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  1. Well this new release is also mastered by Doug Schwartz instead of Doug Fake. That's a plus in my book, but still probably not enough to get me to replace my copy from Intrada.
  2. Quick revision for you: Matessino's 2013 expansion of "The Fury" was on LLL, not Intrada.
  3. The Varese deluxe edition had the best cover, but this one's pretty good too.
  4. Shore would release those expansions on his own label.
  5. I beg to differ. The FSM was a huge step up from the Rhino. The LLL was another noticeable step up, but not nearly as much of one.
  6. i’m getting Stargate and Williams and I’ll throw in Elfman’s Mission: Impossible too. Not a bad haul at all IMO.
  7. There's still no way to listen to TLJ recording, is there?
  8. I like Russo's work on Fargo. His Star Trek stuff so far hasn't really caught my attention though.
  9. I have these releases. I think they're cool. That said, nothing Mike wrote here could reasonably be interpreted as a tease for anything, let alone a new Star Wars release.
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