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  1. Bagpipes were used in war to intimidate the enemy. Uillean pipes are much more emotional sounding. Here's the reason why Chen loves bagpipes so much ...
  2. Didn't you hate the element that is called the Yamaha CP-70, Richard? Anyway, if the reason why Vangelis didn't release The Bounty is because he didn't think it made for an interesting stand-alone experience, then I agree with him.
  3. The Uillean pipes are mixed so beautifully loud (which is realistic) it's like they want to hit you in the core of your soul.
  4. Bagpipes? I much prefer (the smaller) Uillean pipes. No, that's no me, it's Paddy (from the Chieftans).
  5. Filtered drum loops from sample libraries overused by TV composers.
  6. It kind of reminded me of Coal Miner's Daughter, don't know why.
  7. I like the Jon Hamm one. Is he the main character of S5? Wait, it's Fargo, that means the main character is an ordinary citizen gone to the dark side.
  8. Oh? Have you finally decided to leave Potterdom?
  9. What do we think, Proggies? It certainly doesn't sound bad ...
  10. Critics loved it, the audience hated it. Who to believe?!
  11. This and The Invisible Man. Of course, I was a kid and probably didn't know any better.
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