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  1. I listened to some highlights many times... and it's really really the first time I can listen to Bernstein's music and enjoy it. The arrangements are great. The more latino taste is welcome. The "latin" side may always was in the writing of the musical, but it's the first time (at least for me) that it's arranged to actually "work". Balcony Scene I Feel Pretty Maria Somewhere End Credits So I think, I can say... I like it...
  2. Yes, I'm sure it's easy to guess, it must be like two little cues merged together, but I asked anyway!
  3. David Newman on the process of arranging Bernstein’s West Side Story for the new Hollywood film. https://www.classical-music.com/features/articles/david-newman-talks-emwest-side-story/
  4. I noticed that some cues on the compilation are edited "suites", do we have the breakdown of them? By example, Batman Returns as a "Trouble suite", what it's made from?
  5. Bespin


    Hey don't quote me, 3 quarter of the posts I write are drunk posts. Mercy!
  6. For me it's plenty of new stuff I don't know, like "To Die For" (well a bit "metal" for me...), The Black Beauty (strangely the expanded CD is OOR...), Sommersby, Dead Presidents, Freeway and the end of the 2nd CD.
  7. I have a relative pitch, and I'm deeply sorry for the humans who have a perfect one. It must be hell. If I listend to two cues one after the other, and the pitch is slightly not the same, my stomach hurts and I want to vomit. This is not a joke, it's really unpleasant.
  8. Bespin


    The greatest error of The Rocketeer, is to have been released in 1991.
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