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  1. For one Giacchino's score to sound like a score of the sixties, it would take much more than that. It would have to be composed by someone else!
  2. So if I were to summarize my current non-Wiliams Holly Grails, it would be: Thomas Newman - An expansion of Fried Green Tomatoes Alan Silvestri - A reprint/reissue of The Abyss Deluxe Edition Jerry Goldsmith - A reprint/reissue of The Haunting Deluxe Edition Jerry Goldsmith - A reprint/reissue of Gremlins 2: The New Batch James Horner - A reprint/reissue of The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas James Horner - A reprint/reissue of Something Wicked This Way Comes Danny Elfman - A reprint/reissue of Good Will Hunting James Newton Howard - A reprint/reissue of The Last Airbender Bernard Herman/Joel McNeely - A reprint/reissue of North By Northwest: The Complete Score
  3. Can someone explain to me why Green Fried Tomatoes has not yet been reissued? Is it a problem of rights or because they just forget it?
  4. I just say that you can add the color you want to an existing recording, if you don't like its color.
  5. This is weird but why not. The best thing would be to listen to your music using a modern lamp/tube amplifier (they sold that on Amazon). Digitally, nothing can reproduced the warm illogical compression and reverb of a tube (when a tube gets hot, it reproduce the sound differently). Another option, to maybe get a sort of grammophon or mono vinyl sound would be to convert a very much detailed stereo mix in one mono channel first. Then I would divide it in stereo channels and add it stereo wideness (only about 15 %). Then I would play that mix using an EQ adding a bit of trebble (or removing a bit of bass). Listen to an album with speakers using the Atmos filter can change the color of a recording too... not always bad, it depends what you listen to. Many things to experiment!
  6. Definitely the mood of this end of week (2/2) John Williams - The Post Danny Elfman - Milk Thomas Newman - The Help John Williams - Lincoln
  7. That's how you make the sunny days back! Then, listening to rainy music on a sunny day is okay too, but only if you are a farmer.
  8. Definitely the mood of this end of week (1/2) Alexandre Desplat - Little Women (Spotify) Carter Burwell - Carol (Spotify) Elliot Goldenthal - Frida (FYC) Thomas Newman - Fried Green Tomatoes (The Score)
  9. The Emperor tells Vader to stop hunting Obi-Wan because, 1) Obi-Wan is dangerous and he's the weakness of Vader, after all he almost killed Anakin for the second time (ha ha) and 2) Obi-wan understood "Anakin" is dead, so his quest is over and he'll go somewhere else to be forgotten... Let's move to another subject.
  10. I don't know if @Naïve Old Fart is talking about the original "OST", because there was indeed a problem at the beginning of the Main Title, but it was corrected on the 2019 release.
  11. I just reorganized my JW collection... again... 1) TV/Film scores (+ the first recordings) 2) Compilations (JW recordings) 3) Chronological BPO recordings & collabs, etc. 4) JW works recorded by others (+ a special place for Charles Gherardt recordings)
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