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  1. No, not possible. Get your anti-science bullshit out of here.
  2. A quick glance over of the rarities archive thread didn't yield any comments from Doug about the Breaking alternate, but I did find this comment from John Takis about it and the overall artistic intent of the disc.
  3. That’s how I remember it. Can’t say I was happy about it. All the same, I’m sure Doug knows many of us are savvy enough to rip music from our blu-rays.
  4. I believe Doug could have included Breaking of the Fwllowship on the rarities and chose not to since it was already on the EE credits. Pretty sure there was some discussion about that on this forum once.
  5. I haven’t seen her naked ever. I’d remember!
  6. It’s also the only one where the subtitle is really hard to read.
  7. Of course she does, but they’ll CG on clothes later.
  8. I'd put Solo on par with or slightly above TLJ, but below all other JW SW scores. Rogue One has fun orchestration, but not as good writing as any of its competitors.
  9. Absolutely not. Hook is a brilliant score and The Ultimate War has got a lot of great moments, but the piece is nowhere near as focused as Williams' best action cues.
  10. Cutthroat Island, Passion of the Christ and The Emperor‘s New Groove are the only are the only Debney scores that have ever made an impression on me. None of them are great, but those three are at least interesting.
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