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  1. They cut the bit where she plays the theme to Land of the Giants. Shame.
  2. Can anyone recommend a recording of Humperdinck’s Hansel and Gretel? Ta!
  3. As was noted in the FSM thread, Craft Recordings are now delaying further orders of the super deluxe edition in order to rectify the issue so looks like it won't get here until February 2024. Due to the madness that comes with wanting to get your partner that perfect Christmas/Hanukkah present (as if the Cher Christmas album wasn't enough...), I've ordered the regular version from Amazon as a placeholder. Sure he'll be happy enough!
  4. Oh yeah, it does a bit, although the rising theme later on reminds me of George Fenton's main theme from The Memphis Belle. Kinda ironic that it reminds you of Stu P's Galactica music when it's Bear McCreary that used the bagpipes so frequently in his music for the remake! As I said in my earlier comments, I really enjoyed this piece, much more interesting than his slightly stodgy Coronation March, although perhaps in retrospect Corasik remains the best of the bunch. I wonder if this was recorded "properly" for album release, it would certainly be good to have this on work on album, plus a better performed and recorded version of his Coronation March.
  5. It’s a wonder you’re not on Radio 3 or (shudder) Classic FM I’ve not tried Einaudi but from the clips I’ve heard it seems astonishing that his piano noodling is any better or worse than that by an average music student. I can improvise noodling piano music that good (or maybe better as I’d get bored going round in musical circles for that long). I did wonder about recording myself doing it and see if I can become a rich and famous “composer”. As for Pärt, I like Fratres (I mean you must do if you like James Horner haha) but need to revisit his symphonies which I seem to recall being moderately enjoyable, albeit not enough that I’m rushing to listen to them or to remember much about them. Ok. Time for some Mahler.
  6. I was also there and probably only a handful of seats away by the sounds of it. Lovely evening indeed. Have to admit that of the concert works the Coronation March was the least interesting but the performance was much more convincing than the one at the actual coronation and it would be good to get a decent recording of it. I very much enjoyed the Scottish overture even if the main melodic line sounded a bit like George Fenton’s main theme to The Memphis Belle. Was great to hear Corasik (rhymes with Jurassic!) live too. I managed a couple of photos at the end…
  7. Have to admit that this did seem a bit pointless (and I am very much a member of the tofu eating wokeratie…) as it could simply have been left for everyone to assume that he turned himself into a half dalek at some later date. Maybe he was crippled by his own invention so turns himself into one of them. Or something. It’s a bit of retconning but nothing worse than the usual for DW. Then it kinda “fixes” the “evil disabled person” issue and still works within what has been established beforehand. What’s perhaps more annoying is that it’s distracted from a fun 5 minute jokey DW snippet for a good cause (although don’t get me started on the rich people asking everyone else for money marathon that is Children in Need) that is otherwise rather jolly. God I didn’t realise how much I missed David Tenant.
  8. Family of Me and Heist are original for the film as far as I know. Aside from Rockin the Suburbs it also features Still from the Supersunnyspeedgraphic LP and is absolutely lovely (think it’s the same recording), a gorgeous ballad with some lovely string backing. There’s also a cover of Lost in the Supermarket which is fun. If you’re a big BF fan then probably worth it but if not then probably not essential…
  9. A rare soundtrack album I would get for the songs but as Ben Folds is one of my favourite singer/songwriters, I picked up Over the Hedge on the strength of his contributions alone. Family of Me is perhaps the best of the bunch, just a shame it’s not a bit longer to be fair! Rockin the Suburbs is a family reworking of the song from the album of the same name with an hilarious rant by William Shatner (in character) over the instrumental section. Rupert G-W’s score is a lot of fun albeit without an especially strong main theme. A good companion to his better score for Bee Movie.
  10. I have been working by way through a set of Arvo Pärt’s music and have to admit that for the most part it seems like aimless noodling. Especially the piano music. Some of the choral music I enjoyed (the Berliner Messe… appropriate for my trip to Berlin!) but was much less interesting than Kurt Weill’s Berliner Requiem. I know comparing things just because they have similar titles isn’t t really logical but it was a good excuse to listen to both!
  11. Have to admit that I found JNH’s The Light We Cannot See as underwhelming as most others here. Definitely far too much music but then not sure it was interesting enough to bother cutting it down. Maybe if someone else has a whittle I’ll use that… It did make me realise that almost every time a composer does one of those “I’m so excited to share my new score with you” promos that the results are decidedly underwhelming. It’s almost like a death nell for the score being any good. Kinda the opposite of what it might have been like in the 70s for example… “I wrote a fun little score for this space movie with goodies and baddies and laser swords. I hope you like it. It’ll definitely be a one off.”
  12. Could be worse. You could have clicked on this thread and forgotten why…
  13. I expect he’d think “well at least it doesn’t sound like one of mine for a change…” ;-) But yeah it’s a delightful score. Jerry’s is nice enough but definitely a minor effort.
  14. I demand that all future credits for JW’s music follow the Supergirl example for The Superman Poster with precise percentages for each composer’s contribution. Is that too much to ask?! 😜
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