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  1. My partner and I are looking forward to this concert. Has anyone seen the Philly orchestra before, do you know if there is a specific dress code ? We’re coming from the UK so need to know if we pack the suite or not!!
  2. there are a few singles for $200 on the second tier if you are quick - just need a Mastercard to log in.
  3. I’ve logged into to the presale today and it says the concert has now sold out. I don’t know if there will be a further release at some stage : they are still selling the gala tickets by the looks of it.
  4. So looks like general sales is on 21st but there is a Mastercard presale on the 16th. Does anyone know how this will work ? Do you need to pre register anywhere for it ? https://www.carnegiehall.org/mastercardpresale
  5. Unfortunately we can no longer go - we have a new arrival in the family ! He arrived a week early! Im truly gutted to miss this. if anyone would like my reservation (x2) please DM me. They ask for ID so I’m not 100% sure you will get in - perhaps the standby line is a better bet !
  6. box office sent me this : Print the confirmation and bring it with you on the day of the performance. Beginning at 12PM, we will begin distributing ticketed seats to those with reservation confirmations at the Hall of Nations Concert Hall Box Office. You may arrive earlier than 12PM to wait in line if you’d like, we open at 10AM. Once you have the ticketed seat, you are guaranteed entry and will have an assigned seat location (this will be printed on your tickets). Tickets are first come first serve. We will begin filling the Orchestra section first and the Second Tier balcony last unless specific seat requirements are needed. There are not more reservations than there are tickets, however we will be offering a Standby line to those who were unable to make an advanced reservation. We will begin distributing tickets to the Standby line around 2:15PM.
  7. @thx99 all sorted and they resent me the confirmation. It appears the mobile view of the site isn’t really clear ! Anyway very excited about seeing the maestro!!!
  8. Thanks thx99 they show in my ticket centre but under the past performances section - and are missing something from the middle - like a barcode or something. Sounds like something screwed up, but I’m emailing them to see if it’s a real reservation.
  9. I tried twice to get tickets - both times when I got to the final screen it gave me a server not reachable error. I’ve not had an email confirmation but when I log into my account there are two reservations. Anyone else have similar issues ?
  10. Yes ! My partner and I going to tomorrows concert having got standing tickets on Wednesday night - having been on the wait list !! Flying out there from London tonight.
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