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  1. Well well well... I have absolutely no proof, and there is no rumor about it at all, it's just a personal wish, but if I write it, maybe it'll come true... Yesterday, the Philharmonie of Paris has released its program for the next season, and (it's odd) there is no concert planned on Sunday the 4th and on Monday the 5th of December... Two days in a row without concerts, maybe it's normal... or maybe some "room" is saved... One week in France before one week in Italy??? (please please please)
  2. I have a question (maybe a silly one) (and I will try to write it correctly, in an understandable English...). Last Friday, I've attended a live to projection concert of E.T. in Bordeaux (during the Ciné Notes festival). And I was very surprised, when Elliott and E.T. are for the first time in Elliott's room, to hear that this beautiful harp piece (that we hear in The Beginning Of A Friendship) https://youtu.be/9AIsk_O9hf4 because it was played by the only harp player in the orchestra. I always believed that it was a duet, but the player did it alone, as a polyphonic playing. Back home, I read the notes inside the LLL edition, and I saw that two harp players were credited. But it doesn't tell if it's effectively a solo, or if this Bordelaise harp player was doing this in "difficult mode". Any idea?
  3. Vienna last year, Berlin last month, Milan next June... The next European destination? My guess: with Gustavo Dudamel at the head of Opéra de Paris, I bet that in fall 2022, there will be a "John Williams dirige John Williams" concert at the Philharmonie de Paris. That's my new hope.
  4. Well, I was then sitting in a row behind and a chair next to you. 🙂
  5. Goosebumps all the way. And Anne-Sophie Mutter two seats below. Heaven on Earth.
  6. Seated. B Block. Excited like fleas (works better in french). 😄
  7. Francophones, assemblez-vous. Qui pourra-t-on croiser au concert de ce soir? Of course, we'll be glad to meet non-french speakers, it's just that the communication will be less easy for us... (understand OK, speak :-/ )
  8. Je pense que nous allons entendre parler toutes les langues à la Philharmonie... (c'est juste la question de se faire comprendre en dehors que j'appréhende un peu).
  9. Ah ben la même pour Londres en 2018... mais pour nous, la séance de rattrapage sera samedi. 🙂
  10. Des Français à Berlin ce week-end? (English is not my strength, und ich spreche kein Deutsch )
  11. Well, it would have been simplier to take a screenshot, indeed... Thank you!
  12. [French man speaking... well, writing, sorry for the mistakes] I was on facebook earlier and I saw a publication by LLL announcing two June releases: SLIVER by Howard Shore and a boxset for VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA. But a few minutes later, the publication was gone... Maybe there is a "temp" who clicked on the button too soon... Wait and see...
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