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  1. I imagine Season 1 will end exactly as the game did. Shot for shot with the same dialogue.
  2. I didn’t realize it was old news, as I hadn’t seen it discussed anywhere. Still seems like a huge spoiler to me to reveal that character will be portrayed in the show. Though I guess it’s not dissimilar to knowing Frank is in here as well.
  3. I didn’t expect it, but it works with the changes they’ve made within the show. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.
  4. Variety put out a great interview with Mazin and Druckmann that details the show so far. WARNING: There are slight game spoilers and what I think is a major spoiler for the show, even to those who have played the game. ‘The Last of Us’ Creators on THAT Clicker Moment, Flour Theories, and Changes From the Game
  5. Great episode! The clickers were perfectly realized and I loved how they were able to recapture the tension of trying to sneak around them. Not a fan of them completely cutting out the militia from the show, but it makes sense in the interest of time and pacing. The loss of humanity amongst those that survived is a huge thematic arc across the games, so seeing that excised is a bummer.
  6. I’ve seen Song Of The Sea, but never knew there were other films like it. Is this a spiritual trilogy? Or are the films actually connected?
  7. I didn’t notice any of those details while watching, but put into that context it would make sense. Not sure why they decided to change it from being airborne. Too similar to COVID?
  8. Yeah this was oddly truncated compared to how drawn out it is the game. This is a small change I wasn’t a fan of. I thought the intro to Ellie and them agreeing to smuggle her happened way too quickly, considering Joel is supposed to be strongly opposed to the idea of having another child in his care.
  9. The game’s prologue is perfectly realized here. Not a fan of some of the little changes to the plot, but otherwise an excellent first episode. We finally get a faithful video game adaptation, and some are saying it resembles the game too closely? I didn’t like how it ended with the sounds of clickers in the distance, since the audience has no reference to them yet if you haven’t played the game.
  10. Not exactly in line with the thread idea, but I often think about how much better Shutter Island ends up as a film versus the book because of one additional line of dialogue. The book is fantastic, but it ends with The movie ends the exact same way, except they added one more line of dialogue. .
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