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  1. “Limpy’s got cancer, Limpy’s got cancer…”
  2. Did anyone else attend the BBC Prom concert of British film music on Thursday? It was wonderful. Here is the programme: For The Belles of St. Trinian’s, the seven percussionists (all men) donned St. Trinian’s boaters, badges and pigtails. The encore was another Malcolm Arnold classic, The Bridge on the River Kwai, in which the audience joined in whistling the Colonel Bogey March.
  3. The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra conducted by Stephen Bell will present a concert of the best of John Williams's music in Crystal Palace Park, south London on Wednesday 8th September 2021 at 6 p.m. https://www.rpo.co.uk/whats-on/eventdetail/1622/121/rpco-the-best-of-john-williams Crystal Palace Park is famous for its grade 1 listed Victorian sculptures of dinosaurs, many of them in zoologically improbable poses due to the limited knowledge of the subject at the time. This concert should be fun, although a little annoying that it starts as early as 6 p.m. which means it is pushing it to get there in time after work unless you live or work fairly locally.
  4. My cat was so excited when I received my copy that she proffered her undercarriage. Falling And Swinging
  5. I can hear some classic Williams touches even in the first few minutes. The director of this episode is Richard Sarafian, who would choose Williams (eventually!) for The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing.
  6. Was that the nice version of the theme played on an accordion? I had been racking my brains to figure out where in the score I had heard an accordion after I saw accordionists listed in the musicians’ roster. Now I know why I couldn’t place it! Fascinating podcast from Maurizio and the gang as per. I really cannot wait for this to arrive in the post. 🧗🏻🏔⛏🔫
  7. Thank you @Jay, it is interesting to see where everything fits and comforting to know that most of my speculative titles for unreleased music at least made some sense! I got my timings from a DVD copy of the film where the music was often dialled very low in the mix, so it was sometimes difficult to hear exactly where a cue started or ended.
  8. 🤯 Blind. Mown. Mike must have felt like Howard Carter entering the tomb of Tutankhamen with this one, so many treasures has he unearthed.
  9. It is a good sign of how much better the remastered album sounds that I did not spot the mistake when primed to expect the film cue. The instrumental detail and clarity in the recording were evident even from the radio clip, so I didn't even think that I was listening to the same album track played in error! I am intrigued by the cue named Felicity. My best guess is that this is music for the scenes featuring Candice Rialson's foxy art student, whose character is not named in the film, as far as I can recall. Wait for me to be proved spectacularly wrong! As for the three source music tracks on disc 2, I am thinking that the first one (Dinner With Gem) is for when Hemlock gets to know Jemima back at his place after meeting her on the plane. If so, I wonder if the misspelling of the name is one of Williams's 'Vadar' moments when naming cues! In the Latin alphabet (as well the film's credits and other publicity), "Jemima" begins with a "J". Perhaps the Leave Me Alone source music is the rock track that is heard in the background when Hemlock roughs up Dewayne and tells him he doesn't like him on his flank? I am not sure about Never Quaver - probably another of the tracks heard at Ben Bowman's ranch? I am sure some of you folks know the answers already, but only a few more sleeps until I find out for certain. I suspect that I will be skipping to Falling And Swinging when I first put in the CD.
  10. Definitely, which makes this release all the more exciting. Even if all the source music were included, it would mean that we have at least twenty minutes of score that will be new to everyone except those who were on the soundstage in 1975 and those who had a hand in this release. Incidentally, I have just checked and the music at the end of the Anna on the Stairs track is not heard in the film. The transition plays without music.
  11. This really is fantastic news! It was great to hear the original The Microfilm Killing track, which is longer than what is heard near the beginning of the film for the scene where Wormwood is killed by an enemy agent. I believe that the scene was originally a bit longer and much gorier (Wormwood tries to swallow the microfilm in an attempt to save it from falling into enemy hands, so you do the math...). Perhaps Williams scored this longer, uncut X-rated version of the scene? On a point of order, the character Anna is the wife of the French climber Montaigne and does not climb the mountain herself. If I recall correctly, I think the end of that Anna on the Stairs cue can still be heard in the film as the climb begins, but I would have to watch it again to be sure. I know I bang on about the music for when Montaigne is injured by falling rocks, but I really cannot wait to hear it outside the film. It is a classic Williams action cue and I am hoping it might also be one of the extra album tracks discovered on the Universal master tapes. Perhaps my favourite bit of the cue is a repeated three note descending motif played fortissimo in a major key as Hemlock tries to save the stricken Frenchman. It is the same three notes as the nursery rhyme Three Blind Mice, which I like to think is an inspired commentary by Williams on the other climbers accompanying Hemlock on their ill-fated expedition. It is all the more striking because the rest of the cue is in a minor key. Damn, John Williams is brilliant isn't he?
  12. I have calculated around 53:44, including Williams source music audible in the film. Of course one never knows what edits, alternates, etc. there might be. Even without source music, the score should be a good three quarters of an hour of Williams at the summit. Are we in for a treat!
  13. I am! This is one of the best things that has ever happened. I am hoping of course that this includes the album rerecording as well as the original film tracks. The unreleased / unrerecorded (is that a word? It is now) cue for when the French climber Montaigne is mortally injured by falling rocks is brilliant, so it had better be on there or I will need to have words. Bill Turnbull is a gentleman, even if he supports cheating Wycombe Wankerers, so I will be tuning in to his broadcast. Thank you for the heads up, @mahler3!
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