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  1. god damnit. Don't mind balfe, but was looking forward to Desplat.
  2. Wonder why they put this on 2 discs? Ordered this. Incredible score.
  3. Alice/Wolfman was a fantastic combo in 2010, but not much has gotten my attention since.
  4. I wasn't a huge fan of the star wars/luke theme being played during the space battle where all the spaceships come to save the day. I can't imagine that was williams decision.
  5. oh man the Rey training music was brilliant, as was the unreleased action music at the end. I love the Knights of Ren music that played over the scene of them atop of the desert. Not one wasted note in this score, I agree with you @Jay, never a score I've clicked with as much as this one. It's painful to know there's 3+ hours recorded.
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