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  1. I think the tone is only part of it. For me that tone needs to be reflected in the writing. Truly adult films feel adult because of how it feels tonally and what it does and what it's saying. The DC films make absolutely nonsensical decisions and lack a general respect for the audiences intelligence and they sometimes attempt to address certain adult themes or ideas without ever really committing or follow through. I see a massive difference from what I consider an adult film and whatever it is that DC does. The tone constantly comes off as a disguise to make them seem more adult
  2. Most of them are, R rating or not. They're absolutely juvenile scripts disguised with violence and darkness to make themselves seem "adult" and "mature" but also pull some really stupid and contrived shit that I'd barely let little kids films get away with. The only ones tolerable enough to me are Wonder Woman and Shazam. Everything else that I've seen is trying way too hard to be more mature than it is. Say what you will about Marvel, but it knows exactly what it is. DC needs to figure out what they want to be and actually be it.
  3. Eh. I don't know. He may have been abusive to some of them, but there really hasn't been much commentary from them on his behavior. I know one of the Firefly writers had some stuff to say about him, but I think Alan Tudyk defended him? Or said he had no issues with him personally? Idk. EDIT: Here's Alan Tudyk's response on twitter with tweets now deleted: https://theplaylist.net/justice-league-ray-fisher-joss-whedon-jon-berg-20200702/#:~:text=News-,'Justice League' Producer Says Accusations Against,Joss Whedon Are “Categorically Untrue”&text=Tudyk tweeted a response to,have a p
  4. Yep. It appears he’s always been like this and it was just not talked about.
  5. I actually am not a huge fan of his Avengers work after re-watching it recently. Age of Ultron especially I think is one of the worst MCU films. I do still like Firefly and Serenity. Idk if I could revisit Buffy after hearing some of the cast members went through hell from to make it.
  6. Not a fan at all of that new Rugrats series. The look is terrible.
  7. I mean, personally, I won't be going out of my way to watch anything new by him for sure, but I'm also not going to burn discs that I've already paid for nearly a decade ago. I think that's just silly.
  8. Interesting. So because I ordered both this and Knowing...does that mean I won't get either until mid June? Damn. Oh well. Honestly, I'm going to forget all about it and come to the mail to a nice surprise in a month or so.
  9. I've got two confirmed pieces of temp to contribute today. Was looking into some Lemony Snicket stuff (as probably the biggest fan of that score on the forums. ) and found a couple of looks at early scenes / rough cuts with some temp music! 1.) Here's an early version of the introduction to the three kids, complete with alternate lines in the voice over. Temped with Thomas Newman's "Dead Already" from American Beauty. 2.) I was able to cancel out the director's commentary in one of the special features to get a clearer listen to the finale music used during the fi
  10. Aaaand the result. A new teaser scene. 2 out of 4. I have so many questions:
  11. Ahhh yeah! Somethings happening. *crosses fingers* Please tell me we get a new Season 4 trailer or something tomorrow. If I'm realistic, it's probably just a release date announcement or the episode titles for the season or something. EDIT: Okay. No. Maybe something awesome is actually happening!
  12. Damn. Maybe I need to check my mail too. I haven't gotten word yet either.
  13. Yeah that's what I'd guess too. I suppose it's possible Gia did it, but...I'd guess a trailer house did it.
  14. Sounded new to me as well. I assumed he was listening to the orchestra close out either the film or the credits suite.
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