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  1. Full setlist and some pics of the performers from the concert.
  2. Had to laugh upon remembering Chibnall's assertion that 'the drama audience is bigger on Sunday evenings' when it was revealed that on the night, the Antiques Roadshow repeat on BBC2 at the same time as the Sea Devils special last year had been watched by more people.
  3. Am 2 episodes into Rian Johnson's crime comedy drama Poker Face, and having a lot of fun with it. Natasha Lyonne's lead turn is great. Am also 3 episodes into the winning, very funny but thankfully not sappy Aussie 'rom-com' Colin From Accounts.
  4. In terms of their BBC screenings, my guess would be 3 consecutive Saturday evenings (I reckon RTD will want the show back in its 'classic' timeslot).
  5. We Have All The Time In The World. Only films that were 'left out' were The Living Daylights, Die Another Day and Quantum Of Solace. Shame about Daylights but the other two are a bit, um, divisive to say the least and probably weren't missed. Ugh, the very thought .
  6. I admittedly haven't seen either of them, but I was under the impression that 'Christopher Columbus : The Discovery' was regarded as the worse movie of the two. Carry On Columbus (the equally poorly received revival of the Carry On franchise) apparently took more money at the UK box office than the other 2 movies. Go figure.
  7. I was at a 'Bond Songs By Candlelight' gig last Friday evening ... I grinned and bore The Writing's On The Wall and No Time To Die (although admittedly both were improved in the mouths of different vocalists than the originals), but the rest was fine and dandy. Highlights were the opening 'one-two' of the Bond theme followed by You Know My Name, Goldeneye delivered with particular gusto (probably due to Tina Turner's recent passing) and the famous 'fainting note' in Thunderball hit and held with considerable aplomb.
  8. Sounds like something (possibly sentry robots) from a sci-fi actioner - 'Let them come. They won't get past the SGLT2 Inhibitors!'
  9. 'The rest of the mag was too skanky to read'. Yeah yeah Quentin, SURE it was. We *believe* you.
  10. Yes, I'd imagine physical releases will still be a thing in the UK and their initial screening here will be on BBC1 with availability on the iPlayer afterwards.
  11. A combo of being a chap of a certain age, being type 2 diabetic and due to said condition being on a pill that removes excess sugar from your system via your pee have created something of a 'perfect storm' you might say. lol.
  12. That's reminded me of when the staff apparently used to call the company 'Mousewitz' and when warned by management to stop it, switched to 'Duckau'.
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