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  1. i don't see what's there to be so disenchanted about.
  2. he also played clara's theme by the time of the second, they were already incorporating parts of the actor into the character, and sometimes you do have to get stuff from somewhere, but i've also seen people question some of these things
  3. some of this actor related usually. ncuti dances, peter plays the guitar and so on
  4. "best animation" would make sense to me, but does that include specifically how you integrate live acton and animation together? i don't know. maybe yes, other live action elements famously have to be digitally integrated too (like infamously with the fake looking live action elements in revenge of the sith, or more succesfuly with integrating live action elements in mad max) the score oscars of course will suck ass
  5. in music videos you can see the absurd level of sharpness applied to everything, and it gets desynced bc they have to remove bad frames and these look kind of awful on top of looking and feeling quite dated, now it looks all weird! it doesn't suit it
  6. it's going to hurt superman the same way as with GOTG 3 and it's so annoying
  7. I read some say that what happened was too new and weird and i was like "oh no they did that again". but perhaps the second time is cooler than the first, all details considered.
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