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  1. The Exorcist. I felt like they was making a movie about my own life.
  2. Website and Wiki updated with the 'Far and Away' expansion!
  3. I will not read this thread, I will wait for the video. Thanks.
  4. John Williams, James Horner, John Barry, Danny Elfman. Lana Del Rey?
  5. Is this the thread for speaking about the music only??? Well my husband works from home, he's an insurance broker, so an essential job. In my case, I'm into a little pause since few weeks, but I will restart to work in few days, from home too... Essential job too, as I work for Hydro-Québec (the electricity company of Québec). I must say we are probably gifted to both have "essential jobs", so they didn't fired us. I know that for many, it's currently very problematic. We can't play bowling anymore each saturday with friends, so it's boring on this side. But there's still beer at the corner grocery, so things are not going so bad.
  6. So I think I'll change my nickname on the forum to : hornyVersRP. And you, your quarantine goes well?
  7. My mental health is very good, but how can a rice bag can contain 2 478 grains and the other 2 476?
  8. Finally they figured out how to control you!
  9. Which one should I get?
  10. The poor people will die of this virus, we understand their fear. We'll just hope that China will share their experience of the 2nd wave, because if the virus mutates and can contaminate the same person twice and with greater dangerousness, it will be hell on earth.
  11. So, still no member infected? Our future KING!
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