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  1. I much prefer his career now, actually making quality films and acting, rather than his early blockbuster years. So I’d say he ended up in a better position. This is also just plain and simple genius:
  2. Don’t be so certain.
  3. That’s like blaming a rape victim for dressing a certain way. Anyone should be allowed to dress however they want without being subject to harassment.
  4. Yeah I enjoyed Lost Legacy a lot. Proved that you could tell a compelling story in that universe without Drake. Although Naughty Dog is done with the franchise, I fully expect it to return from one of Sony’s other studios on PS5.
  5. I was about to say that name sounds familiar but couldn’t put a face to it. Thanks for jogging my memory!
  6. I get the sentiment behind it, but also disagree. Theatrical cuts are often a product of studio and producer control, not the director. There are many films that are substantially improved by a director’s cut. It would be a shame if those never saw the light of day. Most probably still never do.
  7. Watched half of Fargo: Season 3 a week ago or so. Still need to finish it, but it’s properly bizarre in places. First episode was kind of a dud but it eventually hooked me in with a rhythm.
  8. Mad Max: Fury Road The docking sequence from Interstellar Bathroom fight and helicopter chase from M:I - Fallout
  9. Let’s take JWFan and move it somewhere else... Push!
  10. The Exorcist was filmed so close to where I live, that watching it as a kid gave me a proper scare. Those steps are still there.
  11. New movies are always expensive. That’s why you use blu-ray.com to track prices on all the major sites and find the best deals. Like Joe, I don’t typically spend more than $10 on a blu. Maybe $15 if it’s something I really want. But recently I’ve been becoming more and more digital. VUDU and iTunes often have cheap digital 4K, and Prime and Netflix have 4K streaming as well.
  12. Season 4 of The Good Place does pick up for the last 2-3 episodes. It ends well. As for The Office, I quite enjoyed Michael Scott’s replacements, even though they weren’t as good as him. Will Ferrell’s small arc was hilarious, I thought.
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