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  1. I reckon Shawshank is pretty much flawless
  2. Sure but it's not like a real choir would fit the scene any better, it's an ominous motif either way. Speaking of the score purely as a musical experience, disregarding the film context completely, I certainly prefer the score ending this way to the film version of the cue.
  3. Being a tad facetious with the "1997 feel" comment, but I really do love the specific feel given to that motif by the synth choir. Adds a feeling of mystery that wouldn't be the same with a real choir. I've also just always had a weird attraction to synthesized voices in general, they always make my ears go 'oh that's interesting'.
  4. Oh man, the synth choir is one of the things I love *best* about the cue! Really adds to that great 1997 feel.
  5. For no reason (other than that it's amazing) I just listened to "Tranquilizer Dart" like 5 times in a row
  6. I've mostly liked what I've seen in terms of differences from previous releases (although in terms of color grading, the original EE DVDs still look best). Still planning on buying the beefier releases slated for later this year.
  7. Oh I thought we were talking Radcliffe. Radcliffe may have a creepy nose but at least he's not a ginger!
  8. I'm sure these were decisions made by completely different groups of people with no consultation or consideration of what the others were doing.
  9. Seeing Me and You and Everyone We Know years back is how I know to skip any movie she makes. Not remotely my cuppa tea. Yes this is how her movies are. I've had people recommend her movies to me because they know I like Wes Anderson and I just can't begin to explain how different they are. If I'm feeling snarky, I'd explain that one is hipster bullshit and the other is good hipster bullshit
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