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  1. As odd an idea as it may seem, I think a pretty persuasive case is made in the liner notes for Goodbye Mr. Chips that that one is where Williams truly leveled up into being John Williams.
  2. I love Lonesome Dove and would happily buy a complete score.
  3. That the film show evidence of having been directed somebody who cared that John Williams scored it.
  4. Daddy-O to Land of the Giants Heidi to The Eiger Sanction Jaws to SpaceCamp The Witches of Eastwick to Schindler's List Sabrina to Munich Crystal Skull to present
  5. If it's worth it to you to have them, then absolutely. I love those, personally.
  6. Any unreleased (or badly-in-need-of-expansion) Williams scores, naturally, but I'm also a huge James Bond fan and a huger Stephen King fan, so anything from those sides of the street are always going to get me open up the wallet. Beyond that, probably my biggest one would Conan the Destroyer in complete form. I'll almost certainly jump on Willow when and if that gets announced, too.
  7. Makes sense to me. Most hobbies are habit-based, and if the habit isn't being fed, there's always a danger of it getting replaced by something else. I rarely buy scores these days unless they are Williams, or some holy grail that gets released. Not many of those left.
  8. I don't think I like the Jason Takes Manhattan score quite enough to actually buy it, but I'm glad it's coming out and I hope it sells well.
  9. You are a prick. Worked out pretty well as is, but Williams would have done something great too, I bet.
  10. I adore the main theme, I just don't need to hear it that many times. I've always wondered if there's more to the score that is unreleased and would make me reassess it.
  11. Presumed Innocent came to mind for me before I even saw the poll options.
  12. I might be misremembering, but didn't he say that he writes something almost every day? If so, then this question answers itself.
  13. The premise of this thread is stupid, and the title of it is clickbait-type bullshit. Shostakovich might theoretically have been the best composer ever to score a movie; he was definitively NOT the greatest film composer. He wouldn't even crack the top 25.
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