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  1. I understand all of that totally. And I agree with you. I curate tons of my own custom edits and playlists for various scores. Ideally, I would also like the option, but I also understand at this point in my life, that it may not be the best listening experience to have some of these cues parted up. This isn't supposed to be like a recording session leak on an official level, it's still supposed to be an album I believe. That being said, since everything is going to be labeled with the slates (which I've seen very few official releases do) I don't think Powell will do any of the crossfading you're afraid of. I'm certainly not expecting score music to be blended into source cues, but it has happened before so you never know. I'm expecting that anything that was basically intended to go together and makes no sense to be split apart will be done that way. I'm not worried a bit about the presentation or crossfading. I'm ecstatic to get anything like this so soon, so I'll be happy however it is.
  2. Lol that's a bit optimistic. Netflix is all over the place with whether they release their scores or not.
  3. I'm assuming these 10 minute+ cues could be similar to The Quidditch Match from Harry Potter where it was recorded in separate pieces, but meant to function as a whole. I don't why you'd want something like that separated on an official release. But we'll find out when the tracklist comes out. If they have slates attached then we should know if a bunch of cues are smooshed together (3m13 - Parts 1-4 vs 3m13-16 or something)
  4. I'll second this request. I'm curious too
  5. Excellent post Chewy Lots of cool info. As an audio guy I really appreciate the phase cancellation to isolate the horns. Awesome stuff.
  6. Fair enough. I can certainly buy into that. Again, I did like the more subtle one during the Expulsion cue. As always, looking forward to more!
  7. You know, I really wouldn't put it past the Disney overlords to do that. Lol.
  8. It's odd. It's possible some of it could just be due to the final mastering and ultra compression typically present on Zimmer releases (not sure about Fallout, haven't heard it), but perhaps you can only really experience it in something like a Dolby Atmos mix? Precisely. This feels more like Zimmer experimenting, which is great, I'm totally cool with that. Or maybe he just had a checklist of cool things he wanted to do in a score and used the budget as an opportunity. I don't know, but I don't buy that this is a score for Superman. Now, all those drummers getting together to score Fury Road as you said, or even something that is literally dealing with drums as a core part of the plot like Whiplash or something, could've been a powerful story telling tool. Here? I just don't get it.
  9. I was wondering the same thing. If not, I wonder how they'll do it. Lol. Just get hundreds of tracks recorded from peoples houses? You mention the violent drums. What is so frustrating to me is watching the Man of Steel featurette about having all those drummers in one room. As cool as that idea is 1.) Why for Superman? (Zimmer said it's because it sounded very American, but I don't know about that), but more importantly 2.) Why does it not sound or feel like I'm listening to that many people? It's never mixed in a way that exudes the kind of power I would expect from hearing that.
  10. Maybe not as annoying, you're right. Sounds like it might be better, but...and again, this may because it's a demo, but I just don't feel anything when I hear it, you know? It has that usual big Zimmer sound. Almost sounds like someone took MCU music and Zimmerfied it. I don't really know what else to say about it
  11. I feel like had Whedon made the entirety of Justice League it would've technically been better. Before any Snyder fans freak out, Snyder's version I think will probably also be better than the theatrical version...Will it be good? I don't know, I'm skeptical, but anyway...my point. The theatrical Justice League really feels like two different movies. Parts of it feel like an MCU kind of film and parts of it feel like it belongs in Snyder's world. It has a huge amount of trouble feeling like one cohesive vision when there are things pushing and pulling in different directions, sometimes within a single scene. One or the other would've been better than the Frankenstein that we wound up with. In other news related to Justice League, has anyone shared Junkie XL's sneak peek at the new score for the Snyder Cut? In my opinion, we're clearly hearing a demo and not something recorded yet I don't think, but I'm not super impressed. I did not like the score for Man of Steel or BvS either though so...anyone that are fans of those may like it?
  12. Great stuff @Ravendor Studios Again, the emotional reaction is far better in this approach. I didn't expect Wand of the Phoenix for the WB Logo, but it really works quite well and gives this film a very different feel to the opening. I really didn't expect for the Dementor material to actually make me feel something, but it felt so nice to hear that against picture while we're seeing the dementors again. Excellent little cues with the Dursleys too. Nice to hear their little theme come back. I feel like, personally, Double Trouble doesn't feel right with the Mrs. Figg cue, but I like the more subtle rendition during the Expulsion cue. Could I ask why Double Trouble is coming back so much? I don't necessarily mind it, but I think I may be missing why you're using it. In Azkaban, from my interpretation, it's far more of a Hogwarts related thing. I feel like it very much represented everyday at Hogwarts. So it makes a bit of sense in the Expulsion cue in a more uncertain state I suppose. Just curious!
  13. Not sure if it ever made it's way to this thread, but the 5th and 6th game scores have actually been re-released recently in lovely quality under a super generic, no trademarks sort of release. The hoop-jumping on the track titles is hilarious, but the music is there (with the exception of Hedwig's Theme): EA Composer Series: James Hannigan, Volume 2 is Order of the Phoenix Volume 1 is Half-Blood Prince
  14. Random. Never heard of him. Hope he does well!
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