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  1. What a disappointing season. You get the chance to make a new show starring Patrick Stewart, and THIS is what you come up with? You ain't got no business making things. And by "you" I refer to Akiva Goldsman, who should never be allowed near a film production of any sort.
  2. I'd rather watch either of those episodes than most hours of Discovery or Picard.
  3. All of this makes classic-era Trek seem more miraculous to me. The degradation of his approach began even before Roddenberry died, and it's seemingly almost all the way gone in the modern era. Who will give half a crap about Discovery in thirty years? Nobody. And nobody is going to care about Picard, either, except maybe as a footnote to TNG. On their own merits -- "merits" -- these shows are bland, uninteresting, philosophically bankrupt exercises in IP utilization, and that's about all they are.
  4. I watched TNG from literally the moment it began airing, and this show barely works for me at all. Whatever they're making, they're not making Star Trek, at least not as I think of it.
  5. Not only does it have the profanity, it's got Saw-level graphic violence right at the beginning. Star Trek -- ACTUAL Star Trek, I mean, as opposed to bullshit with a "Star Trek" in the title somewhere -- is apparently dead.
  6. Where can I go to vote "yes" on this? Preferably before the Section 31 show happens?
  7. Nemesis isn't a bad movie, but it is a relentlessly mediocre one; it's no wonder it helped nearly destroy the franchise. The Rise of Skywalker is an abomination. So much so that even though I know better, I voted Goldsmith over Williams on this one, because fuck that movie right into the ground.
  8. I still hate it. It sucked for three seasons and they somehow managed to make it worse for the final four.
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