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  1. I didn't expect to like this more than Dune, but here we are. Wow.
  2. I listened with head phone and even the first track seems to be cut strange from the beginning, it appears the sound kicks in when the chorus is mid-breath before their first note. No silence beforehand.
  3. The mastering sounds off to me too, the instrumental cues seem to be louder. Vocals in the songs seem dialed down and they carry a fair amount of somewhat distracting echo. But maybe it's just me. ::shrug::
  4. indeed, sometimes its Cruise or Costner making sure they look good.
  5. Good LORD. The difference in the clarity of the strings alone is absolutely revelatory.
  6. Mail in general has been awful. I used to get Tuesday Intrada releases east coast by Thursday, now they come Saturday and LLL takes about a week
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