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  1. Um, where’d you get the impression you see the only one… ? Track list here.
  2. I don't see it as a trope that the good turn out to be evil. If anything, the trope is that good triumphs over evil, and then they lived happily ever after. The trope might be including a "twist" where the prince was actually an evil wizard acting in his own interests all along (for example, Frozen). Another trope might be charachters acting posing as servants of good, when really, they are only serving their own selfish needs for power and twisted views of reality. The corrupt officers in Andor might be a good example of this. The anti-hero is another trope that plays out well in story telling, no example needed. ; ) Today, I see the need to over explain things is a sign of our times, and I think it makes for boring and over complicated story telling. Sure, Game Of Thrones and shifting allegiances is fine and entertaining, and keeps the audience guessing because nothing is black or white, but in terms of classic story telling you lose the magic. Bad guys are seldom just bad any more, and good guys not just good. There is a "need" to give every charachter and every story "nuance". Malefeciant, and the story in Wreck It Ralph II, are the most obvious examples of this, but it is evident everywhere. The New Republic torturing people is another. What is the need? But I think you're right (or the podcast you listen to at least) that the torture scene was used as a plot point to illustrate that Elia Kane is a shady charachter, and give her some mystery (to be resolved later). Too bad they had to do it by throwing shade on The New Republic (that are supposed to be heroes?)
  3. Yes, I guess, but it seemed pretty institutionalized. We’ll find out, maybe.
  4. Why even put in the idea that The New Republic uses torture or mind wiping in the first place? Aren’t they supposed to be the good guys?
  5. TBH, I cannot remember much about S02, except that I didn’t think it was very good. I think, in my mind, it’s mingled with the Boba Fett show. While not as good as S01, Mandalorian is entertaining at least, both S02 (I guess it was?) and S03 (so far). That, no one can take away from it. I’m just not happy about the overall direction and inconsistencies. The Grogu problem Imagine if Disney had had the balls to actually drop Grogu of the show. I know “baby Yoda” was a big part of the show’s success, but the end of S01 really felt conclusive and logical. Which made it all the more heartfelt. Then would come a couple of seasons/shows/years without him - Mando could do his own thing, Andor could come and go, we got the Kenobi spin off, Ashoka gets her own show… and then, imagine how bad ass (!) it would be when Grogu shows up again, half way point to becoming a Jedi. You could mirror Luke’s journey where he’d have to step in to save the galaxy (with Mando, naturally) even though his training isn’t complete. “It’s poetry, it rhymes” as some would say. I guess, in the meantime, up until that point, Grogu could have his own animated show or whatever - so as not to completely fall out of the zeitgeist. The Mandalorian problem Was it at the end of Boba Fett that Mando was standing on a spaceship, talking with another Mandalorian, concluding “There’s only three of us now”… ? …and then, at the beginning of S03, there’s a whole cult of them - even children joining the cult - all still remembering and practicing the ancient rites. Huh? Itd have been much cooler- and in line with the character - to have Mando cruise the galaxy in search of an ancient ritual where he’s tempted to sell out old Mandalorian secrets in return for the magic/technology/understand it contains. There, you’d have a moral conundrum - and most likely character growth as well. Instead we get this existing community, and Mando has to perform a swim to be included. Why? There’s no physical harm coming to him if he doesn’t. The cult seemed quite happy to have him lounging around without the swim. The swim - in ritual - doesn’t grant him access to any key that is in any way a remedy other than “I really want to be a Mandalorian”. Sigh. Why should we care? There’s no urgency. His adventures could still include the clone story on Coruscant and the dark saber - and maaaaaybe another reclusive Mandalorian in a distant part of the galaxy, an old man, hinting at the downfall of Mandalore, maybe insinuate that the fall wasn’t such a bad thing at all, urging Mando to let it go. Another conundrum! And that’s just off the top of my head! So, to summarize 1. Mando should’ve never returned for Grogu, it makes more sense for both characters to go their separate ways. 2. There shouldn’t have been a community of Mandalorians. 3. Find a better (urgent!) reason for Mando to fill the plot, not taking a vanity swim. 4. Bring back Grogu when he can be relevant again (and yes, I get that maybe/probably…
  6. I feel that it has the potential to be good, an unfulfilled promise. I’ll keep watching, hopeful.
  7. Mudscuffers, pooda and Taungsdays! Am I the only one who’s not enjoying Mando? S01 was great, but now - currently finished S03E03 - I think it has become poorly written to the point where it’s even boring. Am I alone in this?
  8. I cannot sat that I’ve enjoyed Mando since S01, or the Boba show, but I did enjoy hearing that Williams cameo. 😊
  9. There are too many o's and p's in these last posts, I feel like my eyes are crossed. "OPPO is OOP", "Keep me in the loop"... don't you mean the LOOPPO? What an OPPOrtunityto make bad jokes.
  10. Who is Barrymore Laurence Scherer? Naxos: Here's a book he wrote, published in 2007:
  11. I had to look up what "Megasound" was. This sentance was repeated on nearly all sights talking about the original Superman II release (I guess all sites copy wikipedia): So what is Sensurround? Wiki says: It seems it was developed for Earhquake in 1974 (Hey! Another John Williams property, cool!): Source: https://catherinmouttet.medium.com/the-sensurround-effect-3bfcdf520577#:~:text=Sensurround's initial release launched with,won one for Best Sound. That makes sense for a movie such as Earthquake. I don't really see the need for it on any of the Superman movies, though. I'm happy with a well adapted 5.1 mix (which, if you purchase the box, you'll get and more - all movies appearantly have an atmos mix).
  12. No…. The 2018 4K disc had it. Just not in a lossless format. From The Digital Bits:
  13. Granted, I don't read a ton of sci-fi books so take my praise when it comes to that genre with a pinch of salt. But I do read a lot in generel (about a book a month) and a big chunk of that is pop culture. But the books were great, let's hope the movie does them justice.
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