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  1. I miss BloodBoal and his reviews. I found them hilarious, even if I didn’t often agree with them.
  2. For me it's mostly because it's both hard and takes a lot of time for me to write and get across what I want to say in English. Experiencing John Williams live in Berlin last week really made me wish I had put in more of an active effort to this community, because I want to share my joy with someone who understands. I've been 'lurking' here since 2004, though, and feel like I know many of the members - which actually makes me feel a bit creepy, because I doubt they'd remember anything about me. Even though I don't post much or often I check the site daily and read most of the topics, actually.
  3. If everyone had stayed at their seats I might've agreed, but the way people were flocking towards the stage exit made it seem like they were hoping for a personal encounter of some sort. Anyway, personally I felt the ovation was mostly a way of showing how much love and appreciation we felt for the evening and less about seeing him on stage again.
  4. "The recording studio phase of the work is not a place for improvisation. But Williams delights in spontaneous impulse. This time he’s concerned about a brief scene in which three ghosts sing a Christmas carol. This has been set up to “Deck the Halls,” but Williams is not happy with this choice, even though it is a secular carol chosen to avoid giving offense to any religious group. “Why should there be anything from the Muggles world at Hogwarts?” he asked. So at night, he wrote a little tune for a new carol, and then he amused himself by producing the lyrics too. Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, ring the Hogwart bell, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, cast a Christmas spell . . . Find a broomstick in your stocking, see the magic on display. Join the owls’ joyous flocking on this merry Christmas day. Later he was delighted to learn that his lines would need to be translated into six languages." Source!
  5. I guess it hit me because I’m used to working with people his age and older - I didn’t want to come across as someone who overworked people and taking their health for granted or something, haha. But there you go; humor. It is a difficult concept!
  6. Jesus! Of course, he should only do so if he feels physically up to it and is interested in the project, that’s a given. I only referred to the projects he can’t do due to schedules. I don’t want Williams to work a second more than he wants to himself, but as he put it in 2018 when asked how it felt to have written music for films for 60 years; “It feels like a good start.”
  7. Look at it this way; if he’s finished with Indy and Fablemans by this summer, then he will have plenty of time for a potential 2023 Spielberg film as well.
  8. During the first concert he said a week or two, but yesterday he said he would return to LA and write “the fifth Indiana Jones movie in a few days”.
  9. My friend and I straight out cried several times doing this last concert. We shortly afterwards agreed that this was the greatest experience of our lives. Guys, let’s meet up in Milano next year. This experience is insane!!! Edit: I am slightly drunk now and I also was drunk typing that message, but I’d love for someone to share this experience with in the future. It’s euphoric!
  10. I went to the reshearsal with my childhood friend. I'm 27, he's 26 and 20 of for those years we've been listening to John Williams together. I can't really describe how it felt to see him live. My friend and I couldn't even really talk about it, and I guess it's meaningless to try anyway. Let's just say it was a deeply emotional experience. I feel the need to share this experience with someone who might understand it, but I can't even put it into words (not even in Danish, if I tried, haha). I just feel so lucky to live in a world with and at the same time as John Williams!
  11. These set photos looks really promising. Now I hope the movie will have lots of beautiful establishing shots of these locations that lets Williams's score breathe without any dialogue and only subtle, atmospheric sound effects. Haha, one can hope, right?
  12. Surely you've got to get an interview out of him, Maurizio! We need to hear his own thoughts on his legacy!
  13. Yes, thank you. I presumed the admission rules would be the same as the actual concert, but it’s nice to know for sure.
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