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  1. Because it's a Jonsi song? Because there was the version used at the beginning of the film that had strings and then there's album version used in the end credits.
  2. I mean, I guess the copyright holders should care, but they clearly never notice as this kind of thing happens all the time in film scores. Compare "To the Plaza, Presto" from Home Alone 2 with "Fighting the Troll" from the first Harry Potter. Or the main titles from Poledouris' Conan the Barbarian and Goldsmith's Total Recall. Or consider James Horner's use of his "danger motif" in basically all of his scores from the 80s to the 2010s. Hans Zimmer does this shit all the time too. He reused a riff he wrote for Drop Zone in Gladiator and then a couple years later he made it the main theme for Pirates of the Caribbean. Also, why are score composers basically allowed to rip off classical works with impunity? Holst's Mars gets quoted in everything from Star Wars to Gladiator to Chicken Run to TV's Chuck. And don't get us started about Dies Irae. It's in everything too.
  3. Wow. I think this post says more about you than it does about the actual definitions of anything.
  4. Damn, I think that Far and Away performance might just be better than the actual soundtrack. The Imperial March is amazing too.
  5. If that's the case, it begs the question why Mike didn't fix the weird edit and or audio glitch between Saving Buckbeak and the Bats Extension. That's even one of the tracks he provided a corrected master for!
  6. They should announce what they have and just give hints at what the other titles might be. Then no one has to wait for the titles that are ready first and the rest of us will have something to keep ourselves occupied over the holidays. Gotta say though, I feel for MV and the other label producers. This sounds like a frustrating end to a very frustrating year.
  7. Yeah someone said they were having difficulty over at FSM. My discs ripped ok though.
  8. Eh, I have the corrected tracks now and I've revised my edits of both scores accordingly. Feels like a pretty happy ending, all things considered.
  9. Well MV can think what he wants, but there sure seems to be a demand for these tracks on this forum at least.
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