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  1. Written diglossia with something nobody really speaks plus the thing split into branches that people insist on calling dialects is a lot like Latin Europe a bunch of centuries ago. Even today, we can understand each other, except the French language wich has gone off the rails. The Italians still call all the different languages in the peninsula "dialects". The whole exoticness thingie never worked on me as a Spaniard. FH seems to just jump between classic arabic with altered meanings to IE languages to represent the same language while not doing anything completely unrecognizable as it would be in ten thousand years time (note most hypothetical proto-language reconstructions are like 4000-5000 years old at most for a reason). He's not as bad as the complete lack of interest on the topic such as with GRRM (the guy that gives you a land the size of south america with three language groups), but still uninterested in colanging anything interesting.
  2. Isn't one and the other the same? Arabic is already fragmented into a family of languages anyway, most people referring to anything in Arabic are talking about the older language
  3. It's gonna be hilarious if they only manage to adapt half the book
  4. Next? They probably have the 00's LOTR phenomenon in mind, instead. Personally, I just find it a boring choice for a movie space-opera adaptation, but Hollywood has this brutal inertia in getting to do things that it might as well be necessary to get oter people to do other more fun things twenty years from now. The thing with the Atreides is that they ARE a feudal aristocratic family and they DO use the Fremen as pawns for their own benefit (In a different way the other houses do), and Paul does so being prescient of a future where billions die while brooding about "not being able to stop it" (??)*. There's probably going to be a) a lot of confused Kylo Ren-like discourse about whether moviegoers like the character or not and why, and b) stupid takes based on interpreting themes in reverse (whether the books succeed in their subversion of tropes I just don't remember at this point, it's been a while...) I also imagine the movie will be more or less literal to the book, meaning the ecology aspect will remain the same, unexpanded, and secondary, which is boring to me. *I should also mention the Fremen become fanatic murderous bastards so there's not a whole lot to hang onto here. Fans of 40k may be interested on a similar grimdark space-opera thing without some of the silliness they know. Anti-heroic characters and the split-in-half that's going to give us "exposition: the movie" are some of the reasons I imagine this movie having trouble, but maybe I'm wrong and it works with the zeitgeist, who knows. Things that could give us a more complete narrative could be: more Liet, more Chani, and more Irulan (in the book she's a footnote. She's not in this one)
  5. Probably because Villeneuve understands the books.
  6. I am reminded of how cool From Russia With Shove is compared to that. The film is intensely frustrating for me because it has a) a lot of ideas that I thought those movies needed several movies ago b) it doesn't quite work at executing them c) it's rooted in the previous one which I haaaaaaaate Such countries have the most and fastest internet access and thus they're the main source of trolls.
  7. I take more enjoyment of the Pinar Topraks of the world as artists than they would be as film critics, as fun as some essays can be.
  8. This could be inevitable but I'm gonna consider it bad producing
  9. I would go to the deep past to before the invention of hyperspace travel.
  10. I noticed, like, four when watching the movie without listening to it previously. It's one of the fun scores of the year for me. In Ant-Man and the Wasp as well. Out of the Marvel ones, Infinity War is the most boring this year.
  11. I'm going to put the most obvious example. See the rotating black hole? It would look much trippier. Nolan wants the audience to understand that the event horizon is like a sphere, so he takes out the deformation we would observe on one side (like it's cutoff). And then they take out all the red on one side and all the blue on the other side... The other problem I have is the structure of the plot is endlessly unsatisfying to me. They take forever to take off, and then it goes in circles from planet to planet literally as the story doesn't make up its mind about what it wants at the other side. The devastation on Earth is also so restrained. They probably felt like they were being realistic, but I'm here thinking how all of the details about the ennvironment in Blade Runner 2049 are like a gut punch (that film is hard to watch). There's some dialogue elements there for it, but in Interstellar that's almost always the main source of information...
  12. I think this movie lacks balls. It lacks balls visually, for example. Although it isn't obvious at first glance.
  13. Blade Runner 2049 Oh, fuck. This movie is incredible. I love it.
  14. I want Rachel Talalay and Jamie Mathieson back.
  15. But they already got all the reforms of the EU they wanted in order to get in. Somehow. I'm pretty sure there are normal people there who do not care about ruling a sort of empire as a metric for self-steem.
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