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  1. I feel James Mangold has really proven himself with The Wolverine and Logan. This might still suck because of Kathleen Kennedy’s evil influence, but I’m still optimistic for now.
  2. Mine too and I paid for First Class instead of just Media mail. Edit: Just got my notice!
  3. If something is a part of a larger work and it’s not present, it makes perfect sense to say that it’s missing, but more importantly, I never said anything HAD to be included. I said I wanted it to be included. I had the bootleg because I wanted more material, but I happily ordered a copy as soon as an expanded product became available. I’m allowed to be disappointed that music I have and enjoy isn’t being made officially available.
  4. Because it’s over 3:00 long and we’ve heard most of the alternates on the bootleg. Also, none of these alternates are even action cues.
  5. No. The car chase is definitely NOT tracked or pieced together from other recordings. It could be a demo I guess, but it is missing.
  6. I think Identity is the warmest film and Ultimatum is the most polished. Supremacy is my favorite though, both film and score. I love how it has the smallest stakes of the trilogy. After Marie’s death, it seems like Bourne has no real reason to keep fighting so hard to survive, but then we get to the end of the film and we realize that he was literally just fighting to get to Moscow and make a clumsy, heartbreaking apology to a young woman whose life he ruined when she was still a child. That might be a possibility for Bourne Remembers, yes. The internet cafe cue we keep referencing from Supremacy is a similar situation. That cue uses parts of the Room 645 cue. It can’t be recreated by fans though as it only uses certain parts of the mix/doesn’t include all of the instruments.
  7. I've been eagerly awaiting an official expansion of this score for almost 15 years and now that it's finally here, I'm only getting 1 of the 3 cues I was most looking forward to having/having in good sound. I can't fucking believe it. For me, this is like getting an Azkaban expansion without the Rescue of Sirius. I no longer have any confidence my long hoped for internet cafe cues from Supremacy and Ultimatum will ever see the light of day and I'm unreasonably depressed about it. I really thought we'd get something better after the treatment the first two Dragons scores got.
  8. Oof Bourne doesn’t even come close to replacing the OST. All 4 theme arrangements and the end credits are missing, as is the fantastic unused car chase cue. "Bourne Remembers" may be missing as well. EDIT: On further inspection, Bourne Remembers may be included in "Conklin Killed." I'm still really bummed about the car chase though.
  9. Because the movie starts with Bourne floating in the Mediterranean. Have you not seen the movie?
  10. Episode 7 definitely loses points for originality, but had more energy and a better score than either of its follow-ups. More importantly, you still could’ve taken the story anywhere after it ended.
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