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  1. Agnes of God (1985) Extraordinary (Oscar nominated) performances by Bancroft and Tilly and I watched it with much interest till the end, but as many say this has some plot holes..
  2. Complete film scores of all the 9 films should be released as a giant box set. It would be the release of the century.
  3. well, his score would be that good, that Malick would leave it intact. After all Zimmer's score was almost intact in The Thin Red Line.
  4. I just hope he scores a non-Indiana Jones/Spielberg movie. Just a little film - preferrably of a contemporary setting - out of nowhere, with a chamber orchestra. Another dream of mine would be if he scored Malick's upcoming Christ movie. Imagine the music possibilities of that one...!
  5. Review of PENELOPE: https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Penelope-Blu-ray/259095/#Review
  6. I'm halfway through Joker (2019) and I'm already feeling very "uncomfortable"...
  7. filmmusic


    These ones? https://www.skroutz.gr/s/32154/Koss-Porta-Pro-Classic.html I read so many excellent reviews.
  8. I am not aware of any Kino bluray having an isolated score track.
  9. It's been out in Europe since 2017. But yeah, this is the US premiere.
  10. The Tree of Life Although I love Malick (especially The Thin Red line), I cannot "get into" this or feel it, still on my 3rd viewing. But, it's very beautiful to look at (perhaps his most beautiful film). I have purchased the Criterion edition which includes an extended cut (50 more minutes). Perhaps I should watch that one too, in case it doesn't feel so disjointed. edit: By the way, I don't think I heard one single note of the Desplat score in the film.
  11. filmmusic


    Unfortunately, no...
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