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  1. Brill, anyone know in the U.K. how to buy that single issue (online)?
  2. Firstly, thanks @Jay for doing all this in your free time - it's so appreciated. Thank you. Okay! So on JWFan100 the thread is as 'wide' as I can get the threads (see pic) - and probably +30% the width of the JWDefault version on my 2304 x 1440 laptop. This is with the Safari browser with only a thin border around the desktop i.e. pretty much maximised. Shrinking the browser size the sidebar moves under the first post at about two thirds of that 'maximised size'. I wouldn't use that as I like the bigger browser size. So overall an improvement and it's now definitely
  3. OK, if you do ever decide to make that change I for one would be really appreciative. Thanks either way for all you do!
  4. OK, we're onto something here. I'm using a MacBook laptop at 2304 x 1440 and anything like full screen size (where the browser uses most of the available space on the desktop), the sidebar is on the right and looks like this the attached. Only if I make my browser (Safari) really small (like two thirds of the screen, with lots of the desktop showing) does the side bar move to under the first post of the page. I don't suppose there's any way to 'force' that sidebar to always render under first post, meaning I can use the full horizontal width? I really appreciate it.
  5. I'm really sorry to dwell on this - will the desktop format be staying with the really horizontally thin threads? (i.e. all the grey space to the right of the threads caused by the 'Replies/Created/Last Reply' box)?
  6. Thanks to @Jay and others for the update! Question on the desktop sidebar (Replies/Created/Last Reply etc) - is there any way for users to turn that off? Only asking as it makes the actual posts in each thread horizontally very thin especially with lots of dead space on the right half of the screen after you scroll past it?
  7. Ah JS, I bought mine 'normally' - they were also on sale for the usual $60 without the offer just by going to the product page. Which ones did you buy to make up the $200?
  8. Bought this set during the recent sudden finding of 13 sets (thank you @Jay for pointing that out!) - a total grail for me having been late to JW expanded releases and the world of Varese, Intrada and LLL at the end of 2018. Lots of catching up to do and thank goodness for some more disposable income as we can't go on overseas holidays etc. Anyway it arrived, and I read through every page of this thread (45 pages, blame that on having to stay in all the time) and I confess I laughed so much when you all discovered the 'no teeth' booklet!
  9. Certain purchase - don’t have the OST so a lovely gap filled.
  10. I hold Yuzo Koshiro’s Streets of Rage stuff very dearly, And Rob Hubbard’s stuff for EA in the early 1990s.
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