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  1. Why not a “Danny Elfman Spider-Man Collection” to sell alongside the Batman one? Also, I’m pretty sure MV said Spidey 3 would be a licensing nightmare.
  2. Of these scores I've only heard Up and The Hateful Eight and pitting those two scores against each other hardly seems fair.
  3. I've seen all of group 1 except The BFG, The Book Thief, Memoirs of a Geisha and Angela's Ashes. I've seen about half of group 2, a third of group 3 and none of the movies in groups 4 or 5.
  4. My most hyped title was the first Hobbit movie. The novel was a childhood favorite of mine and my girlfriend at the time knew that and took me to see the movie, which premiered on my 21st birthday. The hype peaked for me as I got to listen to what turned out to be the standard edition of the soundtrack on some random website -- Variety maybe? Anyway, like you, my hype had completely deflated while watching the movie. People told me I was crazy and that the other 2 films would be better, but now that they're all out, most people will at least admit that the trilogy was a bad adaptation and a mi
  5. They can call it whatever they want. I'll only watch the Venom movies anyway.
  6. Oh absolutely! Both the film and the score are undisputable classics. Don’t know how this one slipped my mind.
  7. The Ten Commandments and The AVA Collection are my go to's. The Magnificent Seven is great too.
  8. The way the Hulk explains time travel, there should be multiple Marvel universes as well. It's just the ending with Captain America as an old man that seems to contradict this.
  9. Also by that logic, the original Star Trek series, The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine have all been made "useless" thanks to the time fuckery in the J.J. Abram's reboot.
  10. Yep, definitely making it up. Any hint of a new expansion of Gladiator would have made more waves.
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