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  1. Go back and listen to "This is Berk" Powell's been writing these kind of cues for 10 years! -Erik- PS - The drums are awesome in this score. That's what makes it a perfect Williams/Powell hybrid score!
  2. I was looking at tour dates and from what I see they perform only once and then move on. HOWEVER, they performed 9 times in Madrid at the National Auditorum, which was there last stop. Anyway, I applaud ANY orchestra that wants to help promote film music. And all these guys do IS play film music. Good on them!
  3. Sure, but this orchestra was on tour if I'm not mistaken and might have only played one show per venue.
  4. Sure, but even great ensembles with stumble now and then.
  5. Yeah, live albums just aren't my thing. I'd love to hear what they sound like on a "studio" recording. -Erik-
  6. I'm loving these videos. Passionate performances, wonderful sound... looks like they put on a great show! But that album has various different performances. Some are new and some are from previous releases. Kunzel performed this arrangment first, if I'm not mistaken, on his GREAT MOVIE SCORES: THE FILMS OF STEVEN SPIELBERG album. Great arrangement with great energy! -Erik-
  7. NEW EPISODE!!! FAVOURITE SCORES OF THE DECADE - PART 4 http://www.cinematicsound.net/the-flag-ship-show-fav-scores-of-the-decade-pt4/ On today’s new episode of THE FLAGSHIP SHOW on CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO, I conclude the countdown of my favourite scores from the past ten years. On part four I’ll be talking about and playing music from my number 5-1 favourite scores of the past decade. You’ll be hearing music from such composers as John Powell, Daft Punk, John Williams and Olivier Derivière. And if you haven’t listened to the other parts of the series then I highly recommend you listen to those shows before diving into this one. PART ONE: http://www.cinematicsound.net/the-flag-ship-show-fav-scores-of-the-decade-pt1/ PART TWO: http://www.cinematicsound.net/the-flag-ship-show-fav-scores-of-the-decade-pt2/ PART THREE: http://www.cinematicsound.net/the-flag-ship-show-fav-scores-of-the-decade-pt3/ APPLE PODCASTS: http://apple.co/29zAyyL SPOTIFY: http://spoti.fi/2PfYHPb Enjoy! -Erik-
  8. Power Down was written in collaboration with the author. -Erik-
  9. Yes, POWER DOWN by Dane Walker. https://open.spotify.com/album/2Dq17OpGKVlIDAuWXIMkFn?si=IJXrWfbDSXSDsdopm7gOiA And there are a bunch more that I unfortunately can't recall of the top of my head. But writing music inspired by literature isn't anything new. -Erik-
  10. I guess we should label John Williams' 9 scores as video game scores as well. -Erik-
  11. I'll have to check. I don't know if Jason was submitting playlists at that time. -Erik-
  12. I’ve been to recording sessions where other things have been recorded that wasn’t used in the project they were working on. Again, this recording of the Star Wars end credits is 1) Too bloody short 2) There no natural break to insert anything else 3) Leia’s Theme make no sense. BTW, they did have the end credits worked out. Duel of the Fates and Anakin’s Theme were written for the end credits. -Erik-
  13. Make sense to me. That's what I was thinking too! Cheers, -Erik-
  14. I HIGHLY doubt this was recorded for the end credits of the film. It's WAY TOO short for end credit crawls at that time. And I'm pretty sure the concert suites of Duel of the Fates and Anakin's Theme were written specifically FOR the end credits. I'm really curious as to what the purpose was for re-recording the Star Wars end titles during these sessions? -Erik-
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