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  1. A lovely performance of Gerald Finzi's Eclogue for Piano and Strings with the London Mozart Players and Howard Shelley on the ivories, recorded at St. John's Smith Square in Westminster.
  2. I thought Josh500 was from Japan? Perhaps he would be able to translate?
  3. A rare venture into this thread for me to recommend the harmonies of Wildwood Kin - a Devon folk rock trio consisting of sisters Beth and Emillie and their cousin Meghann. My favourite songs of theirs are Never Alone, Beauty in Your Brokenness and Headed for the Water. They're ace!
  4. Form which country would you be travelling, @rough cut? Fingers crossed it's the Faroe Islands, St. Helena or Ascension Island! Today the UK government announced a 'traffic light' system for arrivals from overseas. There are currently twelve 'green list' countries from which arrivals will not have to quarantine, in addition to the existing arrangements with our friends from Ireland. Arrivals from all other countries are required to quarantine for ten days, either at home (for amber list countries) or at a government-specified hotel (for red list countries). The system is review
  5. Thank you @TownerFan and @mahler3, that was a very enjoyable discussion. It was great to see and hear the musicians speak so enthusiastically about our favourite composer. Maxine and David still look about 15 despite having been in the LSO for as long as I remember. I want to know what they are taking!
  6. No. I refer the right honourable gentleman to my earlier post in this thread: Thank you for the reminder about the third encore. I remembered Williams conducting Raiders of the Lost Ark and Schindler's List, but I had forgotten which piece from Star Wars he conducted as the third encore. Williams conducted a slightly different concert version of the theme from The Lost World in the main programme. One of my strongest memories of the concert is of Williams crouched on the podium like a velociraptor as he conducted certain passages! A completely r
  7. Williams also conducted the LSO in a performance of Chester by William Billings at one of those 1998 concerts - not as an encore, but as an ‘extra’ in the main programme.
  8. When watching the New Year concert on TV, I usually spend most of the time counting how many women there are in the Vienna Phil this year! 😆 Although nobody has asked, here are photos of the two programmes from John Williams’s 1998 concerts with the LSO.
  9. I love how the Throne Room music is listed as the Royal Presentation in the programme notes for the LSO in Space concert from 1978. I will henceforth be using that title in preference to the more locative Throne Room. Although it was not that long ago (43 years), it is still surprising to see just how few women there were in the LSO in those days - just the clarinet and the two harpists. Most of the major orchestras in the UK have a pretty even male / female split today by accident or design, indeed it is not uncommon to see orchestras comprised of more women than men nowadays.
  10. Summon the Heroes definitely replaced the Olympic Fanfare in the 1996 concerts. The listing on the flyer posted by Miguel had changed slightly by the time of the actual concerts, as is wont to happen with these things. I still have the programme from the concert and have taken a quick photo. I remember that one of the encores was the Raiders March and I know they also played The Sugarland Express with the flute substituting for a harmonica, but I cannot remember if that was in the 96 or one of the 98 concerts.
  11. I was at the concerts in 1996 and 1998 but unfortunately I do not have any photos, much as I wish I did. The 1985 concert was a little before my time, but I have seen some photos of the concert on a thread on Film Score Monthly a couple of years back. Filmharmonic 85 - photos not mine 16th November 1985. There were two LSO concerts conducted by John Williams in the open air sculpture court at the Barbican on 8th and 9th August 1982. You could try emailing the archivist at the LSO (Libby Rice) who might be willing to email y
  12. WRONG! I have done some further internet research on the matter and it turns out - much to my surprise - that twenty-first century dinosaurs do indeed have fur. Must go faster!
  13. The annual Classic FM poll is based on the radio station's listeners nominating their three favourite pieces of classical (in the broadest sense of the term) music. Classic FM tends to play the more accessible pieces from the classical repertoire without too much variety - you are unlikely to hear any Stockhausen or Boulez, for example - therefore to some degree the poll will always reflect the pieces they play most. Prokofiev is played on Classic FM, but it tends to be either Dance of the Knights from Romeo and Juliet or the troika from Lieutenant Kije and not much else. @Fabuli
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