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  1. As long as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Hook and tons of others are not properly expanded, there is no way my interest in film scores wanes. And I also still believe there'll be great scores coming from composers like Desplat or Powell that I'll be looking forward to hearing.
  2. One year remaining, hopefully BloodBoal was right!
  3. Hopefully JW can score both this time!
  4. Excellent news indeed. Finally a movie to look forward to...
  5. Currently, they seem to have 156 items in stock. If it sells like the last batch of the HP set, it's indeed gonna be fast!
  6. Very sad Now do you think he would answer too if we were asking about Star Wars? I don't think we should ask though, don't want to be disappointed.
  7. The Jedi Steps sounding like a Zimmer cue? hmmm
  8. Should we expect an announcement of upcoming expanded scores releases done by Matessino?
  9. You can ask for a replacement copy if ordering from Amazon Jewel case or digipack.
  10. Pretty sure we've had this discussion already but I never experienced any damage on digipacks when ordering from Amazon. And also, digipacks are way prettier than standard jewel cases in my opinion!
  11. It is still available from the french seller VascoCine: https://www.vascocine.fr/musique-de-film/v-w-x-y-z/williams-john/
  12. Great question. Always wondered the same for BloodBoal, must have taken a huge time to go over each post and edit them.
  13. Usually I prefer the film score presentation over the original album. There might be exceptions, especially when the original album has special material (Monsignor, The River, E.T.), but hearing the full score, remastered from the best elements and without annoying microedits is definitely my thing. No one expected that!
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