourth one - and call it Bad Boys 4 Life. 😂
  3. I wouldn’t mind a boxed set of Gerhardt’s Star Wars, Empire and Jedi in 5.1.
  4. Heidi is held hostage! I just got the following message from DHL: EVENT CATEGORY Shipment is on hold - LEIPZIG,GERMANY Further Details - DHL cannot move the shipment or attempt delivery due to a local issue. Next Steps - Shipment will be moved or delivered once the issue is resolved. Please continue to monitor the progress online.
  5. Moonwalker (1988) IMDb I saw this in the local cinema yesterday. First time on the silver screen for me. The audience applauded at the end which I thought was cute.
  6. Don’t worry. It’s only a bathroom glass! 😂
  7. Don’t ask me why I spend my hard earned money on this… I’m not even a Snyder fan! But I did enjoy his cut of JL, even though I think Josstice League is a better movie (and has a better aspect ratio!), but I can’t say I won’t watch it - and enjoy it. Aa I’m writing this, I’ve actually started watching this. However, I’ll skip MoS as I don’t really have any fond memories of that movie - and is not particularly keen on revisiting it - and go right into BvS. Not that that movie is much better but at least it tried to do some fun things, the introduction of Wonder Woman for example. But, man, is Snyder’s take on ol’ Supes bleak. The way he straight up kills that terrorist in his first scene by flying him through several walls. Not very Superman is it (But then again neither was killing Zod in the previous movie). Batman’s first scene, weirdly crawling around on the ceiling doesn’t fare much better. And, despite being a good actor, Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Lex Luther is more annoying than menacing. So I’ll skip the first one, suffer through the second one to get to the (kind of) good one. Yay me. But it was a good deal if that is any kind of justification, $US 18.78 including shipping, for all three movies on 4K and these weird lenticular postcards (10 of ‘em all in all).
  8. Can I just have a replacement disc for my faulty expanded Schindler’s List CD2, I’l be happy. Thanks. Thats it for 2024. I’ll make grander wishes for 2025, I promise.
  9. Thought I’d post the program since it’s now only available outside of JWFan. Program AlFRED NEWMAN, 20th Century Fox Fanfare ERICH WOLFGANG KORNGOLD, Main Title from Captain Blood MIKLÓS RÓZSA, Prelude (Main Title) from Ben-Hur FRANZ WAXMAN, Sunset Boulevard Suite BERNARD HERRMANN, Scène d’Amour from Vertigo ALEX NORTH, “Forest Meeting” and "March" from Spartacus ALFRED NEWMAN, Cathy’s Theme from Wuthering Heights (with Ms. Wang) MAURICE JARRE, Suite from Lawrence of Arabia Intermission DANNY ELFMAN, Main Title from Batman JOHN WILLIAMS, Excerpts from Close Encounters of the Third Kind JERRY GOLDSMITH, The Hunt from Planet of the Apes ENNIO MORRICONE, Main Title from Once Upon a Time in the West (with Ms. Newman) THOMAS NEWMAN, The Night Window from 1917 JOHN WILLIAMS, “Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra” from Indiana Jones NINO ROTA, Suite from The Godfather ALAN SILVESTRI, Suite from Back to the Future
  10. Really nice! But I would submit that “written by” and “composed by” are tautological.
  11. Okay, I have to join the chorus here as well and say that that was awesome.
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