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  1. Probably a fixed frequency at which Doug Fake works.
  2. Every new Intrada release comes with mistakes in the cover art. Kay Marshall will never cease to surprise us! We should start a new poll and try to guess what she's gonna ruin on the upcoming Solo CD cover.
  3. I can't really hear the difference! From looking at the waveforms, it seems like the same performance was used, but the edits points don't perfectly match. The timpanis strikes don't hit at the exact same moment in the 2020 release (very little shift of 1ms compared to the OST), but again I can't say I can hear the difference Yes that edit at 0:31 is pretty much the only flaw of this release. Mike used the album master for the first 30 seconds of that track because the 2005 OST didn't use the same take presented in "Before The Escape". There are a few other usages of the 2005 album master for this release but the edits are all fine
  4. Conan The Destroyer now available digitally: https://www.qobuz.com/us-en/album/conan-the-destroyer-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-basil-poledouris/a6j0gpo5kej7b The digital release contains four additional tracks that are not on Intrada's disc 2: 14. Introduction (03:34) 15. Winds Of The Woods (00:50) 16 Mordor's Four/The Fight/The Dragon (09:28) 17. Mordor's Death/The Ending (03:39) Anyone familiar with this score knows what those are?
  5. Interesting! I suspect Intrada will do some work on the packaging too. I remember they did themselves the back cover of "The Call Of The Wild" CD, I guess we'll get something similar for Solo.
  6. This had to be expected! Now I'm wondering if we'll get exclusive liner notes on this release?
  7. This new release is out already: https://store.intrada.com/s.nl/it.A/id.12771/.f
  8. And it feels good to own a physical copy of a great expansion from a great score!
  9. With fixed link https://music.apple.com/nz/album/star-wars-the-bad-batch-season-2-vol-1-episodes-1-8/1671629932
  10. Yeah the CDs are definitely out, I've seen them in record stores so I guess they should be shipping from their website. I don't think you should panic though, none of the Stranger Things ever sold out, you'll get them Incredible that we are getting physical releases only now, 6 months after the digital one, ridiculous.
  11. Rambling Records is finally releasing soon the score album for Eiffel, french movie that came out in 2021. https://www.facebook.com/RamblingRECORDS/posts/720412043131746 I was so disappointed to see there was no way to listen to the music when I watched the movie last year... but fortunately a japanese label is handling the release (they did the same for Coupez! last summer, another french movie). Snippet from the Eiffel score I extracted from the film audio:
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