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  1. When asked she usually said the most recently released movie was her favourite, as far as I recall.
  2. Oh, I can see my mother and almost myself in this video! Wow! What an evening!
  3. Man, The Godfather sounds great here! Incredible batch!
  4. Yeah, I know... But I guess my list is pretty obscure simply because most scores have had decent releases by now, which is great!
  5. Didn't get a score album: A Series of Unfortunate Events (Jim Dooley, James Newton Howard and Chris Bacon) Anthonsen (Kim Larsen) Blackadder (every series and special by Howard Goodall) Columbo (Dick DeBenedictis, Berrnardo Segall, Patrick Williams, Billy Goldenberg, Gil Mellé, John Cacavas, Oliverrr Nelson, James Di Pasquale, Steeve Dorff and various others - just give me everything!) Cracker (Roger Jackson, Julian Wastall, David Ferguson and Rick Wentworth) Desperate Housewives (Steve Jablonsky) Distand Voices, Still Lives (although I'm not sure how this could be done) Emil i Lönneberga (Georg Riedel - only songs have been released) House of Cards, To Play the King and The Final Cut (Jim Parker) Huset på Christianshavn (Steen Holkenov and Bent Fabricius-Bjerre) Maigret (Samuel Sim) Matador (Bent Fabricius-Bjerre) Mr. Bean (Howard Goodall) Mr. Bean's Holiday (Howard Goodall) Olsen-banden ser rødt, Olsen-banden deruda', Olsen-bbanden går i krig, Olsen-banden overgiver sig aldrig, Olsen-bandens flugt - over plankeværket, Olsen-banden over alle bjerge! and Olsen-bandens sidste stik (Bent Fabricius-Bjerre) Pippi Långstrump (Georg Riedel and Jan Johansson - same as Emil) Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (David Newman) The Casual Vacancy (Sololmon Grey) The Keepers (Blake Neely) The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (Buddy Baker) The Scooby-Doo Show (Hoyt Curtin) The Sword in the Stone (George Bruns) Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Jeff Richmond) Wallace and Gromit (the short films by Julian Nott) Woody Allen: A Documentary (Benson Taylor) Has a score album, but would love a complete edition: 30 Rock (Jeff Richmond) A Series of Unfortunate Events (Thomas Newman) Harry Potter (Patrick Doyle, Nicholas Hooper and Alexandre Desplat) India Song (Carlos D'Alessio) Johnny English (Edward Shearmur) Midsomer Murders (Jim Parker) Pirates of the Caribbbean: Dead Man's Chest (Hans Zimmer) Poirot (everything from 1989-2004 by Christopher Gunning, Richard Newson and Fiachra Trench) The Hobbit Trilogy (Howard Shore) I'm sure I forgot a bunch...
  6. Greta Gerwig is apparently set to direct two new 'Narnia' films. I really wouldn't mind that - if she continues her collaboration with Desplat!
  7. Greta Gerwig is apparently set to direct two new 'Narnia' films. I really wouldn't mind that - if she continues her collaboration with Desplat! Edit: Do'h! I meant to post it in the official Alexandre Desplat thread!
  8. That sucks, but it's even worse in Denmark - here the release date is the 23rd of March!?!
  9. Huh, for some reason my understanding was that he surprisingly is very involved in the final mixing and editing of most of his scores. But I don’t quite know where I got that idea from…
  10. Most interesting part of the article for me; I'd love a Spielberg/Williams western!
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