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  1. Nixon, IMO, is hands down the single greatest trailer ever cut with the single greatest piece of trailer music of all time! Nothing comes even close. I think the worst use of Williams' music in any trailer is the Dial of Destiny trailer. -Erik-
  2. I do but I'm away from my house for the next week, so I can't recall the tracklisting for you. You should really tune into my show sometime. You'll find a ton of goodies there. https://www.cinematicsound.net/ep-21-star-trek-50th-anniversary/
  3. The biggest issue I have with Oppenheimer is that Görannson OVER scored it. If the film were better spotted and had less score—they really need to study Patton—I'd be more than happy to accept the accolades that it's receiving. Unfortunately, I felt that the score made the film worse—a film I didn't particular like but really disliked because of the music. The film is scored wall-to-wall with numerous dialogue sequences rendered inaudible because of the terrible mix of the music. Film music should never call negative attention to itself in context, and, IMO, that's what Görannson's score did. -Erik-
  4. Interesting. I'm usually REALLY good at hearing anomonies, but I'm not 100% sure what I should be on the lookout for when it comes to aural artifacts caused by a notch filter. That's not what I'm saying at all. What I'm saying is that NO ONE on a John Williams forum is talking about the fact that John Williams won two awards including the main prize, SCORE OF THE YEAR! Instead, all you guys are doing is complaining about what didn't win. BTW, complain away, but man, at least acknowledge the victories as well! And there is no mention of it on the front page on this website. Yeesh! The point of the two awards is that one is an award for a specific genre, and the other is an award to the best score written from Film, TV and Video Games. And just because Indy gets an award for score of the year doesn't mean we hand the award to someone else in the genre categories. That's not how this works. We don't sit around a table and discuss our choices. It's a democratic vote. The score with the most votes wins. Pretty simple. When it comes down to voting, we have over 70 members who all vote for who they consider to be the best in each category. We all evaluate music differently. Someone likes Hook, awesome, they vote for it; if someone likes the Herrmann recording, they vote for it. The one with the most votes wins. And who knows, maybe Herrmann won by one vote over Hook. And I'm sure the other titles received votes as well. I'm not part of the voting committee, so I don't know the results. But that's how things go.
  5. If you think so. BTW, John Williams won two awards including SCORE OF THE FRIGGIN' YEAR! yay! But, hey, let's bitch some more about what didn't win!
  6. Well, I talked to Mike Ross-Trevor about this issue when it was brought up on the Intrada forum, and he said there was no phasing. I'd actually find it interesting to read your take. -Erik- You think you know the process, but you don't. -Erik-
  7. There is a reason we group them together. We have to have a minimum number of albums to choose from to make a category separate. There just aren't enough re-recordings to warrant a separate category AT THE MOMENT. Having said that, we always discuss these matters after the awards, and there is a possibility of changes being made for next year! -Erik-
  8. The live presentation premieres today at 12pm (EST) 9am (PST) 5pm (GMT) The list of nominees can be found here http://filmmusiccritics.org/2024/02/ifmca-award-nominations-2023/ Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqlsogF8qaM
  9. That's fair, @Edmilson. Honestly, the "old-fashioned" style of the score was what first drew me in, and any score written in that style will get my attention immediately, but after listening to it, I found that it was more than just an "old-fashioned" film score. I think a short album could have benefited the listening experience, and getting a real orchestra to perform it would really have brought out it's greatness. But for the most part, I really enjoyed the score... a lot! -Erik-
  10. That's NOT what I was addressing AT ALL! -Erik-
  11. One might think that if they didn't read any reviews of the score. -Erik-
  12. Indeed they are, so saying that EVERYTHING City of Prague Phil is garbage is just... well... foolish. -Erik-
  13. Gee, I wonder who helped get The Monkey King released. That's right... film music critics who gave the score much-needed promotion on their web sites/podcasts. Only after seeing/hearing those positive reviews and interest in the score was it deemed important enough to release to the public... BOTH original score AND the sequel. -Erik-
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