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  1. Agreed with these; I find Tintin and BFG more impactful as time passes.
  2. This is quite true. I bought Titanic at a charity shop here in South London for a mere £1 this weekend!
  3. Just under an hour from South West to East London via bus/tube/bus, four days a week (WFH on the fifth). Podcasts 75% of the time, and music the rest. Williams is my go to for deck writing or other such!
  4. Sorry to bump, anyone know anywhere there might be a copy not for $100?
  5. I also got badly sick after the concert - are our nervous constitutions that frail?!
  6. Come on Martin, as I affectionately told you at Gmoakeller, we’ll do it all again at the Royal Albert Hall now JW has realised what he can do!
  7. Whether he liked or not, surely that was Hamill’s performance of a career!
  8. To be fair, Jimmy Mac is a long time and popular Star Wars podcaster whose idea was Oxygen - and got a lot of Star Wars (and not music) fans listening to podcasts about soundtrack analysis! He might seem very banal to people to people on film composer message boards but that’s maybe not really the point...
  9. Surprisingly effective! It’s got a similar feel - ironically - to Gervais’ Afterlife.
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