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  1. Yeah that's true. I mean there's a couple cues here or there that I listen to, but I hardly play through the whole ISO.
  2. Sure. I'm just pointing out that despite the whole thing being basically a conspiracy theory, all that particular comment seemed to indicate was that there was a mismatch between what JJ had original heard for the scene Vs what had ended up in the cut he saw. Interesting if true, but most likely not. Even though people were being silly and wanted Duel of Fates, I don't think there was enough info for that leap to be made. Especially when several other comments were so pandering (ie "They fly now") Personally, even after the isolated score, I still prefer TFA and TROS to TLJ for score. It's close though. I don't really listen to the Iso that much anymore. I find the Album works enough for me, which is shocking. TROS I certainly feel some gaps. I agree honestly. I don't understand the limitation excuse when it comes to digital. I do still buy discs for certain scores and for the specialty expansions of course, but there's quite a bit I just buy digitally now. And digital doesn't have the limitation of discs or space on a disc or anything like that. My assumption is that people still pretend their are discs in the digital realm for...idk performance rights purposes, licensing purposes, cost purposes? Honestly I have no idea, I'm just spit balling
  3. That isn't implicated at all. You are the one assuming it was supposed to be Duel of Fates.
  4. I didn't see it listed here, but the name of this source cue I believe is "Lido Hey" and is Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and J.J. Abrams
  5. Oh sure. I'm not saying Disney ever drastically changed the movie in post-production to the point where it would have been amazing, but it might have been a bet better than...just okay. I will say though that this alleged source was not involved until after a certain point in the script drafts (they claim they became involved after Lando was added to the script, apparently Lando was not in earlier drafts). So it's possible that Disney messed with them in script phase too, but who the hell knows. If there is a 3 hour JJ Cut, which I doubt, then I'd watch it out of curiosity, but I'd only expect it to take an Okay movie to an Alright movie place, maybe a Decent place. You'd probably have to ditch Chris Terrio completely to make it a good movie. Lol.
  6. Seems like a fine dude, even if the only thing of his writing I've ever liked is Argo.
  7. You know. You say that. But these days Disney shoots movies without finished scripts, without actors knowing who they're even talking to, scenes and key moments improvised or added at the last minute, changing directors midway through, comping actors into scenes just to keep a secret, etc. Not to mention whatever the hell happened with the production of Cats. I mean you even have films being drastically changed after dropping the first trailer (Sonic, New Mutants, etc.) I have more than a bare knowledge of how things like this SHOULD be set-up, but that appears to go out the window a lot these days. I could honestly believe a good 65% of what's here. It's certainly not true, but some of you guys have too much faith in Hollywood and Disney. Some of these Blockbusters sound like nightmares these days. Hearing things like this don't shock me in the slightest. And honestly, THAT shocks me more than anything, that we're in a world where I wouldn't be surprised by this kind of stuff being true. As a said, I don't believe the whole WB / Sabotaging JJ Abrams thing in the slightest. Doesn't make any sense. Maybe Disney did try to bid for Bad Robot, but there's no way they would try to make a bad film on purpose or change it simply for the sake of ruining a potential future Superman film that JJ might be involved with. That doesn't make sense. Disney wants money now. Studios hardly ever think big picture or play the long game with small chances of success. They wouldn't sabotage their own film on purpose. I could believe changing stuff for China, even in the script phase. Happens often, see: Doctor Strange, Mulan, etc. I could believe Disney having ridiculous mandates for merchandise scenes, and other stuff like that. I definitely can believe Disney making a ton of last minute changes and being a pain throughout the post process, using ADR to change lines, CGI to replace or change things, even reshoots to patch up some changes. None of that is out of the question. I can also even believe a cut being done without JJ. It's happened before with other studios and directors. Just depends how desperate / under pressure for the money they felt. What I will say also is that I like J.J.'s films. One thing he seems to always nail, without a doubt, is the pace (in my opinion). All his movies have an excellent sense of pace, and Rise of Skywalker does not have that. Wether this is because Disney stole the cut or because Abrams was still in charge of the cut, but still under immense pressure and studio notes, I don't know. Something feels off though. Probably another reason why I wouldn't be surprised if some sort of drama happened behind the scenes, which I do feel like something happened. I mean the music for this movie certainly shows there was some sort of last minute changes and big shifts happening in the edit. An oddly large amount of tracked music from TFA/TLJ and the OT, cues chopped to bits, alternates and inserts, etc. I'm aware that most of that happens on the regular, but it also feels a bit more odd and abnormal than usual here. None of us will likely ever know for sure. Lol. It's all just speculation. We can't say what happened or not at this point. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. They aren’t allowed to, but they might’ve. I really don’t think you’re giving studios enough credit for how crappy they can be. And as I said, who knows all the terms in his contract? I wouldn’t be surprised. But I do agree that things don’t make sense. I’m just surprised people think a studio could never do something like this regardless of the Director. The part I certainly don’t believe is Disney screwing up the movie to mess with JJ’s reputation and WB deal. That goes against the bottom line. Money. That bit honestly sounds like pure speculation on the source's part. IF there's a source at all. However, removing ghosts for China or all the other changes honestly don’t sound all that far fetched. Again though, I would never be surprised to hear Disney messed with something in a dumb attempt to please too many and get more money. I wouldn't know that for sure, but again, wouldn’t be surprised. Seriously you guys this is DISNEY we’re talking about. You know, the same people who bought and now own Marvel, Star Wars, and an entire other giant movie studio? You really think JJ Abrams is enough to prevent them from doing whatever they want?
  9. @Edmilson You really think that Disney wouldn’t find a way to get their way no matter who was directing? I dont fully believe these rumors. Parts don’t make sense, but it would not surprise me in the slightest if it were true. You act like directors are always in charge and will always get their way in collaboration with the studio and that is simply not true. Most of the time, it is somewhat true. But it’s certainly not out of the question for a studio, especially Disney to do what is stated here. The studio pays the bills, the studio is the giant corporation, and the studio WILL get what they want. We simply don’t know one way or the other what was in his contract. I’m not going to defend the rumors, but I’m honestly surprised some people think something like this could or would never happen, yes, even to someone like JJ Abrams. It’s the Disney “own everything” overlords for goodness sake. I highly doubt they’d let anything affect the bottom line.
  10. I don't have a 4K TV or a 4K Blu-Ray player, so....not a lot of incentive.
  11. Lol Who knows, mate. Can't ever satisfy everyone. I will say that I guarantee there will be a second full box set with some other extras in another year or so. Remember when TFA came out? There was another edition the very next year that had even more content. I might buy it. I already own the OT though and have bought the new ones individually...So there's not a TON of incentive for me, personally. But it is cool.
  12. Thanks! It’s mostly just a planning montage / underscore sort of thing right now. Here's another one for you guys. A bit rougher than the last thing I shared, but more interesting and melodic. Mostly just an idea sketch, it gets particularly messy around 1:22. But what the hell:
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