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  1. It's an excellent CD. I suspect I am not the only one here who attended the concert at which it was recorded. Richard Kaufman's daughter Whitney sang a couple of the songs (the one from Wild Is the Wind, for example) and Tiomkin's widow Olivia was in the audience not far from where I was sitting. The other vocalist Andy Playfoot can often be seen with the Maida Vale Singers accompanying the John Wilson Orchestra - here he is opening the singing in There Is Nothin' Like A Dame from South Pacific: I remember also spotting the American conductor Andrew Litton in th
  2. Probably NSFW but a very funny take on this from Andrew Lawrence.
  3. Fun fact #1: I won my CD of James Horner’s Titanic from Classic FM by correctly identifying the main title music from All About Eve. It was in the late 90s so I had to send my answer in on a postcard. I remain convinced to this day that I was the only person listening to the programme (which was very late on a Sunday night) who a) knew the answer and b) bothered to write in. I remember my Mum being quite excited when she happened to hear my name read out on the wireless. Fun fact #2: The Titanic CD was scratched and unplayable, so I had to contact Classic FM and ask for a replac
  4. Be careful he doesn’t rape you!
  5. Yes. It’s an entertaining film (if a tad too long) and the mountain climbing scenes are genuinely gripping. Some of the dialogue you could not get away with nowadays, but if anything that makes it more fun. Great cinematography and score to boot.
  6. The most notable example is the strident synthesiser heard accompanying the death plunge of enemy agent Kruger from an apartment window in the film version of Up The Drainpipe. You will not hear this on the album, however. For the album rerecording, Williams replaced the synthesiser note with an equally strident two-note trumpet stinger, heard at about [2:46] in the album track. Hopefully a future expansion will allow listeners to compare the original film and rerecorded album versions.
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