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  1. Yeah it looked like they briefly made a few $500 tickets in Parquet available. Hopefully more to come (and at lower prices!). $500 for a concert-only ticket is way too expensive.
  2. The good news, I guess, is that premium tickets were only for 1st and 2nd tier, IIRC. So premium tickets being sold out doesn't necessarily mean that the entire hall is sold out, or even close to sold out. (At least that's my hope.)
  3. Do we know if the "Escape to Nowhere" cue (which I admittedly don't remember from the film) was JW, or is it still just a guess?
  4. Great to hear these snippets of unreleased music! Impressed by the sound quality.
  5. How do you even think up something like this passage?!
  6. 3:30-3:45 Just discovered John Addison -- highly recommend. Surprised he isn't more widely known (maybe he is in Britain?).
  7. 4:35 - 4:43 Walton is magnificent at his best.
  8. And of course now it looks like they're sold out again. Will just have to keep checking throughout the fall in the hopes of random ticket drops.
  9. Some of their responses to me have suggested that perhaps some normal tickets might be made available in the fall if the gala doesn't sell out. They've been a bit vague on what the time period is for that, though (perhaps to try to maximize gala/premium ticket sales). Understandable strategy but very frustrating for us because of the uncertainty. The one thing that gives me some hope is that I was able to get a concert-only ticket for the ASM concert (which was a similar gala event) just a few months before.
  10. What's the status now? Sold out again? Was away from the computer earlier. Praying this is true...
  11. 2:15-2:33 Absolutely sublime. Gorgeous harmonies in the string interlude; the music swells as if rising in anticipation. Then a wistful, almost plaintive horn solo. About as trademark JW as you can get.
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