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  1. If that means he won't score the Spielberg film, I'm really unexcited by this news!
  2. I have a question: I don't know anything about Spielberg's life. Is it that interesting that an interesting movie can be made out of it?
  3. Well, I don't see how this got 7.8 at imdb, but it was good nonetheless. Just not that good.
  4. Since I work at school, we'll begin self-testing when we open. I'm nervous about these things. I can't do it! By the way, I'm getting vaccined tomorrow.
  5. Has anyone tried Audiobro's Modern Scoring Strings? How different it is in sound from LASS?
  6. Meh.... The score must have been good though, but it was buried under the SFX.
  7. Enjoyable B-movie and an original purely electronic score by Jerry Goldsmith.
  8. I meant something in the vein of Elegy for cello.
  9. I just hope it's more post-romantic than atonal...
  10. I was meaning to ask you Datameister. Do you have an expression controller, and if not, do you remap the CC11 to your modwheel? If that's a yes to the 2nd question how do you control vibrato then? I'm trying to figure this out.
  11. Dan Romer & Benh Zeitlin - Beasts of the Southern Wild Searching for scores with celesta, so I listened to this too. I have seen the movie but don't remember anything of it. Nice score, optimistic one, with good textures (mostly from strings) and an ethnic - at times - flavor.
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