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  1. Yes, the dialogue and sound effect track was audible during the rehearsal. To get in, I made an educated guess as to what time the orchestra would be rehearsing, booked a cheap tour of the Royal Albert Hall to coincide and got lucky. Simples.
  2. Yes. Williams conducted the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Filmharmonic on 30th October 1976, having attended the Royal Albert Hall the previous year to get a few tips when Jerry Goldsmith was one of the conductors. The programme in 1976 included such wonderful selections as The Eiger Sanction, The Poseidon Adventure, Heidi, Cinderella Liberty, Jane Eyre, Earthquake and others. Williams returned to the Royal Albert Hall less than two years later to conduct the London Symphony Orchestra this time in a concert entitled LSO In Space on 16th February 1978, famously sharing conductin
  3. What a marvellous find! Thank you for posting this, @Steve. I remember reading that FILMHARMONIC NINETEEN EIGHTY was broadcast on TV at the time and wondered if any footage would ever resurface. The concert took place on 18th October 1980 at the Royal Albert Hall in London (which always looks so dark in videos from the 1970s and 1980s!) and I believe that conducting duties were shared between John Williams, John Addison and Geoff Love. The man introducing Williams at the start of the clip is the actor Donald Sinden, a stalwart of British sitcoms back in the day. On a point of o
  4. The poll needs a 'never' option for poor little orphans who've lost their mummy and daddy.
  5. It then segues into music from Silverado by Bruce Broughton, which reappears towards the end of the advert.
  6. I get the Headspace app free with work. I can’t say I recognise any of the music but it seems to be specially composed ambient music by Zimmer rather than tracks by other composers. Here is a screenshot.
  7. I met Howard Shore once, nice bloke. I spoke to him briefly about New Zealand. Happy Birthday, BTW.
  8. Does your question refer to Earthquake or The Eiger Sanction, @crumbs? Almost all of the source music in The Eiger Sanction is by John Williams, the exception being a minute or so of Chopin's Nocturne in E flat major heard emanating from another apartment as Wormwood climbs the stairs prior to his killing right at the beginning of the film. Most of the other source music (totalling about 12 minutes) is heard at Ben Bowman's ranch in Arizona while Hemlock prepares for his assignment on the Eiger, although there are also a couple of quasi source music pieces as Hemlock and Jemima ge
  9. I ordered it at precisely 17:25 on Tuesday 6th October, but I have no idea when it shipped. My Intrada online account still has my old email address, so if any order confirmation or tracking updates were sent out, I would not have received any of them. I realised this half way through ordering but because I was still at work at the time I couldn't be arsed to change it, settling with taking a photo of the order confirmation screen Bruce Marshall-stylee in case I needed the order number at a later date. Yours is probably delayed because the aliens delivering the packages are worri
  10. "They're already here!" My 2-CD set of War of the Worlds, I mean. See what I did there? My CD set arrived today and was waiting for me when I got home from work, well packaged by Intrada in a little box with some of those polystyrene things that look like anaemic Wotsits. I will never forget the date when the OST CD arrived in the post - 7th July 2005. Thankfully the day the expanded set arrived has been much less eventful and stressful so far!
  11. No. Everyone in the audience had to wear a face covering.
  12. Last weekend I attended my first live music event for seven months, a concert of a cappella singing by the wonderful vocal group VOCES8. They sing everything from Elizabethan madrigals to modern choral works by Eriks Esenvalds, Eric Whitacre, Kate Rusby and others. It was so nice to be able to hear live music after such a long time. I highly recommend their recent double album After Silence. It includes this stunning performance of Bach's Cantata 150 with the Academy of Ancient Music, amongst many other treasures ancient and modern.
  13. Director Harry Bromley-Davenport wrote the music to at least a couple of his films, most notably Xtro and Whispers of Fear.
  14. John Addison's score for Swashbuckler is a good one. As well as the main theme here, there is a fine suite on a Chandos compilation of the composer's music which includes the love theme. Although Jock Addison had a very distinctive, slightly whimsical orchestral style, this score sounds quite Goldsmithian in places.
  15. Norman Lebrecht is the only person ever to have crossed the treacherous land border between Australia and Hungary and lived to tell the tale.
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