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  1. Oh yeah! Thanks! It's quite cool to hear it in the scene and it's not bad at all!
  2. I think my younger self very much would've enjoyed this movie - and maybe my current self will find it nostalgic. Unfortunately, I've developed a cynicism that might make this less effective for me. We'll see! Either way, it'll be interesting to see the story of Spielberg in this way and have a new John Williams score!
  3. Oh certainly. I want both, but Free Willy 2 definitely needs it more.
  4. Awesome. Guess they were leaked early afterall. Not sure if I ever mentioned this, but a cue from one of Rob Simonsen's past scores was actually used as temp music in another scene in the show it turns out.
  5. Glad it's on Blu-Ray. Not a fan of the Marvel extensions not being released. EDIT: Trailer from that link... are they really using the raptor call as a rhythmic element? I bet someone thought they were real clever for that one.
  6. As someone who missed out on the original Jurassic Park set they produced, I'd much rather TLW next, then Jurassic Park 3
  7. Nice breakdown! There's also a sort of general "romantic love" idea that appears throughout the series as well (also connects to the Kids Theme, but much slower): And it even appears in Season 4 in a rather clever way:
  8. Nope. It has not appeared in previous seasons. It only appears in Season 4. Both in Chapter 5 and Chapter 7. If I recall correctly, the only track on the Season 4 score that has appeared before (excluding theme reprises of course) is Track 4 of Volume 1 "Journalistic Instinct" That cue is from Season 2 and is only slightly redone for Season 4 (see Stranger Things 2: Chapter 6 "The Spy" at 31:56)
  9. Probably not. Far too busy and not quite good enough to pull something like that off yet. Maybe next year!
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