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  1. Haven't you seen Police Academy? Check also his score for the animated film A Troll in Central Park. Very rich orchestrations. These are the only two I know.
  2. You forgot to put the composer for the next person to reply. If you don't mind, I put Robert Folk, because we didn't answer it previously.
  3. I love 2 as well! Maybe even better. I have seen 3 also. I don't bother with the rest..
  4. Love it too! They don't make them like this anymore! But I'm not familiar at all with the score.
  5. Hmmm.. haven't heard this either. Anyway, I leave Robert Folk to someone who knows his scores better. I have listened only to a couple.
  6. I think his theme for A Single Man, is one of the best themes of the last 20 years.
  7. Actually this is my favourite Glass score, and one of my favourite minimalistic scores. However, I prefer Nyman and Korzeniowski (I guess their scores are considered minimalistic?) to Glass's repeating patterns.
  8. Kundun (Philip Glass) I can't understand how this was nominated for an Oscar. Ok, maybe it added much to the film, I don't know, I haven't watched it. I actually like a very small amount of minimalistic scores. I think minimalistic music doesn't lead anywhere. It just goes on and on without purpose and sense of direction.
  9. The Last of the Mohicans Jerry Goldsmith (I post some more mainstream composers before moving on to the others)
  10. Oh, I see you put something difficult. I wonder who can reply to this.
  11. Maybe you're right. But still, in the beginning of this thread, I have 2 scores to listen to that I don't know. Skyfall and Kingdom of Heaven. The Three Musketeers John Williams (how original eh? hehe)
  12. I love the theme of this. It's a guilty pleasure of mine!
  13. Thought of this little game. I name a film composer, and you reply with what you think personally it is his/her masterpiece (along with another composer for the next member to reply and so on) RULES: Onle ONE score please. That makes the game hard, I know. This would be a way for me (or other members) to discover many scores that I haven't listened to or didn't give much attention to and are considered great by the community. Of course, a composer can be repeated by someone else. So, I start: Danny Elfman
  14. Listened to it last night. Unfortunately it didn't do anything for me. Now, I'm listening to Falling Down (I think it was in @Thor's top 5 list?), and again I'm not feeling it... @Thor what did you like of it? A lot of it seems like nonedescript music...
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