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  1. My 7.1 surround sound set-up cost a few hundred dollars. A basic 5.1 would probably cost even less. Speakers and receivers aren’t that expensive.
  2. How many JWFans have some sort of speaker set-up? Sound is as important as picture quality, to me. It is an audiovisual art form after all.
  3. I actually just purchased this myself the other day. I missed it in theaters so I’m excited to give it a spin. Also picked up Knives Out.
  4. It’s my favorite Nolan. The sheer spectacle and execution of its action is superb, in my opinion.
  5. No trailers. Nolan’s name is enough to get me in the theater.
  6. I watched that one on a plane and thoroughly enjoyed it. Didn’t expect to see Paul Dano.
  7. Definitely more of an even split than one over the other. Holkenborg’s percussion writing is all over those DC scores.
  8. Wonder if Holkenborg will be brought back to re-score.
  9. Little Fires Everywhere Meh; not a fan. Almost every single character was an unlikable piece of shit.
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