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  1. I don't know about the process of this film in particular. But most often source music is written in advance, before shooting, and then sometimes re-recorded in post.
  2. I think that’s the least likely scenario. I think Williams vastly prefers to have full control over his musical output, and the few times he has “featured” or “collaborated” on a score it has been because of unique circumstances. He is definitely not too old for it, he is very used to writing music for feature-length films. He even requested that Kobe Bryant would give him a feature film to score. What Williams needs is the time and budget to compose and record the way he is used to - with the best people in the business and a locked picture - and that’s something few modern directors and studios are willing to give. If he is at all interested in Indy 5 without Spielberg, I’m confident that he’ll accept it. And I know, I know, he won’t stay fit forever. No one will. But some people stay healthy and fit for a damn long time; my great-grandmother is only limited by her poor eyesight, and she’s 107 years old. That’s not the norm, but Williams hasn’t yet shown any sign of getting too old for his business, quite the contrary.
  3. If Williams is interested in a film or a story I’m sure he’s flexible when it comes to his salary. I think it’s got more to do with the overall budget for the score. Williams writes for a full orchestra more often than not and would never agree to only having two days of recording the important cues and then do the rest on synthesisers. He would also insist on using the players and engineers he wants. And then of course he would need a locked picture earlier than what is the norm now - or else the rewriting would definitely increase the budget even more.
  4. Imagine if he composed the score for a David Attenborough documentary mini-series. Anyway, I'm very excited about what the 2020's will bring us from Williams!
  5. You wrote this?! Wow, it brings back memories! I used to listen to these three cues a lot, especially "Dedalus, Dursleys and Dudley". I had them in my iTunes archive (which I lost in 2012), but I couldn't remember where exactly I had downloaded them, and I've often wondered if the composer in question had scored the rest of the book. Very cool to re-listen to these.
  6. I've often tried to delete his 'Composer' credits on those weird fan films, but my edits are often rejected.
  7. I didn't know it was coming, so I was very pleasantly surprised! It's pretty cool!
  8. I have to go on a freaking business trip to London on these exact dates, and ever since this concert was announced I've tried to get out of it, but it's not possible. And it kills me!!!
  9. Indeed, that video has made me laugh since I was 17. Damn. I didn't even know who Richard Lewis was back then.
  10. In March I travelled to Iceland, and they had the German episodes available on their Netflix!
  11. According to David Harbour Black Widow is supposed to start filming this June. I guess that would be their May release. Marvel usually only starts filming about a year before the release date - but I'm sure previz is already done for all the action scenes, which makes shooting and post easier.
  12. I really enjoyed it a lot, this is pretty much what I want from a comic book movie. And for once I wasn't particularly bored by the final battle. I've always been impressed by Marvel's ability to attract a stellar cast. I think I counted some 19 Oscar nominated actors in the credits! I might be simple, but watching actors like Robert Redford and Tilda Swinton turn up in these silly movies really is a highlight for me. It was also cool to see Jarvis, that's the first time a TV character has appeared in a Marvel movie.
  13. I think we all noticed. But it really isn’t relevant. You have information you can’t give us. Fine. But you can’t expect us to take information we don’t have into account when making up our minds about this rumour. Obviously, I hope he doesn’t retire. And like he has said many times himself I don’t think he will - unless, of course, something health-related happens. We have no reason to believe or speculate about that, though. I keep having this (naive, I’m sure) idea that Williams will age like my great-grandma who retired at age 98 (and only due to poor sight). She’s turning 107 this summer.
  14. 'Cast a Christmas Spell', 'Fluffy's Harp Lullaby' and 'Double Trouble' are also source music. Personally, I prefer it in the score presentation If it fits into the body of the score. I've placed 'A Winter's Spell' after 'The Snowball Fight', it fits perfect to me.
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