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  1. This is a super fun passage (variation on my favorite of Giacchino's themes from the first film):
  2. It's definitely based on "Summon the Heroes" (the above video cuts off the beginning of the cue, which would make the association much clearer). Anyone who has a U.S. TV subscription can hear it (with dialogue, sadly) at 1:16 (one minute, 16 seconds) into this video: https://www.nbc.com/watch/olympics/trials-finals-w-100m-fly-m-400m-im-more/12004864. The whole bumper is about 15 seconds in length (the broadcast linked above then played the "Olympic Soccer" Summon the Heroes variation we've all heard). It was presumably recorded in 1996, I guess.
  3. An incredible passage (timestamp through 6:00) -- sounds like JW! (Think of "Heartwood" or some of his concertos.)
  4. Heard this bumper again last night (Sunday), at the start of NBC's Olympic swimming trials coverage at 8 p.m. ET. It's excellent! Underused, sadly, so it was a treat to hear it yesterday.
  5. https://variety.com/2024/film/news/steven-spielberg-next-movie-summer-2026-release-date-1236014435/ Very much hope JW scores this!
  6. Thanks -- that timestamped part does sound rather British but I can't place it. Hopefully someone else here knows it! (@Loert?)
  7. What is the piece heard at the below timestamp in this video? (And, for that matter, what is the piece at the very end of the video?)
  8. Jaw-droppingly good: I think this might overtake the New World symphony as my favorite Dvorak composition!
  9. It's official -- JW will conduct the second half! https://www.carnegiehall.org/Calendar/2024/02/22/An-Evening-with-John-Williams-and-Yo-Yo-Ma-0700PM
  10. Yeah that is surprising and a bit disappointing -- but still outweighed in my view by the fact that we will (I hope) get to hear JW talk between pieces, etc. I was worried we wouldn't hear him speak much (if at all) if he only did the first half!
  11. WOW, really hoping he does the second half in New York too!!
  12. Yeah I've been wondering about that. I'm not sure if there's much (any?) precedent for JW conducting only the first half. Definitely hoping he does encores after the second half--would be weird to have the concert end without its star performer!
  13. Looks like Helena’s Theme got removed from the program? That’s unfortunate — maybe it’ll be an encore.
  14. I haven't seen the film, but I did watch this clip on YouTube and ... wow, "Let's Fly" works so well in the film: Powell's music gives the scene an almost balletic grace. Beautiful marriage of picture and score.
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