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  1. The 97' programs are great but the sound quality is just not good, especially on RotJ so I honestly quite rarely listen to the OT soundtracks.
  2. This! Which cues on the LLL Lost World make it non-chronological? I've always thought it was exactly C&C like Jurassic Park.
  3. The OST is growing on me. I appreciate that he's using more electronic. And I agree, those 2 singles are the best tracks of the entire album. I'm sure I'll love the whole thing after some more listens.
  4. For HP3, we are kinda lucky that all the important things that were missing on those high resolution masters were already covered on the OST. I still can't understand how cues like Double Trouble or Reviewing the Recent Past could not be found on those masters!
  5. After Minority Report, here is the isolated score for War of the Worlds, presenting the picture as JW scored it, by restoring unused and replaced music. Like my previous videos, I decided to use the tracks from the Intrada release without editing anything, except for cues that segue into each other and special cases like the removed silences in The Aliens. This took time to do, but I'm happy to finally be able to show it to all of you. Hope you enjoy it all! Special thanks to @Holko and @crumbs for the feedback and the awesome little sync ideas they gave me!
  6. Bonne année !! I sense that some great JW expansions will see the light this year...!
  7. I edited the music so it fits the picture, here is how the car attack scene would have been with the music:
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