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  1. I remember hearing this as a rumor after my first viewing, but I couldn't see any on my second or third because I was so focused on getting a discreet photo. Hook confirmed!
  2. Given the witty coyness and elliptical phrasing of so many of the cue titles, I've gotta believe "Approaching the Nursery" is a reference to this guy: https://www.scified.com/news/the-oracle-leaked-star-wars-rise-skywalker-concept-art-unveils-strange-unused-alien-creature Man, am I stoked to see the unused footage from this movie! Why did they not just go full Endgame and give us a three-hour cut? Honestly, we know the answer—because they probably (rightly) intuited that not enough of the various fragmented planetoids of Star Wars fandom were interested in sitting through a massive final film. The blind corporate flailing that has defined the approach to these new movies had already alienated so many people, one way or another, that they figured they'd be better off shortening the run time and squeezing in more showings. Darn shame. I like the movie (nonsense plot, retcons, and all), but I think it would actually be more of a crowd-pleaser with even a few minutes more exposition, explanation, and emotional breathing room.
  3. Also, choosing "Rebellion is Reborn" over "Rise of Skywalker" is a mistake.
  4. ...which will trigger the final encore, "Ewok Celebration."
  5. Going all the way back to "Star Wars / If they should bar wars / Please let those Star Wars / Stay" and further, there's a vibrant tradition of putting stupid lyrics to film-music melodies, and I'm here to say I definitely do it, especially when I'm trying to distinguish among themes in a new score. Presented without comment, then—except, perhaps, with apologies to Leslie Bricusse—are my official lyrics to several recent JW themes, along with a few bonus tracks from Henry Jackman. Rey's Theme (inspired by the TFA TV spots): "Whoooo are youuuu? I'm no oooone! Waaaaiting I knooow abooouuut..." Luke in Exile (inspired by Mark Hamill's hostage-video tweet the day after Christmas about regretting voicing his creative differences with Rian Johnson): "Differences! There were differences! Oh, what differences! Such creative ones!" Trio Theme: "Heeeeere comes the triiiiiiio! These guys plus Three-PEEEEEEE-O!" Rise of Skywalker Theme: "Tiiiiime to rise and Skyyyy the Waaaalker..." This all started, I think when my brother and I were doing a Harry Potter rewatch several years ago and discovered the Peter Pettigrew harpsichord motif, which we of course defined as "Peter, Peter, Peter Pettigrew!" As film-music motifs have grown shorter and simpler over the years, it's gotten easier. For some reason, I found myself doing it with the "one-sentence" motifs in Captain America: Civil War, too: Civil War Theme: "Leeeet's have a waaaar! Biiiiiiig civil waaaar!" Zemo's Motif: "Baron Zemo has a theme!" Black Panther Motif: "Iiiiiiiiit's theeeeeee Blackpantherrrrr!" I can't be the only one who does this. Anybody else wanna share?
  6. This is the coolest bit of JW nerdery I've seen maybe ever! It's like simultaneously giving 2005-era Williams a Time Turner (so he'd have room for one more massive score in his schedule) and putting him under the Imperius curse (so he'd be forced not to abandon his own great motifs). I especially appreciate the commentary on your use of themes and the incredible theme catalog. You guys should be working for a label!
  7. In his most daring choice yet, Phoenix will be playing the moon.
  8. https://www.slashfilm.com/space-camp-remake/ Well, that clears up what Williams is working on in 2020... 😎
  9. I wasn't sold on Haab (even after two competent Battlefronts, where he generally had to write anonymous Williams-esque action music that could be looped and cross-faded ad infinitum), until I heard his work on the Fallen Order video game. Very filmic, great musical storytelling, a few well-placed theme references, and just generally very satisfying. I always thought the folks who said they should give him a movie were vastly overrating his talent, but now I'm on board. There are some weird YouTube playlists out there that interpolate prequel music into so-called soundtrack playlists (which may be accurate; I've barely started the game), but this one looks like it's all original:
  10. Wait, they performed the Imperial March as a string/wind trio?! Is this available anywhere?
  11. Ugh. Streaming is the worst. Wake up, world!!
  12. Wait...TLJ debuted in the US on 12/26, and I don’t see the isolated score as an option on Audio or Extras. Am I missing something? That’s the only way I want to watch TLJ!
  13. Absolutely! I don’t know why the heck the Academy is dragging its feet on this. Irrespective of a nomination for TROS, this should already have happened years ago. A special Oscar of the Snow White/Toy Story variety would be justified if the SW saga were all he’d ever done. As it is, the lack of a lifetime achievement Oscar is a glaring oversight.
  14. Nice work! I do wish Williams had found a place in one of his film credits suites for that bombastic concert ending from the TFA finale, incorporating Luke's theme into the final boom-crash. Ingenious!
  15. Does it strike anyone else as an obvious oversight to reveal that big podrace stadium full of Sith fans and not have them chanting "Korah, Ratama..."? For twenty years, whenever I heard the opening of "Duel of the Fates," I've been picturing some ancient, insidious cult ritual, and now that's literally what we get onscreen, and the theme is MIA. If I'm JJ, that's the first request I make in the spotting session.
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