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  1. They'll have the 2nd concert to fix that for the bluray. And usually they'll even able to use rehearsal versions if they have to, to fix for some parts. Modern live recordings are not "natural" since many years...
  2. Just finished two great playlists on Spotify about the Baroque et Classical Era, based on a old Guide. Historical stuff, the best of the best.
  3. The Post (OST) The Long Goodbye (Bespin's amazing chrono playlist) Cheers!
  4. An historic one is the balloon sequence in The Witches of Eastwick.
  5. This score is an essential of John Williams. The order of the tracks is a mess on the Quartet CD, but it's another thing!
  6. Bespin


    They have an excellent price/quality ratio, I made my researches. I’ll use them to watch movies on my new smart TVs. For listening to music, I need a wire!
  7. WWII John Williams - None but the brave (1965) John Williams - Goodbye, Mr, Chips (1969) (the score) John Williams - Midway (1976) John Williams - 1941 (1979) (the score)
  8. Bespin


    I made my choice for a pair of bluethoot headphones.
  9. I’ll make it official! Indeed, the FYC albums are always listed on my discography. 🤩
  10. John Williams - Minority Report (LLL, The Score Presentation) John Williams - CE3K (2nd Disc)
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