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  1. It's maybe more like a Lifetime Achievement Award?
  2. Do we have to take ecstacy for listening to a Junkie XL score? I ask for a friend.
  3. So finally the score of the new cut of Justice League consists of a 20-minute suite wrote by Zimmer, then remixed by Junkie XL to make a 4 hours and a half program? Am I right? So it's like a live gig, like the music in a rave? Is that what it is?
  4. A producer apparently found Zimmer's attack on Southall very funny.
  5. Sorry, can we continue to denigrate Zimmer's behaviour?
  6. Another interesting article about RCP: https://www.erudit.org/en/journals/rmo/2018-v5-n2-rmo04134/1054145ar.pdf
  7. Zimmer attacked the "known" guy to fix him. Here's an interesting article about "Remote Control Productions", about how Zimmer works and why it raises some legitimate questions. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remote_Control_Productions_(American_company)
  8. I asked to @SoundtrackMemes on Twitter, if James Southall received a formal notice from Zimmer, and it seems it's not the case.
  9. Well, THAT's the story. And James Southall posted this on his web page after removing ALL his Zimmer reviews from his website (because he was a fan, a critical mind of Zimmer's work, but a fan... and this is why Southall is hurted so much I think). http://www.movie-wave.net/the-end-of-an-error/ Imagine John Williams posting on Facebook that my website is shite... I would burn all his albums!
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