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  1. I enjoyed the Loki score but I don't think i'll like this
  2. oh yeah i remember at least someone said if was a bad rey's theme
  3. the first time people heard a bit of The Jedi Steps in a tv spot i thought at least the melody was genuine and people called it crappy trailer music
  4. I can't think of anything for me. I was going to say duduk maybe. Synth is great and so are harpsichords.
  5. it's probably just that rising hook that it has
  6. it's very pretty i'm reminded of Spider-Man PS4 for some reason we're past the need to repeat things over and over
  7. i don't think you're going to see that in something that belongs to a corporation
  8. There are lots of possible things that can be played up intead of action setpieces and that would be fun. Hell. At least make your dumb adventure movie be funny.
  9. Over time i've changed my mind about Ford playing this character in older age and I started to think it's interesting. They kind of basically have to make them less actiony and that might also be interesting to me. Unfortunately, I don't like KOTCS at all.
  10. i'm not sure. when they bought Lucasfilm they had meetings to determine "what is Star Wars" and as it turns out the range is... not big
  11. avalanche of RTD Daleks here it comes, because he loves them unless he becomes reasonable and realizes it's stale
  12. So even though the space was already silent they just removed the music? That makes sense if the music sucks
  13. Zeus looks perfect, Natalia Portman with muscles looks great. That's some of the worst looking Thor suits in the series (the sleveless jacket is great). That movies is a crime
  14. I actually enjoy when gay or bi or lesbian actors play gay or bi or lesbian characters, as a lesbian. It's just not 100% mandatory in all cases. i also don't consider the force awakens good either. and the middle one tries but sandwiched like that well that's going to suck
  15. I think a lot of Moffat episodes were also worse once he started writing a bunch more every season
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