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  1. Just saw this. I rather like the idea of an orderly that knows when hospice patients are going to die and helps them pass on. Very Stephen King in a Green Mile type of way. Would have rather had a whole film just about that. That being said, film’s atmosphere is great and feels tangible. Good cast and enjoyed it well enough. It’s just a completely unnecessary sequel that adds vampire lore to an immaculate film that didn’t need further explanation.
  2. One of my favorites. It has Tom Cruise as a villain. What’s not to like?
  3. Only a couple highly acclaimed shows that I started watching and gave up on: The Sopranos and Game Of Thrones. And I guess more recently Rings Of Power.
  4. I believe Valkyrie did this as well. Opening shot, slow zoom, transition from German to English.
  5. Actually looks pretty decent. I like the cast, and Shyamalan has 2 other writers and a source novel to keep him in check. We’ll see!
  6. This is the way. The first two episodes had the most impact, to me, but the whole thing is really fantastic. One of my favorite series to come out in the past several years.
  7. It’s not like those films would be erased from history. 3 and Resurrection are nothing special anyway. It’s a trend I like and wish got to happen to the Alien franchise. Halloween did it successfully. Terminator did not.
  8. I have a fondness for his late 90s early 00s fare. I discovered his films during that era. Lot of them are underrated to me!
  9. I loved both Whiplash and La La Land. Haven’t seen his others films. This looks like The Wolf Of Wall Street meets The Great Gatsby. I didn’t like either of those films, so we’ll see.
  10. A historic licensing deal for Criterion. Hopefully this could lead to them getting to release some Touchstone films that Disney abandoned. But this feels more like a Pixar deal than a Disney deal.
  11. He also guest stars in one of the best episodes of Scrubs.
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