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  1. Fantastic, a gap in the collection. Immediate buy!
  2. Fantastic! Gap in the collection for the longest time.
  3. Don’t suppose you Jay, or anyone knows anything further?
  4. You’re not alone. My friend and I debated that very topic in Vienna.
  5. I read that as “I wonder if he’ll perform AS Obi-Wan at this show”!
  6. That wasn’t played in London? https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/dirk-brosse/2018/royal-albert-hall-london-england-1b961908.html
  7. I would love to see you again and have a drink after a RAH show! If you are ever over for one please let me know! (And that’s a great story!)
  8. May the same force be with them! (RAH 4 miles from my house instead of these glamorous trips to Vienna and Berlin!)
  9. Finishing the weekend now in the hotel bar. This European tour has been a dream. Please, Milan in the autumn?
  10. https://www.gasthauspöschl.com Recommended! And you were mentioned actually in the Musikverein yesterday! We sat very close to where your family sat and I mentioned that to my friend.
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