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  1. Yeah, consensus seems to be 'Oh well, you gave it your best shot' about Whittaker and 'YAY, he's going!' about Chibnall. Not (hopefully) having to sit through shit like Praxeus after next year will certainly be welcome.
  2. Yeah, the low stakes really don't help. It's definitely 'lower-tier' MCU, along with the likes of The Dark World and Civil War (that one felt like a Avengers flick where they forgot to tell half of them to show up).
  3. Gotta wonder how bad the names for Jo Nesbo's protagonist that he came up with then rejected were before he settled on 'Harry Hole' .
  4. Recently gave Roger Daltrey and Wilko Johnson's 2014 collab album 'Going Back Home' a go ... good stuff if you're in the mood for some rockin' R 'n' B (as in what that used to mean, not its dispiriting more recent use to describe programmed autotuned robot farts). At 35 minutes, it's a pretty short 'n' sharp listen.
  5. Disney's attitude to Lucas having any involvement now with his franchises was neatly summed up by them effectively telling him to shove his Force Awakens story ideas up his ass (otherwise known as 'Didn't we give you 4 billion to go away?').
  6. Ahhh, the 80s. Reiser and Cameron looking like they've wandered in from an episode of Miami Vice there.
  7. Black Widow - an origin movie for an MCU character who we know is now dead was always going to be a fairly low-stakes affair. So it proves, but this is still fairly enjoyable regardless.
  8. The Watch's Rotten Tomatoes score is 16%. Gotta say I agree. Thought it was awful.
  9. A documentary in which Giacchino travels the world 'scoring' ... but not for movie projects.
  10. Haven't seen it myself, but I'd imagine that its depiction of an interracial gay relationship would've been somewhat groundbreaking in the mid-80s.
  11. Man with Uwe Boll's Alone In The Dark adaptation on his CV says that Black Widow 'looks like a bad videogame'. Oh self-awareness, thy name is not Stephen Dorff.
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