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  1. Ludwig told me last week about this topic which I missed, and at the time my reaction was to call it the "fate" tag. Tragic works too, less overtly Wagnerian. Perhaps "destiny," and here's another instance of it in the Destiny track... exposed on solo clarinet with an extra neighbour note - 5-(4)-6-2 - right after (yet another) gentle Sith/Neapolitan variation of the Force. I also suggested to Ludwig that the major mediant incarnation of this with Ben Solo's death matches earlier instances in Galaxy's Edge... ... and TPM (same key as GE), where I first became aware of it as an entity, and where it enters as if out of nowhere, as we prepare to meet Anakin for the first time. In yet another variation in the same cue the tag is transposed up: 1-b2-5
  2. Lots of small classical/experimental labels use Bandcamp which can handle 24-bit. Not sure why labels like LLL or Intrada couldn't do the same except for perhaps brand optics (less exclusive?) Would be sweet to have a single price for HD digital audio/high res booklet + physical copy. Last year's Stylotone DE of Marnie came with 24-bit WAV.
  3. I personally like parts of The English Patient, Crouching Tiger and Black Panther, though I know your point isn't the quality of those scores per se (which is presumably all over the place).
  4. a politically *challenged* platform like... We all preserve old ways of seeing things by societal design and legacy. I get that JW's knowledge base is not being properly preserved and transmitted in the larger culture as it proceeds clumsily. But hey, we're here.
  5. The pop culture-level status of Khachaturian's Sabre Dance during his training/early career?
  6. To my ears, it sounds more like the tenth quaver is missing, like "1 and a 2 and a 3 and a and a". I've thought about the edit being in several places around that measure including the very beginning and the end, and wouldn't discount your hearing of it, but the fast rising run/scale in the winds and strings sounds to me as unbroken from the point I mentioned. Who knows, it's not pristine sound quality with oodles of high transients, even remastered at full res from the original tapes. Yes, I listened to that strata as well, interesting theory. What would Vond-Ah say about our edit theories? "The facts are undeniable. It's your conclusions we find unsupportable."
  7. It's as if where you would count "1 and a 2 and a 3 and a 4 and a" (i.e. the march's time signature of 12/8) it came out as "1 and a 2 and a 3 a 4 and a," like a missing eighth note.
  8. I support Hildur Guðnadóttir winning for Joker. And as much as I’d love to see Dubs get a sixth Oscar before he leaves us, his record including 52 nominations speaks for itself. Congrats Maestro!
  9. As I said privately, the important question(s) would be: is there an actual inaccurate splice at that point that was perhaps catalogued but not remedied, and why? If there is no tape edit, are there tracks (among the 24 channels) that were muted in the final mix to clear some audible performance issue there, and if so, why would this not be considered eligible for a "performance edit?" One can almost count 11/8 instead of 12/8 in that measure but on the next the orchestra appears to be perfect sync for the tutti ostinato; as others have pointed out it's a very inorganic sounding hiccup. A licensing issue makes sense... a corrected version would be one "alternate" too many? Holko did a fantastic job on the microedit. One question, was the extra 2 seconds on the track timing an unrelated change, like a default gap added by Audacity?
  10. This is such a catchy little tune, I wish it had a bigger part in the score or maybe it was just meant to refer back vaguely to this (other than them both being chase scenes with a "boat" I wouldn't know why):
  11. Some interesting variations on the Victory theme here (0:59 - 1:22), with a sense of trying to find its ultimate form in terms harmony and intervals (i.e. in Farewell), ending quite unresolved before the Resistance theme enters by contrast in its most formal guise. But always that cell of note - falling second - note.
  12. I also completely randomly just watched the Short Treks directed by Giacchino (and also just realized there were new episodes) and it was delightful.
  13. Awesome, thanks for the suggestions Jay (and Arpy)... just ordered both ST sequels from VS
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