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  1. I still read the board a lot, but I only really visit a handful of threads these days. I don’t listen to film music much anymore, particularly new music, so my interest in the broad range of topics has declined gradually with time. Also a lot of the posters I used to enjoy bantering with just aren’t here anymore.
  2. Peacock is terrible. They don’t even do 4K streaming.
  3. Hans Zimmer’s Favorite Batman Score Is Not The One You’d Expect
  4. We’ve already had Batman slowly and painfully move on from loss. I think the character needs to take a break for 10 years and then come back and do something different.
  5. Just looks like a Nolan rehash. The character has been tapped out, in my opinion. Don’t really see what else you could do with it at this point. Time to take it back to the Adam West days! Paul Dano as The Riddler is genius casting though. Such an underrated actor.
  6. Halloween Kills Guess these movies are action comedies now.
  7. I thought Hill House was good up until the end. Bly Manor was bad.
  8. Just finished this episode. Show is great so far. The camerawork is subtly stunning. I love the format with no main titles and sparse score. Solid cast; the woman who plays Bev Keene is properly terrifying. Religious horror in general I always find really interesting and creepy.
  9. Just watched this for the first time the other day. The violence did catch me off guard for a bit. It’s the only on-screen moment of child murder that I can recall.
  10. Nope: He’s breaking the fourth wall, exactly as the the original (and most Hughes) films do. As for everyone dishing on the sequel: Home Alone 2 has always been better the first! Also, Thor is correct in that 3 is not terrible.
  11. Early Curb definitely outclasses the most recent seasons, but it’s still great. Loved the ugly section bit from last season.
  12. The film is pretty dark for its rating. The brutal snapping of Safin’s arm and his quick execution, not to mention Logan Ash’s demise. Loved the cinematography in that forest chase.
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