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  1. I've never seen Batman & Robin, but I sat through the theatrical version and the "Ultimate Edition" that allegedly fixes all the problems of Batman V Superman and I was physically and mentally exhausted by that film, in the worst way possible. Batman and Robin looks far more enjoyable, even if it is still bad. There's so bad it's good (or at least...fun.) and then there's just...bad.
  2. Yeah but that's too easy! Lol. Now that you mention it though...I wonder what that scene I mentioned from Order of the Phoenix would be like with Window to the Past on it...........Be right back.
  3. I'll admit that yeah some of the Window to the Past usage was a stretch. I don't feel like it's needed much in this film personally. It would be more appropriate and applicable in Order of the Phoenix when we continue to interact with Sirius and learn more about his past as well as Harry's parents. I am now picturing a wonderful new rendition during the scene when Sirius gives Harry the picture of the order. Probably have some sort of theme for the Order, but when you see his parents...and have Sirius reminiscing...it would give that scene so much more emotional power. Sort of like the scene in Star Trek Beyond where young Spock sees the photo of the original crew. I can also agree that some things were overused, but in this case...I'd rather some over-usage as opposed to the...basically none usage that we got. There's so little connecting this score to the previous ones that I'm okay with over-correcting a bit to get there. Especially for one groups perspective. Again, I do love Doyle's score, don't get me wrong. But there's many scenes that just feel emotionally emptier than they could even with the gorgeous music Doyle came up with. Like yes, the music is nice, but it mostly means... not much. Granted, the other side of that is that the over-usage of things can also remove the meaning as well so I can see that. I'm sure if each of us had the time and the chops to do what has been done here then there'd be hundreds of different ways it could go. The kicker though... none of them would ever be close enough for anyone's taste. Lol.
  4. Sure. But I suppose I prefer to appreciate what they did achieve.
  5. Yes. That is correct. That's what I meant, but didn't state it well. Burwell wasn't forces on Jonze. He was a composer that he had worked with on several films before, but also an established name that I imagined put WB at ease. Here's some quotes directly from Burwell on the situation:
  6. Relevant clip: Personally I think it works marvelously and effectively in the film. Despite my high praise of the film and the love I do have for the simple, but interesting score, it's actually not one of my all time favorites. I do like it though and through it on from time to time. Another little tidbit from the same featurette (or it may have been somewhere else): Carter Burwell was brought in later on in the game to ease Warner Brothers fear about the film. There was a lot of fighting over this film and honestly I'm surprised we got what we did out of it. I think it's such an unconventional tone and execution of something like this. But anyway. Spike wanted Karen O to do all the music. But her and Burwell ended up splitting the music essentially. Studios are so humorous when the start getting cold feet, they start finding anything an everything they can to change it and bring in someone that has had a good track record before. Of all the things about this film I'd think they'd have a problem with I don't think the music would be one, but oh well. Sorry for the topic deviation everyone.
  7. Lol. I'll just say again, that I don't think this is a perfect effort, not that it has to be, but we can speculate all day long about what Williams would and would not have done, but none of us will ever know that. None of us are Williams. And no one else here that I know of has attempted to compose an entire score to begin to answer this question. I'm sure there's some alternate timeline somewhere where Williams did all of Potter instead of Star Wars or something. I'd be curious to hear what it sounds like, but honestly it could sound like anything.
  8. While I can't comment on the panning (it sounds fine to me when I watch it), performance wise that may be a purposeful choice. There's footage from the sessions of Director Spike Jonze asking if a particular performance was too complex, wanting to make things more simple and childlike. Perhaps that is some of what you're hearing. As far as the film itself, I think it's absolutely phenomenal and is one of my favorite films of all time.
  9. I don't think this is quite the point that I would say his themes don't fit in. I'd be extremely curious to see this same approach taken with 5-8 as I feel that's where the films really take a turn into territory that Williams would have to adapt more to. However, it's John Williams and I think he is more than capable of making his themes work and I think if things had been allowed and he had tackled the rest of the franchise, yes, he may have dropped some of his early themes, but I'd wager plenty of them would've stayed. To drop all of them after a certain point, when (especially in the later films) there are so many moments that could have a bigger emotional connection utilizing some of that music...it's a huge missed opportunity. Another thing I will say is something that may also contribute to the feeling of some of the music feeling out of place is the more "MIDI" sound to the music. I have certainly heard plenty of composers in Hollywood utilizing demos of far worse quality than what was produced here and it really doesn't do the music itself any favors. However, when done with a live orchestra or even with a ton of work put into making the MIDI sound as real as possible, the same piece all comes together. Something that comes to mind are some of Hooper's demos for the Potter films he scored. The MIDI sound especially can lead to darker moments feeling silly or too light. So I'll admit that I did have to sort imagine more during moments like those. All that being said, personally, yes, this isn't perfect. It's not John Williams, but I don't think anyone is saying it is. We'll never know what could've been. But I think @Ravendor Studios has done a pretty remarkable job giving us a glimpse of what it could've been like, roughly. I actually had the opposite revelation as you @gkgyver. I was quite surprised as how well some of the themes fit in. Particularly the family theme and the way it was used. There were moments where it was used that I legitimately got goosebumps, even in MIDI form. Ultimately I think it goes to show the power of music. Doyle did a great score, but it does lack a true emotional connection at times to what came before and I think, above all else, there is more of that here.
  10. Of all the things that are questionable about the books many years later...I never thought of Hagrid as one of them. Lol. I don't see any issue with the friendship in the books.
  11. Lol. I wish I felt like my dollar mattered in that way. But I don't feel like it does. Me deciding not to give someone $10 for a CD or a $20 for Blu-Ray won't make any sort of difference to them or hurt them in any way, so what's the point? To make me feel better?
  12. Oh please. Most Potter fans are not burning their memorabilia or destroying books, including those who are unhappy with JKR's twitter crap, such as myself. Most still have sentimental value invested in those things and are smart enough to realize that, were they to destroy it, they'd be wasting whatever money / time it is that they spent on it. But I get that it's not as fun to make fun of the widespread majority response. Far more fun to represent those you disagree with with a few extreme responses. As far as the music (my attempt to be on the actual topic of the thread). It's so far disconnected from JKR's works and opinions anyway that no one is going to destroy the music. Lol. Even those few extreme examples. I tend to agree with Nick Cave that once the art as left the creator's hands it sort of becomes it's own thing. I mean we here analyze and discuss John Williams music far more than he probably ever intended anyone to do. The only time this mindset becomes difficult is when that person is so wrapped up in it. Like Cosby. I find it quite difficult to watch that show just because...I mean...it's him and it's all about him. It's not too terribly often that happens though. But anyways. How about that 7 CD Harry Potter John Williams Collection eh?
  13. I'll let you know if I manage to commit to finishing a track like that.
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