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  1. A non-Williams composition that utterly evokes action-adventure? That's easy.
  2. I enjoyed the creepiness, but can't help feeling a 'Doctor-lite' episode this soon into a new Doctor's run may have been a mistake.
  3. Was that Pierce Brosnan on voiceover duties on that Kamen clip? I think Prince Of Thieves is my favourite version of the Hood legend ... if you can overlook Costner's accent, he's a noble Robin. The action is great, it's funny, Rickman is brilliant and the score is great.
  4. An actress called Susan Twist has appeared in every episode from the Christmas special onwards, as a different character each time. I'm wondering has RTD been unable to resist some sort of 'hidden in plain sight' thing there.
  5. Saw him live last year, and as I posted on FB at the time 'Ricky Gervais has just made jokes about terrible things for 80 minutes, and I lolled throughout because they're ONLY. FUCKING. JOKES.'
  6. I do an annual Easter rewatch of it in the same way others do with The Ten Commandments, King Of Kings etc. Hehehe.
  7. One thing that's always struck me is that when Cleese (as Reg, People's Front Of Judea leader) is berating Brian for bringing the Romans to their door, he calls him a cunt. Even nowadays, it gets flagged as 'very strong language' in content warnings ... yet it seems to have just 'slipped on by' in '79.
  8. 'The next time I'm 'cancelled' over a joke, I'm going to release a statement ... I'm going to say (heavily sarcastic tone) 'I'm sorry'. Then when all the offended people say 'You didn't mean that!' I'll reply 'Oh ... so you acknowledge that people can say things they don't actually mean? NOW you're getting it!' Jimmy Carr (again), utterly nailing it.
  9. Certainly with Orphan 55, Praxeus and Can You Hear Me? it felt like the 'message' was what they started with.
  10. My great (pleasant) surprise with Spyfall was them homaging Bond with a female Doctor and yet there were no diatribes about 'toxic masculinity' or whatever.
  11. I presume the 11:00 pm screening time is an attempt to prevent the posting of spoilers for those who watch the episodes right away when they 'drop' on the iPlayer an hour later, but for me those are both too late an hour to be watching Doctor Who on either a small or big screen. I remember attending cinema screenings of The Day Of The Doctor (ah, the 3D making it look like the Tardis was hovering in mid-air somewhere over the 5th row ... great fun) and Capaldi debut ep Deep Breath.
  12. You're massively obese and a projectile vomiter (who then explodes?). Well I never!
  13. Yep. Jimmy Carr (for me, a very funny man) has said that one of his favourite sounds is the audience laughing followed a beat later by the collective 'gasp' when the 'Ooh, that's terrible' kicks in just afterwards.
  14. 'It won't look like a suicide if you shoot me from over there'. 'Believe me Mr Bond, I could shoot you from STUTTGART und still create ze proper effect!'
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