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  1. There may have been speed issues on some of the bootlegs, but as far as I know not on any official release of TLC.
  2. TLC doesn’t have any speed issues.
  3. Back to the Future is the first score I thought of as well. La La Land is supposed to be a “great score?” I thought it was just a great record label. At any rate, I don’t know how anyone can like film scores but not like Conan or LOTR.
  4. I don’t think any of those ideas are necessarily bad ideas, but I do think Paramount tends to hand Star Trek projects to the wrong people.
  5. I like Killing Season, Spider-Man 3 and the two Monkey King scores. I think the only other Young I’ve heard was The Core.
  6. Yeah I disagree that Beyond “didn’t click with fans.” I think most people waited for it to stream, but the fans who actually saw it, generally seem to have liked it.
  7. Oh I can completely get on board with all of that. My comment was directed more toward bollemanneke.
  8. The film edits are wildly butchered from the original compositions. The film version would be unlistenable.
  9. I actually tried to do exactly that with no success. Admittedly, I’m pretty new to the reverse-phasing thing though, so it could be I just never got it lined up exactly right or something. It could also be a different take of Never Band, in which case it wouldn’t be possible.
  10. Those photos are awesome! What a fun halloween that must have been.
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