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  1. The average idiot makes the exact same mistake though. Every time a new John Williams movie comes out, tons of casuals get disappointed when the trailer music isn't on the album.
  2. I ordered this quickly, but it hasn’t shipped yet because I included Spider-Man in my bundle.
  3. Hook and Catch Me If You Can (could have been meant to come out in 2022 for its 20th Anniversary).
  4. I believe I read that the first OST was put together before the score had finished recording and that for whatever reason they were recording the score more or less in chronological order, explaining why the first album has music from the first half of the film and the Chapter III album has more from the end.
  5. Poor Mattris would never stand a chance! I've seen it labeled as complete repeatedly for years and this is the first time I've ever seen anyone dispute that. What's missing?
  6. I really love the Doc Ock theme, but the Goblin theme NAILS that character. It's perfect. So is Elfman's Spider-Man theme for that matter. Now bring on the Horner score!
  7. This doesn't make sense to me. Unless there was something lacking in the initial recording, "the potential work of recording" a piece again is basically negligible. There's no reason for such a re-recording to be made or for that "potential work" to exist.
  8. There may not be any legit sessions leak, but I would absolutely call edits like the ones described "bootlegs," especially if any of them were sold for money which I bet some were.
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