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  1. All the pieces of the puzzles seems to be in place... maybe I’ll have a big announcement to make friday!
  2. This week me and my doctor agreed on a lowering of my antidepressant pills. The negative effects were too huge for the benefits they were supposed to bring. We’ll cut the dose in half, over a two weeks period. I’m happy, i’m regaining control over my life, a return to a more natural and human life, with his lows and highs. That’s life after all!
  3. Today, I Announced I quit the Discord server, ruled by DiscoStu and Holko. It was fun at first, but the place is dying. Jerry, Steve, Nick and Justin, I hope we’ll continue to have fun on the forum together. You are great authentic fun guys to chat with, I appreciate you very much. see you!
  4. James Horner - Field of Dreams John Williams - Empire Strikes Bask - SE John Barry - OHMSS (C&C)
  5. I just want to add my two cents. The Slovak National SO is not a nobody orchestra, they are well known and some of their recordings with Kirk Trevor (another conductor) are very appreciated among classical music lovers.
  6. After reading the excellent "James Horner for Dummies" bestseller, I now own a respectable basic CD collection of James Horner and so, I have ahead of me, hours an hours of magical moments! Already on my wishlist for the january order: the Expansion of Apollo 13!
  7. PEOPLE HAVE TALK. John Williams is now a Christmas music composer.
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