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  1. What if Indiana Jones was recast and John Williams played the role? ;D
  2. Ha - that made me smile given your famed history of typing that magical acronym on this forum!
  3. Hoping too - missing Hook from my collection and wanting to avoid a £100 purchase!
  4. Me too! I am trying to get a super hi res of that inner cover photograph, or a print to display on the wall. Any ideas? These are the highest res I can find on the search engines.
  5. Currently on sale at Amazon UK from £24.86 down to £15.76: https://www.amazon.co.uk/John-Williams-Vienna-Live-CD/dp/B08L3Q6GCJ.
  6. “Class of January 2020” - I love that. What a weekend! (And delicious meal In Gmoakeller). The music, the snow...
  7. I had to Google what that was. It felt like rain on your wedding day, or meeting someone's beautiful wife!
  8. When does it get good? It's a hole in my SW fandom and I'm right at the end of S1, and it's been a real struggle (unlike The Mandalorian, where I woke up on Fridays happily remembered I'd be watching a new episode over dinner later that day).
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