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  1. That cue is just astoundingly good. Blows me away every time (and I've probably listened to it several hundred times). For me the real awesome part there is at 11:36, when JW sort of breaks off from the melody into a heroic little fanfare as the boys get ready to land. THIS THIS THIS. Absolutely brilliant action writing.
  2. Not sure if this is really my #1 favorite, but it's pretty great and hasn't been mentioned yet: War Horse Learning the Call Seeding, and Horse vs. Car Plowing
  3. Enjoyed this! Although part of "The Battle" sounds close to identical to "Get 'Em R-2" (perhaps that's intentional, of course).
  4. I know someone (not close though) who knows someone who is a confirmed case. But I don't personally know anyone.
  5. I have significant interest in this movie if and only if JW scores it. Kinda hilarious how it's been pushed back like a gazillion times, though. Wasn't it originally supposed to come out last summer?
  6. "Portals" was one of the best non-JW cues of last year! (And I've never watched an Avengers movie in my life, except for I think part of Ultron)
  7. Well, school's been cancelled for a couple weeks now, and we may not return at all this school year. Unfortunately, our high school graduation (and related events) are almost certainly going to be cancelled. Quite a crummy end to our senior year. However, I am fortunate to be otherwise (for now) living in good and stable circumstances. I know many others have it much, much worse.
  8. 2:35 - 2:48 Utterly delicious harmonies. It's little moments like these that make TPM probably my favorite SW score.
  9. Great way to put it. I really did not like the final battle (with the exception of a couple moments like Lando's arrival with the ships). It's so dark and gloomy in the cinematography that it feels a little like Yates' Deathly Hallows or something. And I didn't feel like any of it had very much moral gravity to it.
  10. Ooooh, good point - it could be tracked from an alternate version of the guards fight or something...
  11. @crumbs, wow, thank you so, so much for these score restores. I hope you try your best to do a Speeder Chase one too, although I know, as you have said, that one is extremely difficult. I particularly adore the "They Will Come" restored version. It's really a gorgeous, optimistic moment with Williams' cue, but with the tracking it feels like just another random scene in the movie. JW's soaring victory theme manages to take something that could come across as cringe-worthy ("Now we take the war to them," etc.) and turns it into a stirring moment of hope.
  12. @crumbs, I watched the "Speeder Chase" scene from the film again today and I could have sworn that statement of the "Falcon Flight" heroic fanfare was new... Don't the winds sound more pronounced? Or is that just because of the alleged upward pitch change? Also, more importantly, what you identify as the "Crashing the Party" TLJ segment (or maybe moreso the material right after that) also sounds a little bit new to me... Particularly the part right around (slightly before) where Rey says "Never underestimate a droid!" That sounds like an awesome new heroic version of Rey's theme.... Then, again, I'm listening with all the SFX so maybe my ears are deceiving me!
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