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  1. From the release itself I guess, this is coming tomorrow: https://music.apple.com/nz/album/main-title-themes-episodes-1-3-from-andor-single/1646085014
  2. I think you refer to Mike's statement about Earthquake. He said on the podcast (here at 1h10) that the film score recording of Earthquake, which had never been released before the LLL set, was used in the special features for the Shout Factory Blu-Ray that came out earlier in 2019. Nobody seems to have noticed it but that would have been a great clue an expanded release was coming out. The Dracula OST digital release is definitely the new MM master. We also know that The Fury digital release comes from the same master pressed on the LLL release, but this one wasn't done by Mike iirc.
  3. I wouldn't call that rude, but being blamed for not having posted for a few days and be treated like a bot is not the best possible welcome, imo.
  4. Well that's not the best "Welcome to JWFan" I've seen guys!
  5. Don't forget the first teaser for TFA, with music fully composed by JW!
  6. So the OST will be released on Milan Records:
  7. Wow really? The set contains lossy material?! Can we ask for replacements at LLL? What a rip-off.
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