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  1. Indeed... this looks really bad and also SOUNDS really bad. Limiters can be perfectly fine but it seems like those were applied without any care, the loud parts are completely ruined...
  2. The samples sound great, this might be a great new discovery for me Not sure about that alternate artwork though, it looks strangely low-resolution:
  3. TPM and AOTC were recorded in both digital and analog. ROTS only on digital (that's what we guess because they used a digital source for the 2018 releases).
  4. I find it hard to understand why Williams wouldn't want Star Wars expansions considering how he approved so many releases recently (and only vetoed very special things like The Sugarland Express). To me it's just a very long project that requires a lot of work to be done perfectly, I'm sure it's currently in the works.
  5. So this is currently the 3rd best selling music release on Amazon.fr (https://www.amazon.fr/gp/bestsellers/music/), how does that make sense?
  6. That might explain why the non-final cover for the LLL Always release had this label.
  7. Basically they added "(Expanded)" for tracks that have OST names but that are expanded compared to it. Pretty strange LLL didn't have to do that in 2012! And "Prologue (Alternate)" => "Trailer Music"
  8. I guess the universal expectation is that Mike Matessino gets to work on it. Then we should get presentations in the same style as the Potter ones, which are smartly built to reach the perfect balance between completeness and best possible listening experience. In other words, we'll be fine if MM works on it.
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