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  1. Actually, no, they don't, nevermind additional alternates.
  2. Jesus, why can't they do this for the truly great scores?
  3. Personally, I doubt Daisy Ridley even wants to come back for a X.
  4. Yes, I have thought this several times since the first season. Still love that first season OST though!
  5. I thought episode 3 was pretty great, personally. The music was menacing, the plot developments were intriguing and easy enough to follow, there were characters. More of this, please!
  6. These usually work on me for about 3 seconds, but this one didn't because I knew Star Wars would never come from Intrada.
  7. Williams, Powell, Goldsmith, McCreary, Zimmer, Horner, Giacchino, Poledouris, Barry, Bernstein, Rozsa.
  8. Home Alone (Expanded) Star of Bethlehem Carol of the Bells Setting the Trap I know, I know, John didn't actually write Carol of the Bells.
  9. The name’s Aaron and I’m quite confident I spoke for a lot of people in dismissing your shitty ideas. And now I’ll speak for just myself again... It was Abrams, Terrio and Rian Johnson before them. TLJ is still the only non-Hobbit movie that I hated enough to actually consider walking out of the theater. Had I been alone, I would have. Anyone who expected Episode IX to be a good movie after seeing that steaming pile deluded themselves.
  10. I for one am glad Mattris won't ever write for Lucasfilm.
  11. Oh, I doubt I'd ever get as good as Titus. Really? I thought most of the labels just had 1-2 main artwork people. FSM and Intrada had Joe Sikoryak until not too long ago. LLL has Titus and another guy. I could be wrong, but I thought I read that Intrada and Varese both have new art people too, though both labels have had some pretty dodgy covers recently. All that said, there are many, many soundtrack fans out there who make better covers than I do.
  12. I'm pretty sure I'd have to move to LA for that.
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