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  1. He can do whatever he likes, but I'll be sad if he actually retires. However the WoodyAllenPages makes a good point that he has talked about this often in interviews.
  2. ...you know exactly what 'Descent into Mystery' means with no further explanation.
  3. One Hundred and One Dalmatians, The Sword in the Stone, The Jungle Book, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Hercules and Mulan would be instant buys for me (expanded, of course - I'd have bought Sleeping Beauty if it had been expanded).
  4. I'd re-buy any Williams/Potter score, if Matessino has made any improvements. Actually, that's probably true of any Williams score... I don't have the Shawm cue from some podcast, I'm not good at audio editing at all. That's why I love Matessino's releases, even if recording sessions or whatever is floating around. They're basically always definitive (in my opinion).
  5. I’m not complaining about the release we got. It’s a fantastic release, and I’m perfectly satisfied if it’s the final edition of the scores to be released. All I’m saying is; I love the Shawm cue.
  6. It is amusing for such a random cue, I agree! Personally, I love the Shawm cue, but then again, Prisoner of Azkaban was released when I was 9 and it was the movie that made me interested in just about every part of film making. The Shawm cue specifically made me obsessed with source music. The fact that source music heard by the characters within the film's world is composed by the film's composer along with the actual score fascinated me (still does, actually). And I would spend hours thinking bout the logistics behind it - some source cues (like Double Trouble) would have to be written and recorded even before filming. Or in some of Fellini's films when Nino Rota's film score blends into source music and back again - how did they plan that? It's a very nerdy part of filmmaking, but I love it. And even if I love how cool the mix of Discussing Black and the Shawm cue sounds together in the film, I actually think I'm more interested in the cue because of what it means to me personally rather than it's musical value as a composition, haha.
  7. Can’t wait to listen to this. Hopefully later today!
  8. Haha, I'm still just trying to find the time to really enjoy and digest Presumed Innocent, SpaceCamp, A Gathering of Friends, Violin Concerto No. 2 and Obi-Wan. I still think/hope the highlight of the year will be The Fabelmans, though! For me anyway!
  9. There hasn't been, at least not with any of George Bruns's score. I think some re-recordings of the songs... It's a holy grail of mine!
  10. I'm pretty sure Williams has declined several offers of in-depth interviews. He seems much more interested in the future than the past (which makes The Legacy of John Williams an even more important project, in my opinion). I would love for Spielberg to do for Williams what Tornatore did for Morricone, though.
  11. That was beautiful. Wonderful playing!
  12. Maybe Stone is holding the release hostage out of resentment for Williams turning down World Trade Center!
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