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  1. The remastered ones are much louder. To most people louder means better.
  2. Agreed! It annoyed me too. Then again, I simply don't like how Gibson handles characters in all of his movies. There's something about the way he 'forces' you to sympathize with them that rubs me the wrong way. OTOH, I think he is sometimes a very impressive 'visual director'. I will never forget the 'apocalyptic' sacrifize scene in Apocalypto. That is without question one of the most nightmarish scenes I've ever seen.
  3. In the first one he was actually human, someone whom we could cared for.
  4. For you Antartica fans out there, this version might have a better flow to it:
  5. The all-knowing critics and the unenlightened audience are in agreement!
  6. Listened to Monster. Hibari (from Out Of Noise) is on this CD. It's hypnotic. I bet its usage in the move will be hypnotic as well.
  7. https://www.flickeringmyth.com/2023/01/dejah-thoris-returns-for-new-series-in-march/
  8. I've read too much to know it's never been the plan to put Blade Runner in the same universe as Alien. Scott very much wanted to create a comic book movie and create a city (based on The Long Tomorrow and Metropolis) where one easily could believe Batman would live. That's why Scott wanted to call the movie Gotham City before it was changed to Blade Runner. Charles de Lauzirika, producer of the Blu-ray and the FC, admitted the easter egg was a joke.
  9. That was re-used to save money. Scott meant (30 years later apropos) that design-wise or stylistically the two movies could be in the same universe. I won't argue with that.
  10. So because of some silly easter egg meant as a joke you think they are really the same universe? Interesting. Hence my Disney-esque dialog bit.
  11. Hmm ... hence my Alien/Star Wars proposal. - "Master, there are too many of them, and The Force doesn't protect us from their acid blood!" - "Sacrifice yourself for me, padawan! Sacrifice yourself! Protect me! Aaaargh!" Could be good right?
  12. There is no Alien / Blade runner crossover, Thor.
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