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  1. BRAND NEW EPISODE OF THE CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO PODCAST SOUNDTRACK ALLEY: LEGEND - PART 2 http://www.cinematicsound.net/soundtrack-alley-legend-part-two/ Part two of the ninth episode of SOUNDTRACK ALLEY here on CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO continues the analysis and discussion of the music written for the separate cuts of Ridley Scott’s 1985 epic dark fantasy adventure film, LEGEND, featuring music by Jerry Goldsmith (European Cut) and Tangerine Dream (American Cut). The conversation continues with an in-depth look at three more sequences; Jack accepting weapons an
  2. Thank you sooooooo very much. This means the world to me. Thanks for making the effort! Cheers!!!
  3. BRAND NEW EPISODE OF THE CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO PODCAST INTERVIEW WITH AUSTIN WINTORY http://www.cinematicsound.net/interview-with-austin-wintory-part-one/ Jason Drury interviews film and video game composer, Austin Wintory. In part one of this two-part interview, Wintory talks extensively about his work on video games & how he chooses assignments as well as playing samples of his wonderful music. Also... Don't forget to vote for the CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO PODCAST in the 2021 Podcast Awards. It only takes 5 minutes to register and v
  4. FIRST OF ALL... Please VOTE for CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO in the 2021 Podcast Awards. This isn't the same as the QUITE THE THING MEDIA Awards I was promoted last month. That vote is over! It only takes 5 minutes to register and vote for The Podcast Awards. The only way we get a nomination is if enough of you support the show by voting for us. We are eligible in two categories. MUSIC and PEOPLE'S CHOICE. https://www.podcastawards.com/app/signup Thanks in advance! NEW EPISODE OF CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO SOUNDTRACK ALLEY: LEGEND - PART ONE
  5. Thank you good sir. And thanks to everyone else that took the time to vote! -Erik-
  6. First of all, you only have a few hours remaining to vote for CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO in the QUITE THE THING MEDIA PODCAST AWARDS. We are nominated in the MUSIC CATEGORY. It only takes a few seconds. Thanks in advance for your vote. https://quitethethingmedia.com/awards-voting/ NEW EPISODE OF CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO TRAILER MUSIC WRITTEN BY THE FILM’S COMPOSER http://www.cinematicsound.net/the-flag-ship-show-trailer-music-written-by-the-films-composer/ On today’s new episode of THE FLAGSHIP SHOW on CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO NETWORK, Erik Woods presents c
  7. NEW EPISODE OF CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO SCORED TO DEATH RADIO - EP.1 PT.2 http://www.cinematicsound.net/scored-to-death-premiere-episode-part-2/ In the second and final instalment of this music special, author and host J Blake Fichera highlights the talent and work of the fantastic line-up of film composers who are featured in his new book, SCORED TO DEATH 2: MORE CONVERSATIONS WITH SOME OF HORROR’S GREATEST COMPOSERS. You’ll hear selections from such films as ARMY OF DARKNESS (LoDuca), HELL FEST (McCreary, Massari), IT FOLLOWS (Disasterpiece), GRETEL & HANSEl (Rob), S
  8. UPDATE! The first update is that we now have a Patreon. If you want to support us by throwing a few bucks our way, no pressure, then you can do so by going to https://bit.ly/2QWDGeO Lots of cool rewards to be had. I was also a guest on the soundtrack game show SETTLE THE SCORE. This was my second appearance. Lots of fun. Support the show with a like and subscribe! LATEST EPISODE! THE ARCHIVE WITH JASON DRURY: EPISODE 29 - PART 2 http://www.cinematicsound.net/the-archive-with-jason-drury-episode-29-pt1/ The show sta
  9. K.E. Wilkinson recorded Star Wars, Close Encounters and Jedi (which were part of the Classic Film Score series) while Brian Culverhouse recorded Empire (which was not part of the series)
  10. INTERVIEW WITH ROBERT FOLK - PART ONE http://www.cinematicsound.net/interview-with-robert-folk-part-one/ Jason Drury and Robert Folk sit down to chat about such scores as THE PLANETS, POLICE ACADEMY, BEASTMASTER 2, & TREMORS. They also talk about scoring sequels, animation & the use of his music in film trailers. This is part one of a two-part interview. The second part will be available sometime during the weekend. Enjoy the chat & the music. ----- LISTEN https://linktr.ee/cinematicsoundradio MERCH STORE https
  11. NEW EPISODE THE FLAGSHIP SHOW: FAVOURITE SCORES OF 2020 – PART 2 http://www.cinematicsound.net/the-flag-ship-show-fav-scores-2020-pt2/ On today’s new episode of THE FLAGSHIP SHOW on CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO NETWORK, that boring Canadian, Erik Woods, selects his ten favourite scores of 2020. This is the final part of a two-part series. Please, listen to part one before listening to this episode. http://www.cinematicsound.net/the-flag-ship-show-fav-scores-2020-pt1/ Today, you’ll hear selections 5 – 1 which includes music by Taro Iwashiro, Hans Zimmer, Christophe
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