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  1. Maybe, maybe not. It's quite common that film clips are edited vs their film counterparts, especially with the logos and crap they threw on the end, I wouldn't be surprised if it had been altered a bit. Who knows? It is a pretty bad cut, Grant and Malcolm do nearly the same action twice. Is it just me or is Grant's accent not quite right? Not sure why they would bother ADR'ing a scene that was likely shot on a stage. Maybe they were plagued with planes like LOTR was.
  2. That first cue is so out of place. I agree it would've served No Way Home better.
  3. Oh speaking of this movie - the elusive 4K release is listed with a June 15th date for Australia. https://www.ezydvd.com.au/blu-ray/Gravity-4K-UHD-Bluray/dp/6224880 Hopefully a US release will follow soon.
  4. That's a pretty sweet first 8 minutes!
  5. If you're wanting to see them, just head over to the Stranger Things spoilers subreddit "HawkinsAVClub" - I've heard they are there, but I'm not looking.
  6. Nothing like that yet. This is the latest from Michael Stein's Instagram: Sounds like it will be a single OST album as Season 2 and Season 3 were. Well, Season 2 was depending on where you got it from. Some places it was one release, others it was two, but all the same material. Here's hoping it's long considering the extra huge length of this season. I personally found Season 3's OST a bit too short. Season 2 left off a couple of nice cues as well. Speaking of... Super excited for this. Not sure if I've ever mentioned this here, but after Season 1 came out, these have been events for me. I take the day of release off, so that I can get to bed early the day before and watch it right when it goes live. I rarely do it for anything, but it's fun to go for it with this show...going to be more difficult than usual this year with the lengthier episodes! Lol. Can't complain though, it'll be nearly two seasons in one!
  7. Sigh. Can't wait for all the latest expanded scores to be released via NFT. I am so damn tired of NFTs.
  8. Seconded. I've mentioned it several times before, but I'd love an expansion, even though it wouldn't be too substantial (unless there's far more unreleased and alternate cues than there seems to be). Some of the missing cues are really quite cool, plus the pit orchestra source cues would be really fun to have. Jim Self had a blast during the sessions for those it seems.
  9. Well, yes, they are "completed" renders. Completed in the sense that they put a ton of work into it and, technically speaking, has all the bells and whistles as far as rendering goes and went through the whole process that a final shot would go through. They wouldn't include anything without all that effort and making it look as good as they can. But sometimes VFX shots still have earlier versions that are "completed" prior to the final iteration of a shot will be, just for the trailer and they will still continue to tweak things as they go. The movie doesn't come out until December - I wouldn't be surprised if they continue to finesse some of these shots along the way to November at least. Honestly - most of the time a trailer editor receives an entire copy of the film with primitive VFX in order to edit separately while the film is being worked on. They may have figured out the edit of the trailer prior to those shots being remotely presentable and specifically accelerated the timeline for those shots to get something nearly done for the trailer release. This sort of early iteration and tweaking after the trailer happens all the time. Even if they're considered finished right now, they will likely still come back to them and tweak some things. I remember back whenThe Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian was coming out. The big hero shot at the end of all the promo material of Aslan roaring (one of those "show-off" shots.) had several iterations during the marketing campaign. By the end, he was a fair bit bigger than when he started. Not to mention the color grading changes - Take a look: I know Narnia isn't exactly Avatar - a film over 10 years in the making, but it happens. I won't be surprised at all if anything changes by the time of the final film. I honestly assume most of the time that material in trailers is not totally finalized material anyways. We shall see! There's still time for additional detail and tweaking. Oh yes absolutely, thats a beautiful shot.
  10. After seeing the 4K OM IMAX trailer just now, yes, this is super accurate. In full quality, the close-ups actually look pretty phenomenal, a jump from the first film for sure... but yeah some of the wide shots look pretty rough and off...they could still be in progress of course, but yeah.
  11. I need and demand Thomas Newman expansions. Please and thank you. And of course, my demand is enough to cover all the bills producing an album takes. In other news, my copy arrived! Looking forward to hearing this - I haven't heard this score at all besides the samples on the LLL website. Should be fun! Wait a second.... What?! How did this happen???? Oh... I see... I'm a moron. In my defense... It was a busy week that week and I had pulled some all-nighters. Welp. No idea what to do with this other copy. I guess I'll just hang on to it, leave it sealed, and sell it on eBay in a few years??? Contribute it to the Forum Giveaway during donation season? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I must have mystified someone at LLL when they packed my order, unless it's common for someone to order two copies of an album at once.
  12. Gosh I sure hope we don't seriously move to film music joining the cloud-based, streaming-only type of consumption on a consistent basis.
  13. Damn that is a great quality leak lol. Maybe the film itself will be different...but I really dont see why it's taken over 10 years for this film to come out (yes I know - he was making several simultaneously). It looks and feels just like the 2009 film, which could be a good thing. But it's almost like you expect something a little mind blowing, you know? Granted - if they're saving the best material for the film itself, good on them.
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