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  1. This is great! Fawkes is so criminally under-programmed that any release is a good one. And the tempo change (barely perceptible to me) just brings out other elements of the orchestration I hadn't focused on before. So now I just have to decide whether to buy this single or wait and see on an album (especially with the potential for an album with the new fanfare on it!).
  2. I had forgotten this was happening! What a spry-looking Maestro! And what a program! That's a spectacular distillation of what's great about John WIlliams from the Seventies to the present and beyond. I can't believe he did both Helena and Obi-Wan! Has he ever conducted a theme for a not-yet-released movie at more than one concert? And honestly, I was half-expecting the Obi theme to fade into history once the show hype subsided. This also makes me wonder what, if anything, from The Fabelmans will make it into his orchestral concert repertoire. Maybe a trimmed version of the end credits? Strange, though, that a clean version of it wasn't on the OST. That also could be a first. I also find myself contemplating the fact this weekend that the latest Williams scoring projects we know of are now complete. I wonder what he's doing now! OK, bring on the videos, somebody!
  3. I love the "Fabelmans" melody. That struck me and stuck with me instantly. Lovely and long-lined, with a promising B theme at the end of the sample. By the way, kudos to whoever plucked these samples for starting in melodically appropriate places. It doesn't feel random as samples often do.
  4. I couldn't find anything on YouTube. The world is conspiring to hide this music!
  5. Maybe it's just a function of how busy he is with how much else at the time.
  6. Apparently the New York Pops played the TROS suite in its entirety just a couple of weeks ago?! Who knew? I found this by accident today! https://www.broadwayworld.com/cabaret/article/Review-The-New-York-Pops-Soar-With-THE-MUSIC-OF-STAR-WARS-at-Carnegie-Hall-20221027
  7. Goldang it, Spielberg, edit and release your recording session footage already! How many more moments like this are sitting on a bearded hard drive somewhere in California right now?
  8. The older John Williams gets, the more obsessed I get with seeing him go back and play the piano. This video that came up in another thread a few months ago was a huge factor in that. Maybe this experience will send him back to re-explore his jazz roots for some upcoming work!
  9. I'm no expert on thematic development, but wouldn't this funereal version of Nori's theme from "We Wait for You" in episode 3 count as a development? (22:53 or so)
  10. Can anyone remind me what the difference is, if any, in performance between the OST disc and the film score? I seem to recall Matessino saying on TLOJW podcast that it's all the same takes, but he wanted to preserve the original mix or something. Since my Styrofoam ears can't usual discern mixing differences, I think that makes the second disc a museum piece for me. With "Journey to the Island" on the new JP set, I was curious enough to actually rip both and compare them in Audacity, but I haven't made time for that yet with this score.
  11. [Hastily deletes half-written justification of why this sounds like Williams music] I trust @Falstaft.
  12. Hey, didn't Williams just write a theme for Hal Leonard and debut it at the Hollywood Bowl? Thought I read a thread about that somewhere.
  13. There was a comic of that? Interesting. I just blundered and tip-booked my way through the re-release of that game a year ago. Now I'm wondering which path the plot followed—Wits, Fists, or Teams?
  14. Interesting! They haven't done Greco-Roman stuff in the series yet. That could be a cool way to go!
  15. Well, of course you're not objective about Zootopia. As a hyena, you've got skin in the game.
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