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  1. I saw that @Jay. Wasn't gonna say anything But good. I wouldn't be troubled by it either. His DC films are divisive no matter what aspect ratio they're in. He might as well get to do it the way he wants since plenty of people will hate it anyway.
  2. I find I resonate most with this quote from the Varity article: “I would rather watch one person’s chaos than a committee’s snooze-fest.” Absolutely a fair point. It may not be good (in my opinion), but at least it's this one dudes committed "vision". I liken it to Lost River, that movie (I think) is terrible and absolutely bonkers, but no committee would ever make anything like it and it's certainly left an impression on me. Lol.
  3. Lol. Wow. Idk about that Vanity Fair article. Some of it sounds a bit gossipy, but I honestly wouldn't be too surprised if it were true though. But yeah it's a lose lose situation with this film. A Batman/Lois relationship? Ridiculous. That image of the Joker is just a bunch of WTF. It sounds like we're just getting two different kinds of trainwreck, but I'm still going to try and go in with an open mind... Try...
  4. Lol. I don't need the Superman of the 40s, but I'd love a Superman that is written with some character. Only one that I felt really captured his character's true struggle is the Smallville version.
  5. Every time I hear news about this Flash movie, all I can think is "I'll believe when I see it."
  6. I mean, it's supposed to be. Lol. But I can think of no crowd-pleaser films more divisive than a Snyder DC Flick or a Star Wars sequel trilogy. Some people legitimately love them and others (like me) absolutely hate them. But I get your point. I'm still stuck in my ways personally. I don't really care to have my screen filled up. So whatever he wants to do, for whatever reason. That's me! I can imagine this version might feel tediously slow for that reason. I'm just hoping the new scenes are interesting and who knows, maybe there will be enough that is different about it.
  7. Personally, I think Gia is a phenomenal composer and think his Strange theme should stay, but I won't lie and say I love Doctor Strange or it's score. I'm curious to see how Elfman handles it, but again, would prefer the theme retained. It's the only thing I remember from the score to the first movie. Yes, I do remember it
  8. Of course. Why not make his credits more confusing and difficult to figure out lol.
  9. For sure, although I suspect based on some of the shot compositions they did composed for both ratios simultaneously (since they were intending to release IMAX)
  10. Yes, you're right. I actually already addressed the iffy-ness about it above. I wouldn't say the platform had anything to do with it though... it is actually Snyder: I suppose I shouldn't say "confirmed" but rather we only have two available options that have been mentioned by Snyder or shown through official sources. Plus, Zack Snyder may be supervising the 1.33:1 version of the film, but that certainly doesn't mean HBO or WB won't get someone on creating a 1.66:1 version, especially since it seems it was at least considered at one point. It was true at one point.
  11. That specific link is probably a fan edit you're correct. Actually looking at it again, Snyder's Justice League has only been "confirmed" in two aspect ratios: 1.66:1 and the 1.33:1 ratio we've received in the HBO Max Trailers. Whoever formatted the trailer did it in 1.85:1. So there wouldn't be as big an issue with stuff getting cut off as much since it's more vertical than 1.85:1. It seems the version of the 16:9 trailer I saw in the wild was on RottenTomatoes and also appears to be cropped by them. Silly me for assuming they got something official. Oh well. I still imagine HBOMa
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