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  1. Well said! Still crossing my fingers we get a Hal Leonard Sig Edition of this magnificent piece!
  2. Wonderful @ragoz350, thank you! This was high up on my list of unreleased JW cues, and it's great to finally hear it, after a fashion. Neat little echoes of "Jim's New Life" I hadn't noticed before. Though overall, I think the choice to use Liberation/Exultate Justi instead of this was the right one.
  3. Incidentally, don't know if anyone else watched the Pops 2020 Holiday special, but JW is present for a very short cameo reading a line ("And laying his finger...") from A Visit from St. Nicholas. It's $30 to view the concert, but def. worth supporting this institution. Well done all around.
  4. Just discovered this on YouTube today -- hadn't heard this particular, pleasingly bombastic arrangement of "Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas" before.
  5. Well this turned out more convincingly than I thought it would:
  6. Phenomenal, as always @Marc. Got any more ESB planned? Would love to hear you take on those licks at the end of the Mynock cave scene!
  7. Exactly this. In fact, one of the more recent updates to my own catalogue, I merged what I had been calling the First Order Motif and Kylo Ren's C theme (Menacing) into one overall leitmotif, with different guises in TFA and largely dropped after that point. It also reminds me of this ancient post I made long ago where I anticipated the existence of the "1st Order Theme." Must have known something secret about the future of Star Wars /
  8. More musical invention in these single cues than many entire scores! And this all-timer (with credit to Victor Young): I also wanted to put up "Risk, But No Reward" from Goldsmith's First Knight but couldn't locate it on YouTube.
  9. Hehe, it's many a JWfan's favorite topic! Since the late 1990s, Williams has used a certain musical gesture in practically all of his scores, often in action scenes. The clearest first usage was from The Lost World, the track "Ludlow's Demise" in particular (though its elsewhere in the score too). Hence the nickname which I think originated here on JWfan. In technical terms, it's usually a repeated note followed by some kind of staggered ascent to either the fourth or fifth of the scale, and back down to the tonic. So, in C-minor, for example, it'd be something like C-C
  10. Great catch, @TheAvengerButton. It's not the only time we get an accidental sneak-preview of a later theme. The "Proto-Imperial March" I think you're talking about in ANH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuTLkt2wlUk&feature=youtu.be&t=54s&ab_channel=SoundtrackStudio Kylo Ren in Revenge of the Sith?: https://youtu.be/Qc1xGKe11hg?t=47 Ewoks during the Sail Barge battle?: https://youtu.be/n8gcMBhMkIY?t=148 Anthem of Evil in TLJ?: https://youtu.be/-XTGprLB8Vs?t=23 In the case of the Anthem of Evil, the explanation I'd go with is this is an *extremely*
  11. Depending on how you count, there's between 9 and 11 statements of Jabba's theme in the ROTJ score. https://youtu.be/XVzECYBfVTY?t=20 https://youtu.be/XVzECYBfVTY?t=59 https://youtu.be/XVzECYBfVTY?t=107 https://youtu.be/S68MG3KcZTU?t=168 https://youtu.be/S68MG3KcZTU?t=209 https://youtu.be/izJnYJo329c?t=98 https://youtu.be/g0oNCRe11qY?t=32 https://youtu.be/g0oNCRe11qY?t=167 https://youtu.be/g0oNCRe11qY?t=181 https://youtu.be/n8gcMBhMkIY?t=108 Plus the Concert Arrangement
  12. Hah! I guess it's just a matter of taste. I think it's a really striking & luscious sound. Kind of just encloses you in, it if that makes sense. Not sure what it is about the timbre either, but there is something different about it, even relative to the way horns sound in the other PT recordings.
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