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  1. I take more enjoyment of the Pinar Topraks of the world as artists than they would be as film critics, as fun as some essays can be.
  2. This could be inevitable but I'm gonna consider it bad producing
  3. I would go to the deep past to before the invention of hyperspace travel.
  4. I noticed, like, four when watching the movie without listening to it previously. It's one of the fun scores of the year for me. In Ant-Man and the Wasp as well. Out of the Marvel ones, Infinity War is the most boring this year.
  5. I'm going to put the most obvious example. See the rotating black hole? It would look much trippier. Nolan wants the audience to understand that the event horizon is like a sphere, so he takes out the deformation we would observe on one side (like it's cutoff). And then they take out all the red on one side and all the blue on the other side... The other problem I have is the structure of the plot is endlessly unsatisfying to me. They take forever to take off, and then it goes in circles from planet to planet literally as the story doesn't make up its mind about what it wants at the other side. The devastation on Earth is also so restrained. They probably felt like they were being realistic, but I'm here thinking how all of the details about the ennvironment in Blade Runner 2049 are like a gut punch (that film is hard to watch). There's some dialogue elements there for it, but in Interstellar that's almost always the main source of information...
  6. I think this movie lacks balls. It lacks balls visually, for example. Although it isn't obvious at first glance.
  7. Blade Runner 2049 Oh, fuck. This movie is incredible. I love it.
  8. I want Rachel Talalay and Jamie Mathieson back.
  9. But they already got all the reforms of the EU they wanted in order to get in. Somehow. I'm pretty sure there are normal people there who do not care about ruling a sort of empire as a metric for self-steem.
  10. It's my favourite. My least favourite is Arachnids in the UK, which is autopilot in the worst way possible. I'd rank them: 1) It Takes You Away 2) Demons in the Punjab 3) Rosa 4) The Witchfinders 5) The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos 6) The Woman Who Fell To Earth 7) Kerblam! 8 ) The Ghost Monument 9 ) The Tsuranga Conundrum 10) Arachnids in the UK Or something like this. Basically from 7 to below it's the "Brónach dislikes" area. The 1-4 is the "Brónach enjoys" area. What I'd personally do from here would be maybe saying goodbye to Graham and Ryan and keep Yaz, or maybe saying goodbye to all them, more or less in the first third of the following series. It's a bit more forgiving than my other idea about having them executed by a villain one after another in front the Doctor, but I woulnd't mind something soft.
  11. I didn't remember that. Then they can do that I guess.
  12. I'm not big on ST at all but I never thought on it that way to be honest
  13. I don't quite understand this message. (I don't particularly mind if people are disappointed in me or not, so I don't mean that). I was another with a vitriol for Britain? I'm kind of an anglophile and welshphile, so I don't get it. Just because I don't like to lick the boots of the empire or winston churchill in other threads of years past... Do you think I'm kind to asshole Spaniards? The one reason I was wondering what would happen in a no-deal Brexit is that if it's that what it takes to separate Wales and Scotland or not. The people left without nothing (I remember outcries about disabled people being abandoned by conservatives well during Brexit) that will be worse off and left to uncrontrolled conservative hyenas is not funny (and I'm now remembering details like how almost all environmental protection instructions in the UK, a rather devastated place, is from the EU), and this comes from someone who would not be liked by them and who would migrate to Wales if circunstances were better- Maybe you don't deserve honest answers, with the "him/her"s and such. I don't see the issue with another referendum, tbh I don't know what they win. I think we'd all win something with a more democratic EU less tolerant of fucking nazis. I don't know if you can do that inside the EU or if you have to disintegrate it entirely...
  14. It Takes You Away is wonderful. I really like the style of it too. So I watched the finale, and I found it kind of boring. It keeps more or less the "style" that I like of the other episodes, but I just wasn't interested in it. I wonder if it would have been better to reverse the order and put It Takes You Away as the ending. I don't even have a complain that it doesn't feel epic or very grand, or that it isn't much of a real arc or anything (there are no rules saying Doctor Who has to do that). But at least it isn't The Tsuranga Conundrum, which was a case of boring verbal diarrea without visual creativity. I don't like that when they finally take out the neural protective thingies nothing actually happens. They set that up, but there was no consequence. I'd rank it among the lower end of finales like Wedding of River Song, but not as bad as Death in Heaven or Hell Bent. Jodie's cool. She's at her most Doctory when confronting antagonists or potential antagonists, among other things. I liked it here (alhough it has like two other different parts...) Then he's also used sparingly the This Time There's Three of Us melody in a way not dissimular to the use of The Long Song for Eleven. I like this variation on 12's too
  15. I like that they didn't exactly photocopy the look of the older movie.
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