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  1. There appears to be a new Kraemer score out: Sounds (at least to me) like it was done with sample libraries rather than live orchestra though...
  2. I have to say, this trailer looks lovely. I previously wasn't particularly excited about this given that JW isn't involved***, but this trailer has made me at least somewhat excited. I might try to see this in theaters. A really well-made trailer, and it looks like Spielberg has gone with a really cool blend of modern day and old-fashioned for the aesthetic. I too was very surprised to see David Newman not credited on the poster or in the trailer. Bizarre (unless it turns out Newman actually didn't do that many new arrangements -- but I doubt that). Lastly, the female
  3. Amazing, amazing news. Another blockbuster JW score on the way!
  4. This is excellent. And given that it's a Saturday night concert, the odds of this being broadcast live on radio are very high, I would think!
  5. I have to say, Schindler's List is a score that has really grown on me. Several years ago, I wrote on here that I wasn't a big fan of the score. But as I've gotten to know the score better beyond the opening "Theme" track, I've grown to love parts of it. "I Could Have Done More" is a case in point ("Making the List" is also incredible). This section in particular is devastatingly beautiful: 3:38-3:50 Question: Is this insert included on the recording sessions, or only the LLL set? I know the sessions include an earlier insert, but do they include the b
  6. Good job @crumbs, the microediting on the clip must have taken forever but it's pretty hilarious.
  7. Dennis McCarthy - Star Trek Generations Also: John Debney - Liar, Liar
  8. This one, right? https://www.networknewsmusic.com/today-2004-bumper/ Yeah it's great, I wish we had it in better quality.
  9. Given that this sounds like it will be a deeply personal project for Spielberg, I'd say there's about a 99% chance JW scores this! Very exciting! I also very much hope JW scores Indiana Jones, simply because it's probably his last chance to score a blockbuster action film, but the Spielberg project sounds more promising if I had to pick one or the other. Here's hoping JW resurrects a bit of the E.T. sound for this.
  10. It's a very fun little piece! This part is classic Powell:
  11. I've listened to this score a few times over the last couple days (I hadn't even realized it was coming, so a nice surprise!). Overall, I'm not an enormous fan of this score -- there's a lot of kinda boring underscore IMO. I would definitely rank this worse than Nutcracker (for which I thought almost every track was very good). That being said, there are a number of excellent moments that have kept me coming back to this score. Oftentimes, these moments feel like they're cut short -- I agree with the poster above who noted it feels like JNH wasn't allowed to "unleash" himself full
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