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  1. I adore the main theme, I just don't need to hear it that many times. I've always wondered if there's more to the score that is unreleased and would make me reassess it.
  2. Presumed Innocent came to mind for me before I even saw the poll options.
  3. I might be misremembering, but didn't he say that he writes something almost every day? If so, then this question answers itself.
  4. The premise of this thread is stupid, and the title of it is clickbait-type bullshit. Shostakovich might theoretically have been the best composer ever to score a movie; he was definitively NOT the greatest film composer. He wouldn't even crack the top 25.
  5. I got it long ago; not long after posting that, if I recall correctly.
  6. Well, that's going to be well worth watching. Many thanks for sharing it!
  7. Two tracks (19 and 20 on disc one) ripped with glitches the first time, but the CD was not scratched and plays fine. The second time I ripped the disc, both tracks were fine.
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