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  1. I do really like this score, but I do have a few more issues with it than the previous two. While I do enjoy every track, I really thought your guys' Order of the Phoenix theme should have gotten a stronger showing, especially in "Escape from Privet Drive" and somewhere in "Fallen Warrior". A distressed/dissonant version in "'They are Coming"' would have been nice too. I was also admittedly disappointed by some of the action music this time around, particularly "Bathilda's Secret". I enjoy the overall musical identity Nagini was given, but I would have enjoyed some more exciting, dissonant, and violent movements from the orchestra to emphasize her viciousness. It's also admittedly hard to top Desplat's "Sky Battle" for me because I think that's one of the best Harry Potter tracks, period. However, there are undoubtedly many cues that you guys completely nailed! The entirety of the first 2 cues are perfect, "Sneaking into the Ministry" through the entire ministry segment is great, "Godric's Hollow" and "The Trio Reunited" are incredibly heartfelt, "Ron Destroys the Locket" is amazing, being pure horror mixed with cleverly utilized themes, "The Tale of the Three Brothers" is perfect musical storytelling, along with the Hallows theme being the best concert suite yet, and "A Free Elf" is absolutely heartbreaking. Needless to say I'm very much looking forward to Deathly Hallows Part 2!
  2. Can confirm it worked this time! Glad I could finally hear it, because you guys really nailed the Williams sound for the concert arrangement this time. Might be my favorite suite so far!
  3. I'm having the same problem still strangely enough. All I get is "Couldn't preview file".
  4. You really nailed the finale here, guys! Glad to see your music get even better over time!
  5. This might be my favorite track you guys have done for this movie! The orchestration fits so perfect for this ancient story, and the slow development of the Hallows theme throughout the story is perfectly done. Very disappointing the music in the actual movie was as ambient and bare as it was, this shows how great it could have been.
  6. Amazing stuff! Really enjoyed hearing a dissonant version of Ron & Hermione's theme, and a new version of a melody I never thought of as being its own theme, but man I think it works wonders. It was also great to hear an extended version of Ron & Hermione's theme, and the lovely new version of the trio one.
  7. Perfect to listen to on Halloween! I like the idea so far, I look forward to hearing the more fleshed out version. Haven't posted in a while, so I'd also like to share part of the personal project that I've been working on. It's a suite for the comic book music that I'm working on for fun: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X5zwJBCXJXqWwVysSVbHmufvHT-a-ZWR/view?usp=share_link
  8. Congratulations! Great work on that main theme! I'm guessing from the orchestration and tone that this is for a horror game?
  9. Just read through a lot of this thread, surprised there's some thematic material no one mentioned. First, I believe this section is a slowed version of Bilbo's Took theme from "Dreaming of Bag End": 1:16 - 1:25 As well as the B section/end cap of "Dreaming of Bag End" having a subtle reference in the final track, seemingly with a variation of the beginning of the B section as the main melody (and with the same harmony), but there also seems to be a variation on the end cap of said B section in the woodwinds at the same time. Then, before the History of the Ring references, one last variant of the end cap of the B section can be heard in the cello, being very similar aesthetically and melodically to the one heard in "The Return Journey": 2:01 - 2:19, 3:08 Second, I think the theme that's been pointed to as possible variations of Bilbo's Adventure theme, are actually variants of Bilbo's Song. I'm sure someone has already speculated on this, but if not, this is my take: The most obvious one to me is between these two sections: 0:44 - 1:08 2:12 - 2:51 (Might be a combination of the referenced section of Bilbo's Song and others) Which may tie into this moment here at 0:44 also possibly being Bilbo's Song: But before the first section I mentioned in "The Return Journey", there's another before it that seems to have elements of several different parts of Bilbo's Theme, (possibly disguising or building it up before the more overt statement): 1:36 - 2:04 Could be wrong, it could be a variation of Bilbo's Adventure that might just sound similar to me, but the slower nature, the starting notes of the basic Shire melody being repeated twice (and resembling Thorin's theme which I always thought Bilbo's Song did as well), and the violin section that follows resembling the greater interval leaps and variations of the Shire theme found in Bilbo's Song points me more towards that. Interested to hear you guys' takes on these.
  10. I was looking forward to the new variations of the Ministry of Magic and Dolores Umbridge's themes! Loved the hint to "Window to the Past" as well! Gives that moment so much more history and impact.
  11. Definitely agree with @WampaRat! Though something has been bugging me throughout this score. Why so little of the Order of the Phoenix theme? I was surprised when it didn't play at all for cues 4-6, as I was expecting some action variations on it in cue 4, and some reprises for when (almost) everyone in the order reunites after the sequence. I still like the other thematic choices you made, but the lack of this theme was very confusing to me.
  12. That's awesome work, man! It's difficult to make horror music that actually has an eerie effect on me, but you pulled it off here! It sounds like something that could have come out of the Nightmare on Elm Street films, particularly the more orchestral ones like Wes Craven's New Nightmare, but still has its own clear identity in the repetitive factory-like ostinatos.
  13. Beautiful piece! Love the classical feel to it, and the woodwinds especially sound gorgeous!
  14. Yeah, I definitely need to do that more with Young's work. I did do a new variant of the Venom theme when he's backed into the wires, but I haven't really extended his work besides the boss music which is also combining Kevin Manthei's original work for the boss fight. I did have some fun with new variants of Elfman's Spider-Man theme for the free roam suite, but I'd definitely like to do more with Christopher Young's Venom theme, especially for the Venom-centric missions. Never thought of showing any of this to Young himself, as I assume most composers don't like their work being used without the rights, or them getting any royalties, but if he's alright with this kind of stuff, I'd be more than happy to show him through Twitter or something!
  15. Been having fun composing Raimi-style Spider-Man music over my favorite Spider-Man game lately: Created a loop for the tutorial boss fight: And made a full version for the end boss fight which I might turn into a synthesia video at some point: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hhcAqkBuDNAwrmaqKqEf1R-v-x86xWtw/view?usp=sharing Also composed a web-swinging suite for the open world part with Elfman's theme: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N-uam3x38qn0mXE1LJHNSPWTV-rE_LyO/view?usp=sharing
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