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  1. Didn't Kunzel record it for one of his movie compilations?
  2. Agreed, definitely altered the program once I ripped it to my digital library.
  3. I’m glad “Why Me” is on there, that is such a great unreleased song.
  4. The more time passes, the less I have any feeling one way or another with the 3 sequels.
  5. @Jaywas right, those Journey to the Island transitions are really good in the film version
  6. I just want to hear his new Hocus Pocus score!
  7. Agreed, he should divert some pun creation time to developing memorable thematic ideas instead.
  8. You know it’s a spoiled group when so many have gone from pining for a title for decades to “THIS SHIT AGAIN??” What should the labels do, never release a title until the ultimate mega definite best no chance it can be better first gen elements are available? regulars on a JW forum, complaining when a JW release is either 1) improved when available or 2) reissued for others to enjoy that missed out the first time. Wild. ::shrug::
  9. Not me, not with a score like Jurassic. make it better? I'm in.
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