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  1. Mine (from the 21 August second batch) apparently is out for delivery here in London!
  2. Wow, stunning response - no wonder it went quick. And 70 (5%!) confirmed going to the fine folk here at JWFan (well, at least according to the poll respondents on the first page of this thread).
  3. ^ think that was discussed a while ago in the Dial of Destiny (no spoilers) thread a while back, before the recent second and third sales!
  4. Order status if tracked says: Ships on or about: 08/30/2023 Status: In Progress
  5. Thank you brother - how funny as you and I were just joking offline that your copy and your father’s was worth $5K each! 🤣
  6. Interesting notes: “Sorry, we're temporarily out of this item. We'll ship it as soon as it's restocked. PLEASE NOTE: LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE. In order for everyone to enjoy the magic, this item is limited to 1 per customer”.
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