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  1. “If you don’t mind, I’ll rehearse the orchestra.” -JW to an overzealous concertmaster. I wonder if this is the same person that Don Williams said stopped a take to correct bowing and then was fired the next day. Oops!
  2. Thanks Pando! What samples are you using for playback?
  3. The thought did cross my mind after the auction! But I played it last night and it definitely fit in my CD player!
  4. I just bought a sealed copy for around $35! Couldn’t believe it, every time I’ve looked over the years it’s been $50 and above and just figured I’d wait for the expansion.
  5. Sound effects have gotten absurdly overcooked. Listen to when Rey puts her staff in the net in that scene. Unfortunately the problem will never be solved unless you get knowledgeable directors who really understand how everything should work together.
  6. Found two clips that compare the finales. I prefer Horner’s approach, feels more somber and tragic. Horner’s Abel (start at 9:16)
  7. Jon Broxton goes into great detail on the situation here: https://www.filmtracks.com/scoreboard/forum.cgi?read=5299&expand=2
  8. Lol yes. It’s a pretty hilarious argument considering what goes on with nearly every composer in Hollywood.
  9. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/fox-says-discovery-simpsons-composer-culminated-firing-1292397
  10. Ah, the Backstroke of the West. Memories! You two careful, he is a big. Mr. Speaker, we are for the big
  11. Once Abrams has the music in hand, the film will be edited YUP.
  12. “Hello JAWSFANS.COM. I’m John Williams...”
  13. It’s his routine that every evening after dinner, JW practices piano for several hours and enjoys a vodka tonic. Could you imagine sitting and listening to him play through some classical pieces along with occasional comments and insights from him? I’d be in heaven.
  14. Home! https://blogs.chapman.edu/copa/2014/03/25/were-off-to-see-the-wizard-a-meeting-with-composer-john-williams/ Also is that his stopwatch next to his glasses on the desk?
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