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  1. I saw this movie when it first came out, I found it to be rather generic with the best part of the movie being the special effects. The main ballad is a lovely one. The other songs were so-so. I don't remember much of the score in the movie.
  2. Hi everyone, I am in the process of forming the next composers challenge. But first, I wanted feedback from the previous challenges (Dear Esther, Mass Effect 2, The Artist). Some of the things that I would like to know: -What were the things that worked for you? -What things didn't work for you? -How do you feel about the variety of the clips? -How do you feel about the length of the clips? -How do you feel about the feedback being given? If there's anything else that you want to add, please do. Kevin
  3. Thank you for the information. How long would you spend at Tintern Abbey/Caerphilly Castle/Caernarvon Castle? I've heard 1-1.5 hours for Tintern, 1-2 hours for Caerphilly and 2 hours for Caernarvon. We do not have any time to go to any heritage railways (next time). Next time we come back we will do the Southwest (Devon/Cornwall), we will definitely go to the West Somerset Railway. Because York is the National and the much more impressive one.
  4. Harry Potter is my girlfriend's choice, not mine. So is Stonehenge. We plan to go to Llyn Ogwen (resting place of Excalibur) and Betws-y-Coed (the Fairy Glen Gorge) in Snowdonia.
  5. Hey everybody, My girlfriend and I are planning our first overseas trip and we've decided on England as a safe first choice. Our interests are: 1) History (both of us) 2) Trains (me) 3) Exploring/Things off the beaten path (her) Here is our itinerary so far: Day 1: Early flight into London (Heathrow)/Windsor Castle and touring London - Airbnb Day 2-4: London - Airbnb Day 5: Harry Potter World/End in Portsmouth - stay with relatives Day 6: Portsmouth - visit relatives Day 7: Train from Portsmouth/Salisbury Cathedral/Stonehenge/End in Bath - Airbnb Day 8: Train to Didcot/Didcot (Train Museum)/Night in Bath - Airbnb Day 9: Tour Bath/Night in Bath - Airbnb Day 10: Bath/Rent car from Bath/Castle Combe/End at Thornbury Castle Hotel Day 11: Drive to Tintern Abbey/Caerphilly Castle/End and stay at Gladstone's Library (I am aware that it would be a 4 hour drive from South to North Wales). Day 12: Drive from Gladstone's Library to ZipWorld Bethesda/Walk around Snowdonia/End in Crewe - stay with friends Day 13: Day trip with friends to Snowdon Mountain Railway/Caernarfon Castle/End in Crewe - stay with friends Day 14: Early train from Crewe to York/Tour NRM/York Minister - Airbnb Day 15: Other York things and train back to London - Airbnb Day 16: Leave London for Hampton Court Palace and Flight out from Heathrow (Flight would leave at 6pm, so if we got to HCP for 10am, I think we would have enough time). While on the surface, it may seem a little hectic but if you look closer, it's not that bad. For most of the trip, we would be sleeping in the same bed for more than one night (four nights in London, two nights in Portsmouth, three nights in Bath and two nights in Crewe). There are some long days for sure (Day 1 and Day 11 in particular), but there are also quite a few relaxing days (Day 6-10, Day 13). Also, when we come back, we will have a day of rest as we will fly back on a Sunday and the Monday is a civic holiday. What do you guys think?
  6. Hello everyone, First of all, I want to thank everyone would participated in this composers challenge. We actually had more entries than with Dear Esther and Mass Effect 2 which is a very gratifying feeling. I tell you that two of the professional composers (James Peterson and William Stromberg) were unable to review the entries due to professional commitments. However, Alain Mayrand and Vladmir Nikolov. Before I announce the top three, I want to explain the voting process. People voted each entry out of 10 and then I averaged out the votes per entry to determine the winner. I have also complied all of the reviews and comments that people shared out the each entry so each composer will receive those comments from me shortly after this posting. Note: when you read them, each new number is someone else commenting on it. It was very close between first and second place with 0.02 a difference between them. The winner of The Artist Composers Challenge is: Entry 12 - CS_TBL of Filmtracks with an average score of 8.77 out of 10: Second place went to Entry 7 - HowdyDoodle of Reddit with an average score of 8.75 out of 10: Third place went to Entry 4 - Sciscitatio of Reddit with an average score of 7.45 out of 10: If you did not finish in the top three but want to know where you finished, please contact me personally at composerschallenge at hotmail dot com or my personal email (if you already know it). I have a few ideas of clips that I want to do for the next composers challenge. The next challenge will start sometime in the new year. Kevin
  7. Just to remind people that they have until the end of Sunday to send their votes and comments you me.
  8. Hello everyone, In the end, it turned out that we have 12 wonderful entries (which is more than the last two composers challenge). Now that the contest is closed, the voting can begin. Let me be clear, everyone (not just composers) can vote and giving feedback on the entries is highly encouraged. The comments allow each of the composers to learn from this experience. For voting, you rate each entry out of 10 (one being the worst and ten being the best). At the end, the votes will be added up and the top three will be announced. Composers who entered this contest: You cannot vote for your own entry. Here is the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZTxpL6wfPQrOtsNIN8WMD5zPG0qhHsVy These clips have been labelled for the purposes of anonymity. If you entered the contest or if you know someone who entered the contest, please do not name the entry in question or name the composer in question. The deadline for voting will be November 27th. That gives you two weeks to listen to the clips and vote. I know that there are a lot of entries but if you do one or two a day, then it becomes easier. If you have any questions, please contact me at composerschallenge at hotmail dot com. Kevin
  9. Kevin


    Every Donald Trump Cameo
  10. Started with this on a foggy morning (no filters - shot on a Samsung s7 phone) I thought I would play with filters for the first time. While I really like the original photo above, I thought it would be cool to turn the photo into apocalyptic moment (like the Rapture was coming or something like that). Please give comments on what you think of them.
  11. It's getting a bit messy now: Scottish government seeks to intervene in Brexit case
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