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  1. Masters of the Universe: Revelation - Bear McCreary Yo, this rules! Such a fun soundtrack, with some pretty nice character themes too. It’s the first McCreary score that’s really done it for me in a couple of years, nice to have another one.
  2. Adding a new wing to my house just for it!
  3. It's hardly a botch on the level of, say, Intrada's Mummy at least.
  4. Well my #1 all-time favorite Mario soundtrack remains 3D World, but I thought Odyssey had excellent highlights. I've yet to hear a Mario soundtrack I don't enjoy in some capacity (very much including the New games in that). Besides, Kondo himself had some of the best cues in Odyssey.
  5. Yes me too! Still waiting on a 4k blu for Lincoln as well.
  6. The attempt on Bespin's account has left him.....scarred..... and deformed
  7. I get that feeling too! I'm pretty sure that Mario Maker was the first introduction but not 100%.
  8. Jesus, next year is 25 years since 1997???? *existential panic enters the chat*
  9. Don't you remember? After the Marriner recording, human society agreed to destroy all other existing recordings and never record the piece again. Why mess with perfection!
  10. I remembered that he created new music for the game but I couldn't remember if he had done all the new music needed, so I just used a generic pronoun. Honestly, this new melody is so good in my head I had remembered it being the original SMB3 airship melody and had to revisit that soundtrack to remember how the original went.
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