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  1. If charging $12 more for a collection of great music like this makes it more likely to happen with some other collection of great music, they can have my $12.
  2. It's all about how the instrument is used; I don't have anything on a do-not-fly list. But if the music is bad, I don't want to hear any of them.
  3. I don't exactly find it taxing to have to listen to any of this more than once.
  4. Possibly related to that, I'm pretty sure I have more of this board's users on ignore than ones I don't.
  5. Track 21 is 3:14 whereas track 1 is 3:10. Beyond that, nope, sure can't.
  6. Got my copy and listened to it. Thoroughly enjoyed it; that's a terrific Williams score, is what that is. I already knew that, but this new release really caused the fact to sink in for me.
  7. This has never been one of my favorite Williams scores -- the main theme is an A+, but beyond that I couldn't get my arms around it. Even so, I'm looking forward to having the best possible version of the score, and ordered this the minute I found out about it.
  8. A no-brainer purchase even though I've got the previous reissue.
  9. With Williams, even the deep cuts can be pure gold. And often are.
  10. I can readily understand why someone would opt not to collect John Williams. I cannot understand why anyone who opted to not collect John Williams to at least some degree would then take the time to register a user account on JWFan.
  11. I mean ... what is there to explain? I don't know what need there would even be to explain beyond gesturing at it wordlessly with a look of confusion on one's face at being asked to explain.
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