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  1. Damn. I was quite looking forward to what Desplat would bring to a Marvel film. Not a fan of Balfe. Oh well. Just another generic score in the generic Marvel Soundtrack Universe (with only a few exceptions)
  2. Absolutely. Even in Beasts 1, the reveal of Grindlewald at the end is awful and pointless. But Beasts 2 certainly shows that screenwriting is not her thing. Gonna disagree here. I find the cinematography in this scene and in this film more interesting than HP1 and 2. 3 is clearly better, but HP1 and 2, while well made, feel more basic than this. It could be the lighting, but I feel like the framing isn’t quite as interesting as this film. Heres a genuine question: How would you specifically move the camera and frame the shots of this one scene to fit your standards? Are there any scenes from other films that represent the style of what you would want from this scene? I think if I had some visual reference for what you like, then I might understand more why you and others despise Yates’ work (and his cinematographer) on this film. Ill also add that the cinematography and grading of HBP is not objectively bad. Some seem to paint it that way, but it’s purely opinion. As clearly plenty do like it, so there’s certainly something to it to like for some. I’ve seen plenty of amature projects and there’s clearly far more going on here.
  3. Yeah. That’s it. I definitely prefer the low-key approach. It does seem rather absurd that he’s STILL going. Even Star Wars has cycled through more Directors. It’s not a bad thing to get new blood. I just don’t think he needs to be replaced because he’s a fun-sucker. I don’t think that’s true. To get slightly back on topic, I’d be more than happy to see someone else take over the next Beasts film. Clearly after CoG something needs an overhaul. Mostly it was the script.
  4. I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one. I’m a fan of the look of the film, but I’m also a fan of the looks on the earlier films too. I mean sure, you could’ve gone for big, vibrant colors, and super bright lighting, but I don’t think it’s necessary. I think there’s a middle ground in there probably as I think the later films...well...HBP and later were going for really natural looking lighting. The grade isn’t super natural, but the lighting is and feels way more naturalistic than the Columbus films. Personally, I think the Columbus films are too bright and too...lit feeling? It all feels perfectly lit and feels like a movie. I tend to prefer more natural lighting styles these days. That being said though, I think Azkaban is certainly the most well-shot and lit of the series. It blends that brightness and the naturalistic. But again, the issue you seem to have isn’t necessarily a Yates issue (Not is reusing sets, Azkaban did that too) It started with 4. And actually from my memory HP5 is brighter lit and more colorful than Yates’ other entries. All that doesn’t mean I can’t also like the look of HP6, which I do. I get what issues you have, but none of that is enough to bug me nearly as much as it seems to bug you. So again, agree to disagree I suppose. I concede they’re not perfect films, none of them are, but I hardly think all of Yates’ entries are bland and boring and that he’s a talentless hack.
  5. So I'll just start with this. You're clearly passionate about the hatred of Yates and the later films and that's fine. I don't think I'll change your mind, nor should I really try to. I will say though I hear the "boring" criticism of DH1 a lot. I completely disagree. I thought it was all quite interesting. The Radio montage specifically I think is one of the standout moments of the series and really drives home the overall point of the film. How are characters are coping in this dangerous new world with Death Eaters in power. That's really the crux of DH1 is that shift in the world and how it's affecting everyone. Don't get me started on the cinematography being "too dark". You'll find I'm in the camp that doesn't think Solo: A Star Wars Story is too dark or that Game of Thrones was too dark that one episode. Not gonna get any give on that from me. LOL. Though, re-reading your previous post about the Room of Requirement scene, I think I do understand one of the bigger reasons why you may have such a big problem with Yates' films: I will say that Yate's films are not at all a great representation of the books. I'll agree with that. I think Order of the Phoenix though was a sort of "awakening" for me as an avid Potter fan back in the day. The films are not and will never be the books. I enjoyed the fandom and specifically the events of the films so much that the only real way to fully enjoy them is to just take them on their own as their own thing separate from the books. By the end they really feel like two different timelines. The same stuff sort of happens, but the films do it in a more subdued way. Order of the Phoenix is the only I really hold it's bad adaptation against it, because there's just so much wasted potential. It's funny though, because I used to believe that the films had to get darker and less focused on the "magicalness" from the first three, even four movies, but seeing something like Star Wars (which I didn't watch until after Potter was fully complete), which has a pretty consistent tone across the 9 films, it's clear that the films didn't have to deviate from the tone of the first three as drastically. I'd say that the shift started in 5, but really it started in 4 for Potter. The further we get from the films the more I'd want to see the series re-tackled in a new way. I think it would greatly benefit from a series treatment. Of course, you probably don't like them much as films, but I think HBP, DH1, are good films, not great or amazing, but good. They may not be the greatest of adaptations, but I find them to be good films on their own way. I don't know...something about it all falls flat for me. It just doesn't stick the landing for me. The climax working doesn't always dictate if the film worked though. As an example, I really enjoy Godzilla 2014, and yes the climax is awesome, but so are the first 40 minutes or so when focused on Cranston's character. I think without that good 40 minutes, then I wouldn't have enjoyed the whole film as much. Not to say that the beginning does it for me, but when there is consistent goodness throughout the film it rests more fondly in my memory than if just the climax worked. I mean there's good stuff in that climax. I appreciate the wand choreography and the fights, but it just...I don't know it doesn't click. And it's not even because it's missing some even more awesome moments from the book. What IS there just doesn't all come together though. I will give you though: when Dumbledore steps out of that fireplace and they duel...that is honestly pure greatness. And look, Umbridge is well-done, as is Luna Lovegood, it's not all bad I suppose. It's just my least favorite one. On the color palette briefly. I mentioned a comparison to paintings before and I tend to like both vivid and vibrant paintings as well as paintings I'd describe as "hazy" or "murky" so...if that tells you anything. Lol. It does have a great mood. It feels like some of the light moments were brought back into the series, feels like it fits with the first three more. I also appreciate the character work, especially with Malfoy and Snape. Great stuff. I may rewatch it during this whole pandemic. Maybe I should rewatch HP5 too, and give it another shot.
  6. You are using the second worst Yates film to criticize his direction though. It's films like HBP, DH1, and FB1 that show he CAN do good things. Almost everything in Order feels cold and almost like a cheap imitation. I don't have those same problems with his other films. That is quite perplexing to me. I find 5 and 6 to be near opposites. Order of the Phoenix I find to be a rushed and soulless impersonation of the source material. Somehow everything feels stilted. Suddenly actors that seemed to be falling nicely in their roles in previous films felt like they didn't know what they were doing (with a few exceptions: Umbridge and Luna). The budget also feels dramatically lower and not in a good way. I found the cinematography bland and boring, the music is also the worst of the series (in my opinion). It just felt like everything and everyone was uncomfortable and not clicking. And sure, the climax we got was fine, but it could've been phenomenal if they hadn't cut so much out of it. For a place called the "Department of Mysteries" it was oddly boring wasn't it? It's not just the writing, but just how the whole film "feels". Yates was a TV guy and Order of the Phoenix has an older TV quality to it. The lighting and the shot composition just don't always feel natural or the most sensible of choices, but rather the most logical or the easiest shot to take. Not asking this to be a jerk, but am legitimately curious: What is it that I am missing about Order of the Phoenix? Then you've got Half-Blood Prince. Damn. It feels like it was made by a totally different crew, Direction included. The cinematography is gorgeous. Every shot feels like a painting and like it has something to say, with it's own story. I know many here hate the color palette, but paintings don't have to be full or bright colors to be great works of art. Not saying the film is an amazing work of art, but it certainly is compared to 5 for me. Then, instead of rushing through every scene, it feels like we can breath and experience the world and the characters. I even think Yates succeeded it bringing some of that magic back into the series for a moment. Plus, now everyone feels comfortable in their roles again. The awkwardness I felt in 5 is gone. Even the music I find to be more interesting in 6 than in 5. Not to mention it takes all the best moments of music from 5 and includes them along with better music than the rest of 5's score, so it just elevates the score as a whole. I actually remember 6's score, but besides the highlights from 5 that are in 6, I don't remember anything about 5's score. I just adore six. Even the over the top comedic elements. Not sure what it is fully, but I enjoy the heck out of it. It's one of those movies that works for me. It's not perfect though. For a film called "The Half-Blood Prince" that story-line has basically no focus and no explanation. That bit was quite botched. There's the whole shortening of the memories thing that's an issue too, though somehow that doesn't feel as rushed as anything in film 5. I also go back and forth on the whole "wand tribute" thing at the end. Some days I wish we'd gotten the way the book did it. Other days I feel like it would've felt out of place in the world of the films. But yeah. I could go on. I've got strong positive feelings about DH1 and FB1 as well. DH2 is more of an eye-roller. FB2 is...utter garbage.
  7. Agreed. Kylo shouldn't have been redeemed. Rey shouldn't have been teased to be evil. These are both major things that have already happened in Star Wars. There were so many directions the series could've gone after TFA...and like a lot of things these days...we got one of the worst timeline versions of it.
  8. Personally, I find Half-Blood Prince to be among the best of the Potter films, not the best, but among the best. The cinematography is phenomenal. The color palette isn't that bad. At the very least it brought something different to the films. It's certainly the most interesting of the Yates films and shows he does have the capacity to change things up a bit. I also agree (unlike most here) that Yates is a good director. But when you're handed a script that sort of sucks (Like HP5, HP8, and FB2) he can't do much about it. I mean the main issue with CoG was the god awful script.
  9. Could be. Not the example I was thinking of, but clearly it’s happened more than once! XD
  10. Yes, some do, but if it's full orchestra it is rare. Especially for a full length score. More likely a couple themes or suites. I think we're a ways off from orchestras becoming obsolete. Sample libraries are quite good at your standard articulations and performances and ranges of expression, but when it comes to anything beyond that it does start to lessen in quality. That's why I mention that some productions that do have full score created with sampled orchestras still have live recorded soloists. I find it incredibly difficult to get a very realistic sound when it comes to soloists. When it's an orchestra and you consistently have other groups of instruments covering up one another or supporting one another this isn't much of an issue, but when you want a solo performance it gets significantly harder to get it to sound real. So there's certainly a need to keep solo musicians around. And, as I said, libraries are quite good at your standard articulations, but when you step outside those I find I also have issues to get realism or to get the orchestra to move or change in quite the way that I want. Just as an example off the top of my head, I'd imagine if you were wanting to create a track like this and make it sound very real then you'd have lots of issues, particularly around 0:16 or 0:17: I find brass and even woodwinds have a ways to go in the virtual instrument realm to catch up to what's going on here. To keep it a bit on topic, in the case of Giacchino's "Camera Test" track, you've got mainly a dark piano, percussive kits, brass, strings, etc. and they aren't doing anything particularly complex in this specific instance. In that context I wouldn't be surprised if it was sampled. This is why I was so baffled by everyone insisting that it HAS to be recorded. It doesn't. It's perfectly conceivable these days that something like this could be produced convincingly with "MIDI" or with a Midi and Recorded Mix. EDIT: To add onto this, here's a mock-up from Powell. I've heard far better than this, but this isn't awful sounding. Though composers like Powell can generally expect a full score to be recorded so they don't necessarily have to go for the realism techniques I mentioned earlier, just enough to convey his ideas. I know Desplat's demos are quite MIDI sounding. Again though, he doesn't need to make real sounding demos, just enough to convey ideas. I've actually heard of a case where a Director opted to go with a Synth Mock-Up for the final film scene. They did use the recorded version in the credits though.
  11. Technology certainly has. That’s not to say that some don’t come out sounding a bit soulless even with the greatest quality libraries. However, with GREAT care taken to adding the realism to it, you can get very good results. But there’s more to it than just putting down midi and calling it a day. I personally go through and add little bits of “realism” in the performance, by either playing things live on a midi keyboard, off setting some notes, etc. You can even take it a step further by adding some performer noise. All that on top of the top of the line and very well recorded libraries can create quite realistic sounds vs what was available 10 or so years ago. Problem is. If you hear good midi, you may not realize it. If you hear decent or bad midi then you’ll definitely know it.
  12. I'll certainty concede I was incorrect that he recorded with an orchestra. However, I still say that this isn't the full main theme and people should stop taking it as such. However. This is certainly not true. Studio put things out with "midi" / sampled tracks all the time. Midi does not always sound god awful. Many high-end projects have midi / synth full scores with some solo instruments added. It happens.
  13. Nice! This is right up my alley! I love the opening and the choral bits! I really need to keep proper track of this thread. Guess I'll share somethings I've been working on as well. Just a fun, actiony, bombastic, RCP-ish kind of piece. Here's a more peaceful, ambient track great for studying or relaxing. This one was sort of an experiment. I just sat down at the keyboard, closed my eyes and played. After a bit of clean-up, this is what I ended up with:
  14. True true. My mistake. We all love what we love and don't love what we don't. Ooof
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