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  1. Little reminder for those who like vinyls, TROS OST is now available on LP: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B082PQRJ82/
  2. We should rename this thread by the way.
  3. I just received this message from MusicBox Records: I guess I'll need to wait a bit more to get this set, but good to know it has arrived in France anyway.
  4. Something like this would be gorgeous:
  5. Whatever! As long as Mike is doing the expansions, we'll be able to use them to rebuild ourselves the OST in the best quality
  6. I believe this is a new expansion. I believe Mike Matessino is involved in this. I'm sure about that.
  7. No mention of the source (digital or new transfers from analog tapes) that was used for this release?
  8. Since TRoS is available digitally, I've made a few edits using the audio channels to get unreleased material. Unfortunately, most of the cues contain SFX. I used @crumbs menu rip for a section of the training cue and I think it sounds pretty good in full form!
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