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  1. Many audience members already treat cinemas like their own living rooms anyway (chatting, eating noisily, phone usage, feet up on seats) so maybe the cinemas think changing the seating to something akin to what they have at home is the next logical step .
  2. The stadium swagger in 'D' You Know What I Mean?' is kinda irresistible. And if the Halifax reckon 'Stand By Me' is fine for their latest ad campaign, then who am I to argue?
  3. For Your Eyes Only - 40th anniversary rewatch, a very wet Bank Holiday seemed an ideal opportunity. Nothing much new to say, it's still one of Moore's best ... although this was the first time I noticed little pinpricks of red light reflected in not-Blofeld-honestly-it's-not-Mr-McClory kitty's eyes. Not sure if it was from the wheelchair's control panel or a camera light. In the 'battle of the nip-slips' (if you know, you know), I'd have to hand it to the girl with the goon at Gonzales' place over Lisl ... the latter is so quick as to be barely noticeable. Star Trek III : The Search For Spo
  4. On the last weekend in April the sun was splittin' the stones here ... so NATURALLY the seating areas reopened on the following one just gone with its overcast, windy, nippy, rainy shiteness.
  5. Had my first haircut since the end of November on Thursday, my second 'jab' on Friday, was able to shop in 'non-essential' shops yesterday. We're getting there. Pub/restaurant outside seating areas also reopened Friday, but the fact that they're operating a 'no pre-booking' policy resulting in lengthy queues coupled with not-great weather (or indeed shite weather ... we are experiencing a very rainy Bank Holiday at the minute) mean I haven't bothered yet.
  6. You know, if you're going to have new rules there really ought to be some mention of them on the forum's title page.
  7. Overlord - US troops parachute into occupied France in WW2 in order to take out a Nazi communications 'hub', but discover horrors that are much more than they'd bargained for. Probably the closest we'll ever get to a movie version of the Wolfenstein video games, this pretty gory action-horror moves at a fair old lick and is solid entertainment. On the 'why do we have to end with a song?', the hip-hop track that plays over part of Overlord's end credits was (for me) hugely unfitting and unwelcome. Was very glad when it ended.
  8. Noel would agree with you ... he has said that all he hears in it nowadays is 'people on too much cocaine'.
  9. On adult childishness ... well, the Fourth Doctor quote in my sig sums up my thoughts nicely. 28 Days Later - animal rights activists inadvertently release a 'rage virus' (which drives those infected into murderous bloodlust) in their attempt to free chimps from a research lab, and it sweeps through the country. A small band of survivors hit the road in search of sanctuary and a cure. 19 years on, Danny Boyle and Alex Garland's take on the zombie genre still packs a visceral and gritty punch. With Cillian Murphy, Naomie Harris, Brendan Gleeson and Christopher Eccleston.
  10. Seem to remember even at the time thinking that First Blood 2 was ridiculous, and not in a good way. Commando kicks its ass, quite frankly.
  11. SyFy showed Seasons 1 and 2 of Future Man ... I watched and enjoyed both. Don't know if they intend to show the third, it's been a year since it premiered on Hulu. EDIT: A quick Google tells me Season 3 is 'exclusively' on Amazon Prime. Oh well.
  12. Hmm, the only nominated film I've seen is Tenet. Such is the effect of cinemas being mostly closed for a year and me having no interest in paid-for streaming platforms, I guess.
  13. Not much chance of that with this place ... even if you were a single man nowadays, pretty much a sausage-fest round here.
  14. Skyfall has the odd minor issue, but they're nothing against CR's pacing problems and Bond behaving like a petulant teenager at times (which might've 'flew' if Henry Cavill had been cast, but with the late-30s Craig? Nah).
  15. They both look great ... until you get to the idiotic number plate on the Aston.
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