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  1. I would if it came here, but anime generally don't come here at all...
  2. What a weird and disappointing decision! I guess I will be waiting for the blu-ray to join my Ghibli anime collection.
  3. I don't see many people here watching anime or animation films. Anyway, I just watched this: A nostalgic, coming-of age, slice of life Chinese anime, involving a love triangle. Very good animation, reminding in detail the Makoto Shinkai films, but I felt it had too much score and too many songs, for this kind of film.
  4. I don't know anything about this series. In the known style of Korzeniowski, with some additional "horror" cues. Good, but still my second favorite is W.E.
  5. I was bored a bit in the actual football game parts, because I don't know how it is played. And, isn't Burt Reynolds the sexiest actor ever? I think so..
  6. Haven't listened to Penny Dreadful. Have you listened to W.E.? This is my 2nd favorite Korzeniowski, after A Single Man.
  7. A good score from Korzeniowski that I love, but again I'm wondering, where does this minimalistic romanticism leads to... Nowhere I think. After a while, it becomes repetitive in the style of a composer.
  8. Although I'm not into this kind of style, I like that score! I would love to see the sheet music, to understand how such scores are written.
  9. I can't understand why people get LPs. Do you like to hear pops and scratches, that will inevitably occur when some time has passed?
  10. Well, I don't like the new whoosh audio effects in the titles. I don't know what else is changed. No, I didn't listen to the 2.0 version, but I've read reviews that it sounds thin and what else comparing to the lossy 5.1 track. And for a film like Superman I would prefer a surround track, since it has a great score too (I guess it opens up in the rear channels). Yes, I consider myself a purist. I want a film I like in the best possible presentation which can be either a blu-ray or a UHD*, with its grain intact, and with original audio. Another example eg. of a botched audio is the blu-ray of Romancing the stone I watched recently. The blu-ray cuts off some high frequencies and I don't know what else (I can't talk tech in these matters), and you lose some instruments from the music (mostly percussion). While the DVD audio (that I muxed in) which presents the original audio, was so much better and unfiltered and you could hear everything as you should. *I don't upgrade everything to UHD. It depends, if the upgrade is dramatic.
  11. So, I just got a copy from ebay, but not cheap. 44 euros (incl. Shipping and import taxes). Here's the back cover: and here's the one I got today from Amazon: You can see the difference in the audio in UHD. The top one says Dolby Digital English 5.1, the bottom one says DTS-HD Master Audio English 2.0. Also, the one that I just got from ebay comes with a slipcover. So I guess (and I hope) I purchased the right one now!
  12. Yeah, I didn't understand much what happened, but I hope too Schott can bring the rest. I'm especially interested in Basic Instinct and Streetcar named desire.
  13. I'm searching now at ebay. Everyone lists their items with a release date of 2018, but I'm not sure if they know themselves the issues involved. I just asked one person, and told him to send me a photo of the back cover. Apparently the true 2018 release lists incorrectly 1.85:1 as the aspect ratio (according to dvdcompare). (mine said 2.40:1). Fortunately , I do not have to send back the item, and I just got a refund!
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