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  1. No it's not, we can hear differences in Schindler's List, and I'm not a dog!
  2. Again, the problem is that we can hear those defects on Schindler's List.
  3. Yeah I guess, but I'd just prefer them saying "No we can't replace your discs" instead of completely ignoring it.
  4. For most of the presentation, Mike used a 192k high resolution master containing the 5.1 mixes of every cue, with all the performance edits done in 2004 by the music editor. This master was not complete, and to present the full score, Mike had to fill the gaps with the 2004 original album, for which he had two sources: a 44.1kHz master (which would be the OST CD master) and a 48kHz DAT tape. Mike used those two OST sources this way: for tracks where he could partially use the 192k high resolution master, the 48kHz master was used example: the track Time Past/Saving Buckbeak for which Mike used the OST master for the first two and a half minutes before switching to the 192k master for tracks where he had to fully rely on the OST master, the 44.1kHz master was used examples: Double Trouble and Window to the Past The problem comes from the 48kHz DAT source that was in fact made in 2004 for streaming services. The explanation Mike gave was that they applied a frequency curve back then to reduce streaming artifacts. So basically Mike legitimately considered that using the 48kHz source would be better if it needed to be combined with the 192k source but it was discovered too late that this source is actually inferior to the 44.1k master.
  5. What a joke. Should we tell him everything then? Probably not worth it, he's gonna ignore it anyway, like our emails, I guess.
  6. Yes, this is really the one for which they need to offer replacements.
  7. They can't just ignore us... answering "No this is not possible" would be way better.
  8. I believe you can easily re-insert it properly in the music edit crumbs uploaded.
  9. I'm sorry but this wouldn't be acceptable. Even if LLL didn't do any announcement about faulty masters (which is OK for these cases I guess), they should accept all the replacements queries. PoA has always been fine, the inferior source (to not call it lossy) hasn't all the frequencies but it sounds great. However, if a fixed, lossless, superior master exists, anyone that bought the set should have the right to get it without buying it again. The same can be said for Schindler's List, even if it's a cheaper release and that one could afford to buy it again. Especially because the issues on this one ARE noticeable by ear, in comparison to Azkaban. There's no doubt that the initial master of that release had lossy material on it. I've sent an email to LLL as well and I hope they'll be able to send replacements, especially for Schindler's List!
  10. For Prisoner of Azkaban, here is the CUETools report I had when comparing my early pressing to the fixed one in their database: CD 1: CD 2: These reports make sense since only the tracks with the altered frequencies are different ("No match"). Track 33 from Disc 1 and track 27 from Disc 2 are also different but these ones must be false positives (no real changes in the contents).
  11. After the concert, at the hotel: "Are they still clapping?"
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