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  1. World War Aye Aye! Quebec is officially in the second wave.
  2. James Horner - Honey I shrunk the kids (from Youtube)
  3. My John Barry Collection starts to look good to! Even if I have a "Black Hole" to fill!
  4. Alan Silvestri - The Abyss Alan Silvestri - Father of the Bride Alan Silvestri - Contact Dirk Brossé - Alan Silvestri at Film Fest Gent (2005) and now.... Mike Rose - Three Choral Suites from Ben-Hur, Quo Vadis and The King of Kings (dir. Erich Kunzel)
  5. Jerry Goldsmith - The Blue Max complete rerecording Jerry Goldsmith - Twilight Zone 1983 original album playlist (from the expanded release)
  6. My James Horner Collection is going great too with the recent addition of Casper!
  7. I never listen to the alt and additional cues, so like usually I'm confused. Thanks JWfan!
  8. Now it "starts" to look like a Jerry Goldsmith collection! I can't really do better for now, as many expanded sets are simply OOP.
  9. Completing my top 10 with: 1999- The Great movie scores from Spielberg movies 2005- Three choral suites by Miklos Rosza
  10. They started that with LP first, then continued with CDs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cut-out_(recording_industry)
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