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  1. Don’t they know these are space popcorns for movie kids?
  2. Salt/pepper thing, grill thing, lemon thing
  3. So last Saturday the 16th, I decided to return to Paper Mario: Color Splash ahead of Origami King. Picking up where I left off on my old save, I beat the game today! First thing, it was surprisingly pleasant and nostalgic to return to the Wii U. That Gamepad is still so comfortable to hold and use, really nice hardware even if the setup is somewhat over complicated. As for the game, what’s frustrating is that I think it’s a really awesome game outside of the annoying battle system. The presentation and writing are just top-notch. The visual presentation is overflowing with charm and humor. The character designs and animation especially are the game’s best feature. I had a really great time going through the rest of the game with my almost-6-yo daughter. It’s hard to recommend but I’m pretty happy that I saw it through to the end.
  4. I don’t think it’s my favorite of his overtly American scores like you, but it certainly is a wonderful listen. It’s music that makes me feel good.
  5. Mstrox bent the very fabric of our reality to the breaking point, all for a questionable bit. Thank goodness the brave forum software stopped him or who knows what unforeseen calamities might have been brought upon our space-time plane.
  6. Seems like it should have been the plot of the first movie titled Jurassic World
  7. It also has my favorite emotional/character story of all his movies. Personally, I have no problem with a well-executed "love conquers all" story.
  8. Dunkirk was such a waste of time. I think he could have made a good movie that was experimental with its story construction (the time jumping) that had a focus on connecting with the characters, or he could have made a good movie that was straightforward in its editing that kept the characters at a distance. But he made a bad movie that was experimental in its construction and kept characters at a distance.
  9. I don't really have any objections to people loving his movies, he's obviously a talented craftsman and artist. Just not for me.
  10. Most of my favorite filmmakers (Coens and Wes Anderson more recently, Lubitsch and Capra from way back) consistently make movies that are under 2 hours, often well under. There's something to be said for brevity.
  11. I've never liked one of his movies completely, although Interstellar came closest. For me, his movies are hollow constructions. Nolan's just never connected with me.
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