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  1. Suppose the only way to purchase this set now is Discogs/eBay at whatever price?
  2. I was lucky enough to have been in Vienna and London, and if I could separate the fact John was right in front of me, I preferred the setlist and performance in London!
  3. Yeah similar; I have Far & Away (and the back in stock Home Alone) from LLL somewhere over the Atlantic for the last month, and no doubt the same for The River. So they’ll be great summer treats for us!
  4. Exactly this! Either submit to the postage, or pay the big bucks on eBay / Discogs down the line...
  5. Agreed with these; I find Tintin and BFG more impactful as time passes.
  6. This is quite true. I bought Titanic at a charity shop here in South London for a mere £1 this weekend!
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