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  1. I think it’s pretty clear that this film started as a Kosinski project with Zimmer and Faltermayer, and ended up as a McQuarrie project with Balfe.
  2. Love how this franchise became a benchmark for practical stunts and effects. That teaser looks fantastic.
  3. Definitely didn’t live up to The Lighthouse, but it’s still visually engaging. I also can’t really fault it for being “cliche” since it’s an accurate retelling of the folklore that inspired Hamlet.
  4. Hey nice catch! I also got heavy Control vibes in Severance. Some of the best TV I’ve seen in a long time.
  5. It’s only 5 episodes, if I remember correctly. It’s worth finishing, but yes, the first two episodes chronicling the meltdown are the highlight.
  6. The cover art was corrected to give Lorne Balfe top composing credit.
  7. Didn’t MV announce JFK years ago? Whatever happened to that one?
  8. The Northman was good, but otherwise standard Viking fare. Norse mythology has been all the rage over the past several years and it’s becoming repetitive. Cinematography felt a little muddled to me, and the story was as predictable as they come, but the camerawork is excellent and I loved how visceral it was.
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