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  1. Wonderful news about him continuing to score Spielberg’s films!! Already had been hinted at but this was the most definitive statement yet.
  2. Yeah if JW wins the Oscar then this obviously will be forgotten. Fingers crossed... He really deserves another one.
  3. Just FYI, anyone with a cable subscription (or ESPN+ subscription perhaps?) can watch a replay of the game at https://www.espn.com/watch/player/_/id/4f2ca7b5-a367-4e3e-ace0-715ae6e3b47e. (The replay starts after the full video was aired, but covers the great short version heard during halftime as well as various excerpts and bumpers).
  4. The main melody of "Wide Receiver" is brilliant and memorable, but overall it's "Of Grit and Glory" by a mile. Such a great piece. One small touch that I love: How JW (presumably intentionally) synced his music with Peter Warrick singing his name. Beautiful.
  5. I think someone might’ve posted it above but a great short version aired during halftime! (From which yesterday’s promo was evidently excerpted) The wonderful ostinato bumper was used again right after. (Also used at end of third quarter. And again just now at the end of the game broadcast.)
  6. They used a little bit of the ostinato at the end of the first quarter! Btw, if you want to push for a release of the music, perhaps you could try tweeting at @bhofheimer_espn if you have a Twitter account. No idea if he has any power over this, but can't hurt.
  7. Wonderful!! Hope this gets released separately. Love how much JW was highlighted.
  8. Definitely wouldn't rule out this being released digitally as a single soon. (IIRC the Obi-Wan theme was released as a single with no advance announcement.)
  9. My hope is that the mix in the actual video will be better than that little clip. But yeah, the music definitely won't be clean unfortunately.
  10. Well, it was literally only a few seconds, but sounded like classic Williams! I think it was the very end — had that held dissonant chord that JW often likes.
  11. Just heard a very brief excerpt in an ad a few minutes ago on ESPN/ABC!
  12. This is such exciting news! I don't often watch college football (prefer the NFL) but will make sure to tune in to this. 3:30 of new, extroverted Williams fanfares is such a treat. What a wonderful surprise, totally out of the blue. The maestro never ceases to amaze.
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