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  1. Hey there. Sorry for not being more useful with tips for you guys planning your trip in Milan! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for me. I’ll try to give you some insights nonetheless in the coming days. I met with Jay today and I suggested a place for drinks and food after the concert which is a 5 minute walk from the venue: https://www.doppiomalto.co.uk/restaurants/milano-duomo/ It’s a very easygoing place that serves craft beers and burgers, but it’s big enough to get a large group. Let me know by tomorrow how many of you plans to join and I’ll try to reserve a table or two. It’s open until midnight. The concert should be over around 10.15pm, so I won’t reserve before 10.30pm
  2. I am flattered, but you guys overestimate my powers 😅 It’s indeed a shame that nothing is officially planned in terms of recordings, but always remember that these agreements are very complex to figure out and deals can go in a vacuum even at the last moment. It’s not something that can be arranged in a few days.
  3. Thank you everyone for the nice words. It was indeed a labor of love on my part and I am glad it comes through. I spent most of the last two months in company of the opus of these two men and it was indeed very rewarding putting it all together.
  4. I posted it already in the Legacy of JW thread, but perhaps some people might miss this: Hope you will enjoy this
  5. On the heels of the Milan events... Tune in today at 7pm CET / 1pm EST / 10am PST (available at any moment immediately afterwards)
  6. Nothing is planned at the moment, sorry to disappoint! We hope to discuss it in the first quarter of the year on a future episode
  7. There isn't any video or audio live streaming or recording planned, as far as I know.
  8. It's not greed. It's a mechanism that gives musicians the opportunity to give value to their work and get some safeguard for their pensions, especially because a lot of this music is constantly reused and repurposed in many forms. I know this seems unfair to soundtrack collectors, but it's a way that unions agreed upon to protect musicians, without whom those film scores we all so love wouldn't exist at all. These session musicians are normal people who work to pay mortgage, tuition for their kids and save some earnings for when they're retired, like all of us. Because film music, before being art that has to be made accessible to everyone, is work. Surely very beautiful and even a privileged one, but still work.
  9. Hey guys, the Filarmonica announced today that the dress rehearsal of John Williams' concert at Teatro alla Scala will be open to people under age of 30: https://www.filarmonica.it/eventi/prova-aperta-williams-11-dicembre-2022-teatro-alla-scala Sunday Dec 11 at 3.15pm Tickets starts selling tomorrow at 2pm CET on Vivaticket.it https://filarmonica.vivaticket.it/en/event/prova-aperta-john-williams/197108 Youngsters, it's your turn!
  10. If music is not enough and want to hear some first reactions blabber, there you go https://thelegacyofjohnwilliams.com/2022/11/11/the-fabelmans-first-listen
  11. That's the tally of original music in the film. "Mother and Son" sounds a lot like a concert/album arrangement to me, though.
  12. A little bit more than a minute. Then it melds with JW's own music and it's a delightful moment.
  13. I heard the whole thing and I can say it's not generic at all. It's restrained, but very heartfelt. There is a French-like character by the way of JW's own unique voice, so it's definitely not the usual generic and trite tinkly piano scoring that is plastered in most contemporary dramas for film and tv shows. Quite the opposite, it shows you can be very musical and profound by stripping it all down to a few instruments and using a restrained approach. The use of piano, harp and celeste is poignant. It's perhaps JW's most chamber-like score of his career, which makes a lot of sense as the film itself is a chamber piece.
  14. I got intel from good people Now, the film is still several months away so it's totally in the realm of possibilities that something may be tinkered further (this is how things work nowadays), even though from what I understood it looked like it was all said and done, at least score-wise.
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