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  1. From the scores not mentioned on your list, @Bespin, I really like Fried Green Tomatoes, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events and Side Effects. I heard all three scores in their movies first, though, I don't know if that has any influence on how I enjoy them on album.
  2. None of those themes are from the last decade, though?
  3. Kathleen Kennedy mentioned at the investor event that this will be the "fifth and final" Indiana Jones film.
  4. Wow, missing out on the Vienna concert still pains me, I NEED to get tickets to this concert.
  5. My boyfriend and I started dating in 2015. We would hum/sing Rey's Theme together when we went out for walks.
  6. I agree, lines. But they're both easily readable.
  7. The fact that they didn't even get one of the themes right is frankly bewildering. And lazy.
  8. I think this type of organizing would be very interesting if each score was based on or explored the the style of music from the time period its movie was set in. Few of Williams's scores really do that, though.
  9. I don't know about the process of this film in particular. But most often source music is written in advance, before shooting, and then sometimes re-recorded in post.
  10. I think that’s the least likely scenario. I think Williams vastly prefers to have full control over his musical output, and the few times he has “featured” or “collaborated” on a score it has been because of unique circumstances. He is definitely not too old for it, he is very used to writing music for feature-length films. He even requested that Kobe Bryant would give him a feature film to score. What Williams needs is the time and budget to compose and record the way he is used to - with the best people in the business and a locked picture - and that’s something few modern d
  11. If Williams is interested in a film or a story I’m sure he’s flexible when it comes to his salary. I think it’s got more to do with the overall budget for the score. Williams writes for a full orchestra more often than not and would never agree to only having two days of recording the important cues and then do the rest on synthesisers. He would also insist on using the players and engineers he wants. And then of course he would need a locked picture earlier than what is the norm now - or else the rewriting would definitely increase the budget even more.
  12. Imagine if he composed the score for a David Attenborough documentary mini-series. Anyway, I'm very excited about what the 2020's will bring us from Williams!
  13. You wrote this?! Wow, it brings back memories! I used to listen to these three cues a lot, especially "Dedalus, Dursleys and Dudley". I had them in my iTunes archive (which I lost in 2012), but I couldn't remember where exactly I had downloaded them, and I've often wondered if the composer in question had scored the rest of the book. Very cool to re-listen to these.
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