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  1. Me! New Moons not my favorite, it's not really even up there, but I do enjoy it. Deathly Hallows Part 1 is up there! Favorites are "Exodus", "Sky Battle", "Death Eaters Searching", "Ministry of Magic", "Ron Leaves (from 1m6)", and I enjoy the hymn "My Love Is Always Here." Deathly Hallows Part 2 is okay. I hardly listen to it though unfortunately. As far as my Desplat list: Godzilla The Grand Budapest Hotel The Golden Compass Deathly Hallows Part 1 The Imitation Game Haven't heard Ghost Writer. Gonna have to give it a listen, it comes up in this thread a lot.
  2. Thats what is just so odd to me about Rise of Skywalker. I know people don't like J.J. or his approach to his films, but personally his pacing has always worked for me. Somehow his films typically do feel like they take their time, but not too much time. They keep it moving at a nice comfortable speed. They slow when they need to and move it along when they need to. That pacing almost always makes his movies feel comfortable to me personally. Hell, in my opinion, The Force Awakens is one of the better paced Star Wars films. However, I do agree that Rise of Skywalker moved at a utterly breakneck pace compared to what I'm used to from Abrams. I could feel that spirit that I tend to like about his films in certain parts of it, but overall it felt very unusual for one of J.J. films to have so many pacing issues, which, even when there are issues with the writing, he usually has down. This time around the writing was off (which I'd like to blame Chris Terrio for, but I'm sure other factors were involved) and even the pacing was off. I hate NDA's and all this crap for the very reason that I want to know what all went wrong (Insert some snide comment about J.J. Abrams being what went wrong)
  3. Lol. Trust me. There are many that doubt it would be any better, depending on the validity of certain rumors and of course the actual content. But plenty of people think whatever JJ did or would've done would be garbage either way.
  4. Lol. That will never happen in a million years. XD. Especially if it’s at all “better” than the movie we got. If it is, then it makes it clear that Disney was the one who decided to meddle
  5. I think you’re giving JJ too much credit. I’d argue that Disney should have a lot of the blame as well. Not gonna lie, almost everything was more disappointing than I expected, including the score to some extent. But there’s a way to be disappointed and angry without the uhh...”attitude” I guess lol. TBH, this last post here I take far less of an issue with than the first one. Lol. I will add though, as far as mixing and editing and what not...I’ve heard much worse. Not saying it’s great, but still.
  6. I believe this is the first year I've participated in this and what a terrible year to do it. I've been so busy that I think I only saw a measly 20 or so films that were released this year. I saw others and some TV as well, but they weren't all released this year. So, forgive me, I haven't seen or heard nearly as much as I would've liked: BEST SCORES OF 2019: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Jojo Rabbit 1917 Avengers: Endgame TOP 10 BEST TRACKS OF 2019: "Speeder Chase" by John Williams, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker "The Rise of Skywalker" by John Williams, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker "Furies in Love" by John Powell, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World "Once There Were Dragons" by John Powell, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World "The Kids Are All Reich" by Michael Giacchino, Jojo Rabbit "The Night Window" by Thomas Newman, 1917 "Portals" by Alan Silvestri, Avengers: Endgame "Rodan" by Bear McCreary, Godzilla: King of the Monsters "Silvergrove" by Frederik Wiedmann, The Dragon Prince (Season 3) "Tammy" by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, Stranger Things 3 BEST FILMS OF 2019 Parasite Knives Out 1917 Jojo Rabbit Booksmart Us How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Avengers: Endgame It: Chapter Two Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker BEST TV SEASONS OF 2019 Mr. Robot (Season 4) The Dragon Prince (Season 3) Sex Education (Season 1) Undone (Season 1) Good Omens Lost In Space (Season 2) SPECIFIC HIGHLIGHTS OF 2019: As silly as most here view the MCU, it was pretty cool to finally see some sort of resolution to something I'd started watching back in 2008. So Avengers: Endgame was a fun experience. The callbacks, the payoffs. It was a fun time. Parasite winning Best Picture, Bong Joon-Ho winning Best Director. A relatively low key, under the radar dude. I'm glad to see him getting some deserved mainstream recognition. Say what you will about the film, but it was a great time reading all the speculation and reaction to The Rise of Skywalker's score. Always love those discussions on JWFan. I personally had a uniquely bizarre experience seeing Cats. Not only did I manage to catch it before the VFX were updated, but my theaters speaker system was busted and everything except the Center was about 20dB lower than where it should have been. So the orchestra track was very quiet and I could hear EVERY breath and it just piled on to an already weird and hilarious experience. I'm a Stranger Things fan. Had a fun experience watching the new season the hour it came out and binged it all immediately. Not as easy as something like that used to be for me, but it was fun to do it again. SPECIFIC DISAPPOINTMENTS OF 2019: Godzilla: King of the Monsters. In no way was I expecting a masterpiece (it's Godzilla afterall), but I was severely disappointed in how this film turned out. I love the vibe of the very first trailer and the movie just did not live up to that. The human story was far better than the 2014 film, but the scale, the mythic quality, etc that looked to be even greater...was just not right and missing. The main saving grace was Bear McCreary's score. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. I didn't utterly despise it like some people, but you know it's not a good thing when you see the finale of Star Wars and your reaction when the credits roll is..."Meh". As someone who absolutely adored The Force Awakens, this trilogy fell so fast in my eyes and it just could not revive itself into what I wanted. I think it best if Disney takes a break and gets the next set of films in the hands of a competent Director and Writer that can handle all the films in the series and PLAN. IT. OUT. Joker winning Best Original Score at the Oscars. Look, I won't pretend that I've seen the film, but I did listen to the score. There were simply better entries, but I tend to disagree with the winner about 75% of the time, so what do I know? Regardless, I hope Hildur Guðnadóttir gets a career boost and is able to work on better projects. Finally, I mean look at this list, I did not have the time to watch and listen to the majority of the things I wanted to. So many films and scores have fallen by the wayside. That's what happens when you work in TV. Lol. This was fun! Perhaps 2020's list will be more well-rounded. Lol.
  7. Agreed. I play back some of my old scores from 7 or 8 years ago when I need a little inspiration. Not musically necessarily, but to try and figure out what worked so well in them and if I can recapture that on something I'm having trouble with. I've come to realize that some of my older music is pretty decent through this process...probably overthought everything less back then. lol. I certainly don't do it on a regular basis. Typically when I'm looking for inspiration (and I'd rather pull from myself) and only very rarely do I just throw something I've mine on. I hear enough of my own music when I'm working on it. Lol. Also agreed. He seems like a quite relaxed and down-to-earth guy. I can think of other composers that seem far more "ego-driven".
  8. Yep. Too bad we don't have an extended cut with isolated score. Lol. I'd love to hear that cue on it's own.
  9. Lol. Absolutely agreed. What did JJ do to personally hurt you so badly? Seriously, I appreciate the info though. Some of us still like to hear the final chopped up mess. I've got loads of film edits I've done. It's just a matter of curiosity and getting to hear how the music went from point A to point B.
  10. Good to know. I've never heard such a thing, but you learn something every day. I mean- yes, but you're here too so...
  11. Logically, in my opinion, based on what I know... If it's recorded with an orchestra then it was probably written specifically for this and would indeed reference or hint / build up to a theme. Wouldn't be a stretch that the studio would pay for it if they think the small clip will generate a good buzz (which it has). If it's from the demo though...probably a synth mock-up and only a small portion of it. I could be wrong, and please correct me if I am, but does anyone know of demos being recorded with an orchestra? Agreed.
  12. I think the disconnect here is that you're assuming it's "recorded". Personally, I've not heard of "demos" being "recorded" with an orchestra or whatever else is going on here. If Giacchino has written something and given it to the director, then it's probably a synth mock-up. "Why would a studio spend money to pay a star composer to write music for a camera test and give him money to record it?" is also an applicable question to...Why would the studio pay for a demo be recorded when you can make perfectly acceptable demos in the computer? On the camera test note. How often are camera tests released to the public as they occur in this manner? How often are camera tests even set to music? This is clearly meant to generate hype and it almost acts as a teaser of sorts. Like the others above me. It also sounds like a mock-up to my ears.
  13. I think I did a bad job writing my previous post. Yes, you're right, it could certainly be taken from whatever demo he wrote for Reeves, but there's people here thinking that this is IT.. This is the whole thing and should be judged as the theme. I disagree. What you're saying is certainly plausible. No argument there. My argument is that this is most likely not the full demo and may not even have a theme statement in it. We don't know enough to tear it a new one. I'd imagine that the theme demo is likely quite long and this minute could've been pulled from anywhere in it, including some sort of build up. This whole video is meant to be a massive tease. I don't think they'd reveal the theme in it's best form, or even at all this early on. All that being said, WaterTower has uploaded this minute long piece as a track on it's YouTube simply called "Camera Test". To me, that could mean this is it's own thing, separate from the demo. Giacchino could've indeed written a short little minute piece for the camera test if he was asked to. As I said, John Williams has written short little pieces for trailers in the past, separate from the film. Wouldn't be out of the question here. To others, assuming that this is the end all be all main theme and is representative of the whole score is like assuming the entire film will also me extremely dark and tinted red.
  14. Oh I see. So when John Williams writes the teaser trailer for The Force Awakens then we should assume it’s the full-fledged, fully developed ultra final theme for The Force Awakens. You get real. My point was that there’s no way this is final or even the theme. Others have said this could easily be build up. Truth of the matter is we don’t know either way. If this is straight up “the theme” then yeah, I’m disappointed. But I’m not just going to assume that and the worst and tear the whole damn thing apart over less than 60 seconds. Also, it’s been uploaded to Watertower’s YouTube as “The Batman - Camera Test - Michael Giacchino”. Don’t you think if it was THE Main Theme that they’d upload it as such to create buzz? It’s just a trailer cue that he wrote, yes, most likely based on material he’s written. How about we not form a mob and freak out and tear apart something we’ve barely heard yet? Yeah, look I’m not a Zimmer fan, so I typically stay out of his threads. However, if I do venture into one I make sure I have heard the whole score before I comment on it.
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