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  1. I like both. their argument in the first episode and the prologue were the only non boring parts
  2. cracking up at the idea that GoT is grade A short hair draws attention to the ears wich look silly on some actors i didn't know he was banned wut
  3. I need things to appreciate in order to appreciate what they are Following this argument, i think they've planned to make it too long, and to invent too many characters to develop instead of writing complicated fanfic about the existing characters It would still be fanfiction if they did that! I don't have any of them to be honest. Nor Spotify. I'm a frugal person who can torrent and has picky and annoying tastes lmao
  4. Peaceful resistance with fighter jets! I forgot about the space squids.
  5. I don't remember Rogue One well so maybe I'm wrong, but there's this bit like "we can't talk to Saw Guerrera, he's too radical" and I thought "but radical about what, what is going on??", and then it turns out into some setup for nothing. Also if they don't get along why not keep him in the group for later. Then again it's probably some "movie constraint" issue (they already had to shorten the entire climax because it didn't fit, turning the library and the antenna into the same location)
  6. I actually like The Lost World despite being written weirdly.
  7. the status quo will last five minutes
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