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  1. Same for me, I have to mark a line somewhere, I can live with the excellent suite recorded by Nic Raine in 2001.
  2. For me it's the First Batman, the OST. It's the score that made me discover Elfman. I suggest the remastered Batman OST that appears on the boxset, you'll get the complete score of Batman Return which is, also a point of entry in the world of Danny Elfman. The Shawskank Redemption, the OST, even if the expanded score is a must too. I discovered The Iron Giant recently, and I must say that this is quite a score! The Deluxe Version, you can reconstitute a version of the OST with it. I would talk about E.T. OST. The remastering of the complete score was a big thing in the last years, but we have not to forget the OST, which is a special album mainly made of Suites, compared to the film score. The remastered version that came out on the latest expansion.
  3. Discovering Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life by Silvestri - The Deluxe Edition. Like he says himself in the booklet, he wrote this score quickly (to replace a rejected score by another composer) and mostly by instinct. It's a beat-driven score, very electronic, so I think it have a sense to listen to it in his complete form. Nice score to work by!
  4. Well they did. I assume that the AFI considers not only the quality of the score, but also the addition it brings to the films.
  5. Rainy morning here, why not return to Bach, precisely at Prince Leopold's court in Cöthen... Richard Egarr, Academy of Ancient Music - J.S. Bach - Orchestral Suites
  6. This is the only Christmas oldies compilation everybody needs. It's a classic. Various - Christmas Favourites | Releases | Discogs
  7. An archeologist work: - "We found a CD-ROM Sir" - "A What?"
  8. It's this? Indy talks about "magic" in the trailer... after the Ark of the Covenant, the Sankara stones, the Holy Grail and the Aliens with big crystal skulls... a Dial to change the destiny... Harry Potter, where are you?
  9. At least in french Cadran is litteraly Dial, in the sense of "a face of a clock, watch, or sundial that is marked to show units of time." In the french trailer Indy says he's the "Parrain" of Helena, so in the "religious" sense.
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