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  1. Good to see it's pretty much business as usual for Royal Mail then!
  2. I do like his music but realised I have only one James Newton Howard CD - The Village. Funny story, I was able to get the CD booklet autographed by both Hilary Hahn and James Newton Howard in person on separate occasions several months apart. As a result it must now be worth somewhere in the region of US $965.342 billion.
  3. The John Williams prom from 2017 will be broadcast again this evening on BBC Four at 10 p.m. (about an hour from now). It can also be viewed if you have access to BBC iPlayer. A reminder that Keith Lockhart conducted the BBC Concert Orchestra.
  4. If you need cheering up...
  5. Danny Elfman's percussion concerto will receive its world premiere with the London Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall in March 2021. Given the other selections in the concert, the charismatic Mexican conductor Alondra de la Parra and ace percussionist Colin Currie, this could be a lot of fun! Danny Elfman's Percussion Concerto
  6. Attention fellow personages of the intersphere! The Philharmonia will be giving the European premieres of James Newton Howard's violin and cello concertos in June 2021 at the Royal Festival Hall in London. The concert will also include selections from his film scores. Both Esa Pekka Salonen and the composer himself are listed as conductors. There is no word yet on the violinist for the violin concerto (I guess that James Ehnes or even Hilary Hahn might be possibilities?), while the cellist for the cello concerto will be Andrew Shulman. An Evening with James Newton Howard It is good to see film composers such as James Newton Howard and Danny Elfman programming some of their concert works in addition to their film music. The concert is more than a year away yet on 4th June 2021, but no harm in pencilling it in the diary.
  7. A photo of Macclesfield Town v Exeter City from last Saturday. Macclesfield's Moss Rose ground in Cheshire lies just to the west of the Peak District National Park. The tower on the hill in the background is Sutton Common BT Tower, one of fourteen telecommunications towers built of reinforced concrete in the 1950s to maintain communications in the event of a nuclear war.
  8. This is one of my favourite movements from any symphony. I first heard it shamefully recently at the BBC Proms in 2014 performed by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra under Russian conductor Vasily Petrenko. I found it an incredibly moving performance. Luckily the concert was televised that season and is now available in full on YouTube (albeit not in optimum quality, although the sound is fine). The second movement starts at about 18:30 and is highly recommended for anyone new to this symphony:
  9. Hildur: "Remind me John, which birthday did you celebrate yesterday?" Johnny: "Belle Rosen and Aunt Marge. 88."
  10. Tell me about it! It's not actually particularly far as the crow flies, but just a really awkward cut across London without a direct route from where I live to where I work. I've been able to cycle it quicker than it takes on public transport or driving, which tells you all you need to know about rush hour traffic.
  11. The Barbican Centre in London had a special 'Beethoven Weekender' last Saturday and Sunday to celebrate the 250th anniversary year of Beethoven's birth. Over the weekend all nine of Beethoven's symphonies were performed by five of the great UK orchestras (Bournemouth Symphony, City of Birmingham Symphony, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Royal Northern Sinfonia and The Hallé) and introduced by broadcaster and Beethoven aficionado John Suchet (the brother of Poirot actor David). I went to the second day (Sunday) and it was really fantastic value. The day tickets cost only £25 and you could attend as many or as few concerts as you wanted throughout the day. On the Sunday the RNS under Lars Vogt played symphonies seven and eight before The Hallé and Hallé Choir performed number nine under Sir Mark Elder. All the seating was unreserved so you could sit wherever you wanted. As well as the symphonies, there were performances of Beethoven's sonatas played by Tai Murray and on Beethoven's own violin by Daniel Sepec at Milton Court, as well as an exhibition featuring pages from Ludwig's original manuscripts, his ear trumpet and other items. In the pit theatre the Carducci Quartet played selections from his string quartets, interspersed with extracts from Beethoven's letters read by actor Simon Callow (Four Weddings and a Funeral). They even screened episodes of the bizarre 1970s cartoon Ludwig about a giant egg thing that likes Beethoven.
  12. If I am working at my base location my commute can be anything from one hour at best (if I am lucky with all of my connections) to one and a half hours (on a bad day) each way. However, I don't listen to music on my usual commute, partly because I prefer to have my wits about me on public transport and partly because my usual journey consists of five separate legs - two buses and three trains - so I am changing between different modes of transport quite frequently and I want to be able to hear the various announcements on the Tube, the bus and at stations. In the mornings I prefer to read the free paper, while in the evenings I like to read on my phone what all you reprobates have written about John Williams on the interweb while I have been hard at work. I sometimes listen to music on longer distance train journeys outside London, for example if I am working in another city or going to watch a football match somewhere, but I do most of my music listening at home. I think you might be missing the basic concept of a walking group there, Richard!
  13. I had some tournament mead with my dinner this evening and was curious to know if any of you had ever tried this most ancient of drinks before? Tournament mead is like traditional mead but with a touch of ginger added. It is a very unusual taste and quite unlike anything else I have ever tasted - quite sweet due to the honey but not in a sickly way. I think it is quite moreish once you get used to the taste. I picked up various different types from the Lyme Bay Winery near Axminster in Devon before Christmas (https://www.lymebaywinery.co.uk/mead).
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