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  1. Well, another obvious choice, but if we're talking about non-JW themes, this is my second best:
  2. (theatrical cut) As with JFK, again I caught 50% of it since I don't understand politics and I don't know American history. (I wonder, is this film and the events that it covers completely understandable to you Americans of the forum?) Nonetheless, it seems a fascinating film with an excellent performance by Hopkins as always! I don't understand how it never got nominated for an Oscar for editing. Maybe because it was in the same vein with JFK? The Williams score is very discreet in the film I would say, although I do recognize some themes and motifs.. I hope the expansion gets released soon!
  3. I don't know about this score, but it depends on the composer and the score really.
  4. Yes, this is that came to my mind first!
  5. Just listened to this too. Yeah, I agree. And I would dare to say that it's much better than some film composers working today!
  6. I have seen this film but hadn't realized he wrote the music too. I only knew of that waltz..
  7. Isn't this an Elton John song? I mean, it doesn't have anything to do with Zimmer, does it?
  8. I know "Heaven", "Please forgive me" and the Kamen songs. I don't know anything else.
  9. Oh, I listened to that the other day. It's quite good for a Kaczmarek score with some interesting choral stuff..
  10. I don't remember Finding Neverland at all. Has it got a main theme? On the other hand I listened to the strings-heavy Washington Square and I loved it..
  11. I was obsessed with this film back when it was released! I played certain scenes over and over. I cried in others etc. Well, it's silly entertainment but I still love it. The quick editing becomes a bit tiring for me now. The Visual effects I think hold up well till now.. The music score is good but it sounds like all samples to me..
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