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  1. I can't wait for when Warner Bros. flogging that Bat-horse.
  2. What Lies Beneath is a DreamWorks/Fox co-production. (So maybe it got through because DreamWorks has the US rights.)
  3. Well, the movie's own trailer notoriously gave away the ending.... (Which really didn't hurt it commercially)https://www.boxofficemojo.com/title/tt0161081/?ref_=bo_se_r_1
  4. Will they go for the Kelly McGillis/Paramount triple and expand Witness? It's too bad there's not enough John Morris scoring in Dirty Dancing to make a release viable. Here's comment from one of my Twitter mutuals: "It won’t feel authentic unless every third track is Highway to the Danger Zone".
  5. for UK fans who resent Jeff Bezos it's up for preorder on HMV. https://hmv.com/store/music/cd/the-legend-of-john-williams
  6. "Raise your hands if you're Sure!" "I told you JJ, the only people who get to grab my butt are Steve here, Anne-Sophie, Daisy or Phoebe!"
  7. Just so those can't get the set can have a taste of this title. (Warner Bros. owns the National General Pictures library it looks like...)
  8. Is it wrong that I liked this movie more than Pirates of the Caribbean:The Curse of the Black Pearl (I haven't seen any of the others - because after the 18th hour of the first one (that movie DID NOT NEED TO BE SO FREAKIN' LONG), I'd really had enough of Pirates: Bruckheimer Style)?
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