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  1. 1917 - sincerely hope this wins awards. A well-paced, riveting, suspenseful and moving WW1 tale, superbly directed by Mendes.
  2. Have they digitally de-aged Brent Spiner for this? Androids shouldn't have wrinkles, after all.
  3. Yep. People across the world of differing ethnicities/races/sexualities/genders have been enjoying (and making box-office hits of) the Bond films for almost 60 years with a white dude in the lead role. Plus if it goes to a black guy, it adds further fuel to that stupid 'James Bond is a codename' thing ... no it bloody isn't, it's his NAME. 007 is his number, THAT can be passed to another agent. If it ain't broke, leave it the fuck alone.
  4. As the remaining Pythons put it (after paying deservedly warm tribute) '2 down, 4 to go'. R.I.P. and thanks for all the lols, Terry.
  5. I thought it was 'Dregs' (as in 'of society'). Returning monsters next ep, in the shape of the Judoon.
  6. I'd say Chibs DEFINITELY knew he was in Androzani.
  7. I mostly visit here, a Bond fan forum and Facebook. It's a testament to this place that my other main fandoms (Doctor Who and Star Wars) have lively enough threads here devoted to them that I feel no need to seek out separate forums for them (the Bond threads are good here too, BTW ... it's just that my membership of the Bond forum occurred way back when it 'span off' from another one). This place has many knowledgeable and funny members. And any disagreements seem to be (broadly) at least civil. As Ricky Gervais put it at the Golden Globes ... 'Remember ... they're only jokes, you'll all be dead soon and there's no sequel'.
  8. Given that the fourth episode of Jodie's first series was the plot-holed and anti-climactic 'Arachnids In The UK', yes last night's was definitely better. The giant scorpions have beaten the giant spiders!
  9. https://pitchfork.com/news/johnny-marr-to-work-with-hans-zimmer-on-score-for-new-james-bond-movie-no-time-to-die/ Interesting news.
  10. If her vag is so damn great, why doesn't she get her agent to put in a call to Playboy (they're always up for a celeb photoshoot)? Then we could all get a look at Paltrow's perfect pussy (alliteration FTW).
  11. That's insane ... Belfast Odeon is £7.25 for online booking and £6.50 at the box-office (£9.25/£8.50 for the 'Premier' seats).
  12. Rumour has it that NTTD's runtime is 2 hours 54. Eesh.
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