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  1. https://movieweb.com/the-fabelmans-tiff-2022-review/ "Meanwhile, John Williams' score, yet another with an established working relationship with Spielberg, is the musical heartbeat of The Fabelmans, at once grand and whispering when the moment calls for it."
  2. Interesting that Just Down West Street is on the program despite this concert not being at Tanglewood!
  3. Looks like WCRB will be airing this concert on Saturday night!! https://www.classicalwcrb.org/show/the-boston-symphony-orchestra/2022-09-16/opening-night-at-symphony-hall
  4. Another review describes the score as "stirring and sweeping": http://thejamreport.com/2022/09/21/tiff-review-the-fabelmans-radiates-with-an-unassuming-and-warm-old-school-charm-thats-impossible-to-resist/
  5. Too bad no JW score in this trailer (although I guess the last time that happened was Lincoln ten years ago so not too shocking).
  6. There are some really, really gorgeous passages here. While some of the action writing gets a little boring, the lush thematic passages are top-tier as usual from Silvestri. Terrific stuff, recalling his great scores like Parent Trap. This practically defines heartwarming/wholesome: The unbridled joy at the start of "Off to School" also recalls The Parent Trap:
  7. Agreed -- indeed, Little Women is by far my personal favorite Desplat score. Hope he can rediscover some of that magic here.
  8. Wow, pretty shocking that "Centennial Overture" wasn't on the program! Maybe JW isn't happy with the piece?
  9. Folks have mentioned Rise of Skywalker -- I also hear some similarities to The Long Goodbye, which JW just recently rearranged for Mutter!
  10. Wow, what a wonderful surprise!! Totally out of left field. Gorgeous piece -- reminds me a lot of TROS.
  11. The program notes (https://dgpuo8cwvztoe.cloudfront.net/uploads/Program-Notes/20220820.pdf) contain the following passage, emphasis added: "Williams wrote for Seiji!—one of several works under the group title Tributes—in 1999 for his longtime colleague at the BSO for a concert celebrating Ozawa’s 25th anniversary as music director, beginning the short, fanfare-like piece in March and completing it in time for Ozawa to lead the world premiere in April at Symphony Hall, Boston." Is this true? I can't recall ever hearing of other Tributes by JW.
  12. Reminder that, as @Miguel Andrade noted above, this concert will be broadcast live on WCRB radio: https://www.classicalwcrb.org/show/the-boston-symphony-orchestra/2022-06-13/a-tanglewood-celebration-of-john-williams Begins in about 40 minutes.
  13. I'm going to this!! Best seat I was able to get was on the very edge a few rows back from the stage -- hopefully I can still see OK despite the suboptimal angle.
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