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  1. Nemesis isn't a bad movie, but it is a relentlessly mediocre one; it's no wonder it helped nearly destroy the franchise. The Rise of Skywalker is an abomination. So much so that even though I know better, I voted Goldsmith over Williams on this one, because fuck that movie right into the ground.
  2. I still hate it. It sucked for three seasons and they somehow managed to make it worse for the final four.
  3. Good episode; seems like it's going to be a good series. Too bad they couldn't be bothered to get some good theme music for it. Whose ass did Jeff Russo eat to continue to get these jobs, as mediocre as his work is?
  4. 1. Star Wars 2. The Empire Strikes Back 3. Return of the Jedi 4. The Phantom Menace 5. The Force Awakens 6. Attack of the Clones 7. Revenge of the Sith 8. The Last Jedi 9. The Rise of Skywalker
  5. I'm not sure it doesn't also wreck the original trilogy AND the prequel trilogy from the fabled certain point of view. After all, Palpatine's "plan" in this movie is so cartoonishly lame that I'm afraid it will make me look at him in a different light the next time I watch the first six movies. And if I do, it won't be in a good light. Fuck, man, I think this movie ruined all Star Wars for me. Now I know what people who hardcore loathed The Last Jedi felt like; I still disagree with them, but I've suddenly got a new empathy for them.
  6. If Abrams was planning that Palpatine twist all along, but chose not to reveal it to the employers who had staked unbelievable amounts of money on this new trilogy of films, then he should never be employed in Hollywood again. In what universe would a "strategy" like that make sense of either a financial or an artistic variety? Especially since he was planning not to come back for the third film? Then too, there's this: Love The Last Jedi, hate The Last Jedi, or fall somewhere inbetween, that movie took the notion of Rey being anything but a "nobody" off the table. It is incredible to me that Lucasfilm allowed Abrams to do what he did in The Rise of Skywalker, and it is incredible to me that Disney allowed Lucasfilm to allow it. I loved both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, and now the trilogy has come to such a limp conclusion that I'm pretty sure I will avoid all three movies and just pretend none of this mess ever happened. Except for the scores, of course.
  7. Got another one for my ignore list, looks like.
  8. Indiana Jones 5 is never happening, at least not with Spielberg, Ford, or Williams. Williams might keep scoring Spielberg's stuff for a while, but I kind of wonder if even that is going to happen. So my suspicion is that we get one, maybe two more scores, a handful of concert pieces, and nothing much else. Naturally, I hope for a dozen more scores, three handfuls of concert pieces, and an autobiography. That'd be cool.
  9. Amazingly, I find myself voting LotR on both. And that doesn't diminish how much I love the (first) Star Wars trilogy or its music; that's just how great Jackson/Shore's accomplishments are. Now, if you expand this conversation to include all nine Star Warses and all six Middle Earths, it becomes a somewhat different story. I'd probably then lean Star Wars on movies, and would definitely lean Star Wars on music. Those scores for The Hobbitses are very good, but that's as far as I'd go with them.
  10. Not even a competition. Endgame by ten miles. Rise of Skywalker is complete garbage, which depresses me mightily to say.
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