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  1. Thanks for this, @chrissiddall! Can't wait to get it!
  2. oh sweet!! I ordered it! Thank you for the heads up! I regret not getting Willow from Omni.
  3. Just heard from Intrada, @Colonial Marinewas right!! ”The film take of The Great Migration is the same take as the MCA album, however for that short horn section, James Horner did manually splice in a few seconds from a different take for the album. That is kind of unusual for James, as he generally preferred using single takes. We kept the film take; I don't know if that was the right choice or not.”
  4. Watched the movie this morning to get more familiar with score ahead of the release. Looking forward to this one!!
  5. Turned the movie on, horn is like the original album. Definitely something off on this release.
  6. I'm glad someone else noticed The Great Migration. I know the old album too well, and immediately it felt different. Booklet says masters are directly from 3 track stereo film mixes, recorded at 16/48. Guess no analog. I'm wondering if The Great Migration film take is different than the album take? that would explain it. And again this release is great, so not a criticism as much as an observation.
  7. Album sounds great, obviously the dynamic range isn’t as insane as the original release. But very warm and detailed. New tracks are great to finally have, love the motif for Spike. Such a great score. Something about The Great Migration still seems off.
  8. Is The Great Migration the correct take? Instrumentation and tempo in some spots feels different. Big horn solo at the beginning not nearly as prominent either.
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