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  1. Why hasn’t Williams conducted the LSO at RAH in recent years, especially after 2018 illness, plus Berlin/Vienna/Milan. You’d think it was an obvious fit - just innocently wondering why not (yet?).
  2. I don’t think honorary recipients visit the Palace? Delighted if I’ve remembered that wrongly. Either way, this is terrific news if this gets confirmed. As others have said, even though not technically correct - Arise, Sir Johnny!
  3. Terrific ROTJ concert at the Albert Hall last night; sat front row so the LSO cellos were literally ten feet from me! My friend and I wondered: what is keeping Williams himself from the Albert Hall / LSO? In any case, a treat, as we hope for Milan tickets.
  4. And with JWFan members literally in the photo! (me included!)
  5. Exactly - loved exploring Vienna and Berlin’s history while there. Hope same in Milan!
  6. Absolutely hilarious find - he is right!
  7. Definitely! Made several friends at Vienna and Berlin from the forum meet-ups!
  8. Anyone got any intel if there will be tickets for non members?
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