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  1. Having given both the prior expanded edition and this new release several listens it still doesn’t quite gel for me I have to admit. Not sure what it is. Feels like one of those scores with many great moments but that it doesn’t quite hang together in between. Having originally ditched the original album from my library I imported the remasters version and actually enjoyed it considerably more in that way. Guess it gets quicker to those highlights more effectively. Plus I quite like the song (from the original release of course). I’ll keep trying. It’s Michael Kamen, he’s usually worth the eff
  2. Absolutely terrific. I found a different one that I really liked on deviantart but now I have to reconsider. Agh! And there aren’t even some bonus tracks where I can just put different art on each track (which I do quite frequently when there a choice as good as this...).
  3. #knowingfanboycomplaining A shame that there isn’t a remixed version of the original album.
  4. Heh, well I thought I'd still share my thoughts (albeit edited now as something went wrong with my original post).
  5. A bit late to this party, but hey, why not?! I really love this version of the CE3K, not necessarily in preference to the original, which still sounds terrific, but Gerhardt's extended concert suite is a proper tone poem for this score, covering the majority of the thematic material. Shame there aren't more arrangements of Williams scores that condense them down into something resembling a proper symphonic form. I think ET could easily be adapted in a similar way, progressing from gentle to epic (and without that crappy edit to omit the bit where the bikes actually take off during the concert
  6. Absolutely loving it so far... and yes, the more natural sound field is a significant improvement. It sounds like JP has kinda realised that the somewhat over-processed mixing style he has employed on some of his scores (particularly the more, shall we say, symphonic ones), doesn't show them to their best advantage. Only complaint (there must be one), the "Deluxe Edition" banner on the artwork. Otherwise cool. Love that JP is so up for answering the nerdiest of nerdy questions. Can you imagine any of our other favourite film composers doing that?! I suspect Jerry would have told ev
  7. I recant! I’ll definitely give it another go later. Must be my faulty memory and lack of familiarity.
  8. I can never get into that score. It’s one of the few Jerry scores that just seems to happen and I can’t recall a thing about it. Will have to try it again in case I’m sorely mistaken!
  9. Glad it’s not just me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great score and I enjoy it immensely. Technically it’s probably Basil’s greatest achievement but I don’t get as much out of it as most people. I’m not sure Willow could really be deemed better but I enjoy it more, although Krull would probably be a better comparison in terms of era and style, plus Krull is probably a greater technical achievement even if Willow is perhaps more affecting.
  10. Regarding The Abyss, I’ll have to try replacing the tracks which have alternates. I’ve only listened to the alternates once so didn’t have much of a feel for them being more engaging than the final versions. I have to admit that it’s one of those scores that never excites me as much as I want it to. The finale choral sections are terrific but a lot of the earlier music doesn’t seem terribly interesting with that very repetitive style of Silvestri action music. In many ways, it’s a watery CE3K in terms of having a mixture of dissonance and military material leading to a hyper romant
  11. The JWFan site is pretty damn great from a user perspective I have to say.
  12. I have had the same issues. The concept sounds good but the I’ll stick with the web version now. The mobile version of this site is great to be honest!
  13. I'm going to be boringly diplomatic and say that I enjoy them both for different reasons. Mouse Hunt is perhaps more fun and mischievous, Stuart Little being more sweet and sweeping. Both great scores though, I miss Silvestri scores of that quality. I enjoyed the Witches more than most people seemed to, but I still can't really remember much about it... another film with mice. Very specific.
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