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  1. Oh and despite what Thor says, La La Land is deeply deeply unhipster. It’s very sincere and lame and no hipster would be caught dead liking it. Refn’s Drive with Gosling is definitively the ultimate hipster movie
  2. I’m deeply sorry that La La Land caused you all such pain. No one can take that memory away but with time we can all heal together
  3. Because every now and then you have to zig when Stu expects you to zag! Keeps me on my toes
  4. Beats me. My wife and I left the theater practically walking on air we loved it so much. It's a very lightweight movie, which I don't say as a criticism, but it does perplex me how it could inspire hatred. Oh yeah and it's definitely not a Holko movie.
  5. It’s crazy how polarizing La La Land is. I for one think it’s fantastic. Certainly better than Moonlight, an utter mediocrity.
  6. To be fair, "Epilogue" is underscore and not a theme suite where Hurwitz was free to arrange as he wanted.
  7. I opted to fight roots and built a plot directly in the ground. Just two short rows though, one for the cucumbers and one for the tomatoes. I'm already devising strategies to fight off the squirrels once the tomato fruits start growing in. They're famous for eating tomatoes off the vine around here.
  8. A brilliant red Barchetta from a better vanished time
  9. I made the C&C edit last night and listened this morning and personally I think it's a big improvement on the OST assembly. A fine score!
  10. Chen's unrelenting yearslong "well actually" campaign against Lucas is pretty cringe.
  11. Nice. My dad keeps chickens and has more than enough eggs to give away that I don't need to keep chickens thankfully.
  12. Watching with my morning coffee. Later on gonna prepare a plot to plant my cucumber and tomato seedlings that I started in an egg carton. This is actually my first time trying a small vegetable garden on my own. Any other JWFans have much experience with growing vegetables?
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