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  1. Semi connected visual gag… I bet this would send the Sony Classical marketing department into meltdown…
  2. I shall have to try and figure that out when I get home then! Need more Elfman concert works… haha
  3. Just want to post a public thumbs up for Varese International Store customer service. I ordered both new releases and totally forgot about their sale. Seems you can’t cancel an order through the website (as far as I could see) and so I ordered half a dozen sale items then sent an email asking if they could combine orders to reduce postage which they kindly offered to do. However one of the orders got posted before they could combine but they offered to refund the full cost of the postage on one of the orders (a not insignificant £18). Very helpful and appreciated!
  4. Awesome. At the risk of being the “now we need” guy but… now we need someone to figure out how to rip it and turn it into an mp3/flac/wax cylinder etc 😜
  5. If only he knew what a great winder Obi-Wan was. Then again, if he’d watched Trainspotting he might have ended up like Begbie… now that’s the dark side.
  6. Phantom of the Opera by Craig Sagan. I wish I’d read more of the comments on this one as this was a massive let down. The “composed and conducted by” credit feels quite misleading as most of it is synthesised and they aren’t even very good synths (compared to, say, the ones used by John Powell which at times could almost be mistaken for the real thing). It would matter less if the music was decent but it didn’t do anything for me either. On the flip side, gave the original Star Trek: TMP album programme a spin after the terrific (and generously long and free) webcast about it at the weekend. Still one of the all time great score and, even if the original album programme misses a whole lot of great music it makes an excellent “tone poem” style presentation. My only real quibble is placing The Meld before Spock Walk. The former is a naturally climactic cue before the credits so having an extra track before the credits seems a bit strange.
  7. I always thought the movie was pretty great and didn’t smooth out the weirdness too much. Plenty of surreal moments and silliness held together by a pretty great cast. Also a shout out for Joby Talbot’s terrific score which is lots of fun and even has a Mr N Hannon on vocals (Talbot was previously in the Divine Comedy and I think used to do most of the orchestral arrangements before Neil started doing them himself).
  8. How odd... rather than bore everyone else I've messaged privately! However, very much appreciate the feedback, the vagaries of international buying!
  9. Presumably not. As I noted earlier, the independent classical label stores seem to only have other smaller label albums available digitally and Presto only has stuff from Sony Classical, DG etc., available on CD. I just had another look and not only is A Gathering of Friends still only available on CD, but it's gone up by a couple of quid! I already bought it at 7Digital in regular lossless, that'll do for me. Just need to actually listen to it now...
  10. Ordered... although £18.98 each on the international store. Ouch. If they need a physical shopfront...
  11. Must be because I'm in the UK as I can only see it available on CD at Presto. However, it is up at 7Digital (https://uk.7digital.com/artist/john-williams-yo-yo-ma-new-york-philharmonic/release/a-gathering-of-friends-20933890?f=20%2C19%2C12%2C16%2C17%2C9%2C2) so that'll do me (even if 7Digital is always more than Presto...).
  12. Weirdly, my Intrada parcel dispatched the same day from essentially the same area got here on Tuesday…
  13. Not bad at all. Mine mostly end up going to London then across the channel to Guernsey although my latest parcel has taken a fun trip around California for a week before heading to New York…
  14. What I was going to say! About half of everything Jerry Goldsmith ever wrote?! Probably the most famous (and obvious) would be the opening to Capricorn One which I think is effectively in 11/8, although according to a thread on FSM the actual score is written as alternative 3/4 and 5/8 bars. The (slightly similar) opening to Night Crossing is (I think) also in 11/8. So much of his action music is in unusual time signatures. I've posted it before, but this analysis of The Hijacking from Air Force One (below) is a masterclass in using unusual time signatures and mixing them up keeps the momentum going. Those higher, odd numbered time signatures are great at keeping the energy up as the last beat (to make it an even number of beats in the bar) is missing and the beats almost "trips" into the next bar unexpectedly. Having 7 or 9 or 11 beats in your bar usually means the notes are grouped into 2s and 3s and you can group these in different ways to provide different emphasis (or keep the listening slightly off balance, much like the famous pulsing rhythms near the start of The Rite of Spring where Stravinsky deliberately avoided the down beat hitting the same point in each bar so you never quite know what's coming next.
  15. Do Presto actually carry Sony Classical (or the other major labels, DG etc) releases digitally? I’m not a sure that they do although happy to be proven wrong as they are my “go to” for classical music purchases! It’s a weird thing that the online classical stores (such as Presto and Chandos) only tend to carry the independent labels as digital downloads and you have the get the major labels from mainstream digital music stores (ie HD tracks, Amazon or 7Digital where they are usually more expensive too). Still looking forward to this despite the apparent mastering issues. I repeat my comments from the Hunchback debacle that these huge labels manage to balls up major releases compared to the diligence and quality of our boutique film music labels (not to mention the high quality product put out by the independent classical labels such as Bis, Naxos and Chandos).
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