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  1. Did Vangelis get this medal, as he seemed to be their go-to composer?
  2. Will the score contain solos for Mutter and Ma, or that guitar guy's mother? Discuss.
  3. I'm guessing it has to do with the credits, as suggested above.
  4. It's a greatly entertaining film, but they should have used this theme instead:
  5. Lorne Balfe auditioning for the Indy 5 composer gig.
  6. Make sure the keys are weighted, like on a real piano. I'd look into digital pianos and stage pianos.
  7. Yeah, they should have asked her about that.
  8. Geez, Deborah, what about doing a little bit more research before setting the wheels in motion?
  9. Didn't McQ state he wanted to make a different kind of film with MI:6 by replacing many of the key people in the production?
  10. Korngold's swashbuckler scores, original recordings. Bernard Hermann's Psycho Max Steiner's Casablanca You're not satisfied with the Stromberg re-recording?
  11. So what you're saying is that Holt's music is more innovative than Ross.
  12. It could have been worse - Holt's music could have been attributed to Ross.
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