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  1. Cheers. Annoyingly I can't find it for lossless download anywhere... may just plump for the CD.
  2. I have no idea how I got it but I'm glad for the two extra cues from the score as they round it out nicely, especially having the finale... just annoying they decided to put it into a single track. I did a bit of editing and split it into its constituent parts to insert in the correct place with the rest of the score. Not much into the songs either... no idea if it's worth anything though, sorry! Agents of SHIELD (Bear McCreary) - Surprised that no more music from this series has appeared since the first season as the existing album is great, probably more interesting than most of the recen
  3. I think I have mislaid by copy of the Big Picture, which I remember loving when it came out... seems to be essentially impossible to find now, not even as a digital download, alas. I generally enjoy the Kunzel albums, but the sound effects were always a pretty horrible intrusion. Fortunately I think they were generally on discreet tracks so are easy to programme out/delete from your iTunes library.
  4. The horn concerto (at least) is available for lossless download from chandos.
  5. Iron Will (Joel McNeely) - alright, the best bits are JMcN channelling JW (mostly Indy scores - although the riff on the Desert Chase from Raiders sticks out compared to the more light hearted stuff), but there's actually plenty of pretty decent original material here and it's such a fun score it's hard not to enjoy it. Given that it's a pretty under the radar Disney live action adventure, it gets a better score than a lot of A list Disney films these days. Glory & Hono(u)r (Bruce Broughton) - Fine Broughton adventure score, with a memorable main theme. Again, a film that I dou
  6. OK so this is a very old thread, but I couldn't find a David Shire thread, but if anyone is interested in his "other" job as a broadway composer, I highly recommend Making It Big: The Diary of a Broadway Musical about the writing of a 90s musical based on the well known Tom Hanks movie. The show was one of the biggest flops ever so there is a bit of hubris to reading it (albeit not from Shire's perspective).
  7. Hmm. Like The Thing perhaps? I’m sure there are lots of other scary scores that Morricone did that would give a good idea. Although I’m not sure what Nostromo is close to. Kinda hints of the Mission with the panpipes but only in a general sense. It’s more closer relative to Jerry’s score to Medicine Man to be honest.
  8. Nostromo (Ennio Morricone) - is there a more gorgeous Morricone/Edda dell’Orso theme than The Silver of the Mine?! Ok so there’s Once Upon a Time in the West at the least and several others in contention. But for my money this is the most beautiful. A gorgeous melody, wonderfully arranged, those little quirky outbursts from the orchestra only enhance (through the way it contrasts with) the enchanting beauty of the main melody. The rest of the score is no slouch, the Tropical Variation is another highlight. Not sure I’ve ever seen it as a top Morricone recommendation but it really ought to be.
  9. Expert no. But from what I recall... SPYS only appeared on the Goldsmith at Fox 6CD set and I think it’s a suite of only about 20 minutes of music so this should be quite a bit more. The Stripper came out on FSM but I assume the sound will be considerably improved. I’m in. And X-Men.
  10. The English cast recording is pretty great too, probably easier to get too!
  11. I’m surprised the LSO don’t charge for programmes. Every other classical or film music concert I’ve been to in London charges. And usually quite a bit. The ones for the live to picture presentations are daylight robbery. But I’m a sucker so I buy one anyway!
  12. http://www.bernardherrmann.org/events/2021-the-film-scores-of-bernard-herrmann I kinda wish I didn’t own them all so I could buy them all over again... but for those who don’t own them...
  13. Ditto. They say you shouldn’t meet your idols. They clearly never met Randy Newman.
  14. For sure but it’s the same contents as the original digital release. I have the cast and crew release which I think is complete but can’t remember the difference in length (away so can’t check my iTunes library!). Newman signed my copy of Toy Story 2. Twice. First time he wrote “dear Tom” then got distracted (think he starting ranting about Robert Goulet) and so I asked him later so he signed it twice. Lovely man.
  15. I think you are correct. Unfortunately. But I share your sentiments. I’d buy anything Randy Newman.
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