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  1. David Newman's great underrated score for Operation Dumbo Drop that Intrada put out a couple years back is now streaming. I highly recommend this! (just FYI, the second track "Chopper Ride" is a bit of tonal whiplash and I'm pretty sure wasn't even used in the film. Don't let it trip you up if you decided to give this soundtrack a try) https://open.spotify.com/album/2Bhz8pj9thfpeBlkFC6fHO
  2. I have made the official and inarguable decision that "Solid Men to the Front" is the best lesser known Sousa march. Every strain is a winner.
  3. I'm starting to try and teach myself music theory fundamentals in a systematic way. As I'm starting (using a textbook on archive.org), it goes back and forth between reviewing what I already know from over the years and filling in the gaps between. Without the time limits of an actual course, it's nice to spend as much time as I want on a chapter/concept. Anyway, in going over beat and meter I'm taking music pieces I already love, following along with the score, and practicing counting out the meter aloud. This odd metered section of Appalachian Spring that goes back and forth between 2/4 and 5/8 was really fun to figure out how to count out loud along to "1 and 2 and / 1 and a 2 and / 1 and 2 and / 1 and a 2 and / 1 and 2 and / 1 and a 2 and / 1 and a 2 and / 1 and a 2 and" etc. 13:16 - 13:46
  4. I've been really into Carl Vine's String Quartet No. 3 for the past day or so. The middle slow section is so gorgeous. I love how the solo instrument leading the melody moves from the cello to the viola to 2nd violin back to viola over the course of the movement. And the finale is absolutely righteously infernal. The whole thing plays like some mythical battle between Heaven and Hell. Really cool piece. I suggest listening and following along with the online perusal score here: https://www.fabermusic.com/music/string-quartet-no-3-2467/score
  5. This photo of Leonard Bernstein and Aaron Copland is I’m pretty sure newly released. How sweet.
  6. BrotherSound's brainfart became my brainfart! I don't really listen to the FYC much. The OST is a perfect album.
  7. For me, "Lee's Departure" is the highlight of what's on the FYC and not available elsewhere.
  8. Without a doubt this is the finest original composition for brass quintet I’ve heard. I’ve been meaning to dig into Malcolm Arnold’s oeuvre more seriously for years, maybe now is the time.
  9. Obviously I want Gorannsson to win, but Britell is doing good work on Succession.
  10. I'm so happy someone did a score video for Copland's monumental "Piano Fantasy." I would've gotten to it eventually!
  11. Amistad is the one I want the most out of all them.
  12. The theme in AI that most reminds me of the concerto section I highlighted above is probably the "Mecha Motif" (as named by Inky) heard prominently in the opening act of the film.
  13. War Requiem is probably his masterpiece yes. But I prefer Britten in his more playful and colorful mode generally.
  14. Here's the concert they're pulling Mark O'Connor from. May 11 1992, 5 days before the Bonnie Raitt concert. https://archive.org/details/bostonpopsorches1992bost/page/n58/mode/2up
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