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  1. Yes! I've been obsessed by that score for months after it came out.
  2. So if this is your only question about the release, you must know the answer to this one: Did Mike rebuild the OST using the first generation masters?
  3. Yes but I don't want the remastered OST program to be exclusive to vinyl
  4. I'm voting this. So we know what's coming for Black Friday then?
  5. The HP box is not even OOP, no way HP1 is gonna be reissued now. As for Hook, give us the Hook Hook Hook, give us the Hook Hook Hook!
  6. This is not exactly what you're asking as it contains everything but I recently made a complete edit using OST, FYC and the Isolated Score that I uploaded on YouTube: When possible, the loops, edits, trackings from the film and the microedits from the OST have been removed. This improves a lot the listening experience in my opinion, you should give it a listen
  7. I love M83's Oblivion. But obviously The Book Thief is the best score of that year.
  8. Referring to what Roger said on July 6: That kinda implies their next 3 releases would be Goldsmith, JW and Danny Elfman. We got Extreme Prejudice by Goldsmith and now Sleepy Hollow by Elfman. The JW one must be the next then?
  9. So the Williams release is the last of the three Roger announced! Not familiar at all with Sleepy Hollow (both movie and score). I guess it is time to take a listen to the OST!
  10. Other: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (John Williams)
  11. Yes I think so. Mike even attempted to isolate those drums from the other instruments, I think. Never been a big fan of that track, but at least we've got a good edit that matches what's heard in the movie. When you think about it, it's not typically something we get on MM expansions, still wondering why he chose to do it here!
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