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  1. TFA is in my mind his most recent masterpiece. Before that, I’d consider all 4 of his scores from 2005 to be masterpieces as well.
  2. Wait, so you don't count "Chasm Crossfire" as swashbuckling music because there's no sword fighting in that particular scene, but you DO count Star Wars as science fiction even though it doesn't have any actual science in it? Full disclosure, I'm not sure where to draw the line on what should count as sci-fi myself.
  3. Gia peaked for me with Jupiter Ascending.
  4. It's always been Powell for me and it's not even close!
  5. Hey, mine too! They'd have to have a newly discovered source to do Under Fire as the tapes were missing when FSM reissued the OST. I'd buy it in a heartbeat though. I love that score! Besides those three what other big titles does Horner have left to expand? No idea how I never realized, but The Land Before Time was my last Horner grail.
  6. I like that Zimmer is releasing these "sketchbooks" alongside his OSTs these days. In the case of Dark Phoenix for example, I felt the music as Zimmer conceived it was more interesting than the music than actually ended up in the film.
  7. Every Star Trek score by Goldsmith or Horner deserves to be in print or available forever.
  8. I didn't mind the transition from Moon Rising to Biker Hounds, but the part where it switches back is jarring for sure. It's nice to have the other 2 Joseph Williams cues though. And I quite like the new A.I. Theme vocal.
  9. Is the digital download 16/44.1 or is it high res? They really should put this info in the listing.
  10. Well thanks for bringing this situation to everyone's attention and in such detail. I wish I shared your optimism that the music will "get out there" though.
  11. Thought this was ok as a finale and pretty good as a setup for what’s to come.
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