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  1. I couldn’t get through on the Knebworth ticket lines back in the day, Spent 25 years regretting not just showing up and touting it! #TeamAmusedToDeath
  2. Yes, it’s on UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B09KN4JRX8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_0PCM3PT6TKDD20WRZ470
  3. Precisely. It’s like seeing The Stones; 95% of the audience wants Satisfaction and Start Me Up, and only 5% want the 80s b-sides. In fact, maybe 5 people TOTAL want the 80s b-sides!
  4. Must have been magical to have seen Williams under candlelight before the advent of electricity!! ☺️😉
  5. Thank goodness Williams didn’t wear a blue tie on one night, and grey the next!
  6. Really enjoying this score for the first time; one of the joys of this hobby / forum is discovering such deeper cuts!
  7. Dammit, that’s a gaping flub in the turtleneck/chattiness matrix!
  8. Fantastic! Let’s hope we are lucky. And we have a local in our brother @Hugowhom I met in the Berlin hotel - he knows the Milan area well!
  9. I wore my black turtleneck on Thursday and Saturday so no wonder he was chatty after he glanced over at A-Rechts row 11!
  10. Yes. He ran down the front row wielding his pen and programme just as Williams was walking off before the first encore. Williams kind of waved him away, then security removed him.
  11. Thank you for having us all. I spent the days seeing the famous sights - Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie, East Side Gallery, Brandenburg Gate - places I’ve known all my life, with momentous events happening there IN my life. A humbling experience indeed. And dare I say - a counterpoint to the enormous goodwill and joy in the Philharmonie and Lindenbräu in the evenings! A momentous trip.
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