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  1. God damn this wait is killing me. I know they said nothing jawdropping, but it all depends. There's some smaller scores I'd love for them to do. Hurry up Friday!
  2. Interesting... I'd love to still see it in theaters if that's possible at that time. It's movies like this that I like seeing in the theaters. Loud sound and a huge screen. Perfect for a fun Godzilla movie. COVID has really sped up the demise of the movie theater. I don't think they'll disappear right away, but especially if the trend continues of simultaneous releases in theaters and streaming...they're going to lose some people fast. Personally, I like paying for the experience of the sound and screen and what not, but...there are certain films I don't feel like I HAVE to see in
  3. Cool. Interested to see what he'll bring to the role when I eventually get around to watching it. Personally, I think he'll be more menacing than Depp.
  4. It's a nice compilation. I would've loved a couple more cues from certain things, but no matter. Most of the films were unfamiliar to me too.
  5. Goodness the cast keeps getting bigger!
  6. Complete track listing of what? The Eno compilation? It's on his site and in my iTunes library: I must admit, I am quite unfamiliar with Hook and all of that sounds like a nightmare!
  7. Yes, you're right. Sorry it's been a long day and to be fair you did say cues (plural) in your initial post furthering my tired confusion:
  8. Should be fun either way! I'm happy to support as well. It really is a great release. I already really liked this score, but it really is quite lovely and well-done. Made me want to watch the film again too.
  9. Done and done! What a fitting first HD purchase, considering how marvelous the sound already is.
  10. Ah I see. Still only one cue from "Dune" though. In fact, there's really only one cue from each film he's featuring.
  11. Hmmm? Are you referring to Film Music, 1976 - 2020? That's out already, at least... I'm looking at it in my iTunes Library and can listen to it... so I presume it's out. Only one cue from Dune, "Prophecy Theme".
  12. Damnit. Should've grabbed it while I had the chance. I had put it off.
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