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  1. Bay had nothing to do with this outside producing.
  2. I was very big on Blackout, as you might remember. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Warzone since it launched. It’s recently become my go-to late night gaming fix. I’ve gotten much better at it and finally won some games after perpetually losing. There’s still a lot I wish it did differently though. My favorite battle royale has got to be Fall Guys, which could very well be my GOTY. Haven’t played a game that made me laugh and have fun like that in a long time.
  3. I enjoyed that game a lot. The ending is absolutely nonsense, but I’ll take a Naughty Dog knock off any day.
  4. I completed my purchase with PayPal checkout and extended my subscription by 4 years with no issues. Suit yourselves!
  5. Any PlayStation gamers that use PS+, this site is offering a 12-month subscription for 50% off, at just $29.99. Thats cheaper than any holiday sales that I’ve ever seen, so I stockpiled a few years worth.
  6. I need to start 4 soon. I’ve shared it before, but my preference is 3, 2, then 1.
  7. “Perfectly splendid” is the best thing out of the whole season. It honestly has a fairly neat idea on the afterlife that is similar to LOST, but it’s disguised and executed as a lame ghost story. Episode 5 is more or less “The Constant,” and I enjoyed it for those parallels. But that’s about it.
  8. It gets worse. Just finished it. Only episode I really enjoyed was 5.
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