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  1. 그는 더 많은 것을 할 수 있었다
  2. Anyone ever heard of this Swiss composer, René Gerber? This concerto for two pianos is really fun. Easy to listen to, with jazzy inflections, but not dumbed down. Me likey!
  3. It's the end of Shrovetide! Listen to Petrushka! https://open.spotify.com/album/3UujHbNxn4L2rScbLGcVyE
  4. Obviously the best cinematic adaptation of Emma is Clueless from 1995.
  5. As someone squarely in this category, I can tell you this show was made pretty much only for existing super-fans of the Berman era (1987-2005) Star Trek shows. And I can tell you that thus far Picard is a big hit with that fan group, a group that's been ignored since the JJ/Kurtzman era began, so there's not even a smidgen of a chance it gets cancelled. They'll keep making it as long as Patrick Stewart is up for it.
  6. Isn't this just good old fashioned payola? Does no one remember that it was once a big scandal that record labels were paying radio stations for airtime?
  7. There's a new recording out today of Copland's Billy the Kid suite by Noseda with the National Symphony Orchestra (the same orchestra I saw perform Copland's 3rd last year!). Did the world need a 1,000th recording of Billy (let alone a 100,000th recording of the New World symphony)? Maybe not, but that doesn't mean it isn't still a masterpiece! On the off-chance anyone reading this hasn't listened to the whole thing, do yourself a favor and listen to a fine performance of Billy the Kid, one of the great pieces of music, period. https://open.spotify.com/album/6UBMfeaVd2CnqugDdLem3M
  8. Also, if anyone doesn't hear the similarity between the two clips I posted, maybe you don't hear music?
  9. Hey, that's just a longer, more intelligent version of what I said. How dare you!
  10. No it's just Powell repeating himself, which to be fair he does a lot. You kinda have to just get used to it if you wanna be a Powell fan.
  11. I'm enjoying the OST, but it really is just a *wee* bit too close to Evolution for comfort on first listen. I might not mind as much if Evolution wasn't already one of my all-time favorite Powell scores. But the instrumentation and orchestration for COTW are really enjoyable to listen to. I often enjoy Powell more in his small-to-mid-scale mode than his grand epic mode. Compare 0:56 -1:06 here To 0:29 - 0:39 here
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