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  1. Me too. A couple years ago, I copied this idea for an expanded OST-FYC edit of TFA with the three main concert suites presented between "The Starkiller" and "Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle."
  2. Another production stalled under Kathleen Kennedy's leadership? It's not even surprising anymore.
  3. NGL, from the art and descriptions, this could have been the most interesting movie in the trilogy for me. I agree. Before TLJ, I was very interested in seeing Kylo turn. After, I couldn't care less. Of course, that's because I'd lost interest in all of the ST characters, but I digress.
  4. It aged perfectly well. If anything, people agree more emphatically with Mr. Breathmask now that the mouse is in charge.
  5. This title no longer shows up when you search for it, but the link above still works.
  6. Well I'm in. Still have to see Season 3 though.
  7. Serious talks about a standalone Black Widow film started as soon as Scarlett was cast in Iron Man 2 (10 years ago now) and Scarlett herself has expressed interest in such a film for years now. They're called "fans." You may have heard of them.
  8. I think Joker will win and Thomas Newman will continue getting snubbed for the rest of time.
  9. Sounds promising to me. I guess we'll just have to hope Hawley's film gets made and is half is good as Fargo.
  10. Are you sure "Milk" is the music for the farmhouse and not for the scene where the main character offers his flask full of milk to the French woman?
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