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  1. Curb season 11 is off to a flying start. I'll not say too much, but yet again several seemingly disparate plot elements come together to create comedy gold.
  2. The oft-Covid-rescheduled Genesis Belfast gig has now been cancelled altogether. Ah well, the refunded money will be welcome in the run-up to Christmas.
  3. Yeah. I found BR 2049 to be stunning visually, but too long and too slow otherwise. I'm mulling Dune, but fear I'll find it to be more of the same.
  4. Odeon site is now showing that NTTD will be down to a single evening screening after the 28th.
  5. Is Wahlberg meant to be Sully in Uncharted? Nowhere near grizzled enough! Although granted I don't know what way the timeline in the movie(s) is meant to work.
  6. My local Odeon doesn't have screenings of it after Thursday 28th (i assume this is across the board). So ... a movie delayed for 18 months and regarded as one of the year's most highly anticipated releases is ending its UK cinema run after 4 weeks. Hmmm.
  7. I was initially interested in The Last Duel, but must admit that after hearing it's pretty much about 'toxic masculinity' I thought 'Oh FFS, not ANOTHER bloody lecture!'. So I dunno.
  8. *Slinks into thread* For those who voted 'I hate any form of typing after work', I heartily recommend browsing the forum DURING work (if you're in a position to get away with it, of course). *Slinks out of thread*
  9. Ah, Serenity (and the preceding Firefly) ... Gina Torres, Jewel Staite, Summer Glau, Morena Baccarin and a recurring role for Christina Hendricks. It's enough to have a chap needing a lie-down in a darkened room .
  10. I read recently that Eccleston's anger boiled over to the extent that he punched a member of the production team (Phil Collinson?) in the face. RTD and Gardner sided with Collinson over the incident, and that was that ... the Ninth Doctor would be onscreen for one season only. Sorry, but no matter how angry you are that's deeply unprofessional (as it was when Clarkson did it to a member of the Top Gear production team 10 years later). It's also telling that despite things having changed by the time The Day Of The Doctor was shooting, he turned down the request to come in and be part of the War-Doctor-into-Nine regeneration scene. Ah well ... ultimately it meant the brilliant David Tennant came on board earlier than planned, which is fine by me.
  11. Venom : Let There Be Carnage - this sequel is for the most part an absolute hoot, leaning into the absurdities of the situation more than the first film. Also done and dusted in a pretty trim 97 minutes as opposed to being too dragged out (Avengers Endgame, I'm looking at you).
  12. Eccleston is a good actor but he's also a crabby, chippy bastard. He seems to have had 'issues' during several things he's worked on.
  13. He's already ruled himself out, and the reason is RTD coming back. They REALLY don't get on anymore. Have heard that the writer of Orphan 55 was arrested twice in 2019 at Extinction Rebellion protests. Certainly explains a few things about that ep.
  14. Venom - over-harshly reviewed Marvel number with Tom Hardy as investigative journo Eddie Brock, a man transformed when a 'symbiote' creature enters his body. Not perfect by any means, but absolutely fine Saturday-night-with-a-few-beers entertainment. Catching the sequel tomorrow.
  15. Always good to hear Gold's brilliant 'I Am The Doctor' again. Hope he returns when RTD does, current show composer's stuff just sort of washes past me.
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