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  1. I finally did get a reply, and the CD has been sent. I'm sure it will be worth the wait.
  2. Nearly two more weeks later and still nothing. I filed a case with PayPal.
  3. Fair enough. There's no excuse for emails not being answered, though; it's been two weeks and I still can't get anyone to answer a very simple question.
  4. The delay in STII discs puts delivery for me in question thanks to moving at the end of the month, and I can't get anyone at La-La Land to respond to my emails about changing my mailing address. I sent one ten days ago and another Friday; nothing.
  5. 11. 12 if you count ESPN+, for which I have no use but is bundled.
  6. Or, they could get the release right and avoid it being an issue. This problem should not be put on people who simply want to be given a non-defective product, which is implied in the purchase.
  7. I've never met him, and do not need to. He's got better things to do than meet people like me! Plus, I know him via his work. Good enough.
  8. I speak only English, and trust me, what you were saying was not even vaguely hard to understand.
  9. Unless it's something I don't really care about (The Time Tunnel, for example), these things are always day one orders for me. I ain't never gettin' burned again unless it's literally unavoidable.
  10. I found a copy of this CD in a used record store circa 1997. It was one of the first obscure Williams scores I ever heard, meaning it was one of the first times I understood just how deep his roster is. I have loved this score ever since, so this release is pretty damn exciting to me.
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