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  1. So that proves UMG apply digital watermarks even on their high resolution releases. But the good thing is that TRoS seems to be 100% exact to the CD. Hopefully the new releases are free of watermark but kind of annoying for people like you who spent money on digital downloads... shame on Universal!
  2. Isn't the section from 3:40 to 3:43 coming from 7M67R It Is You (which we can hear at the beginning of The Ways Of The Force on the OST)?
  3. I think it depends on the record label the albums were released on. For example, it was proven that Universal Music Group digital releases come with a watermark affecting directly the audio data (though it's made so you can't really notice it). See this: https://www.mattmontag.com/music/universals-audible-watermark. These watermarks are applied to all of the digital releases (for downloads and also streaming). As for UMG, it seems like they stopped using the watermarks for their new releases (thinking of TROS) but tons of their older releases still contain that watermark on Spotify for example (thinking of TFA and TLJ OSTs).
  4. An official book about a John Williams score, this is a dream.
  5. My favorite track from the score! And that post gave me an idea: I made an edit using the FYC to fill the little sections that were microedited from the OST track to present the cue as (supposedly) recorded:
  6. How can you prefer THE LOST WORLD OST over the expanded release? How is that possible?
  7. FYC tracks usually contain the film edits so it should fit (this is not always 100% right though, taking Falcon Flight as an example). As for the OST, some tracks are less altered than others: "Approaching the Throne", "Reunion", "A New Home", but most of the time it won't fit perfectly. There are also tracks you can forget about: "Journey to Exegol", "Fanfare and Prologue" as JW's initial intentions are totally absent in the beginning of the movie.
  8. https://www.rainews.it/dl/rainews/articoli/morto-roma-ennio-morricone-198cf918-8323-42e2-8d4d-7fa76ffac244.html Devastating news...
  9. Yeah it's unclear what he meant. I doubt he'd have answered a more direct question.
  10. But there's another, more hopeful question posed on FSM: Any July releases on the forecast? And MV answered: Yes So I'm still hoping for the 15th Anniversary expanded edition of War of the Worlds!
  11. You can't call Rey's Theme overrated.
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