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  1. If I don't buy this release directly from Intrada, will I be able to get a replacement if I get a defective cd?
  2. I think there are some software that do that for whole pdfs without messing with the format of the paper.
  3. So, here's finally my doctoral dissertation in Greek. I wish you could read it, but there are numerous written examples in it, and someone may make something out of it. Konstantinos Zacharopoulos The film music of John Williams (1975-2018): melody, harmony, formal archetypes and thematic unity Department of Music Studies, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece Athens 2020 The aim of the dissertation is to give John Williams's film music style as it is evident from his musical themes. For this, 500 themes were analysed out of 71 fil
  4. Just got my PhD yesterday, with grade "Excellent"! The defense was done via the internet eventually.. I'll upload the full thesis in a few days.
  5. Do we know if the expanded release included in the upcoming Bluray is the Quartet one?
  6. Jurassic Park (from a 35mm scan) Never fails to amaze, terrify and move! I miss this game-changing Spielberg. With this and Schindler's list, 1993 was his year.
  7. Thank you Thor. Yes, I have. I had many problems during doing it (health issues and others), that's why it took me many years.
  8. Thanks. No, they didn't tell me anything like this about skype. If it is, I won't be able to do it because my pc is old and it really gets stuck on videos. I can't even watch a youtube video properly. But i don't think so. Even schools will work like they always do, with even 25 students in the classroom.
  9. the unity between themes in a film (like one theme comes from another), which is usually a motivic one. (it's based on Reti's The thematic process in music) I have examples from 11 movies. My defense is on September 21st if nothing changes. I'm really stressful about it!
  10. I decided to go with Ponyo on the Cliff. (talk about a 180 degree turn). I don't like it as much as other Ghibli films, but I love the animation and the music.
  11. I've watched the original Indiana Jones trilogy and now I was thinking of giving a 4th - I think - chance to Crystal skull but I don't know...
  12. I see the teacher of this is a Dr Giles Hooper. I wonder if he's a member here...
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