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  1. Yep, that's one of the ones I was thinking of (it is shortened a bit compared to the film sequence, but still retains a lot)
  2. Well yeah the problem is his concert arrangements are usually just arrangements of the main themes - SW main theme, Imperial March, Raider's March, etc. We don't get stuff like "The Asteroid Field," "Indy's Very First Adventure," etc. (at least not very often).
  3. I agree with the wish that JW would program more actual film cues rather than only the concert suites. But that'll never happen, alas
  4. Well, there are some others, e.g. https://moviemusicuk.us/. But Filmtracks was the one I found first when I was just starting to get into film music, and it was really formative in shaping my love of film scores.
  5. Interesting, I've been looking forward to his review! I don't always agree with him, but they're always entertaining and on occasion introduce me to new aspects of the music I hadn't noticed.
  6. WOAH!!! I've been following this score super closely but somehow didn't know we had clean versions of more cues.
  7. Yikes... Seems like a bunch of JW's work ended up scoring different scenes from the ones he intended it to. So what we're hearing probably is incredibly far from JW's personal intent when he first scored the film. *sigh* Does anyone know which cue(s) would correspond with OST/FYC "We Go Together?" Can't figure it out.
  8. @Chewy "Still, there were some very effective musical moments, including ... the unreleased ... Star Wars equivalent of Dunkirk's "Home" scene when all the ships show up with Lando at the end."
  9. Apologies if this has already been posted, but I thought this was super cool!!! (particularly given what orchestra it is) (These are from the Chicago Symphony's Instagram account - the bottom-most photo, at least, can be accessed publicly here)
  10. Random Q but are we in agreement that "Off the Waterfront" is a little wink by JW to Bernstein? I haven't seen that discussed (maybe I missed it) but it's the first thing I thought when I saw the title.
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