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  1. He nixed a Varese release of a score awhile back, because he thought it was too short. And most recently he was publicly upset on Facebook about the premier releases of his early film scores.
  2. No one is going to know unless you ask HGW. He probably prefers the album presentation like Thor. JW wasn’t even on board for a lot of things until Matessino became his trusted producer for such projects. Zimmer didn’t want his early scores released because he’s not proud of the music. Could also be something similar to that.
  3. Both show and score are fantastic. Book One is a bit rough around the edges though. The show gets much better as it goes on. I hope they eventually get to the other ones. I would recommend The Legend of Korra:
  4. It’s not that uncommon. Wasn’t Goldsmith notoriously against some of his scores being released at all? I don’t think composers are being handsomely paid for CD expansions.
  5. Blumenkohl predicted this years ago. Music and math are very similar. I guarantee AI could compose a solid Star Wars imitation.
  6. I’m fine with it. You can completely ignore it, if you want. The game lets you know it’s not expected for you to do it every single time. They built in a lot of accessibility features to make the game easier for those that want a different experience. There’s an “amulet of storytelling” that lets you customize the difficulty in different ways.
  7. There are damage and defense buffs if you time your attacks/blocks correctly, yes.
  8. Starfield didn’t grab me like Fallout or Elder Scrolls. I’ve heard from podcasters though that it’s a slow start and is better to mainline the story first. Not a traditional BGS game in the sense of being able to wander wherever you want at any time. I’m very early in the game but don’t really have an urge to play it. I started Sea Of Stars and been enjoying that a lot. Art and music are wonderful. Before those two I played Sundered. Fantastic rogue like metroidvania. Made by Thunder Lotus, the team behind Spiritfarer, which is a game I fell in love with earlier this year. Beautiful hand drawn animation in all their games.
  9. The Dharma Initiative used the polar bears to turn the Dharma wheel, which was encased in ice underground. Moving the island caused the person/animal moving it to be transported to an exit hole in the Tunisian desert. The island was constantly moving through space and time, but I don’t think it ever wasn’t just a tropical island.
  10. I’ve personally never been a fan of Star Wars. The scores are great in their respective films, but I’ve never had the desire to listen to them in my free time. I’m pretty sure I had Temple of Doom on my list at some point in the past. But Indiana Jones generally falls into the same boat as Star Wars for me. Give me melancholy over bombast any day of the week.
  11. This happens all the time in Hollywood, but it’s in the form of temp tracking and composers hate it. A handful of auteurs do it well, such as Tarantino, Anderson, and Baumbach.
  12. All physical media is inherently limited. Disney is clearly on its way out of the physical market. But it’s nice to have secured a copy of what might end up being JW’s last score.
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