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  1. Here is another video from the Dennis McCarthy album on BSX Records "Tunes of Future Past". This particular piece is the theme written for a 1991 TV movie based on Danielle Steel's novel "Daddy" starring, Patrick Duffy and Kate Mulgrew. In this recording the composer performs a piece on the piano. We hope you enjoy it. The Entire album is available to stream on Spotify,Youtube Music and Amazon.
  2. Here is a brand new video from our recent album "tunes of future past" performed by the composer, Dennis Mccarthy.. This particular piece is the archer theme that Dennis composed for the TV series "Star Trek enterprise" and is arranged for solo piano and performed by the composure. We hope you enjoy it. The Entire album is available to stream on Spotify,Youtube Music and Amazon.
  3. BUYSOUNDTRAX.COM will be offering our customers a 30% DISCOUNT on all digital Albums,EPs and Singles placed with us between now and July 6 @ Midnight (Pacific Time), 2023. This includes titles by Jerry Goldsmith,Elmer Bernstein,Peter Bernstein,Les Baxter Lee Holdridge and many others Most all releases come with Digital booklets,Mp3 and 24 bit files Also all CITADEL RELEASES have been remastered for greatly improved sound over their original CD Releases! NEW DIGITAL ALBUMS (Click Here For Our Complete Digital Catalog) https://tinyurl.com/txvumhef Or you can scan this image with your phone to go right to the digital release catalog page QR Code here: Have Safe Holiday.
  4. The sale ends tonight @ Midnight (Pacific Time) Some pretty cool stuff is available for a very reasonable price.
  5. Click here to go to the digital release section Extended to Jan 3,2023
  6. New Horror Score from Composer Alan Howarth Click Here to order product and hear audio samples CD Includes Digital Download - 24 Bit Wav, MP3, Digital Booklet Dragon’s Domain Records presents BRUTAL, featuring music composed and performed by Alan Howarth for the 2012 horror film written by Michael Patrick Stevens, directed by Darla Rae and Michael Patrick Stevens, starring A. Michael Baldwin (PHANTASM), Reid Luttrell, Jamie McCall, Annie Molnar, Camryn Molnar, Jennifer Wilde and Michael Patrick Stevens as Brutal. Released in 2012, BRUTAL begins with Carl Gibson (Baldwin) waking up in a dingy basement, naked from the waist up and chained to a chair. The basement belongs to a stoical dungaree-wearing loner named Brutal. Subjected to a seemingly endless game of torture, Carl wonders if he will ever see his family again. BRUTAL is the writing, producing, directing and acting debut of Michael Patrick Stevens. The music for BRUTAL is composed by genre favorite Alan Howarth. Alan Howarth, in addition to being a composer, is an accomplished sound designer and editor, having worked on films such as STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE, POLTERGEIST, TOTAL RECALL, ARMY OF DARKNESS, BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA, STARGATE and many others. He has been a frequent music collaborator with John Carpenter on his films beginning with ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK in 1980 and including HALLOWEEN II & III, CHRISTINE, BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, THEY LIVE and PRINCE OF DARKNESS and Alan has scored many films on his own, including RETRIBUTION, HALLOWEEN 4 & 5, THE DENTIST, HEADLESS, BOO!, EVILUTION and most recently, HOUSE AT THE END OF THE DRIVE, SHINER and HOAX. Dragon’s Domain Records presents BRUTAL, featuring music composed and performed by Alan Howarth. The music has been mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland. BRUTAL is a limited edition release of 500 units and is expected to begin shipping the week of November 1st, 2022. The first 50 copies sold through our website will include an autograph by the composer. 1. Brutal Main Titles and Carl’s Family (5:17) 2. Sander (3:34) 3. Nail Gun (3:34) 4. Rock, Paper, Scissors (5:40) 5. Wheel Of Torture (2:33) 6. Potato Peeler (5:40) 7. Injection (3:02) 8. Hot Foot (6:14) 9. It’s Only a Game (5:07) 10. You Lose, You Die (5:55) 11. 16th Birthday (5:55) 12. 8 Months Later (3:51) 13. Can’t Live Without You (4:15) 14. Forgive Me (2:53) 15. Live With the Pain (5:15) Total Time: 69:21
  7. This new 2CD set is available to order from Buysoundtrax and Dragon’s Domain Click here to Listen to Audio Samples and go to the Product Page CD Includes Digital Download - 24 Bit Wav, MP3, Digital Booklet CD Comes with Digital Download: 24 Bit Wav/MP3/Digital Booklet Dragon’s Domain Records presents THE PETER BERNSTEIN COLLECTION, VOLUME 3 , featuring music composed by Peter Bernstein for two projects from his filmography, FIFTY/FIFTY and MIRACLES. Released in 1992, FIFTY/FIFTY tells the story of Jake (Peter Weller) and Sam (Robert Hays), two mercenaries who run into each other on Tengara, a remote South Seas island where a revolution seems to take place every other day. Recruited by the CIA to overthrow a power-mad dictator, they are tasked to raise an army. But the choices are few and the odds against them are high, until they meet Suleta (Ramona Rahman), a beautiful freedom fighter who helps them get started. FIFTY/FIFTY was directed by veteran actor Charles Martin Smith, who also co-stars as Martin Sprue, the CIA handler in charge of Jake and Sam. Filming was split between the island of Penang and the Central Malaysian state of Perak, according to the production notes. FIFTY/FIFTY is an orchestral score, recorded with an orchestra of 65 musicians. Bernstein’s music is based around a single primary theme, energized by propulsive brass attacks and powerful intonations of full orchestra. Released in 1986, MIRACLES tells the story of Jean (Teri Garr) and Roger (Tom Conti), a newly divorced couple who learn the hard way that when you are meant to be together, nothing can keep you apart. As the film continues, Jean and Roger keep running into each other, literally... A robbery gone wrong results in a police chase, with the robber crashing into Jean’s car and then Roger’s car, which happens to be nearby. The robber kidnaps both Jean and Roger and forces them to drive, leading to an elaborate madcap chase across international borders, multiple crazy situations and ultimately to Jean and Roger’s reunion. For MIRACLES, Peter Bernstein provides an appropriately exciting musical score for this wild comedic ride. Bernstein’s breathtaking score ranges from the exotic drums and synth of the opening jungle sequence to a richly arranged celebratory finale. The score was recorded at the old CTS Studios in Wembley, England, on the world’s first DSP digital mixing console and performed by members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The son of Academy Award winning film composer Elmer Bernstein (THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, GHOSTBUSTERS), Peter Bernstein grew up around recording stages, watching his father work and absorbing as much as he could. His musical education began with piano lessons. He eventually decided he wanted to be a bass player and studied bass with Carol Kaye, a member of the legendary ‘Wrecking Crew’ group of LA studio musicians. Around the same time, Peter was also studying with pioneering electronic music composer Morton Subotnick. He began his professional career as a rock n’ roll bass player at age 14 and worked in the record business as a touring bass player, band member, session player, arranger and record producer for the next 20 years. As time passed it became clear that there was going to be more opportunity for him as a composer and Peter began by working for other composers as an orchestrator and arranger. He orchestrated all or part of almost all of his father’s scores from 1974-1986, while still working in the rock n roll record business. Orchestration credits from the era include ANIMAL HOUSE, TRADING PLACES and GHOSTBUSTERS, as well as the scored portions of Michael Jackson’s THRILLER video. His credits as composer include HOT DOG… THE MOVIE, BOLERO, THE EWOK ADVENTURE, MY SCIENCE PROJECT, EWOKS: THE BATTLE FOR ENDOR, THE ALAMO: THIRTEEN DAYS TO GLORY, CANADIAN BACON and PUPPET MASTER VS DEMONIC TOYS. For television, his credits include 21 JUMP STREET, BOOKER, FALLEN ANGELS, CHICAGO HOPE, ROUGH RIDERS, MOWGLI: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THE JUNGLE BOOK and HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS: THE TV SHOW. Dragon’s Domain Records presents THE PETER BERNSTEIN COLLECTION, VOLUME 3, featuring music composed and produced by Peter Bernstein for FIFTY/FIFTY and MIRACLES, presented for the very first time on compact disc. The music has been mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland and the liner notes have been written by noted author Randall Larson, with the participation of the composer. THE PETER BERNSTEIN COLLECTION, VOLUME 3 is a limited edition release of 500 units. THE PETER BERNSTEIN COLLECTION, VOLUME 3 is expected to begin shipping the week of November 1st, 2022. Composer Peter Bernstein will sign the first 50 copies of THE PETER BERNSTEIN COLLECTION, VOLUME 3 sold through the website. FIFTY/FIFTY 1. Main Title/Escaping the Palace (3:39) 2. Training Montage/Village Attack (4:03) 3. Under Attack/Suleta's Sacrifice (4:39) 4. Tense Montage/Final Attack (4:09) 5. Liberation/End Title (3:09) MIRACLES 6. Opening Titles/The Sick Girl/The Big Storm (3:49) 7. Explosion and Power Outage at the Hospital/ Police Chase/The First Big Car Crash (3:30) 8. Juan Kidnaps Jean and Roger/Drive to Hideout/Police Surround the Hideout (3:15) 9. Race To The Airfield/Miraculous Events/Roger and Jean Catch A Moving Plane/The Takeoff/Roger Comforts Jean/Juan and Harry/Get Their Parachutes (5:22) 10. Uncontrolled Dive/Leveling Off/Skimming The Mountaintop/Avalanche/ Crash Landing/Stranded In The Desert/A Car/Federales At The Plane/ Roger and Jean Arrested (5:12) 11. Jean’s Story/Juan Rescues Jean and Roger/Federales Chase/Racing To The Boat/Pier Shootout With Federales (4:20) 12. Rekindled Romance On The High Seas/The Storm/Taking Roger To The Village/This Was A Miracle (4:07) 13. Villagers Walk To Church/The Operation And Recovery/Explosion/ The Second Big Car Crash/Reunited (4:40) 14. End Credits (3:12) 15. Acoustic Guitar Source (0:52) Total Time: 58:40
  8. This new 2CD set is available to order from Buysoundtrax and Dragon’s Domain Click here to Listen to Audio Samples and go to the Product Page CD Includes Digital Download - 24 Bit Wav, MP3, Digital Booklet Dragon’s Domain Records presents a new release of THE PIT & THE PENDULUM, to be distributed through Buysoundtrax.com. THE PIT & THE PENDULUM features music composed and conducted by Richard Band (RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND, GHOST WARRIOR, TROLL) for the 1991 version of the classic story written by Edgar Allan Poe, adapted by Dennis Paoli, directed by Stuart Gordon (RE-ANIMATOR) and starring Lance Henriksen. Stephen Lee, Rona De Ricci, Jonathan Fuller, William Norris, Mark Margolis, Frances Bay, Carolyn Purdy-Gordon, Jeffrey Combs and Oliver Reed. First published in 1842, Poe’s PENDULUM is a ghastly tale of torture and execution told by a forsaken narrator sentenced to death for heresy by the Spanish Inquisition. This adaptation follows a pair of young bakers drunk on love and brimming with marital bliss. While peddling loaves of bread in the town square, Maria (De Ricci) and Antonio (Fuller) are separated by an unruly mob while a battered woman is paraded into the square to be burned at the stake as a witch by the Spanish Inquisition. Maria and Antonio reunite only to be forced by church authorities to stand witness to the grotesque human barbecue unfolding before their eyes. The expression of Maria’s disgust and her pleas for Christian mercy at the feet of Grand Inquisitor Torquemada (Henriksen) convinces the over-zealous witch hunter to arrest, torture and prosecute Maria as a ward of Satan. THE PIT & THE PENDULUM was a continuation of the creative collaboration between director Stuart Gordon and Richard Band, which includes films such as RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND, CASTLE FREAK and episodes from the anthology series MASTERS OF HORROR. The one thing Gordon routinely offered Band was total creative independence. The director and composer would meet once or twice early in the scoring process so that Band could bounce initial ideas off his director; once those decisions were agreed upon, Gordon left his composer alone to do the job he was hired to do. As is the case with most low-cost films, the limited music budget guided Band’s compositional hand as much as its story elements. Calculated decisions were necessary to blend live orchestral and choir elements with supplemental electronic tracks to create the aural illusion of spending more on the score than was actually allocated. Richard Band was born in Los Angeles on December 28, 1953. He is the son of film producer-director-writer Albert Band (THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE – screen adaptation), brother to producer-distributor Charles Band and uncle to young rock star Alex Band of the rock group ‘The Calling’. Shortly after his brother Charles had formed his first movie company, Richard decided to take a break from music and began to work as an assistant director on some of his films. He then went from assistant director to production manager, to associate producer and finally producer on over 13 films. Richard has since gone on to score over 75 feature films and many television productions. Band has composed the music for more than 10 interactive computer/video games over the years and has had many soundtracks that have been released of his film works. He has also scored many documentaries including the award-winning series’ MOST DECORATED, BRUTE FORCE and WEAPONS OF WAR and has also contributed much music to other series’ like THE REAL WEST, CIVIL WAR JOURNALS and BIOGRAPHIES. His experience over the years has brought him to record over 22 film scores with internationally renowned orchestras such as THE ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, THE LONDON SYMPHONY and THE ROME PHILHARMONIC. He has also had his music recorded in Prague, Romania, Croatia and Munich. For this new presentation of Richard Band’s score for THE PIT & THE PENDULUM, the music is presented on two CDs, newly remixed from the master tapes courtesy of engineer Matt LaPoint, with liner notes written by author and composer Brian Satterwhite, with the participation of the composer. The first disc is a representation of Band’s complete score as featured in the movie. The second disc is a collection of various alternate tracks, most of them isolated synth tracks without their orchestral or choral counterparts. The inclusion of these rare isolated synth tracks gives the listener the most comprehensive plunge into one of Richard Band’s greatest and more gratifying film scores of his career. THE PIT & THE PENDULUM is a limited edition release of 500 units. THE PIT & THE PENDULUM is expected to begin shipping the week of November 7th, 2022. The first 50 copies ordered through the website will be autographed by the composer at no extra charge. CD 1 1. The Crypt / The Whipping Of The Corpse (2:26) 2. The Pit And The Pendulum Main Title (3:58) 3. The Chase And Onslaught (2:33) 4. Auto Da Fe (2:35) 5. The Arrest Of Maria / Maria Is Searched (2:48) 6. Torquemada's Flogging / Antonio Searches Dungeon (3;40) 7. Esmeralda's Meadow Of Peace (1:32) 8. Torquemada Takes Maria / Maria Is Shown Chamber (2:36) 9. Antonio Battles The Guards / The Pope's Envoy (6:12) 10. The Rape of Maria (6:00) 11. Esmeralda Comforts Maria (1:41) 12. Maria's Burial / Esmeralda's Curse (5:19) 13. The Pit And The Pendulum(8:45) 14. Hidden Action (5:06) 15. Gordon’s Shop (2:25) 16. Maria Rises From The Crypt (5:19) 17. Resurrection And Finale And End (5:52) Total Time CD 1: 68:47 CD 2 1. Auto Da Fe (2:36) 2. The Night Auto Da Fe / Esmeralda's Revenge (Album version) (2:36) 3. Antonio Battles The Guards (4:01) 4. Torquemada Cuts Out Maria's Tongue (2:23) 5. The Crypt / Main Title (No choir) (5:05) 6. The Chase And Onslaught / Auto Da Fe Again (4:51) 7. Esmeralda's Meadow Of Peace (1:32) 8. Antonio Battles The Guards (4:03) 9. The Rape of Maria (3:44) 10. Maria's Burial / Mendoza Sees Torquemada By Maria's Crypt (2:25) 11. The End of Torquemada (4:35) 12. Resurrection And Finale (3:08) 13. Main Theme from The Pit And The Pendulum (2:48) Total Time Part 2: 43:47 Total Running Time: 1:52:34
  9. ASMAC is sponsoring a ZOOM presentation this Saturday at 12pm Pacific. Topics will be the music that influenced Goldsmith's compositional style, as well as a deep dive into his use of harmony. Guests include Mike Matessino, Bruce Botnick, and Craig Huxley. @Dan Redfeld and Omni's @Timothy Rodier will further explore the thematic material found in the study score's analysis. This is one event you should not miss! The best part: it's free! Check out this link for more info about each panelist:\ https://asmac.org/index.php/calendar/parties/20220521-jerry-goldsmith-score-to-star-trek-the-motion-picture
  10. Click here to read the Variety Obit for Ken Wannberg by Jon Burlingame Goodbye Old Friend
  11. That's right 50% off all in stock items and if you get over $50.00 worth of items you get a free digitial download of the four titles listed above. Click here to go directly to the website: Buysoundtrax.com Have a Happy New Year!!!!!
  12. All titles are available in a number of audio formats including 24Bit with Digital Booklets LAST PLANE OUT - ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK BY DENNIS McCARTHY Click on this link for product information and audio samples: https://tinyurl.com/yc6rfa5b $8.95 Click on this link for product information and audio samples: https://tinyurl.com/mr7wx67p $8.95 Click on this link for product information and audio samples: https://tinyurl.com/2p9865e7 $8.95 Happy Holidays
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