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  1. I also believe this track contains an alternate performance of the ending (starting at 3:15).
  2. Yeah I noticed that too, right at the transition between the OST master and the new source, not a clean edit.
  3. So after some days living with this expansion, I can confirm that once again, Mike has done an amazing job with the presentation and the sound quality of the new release. Everything is here, except maybe for that choir heard in The Ferry Scene in the movie, still wondering if it's tracked from another cue or if it's just a choir overlay recorded for the cue they chose to you use in the movie (The Basket). In that case, releasing the overlay on its own track would maybe not be approved by Williams, do you have information about this @Jay? As always, when releases like th
  4. When I read Thor's message I thought for a second this thread was about expanded releases.
  5. Arrived in France too with another gem! No scratches either
  6. If it's only cosmetic then OK, but a scratch at the border of the CD and errors while ripping the last tracks isn't a coincidence.
  7. Here's my attempt at isolating the choir that plays in The Intersection Scene using the two tracks from the new release. This sounds so creepy!
  8. Thanks a lot for this @TownerFan ! And great idea to have it available on YouTube, can't wait to watch this!
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