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  1. Wonder if the set-up will be a reconvening for Marty Crane's funeral, seeing as John Mahoney is now no longer with us in real life.
  2. Going Clear - fascinating, disconcerting and anger-making docu about the batshit clusterfuck that is the Church Of Scientology.
  3. That kinda fell apart for me with the reveal that the monster could fly ... I immediately thought 'Why bother with that shitty van, then?'
  4. Point Creak Bin City The Incredible Sulk Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Loom
  5. Heh ... me and Omen II are SO easy to mix up, what with our virtually identical avvys and usernames and all. Oh, hang on ...
  6. I for one am glad to be warned just before something about a serial killer that it 'contains scenes that viewers may find disturbing' ... y' know, just in case I'd tuned in expecting a light-hearted romp.
  7. There's that one in that article from last Sep where the fireworks used managed to cause week-long wildfires in California. Awkward when people prove that they are so fucking stupid that they probably shouldn't breed ... but it's too late.
  8. 'Wrestled with the euphonical demon' REALLY sounds like a euphemism.
  9. Black Sunday - pissed off with America's continuing support for Israel, Palestinian terrorist group Black September plan to attack the Superbowl in collaboration with embittered Vietnam vet (and now Goodyear blimp pilot Bruce Dern) by detonating a massive 'nail bomb' attached to the blimp's gondola as it flies over the Miami Orange Bowl stadium. Robert Shaw's Mossad agent races to stop it happening. A tense John Frankenheimer thriller, adapted from a Thomas Harris novel and with a suitably dramatic score by John Williams. The Bond-style 'superstunt' at the climax sits a little at odds with
  10. Some Bonds - Never Gay Never Again Octofussy Licence To Bill Dye Another Day Skyfail
  11. I'm good, not even a slight twinge from the injected shoulder area (which has happened with the flu jab in the past).
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