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  1. I love to purchase whole albums or expanded ones... then starting by listening to OST or just highlights.... In the case of Henry Mancini... why not start by the singles?
  2. I'm just trying to explain why superhero movies is a genre underestimated by the industry! For me "domination" relates to recognition by peers and by the industry.
  3. If your criteria for a good composer is related to the Box Office of the movie, that's a thing... And if you just evaluate one style of movies or score, you lack of perspective. And yes, the Academy Awards sometimes follows fashions, or ignore them. It's why for the decades prior to 2000, I add the AFI list in the criterias. It help to bring balance to the Force. Generally, if you speak about Superhero movies and scores, they are serial shit. At the end, few composers sucessfully manage to produce memorables scores, but some do. Talk to me about
  4. Seriously, challenge us, you don't agree with me and Joe... Show us example, how Zimmer could have "dominated" the 2010s and 2000s. Give us examples. Explain the relative position you give to Alexandre Desplats in the 2010s and John Williams in the 2000s, compared to Zimmer. What objective criterias do you use? Just look at the Academy Awards nominations... To dominate, you have to dominate also on the highest award given in your artistic domain... You may love or not this organization, disagree or agree with his choice... But it's the main thing. And to wi
  5. I think we are lucky, that John Williams is a melodist AND a Score Builder. As I discover many other composers, I also discover that these two skills are not so common. Returning to Nino Rota, some scores are just unmissable, yes sometimes, many times because of some main Themes.
  6. I suggest a new strategy, R2. LET THE COMPOSER WIN!
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