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  1. I considered writing “someone” or being ambigously specific by saying “a special label”, but decided against it. ”They”, at this point, represents anyone or any body of people with the possibility of licensing and officially putting out a soundtrack for a short film produced about 40 years ago. You know - they!
  2. When are they releasing Bernstein’s score for Michael Jackson’s Thriller? Or was it just tracked from An American Werewolf In London?
  3. It seems the main problem here - speaking as someone who haven’t seen an episode of Andor - is that it’s not very good? If it were, no one would have a problem with lack of world building, pacing, “it doesn’t feel like Star Wars” etc etc. It’s not inherently good or bad just because it’s Star Wars. Any thing can be good or bad. In this case, it seems Disney hasn’t managed to deliver 100 %. Fans just want a thing they can enjoy.
  4. S01E05 - It’s not very good, is it. Not from a Tolkien-point of view nor a “just try to enjoy the show/story”-point of view.
  5. These are also shows I haven’t watched, but I did watch the first five or so episodes of Lost.
  6. The 13th Warrior did a similar thing where Banderas’ character starts to learn a language he doesn’t understand - for the viewer, it’s presented as foreign speech slowly transitioning into english.
  7. White Lotus - I saw S1. I will lot come back for S2.
  8. There're so much to watch on TV right now. Not only from the universes of Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel and DC, but also a lot of other big properties like Lord Of The Rings, Game Of Thrones, Stranger Things, Wheel Of Time, The Boys and The Sandman. And then we have "new" content like Succession, Only Murders In The Building, Hacks, The Gilded Age, Never Have I Ever, Picard, Archive 81, Outer Range, Foundation, White Lotus, The Terminal List and so on and so on... That's great! Lots of quality shows and plenty to choose from. But I am exhausted. There's too much content. So, I've decided to step off certain shows. I'm not saying I'm not watching these because they are bad. It's just too time consuming. (But sure, some shows I've quit mid-season because it just didn't appeal to me. Some I never gave a start, for various reasons.) I guess in a lot of cases, I'm simply not the target audience. For some, I'm very clearly the target audince and - in spite of raving reviews - I just haven't mustered up the strength to press the play button. And that's OK. There's such a focus all the time on what we should watch, the must see, and the don't miss. But I don't watch everything anymore. I can't watch everything. It'd drive me insane if I did. Either I don't think it's good enough to spend my time on, or I simply don't have the time and prioritize another show or movie - or just life in general - instead. And you know what? I'm fine. The curiosity passes. The allure of the new show fades. New things come instead. And the tempo relaxes a bit. Maybe sharing a little bit about what we haven't watched is equally interesting. Maybe, for some, it can take some the preassure off of having to have watched everything - which I imagine is quite high especially for young people (do we have any of those here on the forum?). I'm not saying I'll never whatch any of the shows listed below. Some I am curious about, some I've had recommended to me, some I know I'll probably like, and some I could consider watching as a guilty pleasure, or even a pass-time activity. And maybe someone will give me a slight nudge in the comments. "Come on man, you have to watch this..." And then, maybe I will. Someday. But not now. So here it is. Stuff I haven't watched, for some reaseon. If anybody is willing, feel free to chime in on what series you haven't watched. Recent stuff that I haven't watched: She-Hulk - I watched the first four episodes, but I lost interest and don't want to watch any more. It's too cringy and bad. Ms. Marvel - Inspite of hearing good things, I just haven't been able to get the time to see this. Lack of interest from my side. Star Wars Andor - It just seems dour and/or sad. House Of The Dragon - As one of the few who didn't enjoy the original GOT-series, I am not very inclined to watch this. But I wouldn't mind giving it a try. But I don't know when, if ever. Star Trek Strange New Worlds - Mostly because it's not on any streaming service I subscribe to, and - you know what - it kinda feels like a relief. Star Trek Discovery - I kept up until S3, but since they moved it to a different platform I don’t have, I don’t really miss it. Lisey's Stoy - As a huge Stephen King-fan I love to keep up with the adaptions. But this one... well, it's on my to watch-list. Other series, I've also not watched: The Witcher - I just never got 'round to it. DC's Stargirl - I watched a couple of episodes, then stopped. Sweet Tooth - It looks alraight. It's on my watch list. But it'll probably be there a long time. Squid Game - I have to see this. But when? Cowboy Bebop - I am unfamiliar with the source material, but the show looks good. But I know it's not going to be renewed and I am unsure if it ends on a cliffhanger, and if it does I just can't. DC's Doom Patrol - I think I watched a couple of episodes. Not sure if I stopped because there weren't any more, or because I lost interest. The Umbrella Academy - I have no idea what this is about, but I have the feeling that people think it's good. Cobra Kai - Looks good, I'd like to watch it. Don't know when though. Superman & Lois - I am a huge Superman fan, but this doesn't feel like a Superman show to me. I stopped after S1, I think. DC's Titans - I never finished S3, I felt it just kept dragging and dragging. Reacher - The new one from Amazon. It looks good, I guess. But I don't know if I'll ever come 'round to it. Russian Doll - I am interested in this one. I intend to see it. Severence - I would like to see it, but I don’t have Apple TV+ any more. More stuff that it occurs to me that I've never watched: Sopranos - Shame on me. Breaking Bad - Really, shame on me. Better Call Saul - Well, since I didn't see Breaking Bad... The Ozark - "C'mon, it's great!" I know, I know... Narcos - Nope, I didn't see it. Sue me. Vikings - Never saw it. Don't intend to. Any of the Walking Dead shows or spin-offs. Jeez, that's alot, and this list'll keep on growing... (Please don't use this thread to bash what other people love - it's not about being right or wrong, we can all like different things .) Edit: True Detective - I kind of saw S1. Maybe I didn’t pay enough attention. At least, I always thought that was why it didn’t gel with me, because I hear it’s very good. I’d like to like this one because I like a good detective story.
  9. 21st, 22nd… did one year get canceled due to the pandemic? Anyway, really cool that this has been running for so long.
  10. Chernobyl should be mandatory to watch in high school as part of the general education, along with Schindler’s List.
  11. Anyone who thought this joke was about quality is missing the point.
  12. If you don’t tip in the cantina, they play Goldsmith’s Star Trek.
  13. Maybe they play it when you buy the $5,000 drink.
  14. Galaxy's Edge sounds a bit too much like a news theme for me, at least the ostinato part and the first fanfare during the intro. And then it's a bit more Indiana Jones than Star Wars at times. Adventures Of Han is good, I do like that bits in there remind me of The Asteroid Field. It is melodic and full of adventure, not to mention a lot of little Williamsisms. But as a full on theme it doesn't carry all the way for me, but as a fanfare or shorter statment it's great. In general, what makes me not entirely fall in love with these two is that they, to my ears, are remeniscent of the sound and arrangements in the prequels (Adventures Of Han less so). Nothing wrong with that, the prequels are full of great music, but - apart from a few select cues - neither full OST is on a top 10 Williams for me. So Obi-Wan it is. It has that sweeping grandeur that reminds me of the OT. It is a cousin of Binary Sunset. There is a lineage to Leia's Theme. It is soulful without being bombastic, but yet is full of powerful statements. I have no problem with people loving other pieces over the one I chose to vote for, I think this is all subjective and no one is wrong in their opinion. Love what you love.
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