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  1. These won't change your life, but they're nice guitar covers with fewer views than they deserve. Check 'em out!
  2. Yes, this is very encouraging, especially since CoS seems like the neglected child of the HP scores when it comes to re-recordings (although PoA doesn't do much better, actually). I'm assuming the "suite" phrasing means we'll get Fawkes as well, and maybe Dobby?
  3. Hey, bonus points, though, for not including the words "they're" or "all" or "dead" in any order.
  4. Should we make "At the Forum" the official theme of this board?
  5. The heck?? How have I missed this all these years?! Apart from this YouTube link, I can't find any reference to it online, and judging from the ecstasy of at least one commenter, it actually is that rare. Man, every day is a great day to be a JWFan. It's like an endless game of Zelda. You never know when you'll shove aside some rock and find another gem. Between discovering this today and re-discovering @Pando's reconstruction of the alternate "Scavenger" cue last week, my mind boggles at the wealth of unheard Williams treasure that's probably going to surface over the next fe
  6. I know Disney is ham-fisted in general and hamstrung by its own Death Star II-like size, but this is the most commercially friendly potential expansion property in the history of film music. It has to happen, and my money is on sooner rather than later, given how the focus of Star Wars is atomizing thanks to streaming services and publishing initiatives. In the days of old Lucasfilm, I had the sense (rightly or wrongly, as a child) that every Star Wars project was another tendril of the story told in the original trilogy, traceable along the axis of some character who appeared in those films
  7. Great topic! I still have access to my original impressions of this track before I knew about the embedded Emperor’s Theme, and it was one of the most joyous pieces of music of any kind I’d ever heard. (It’s also worth noting that I formed these impressions after hearing only the album, before the movie was able to sully them with itself.)
  8. I'm counting this as a @Falstaft-endorsed theory! Actually, I went and checked in another tab (thank you, Disney+, and what a world!) and what I heard is at 1:30:20-24. The strings build upward in a transitional phrase, and then we get what sounds like (to my untrained ears anyway) the first two descending notes of the main "Jedi Steps" theme, also on strings. I love it. It's as if, by that point, he knows he doesn't need to play us the whole theme for us to know where we're going. It reminds me of the scene where Princess Leia's name is implied both verbally and musically in Rogue One.
  9. I've long feared that the only logical explanation for JW leaving "Falcon Flight" and "The Training Course" off the album is that for some reason he had less to do with them than with the material he included. Honestly, the more I hear "Falcon Flight," the more I hear the ESB influences to an almost distracting degree, so the less it bothers me that it might not have been as purely Williams as I wanted to believe initially. And I always wondered if the training cue was some especially adept last-minute assistance from William Ross or someone else (maybe even Haab). Either way, neither cue w
  10. I contend to this day that a distinctive chord or two from "Jedi Steps" plays over an establishing shot of Ach-To in TROS, but it's subtle. I noticed it in the theater but have never managed to locate it on the soundtrack.
  11. I love that the Spotify Web Player knew to apply the lightsaber overlay to the now-playing graphic for this release as well.
  12. I'm thoroughly confused by the bonus track situation and have not made it a priority to slog through every page of this thread to figure it out, so someone please reward my indolence: is there anything on this release besides spoken words and applause that we haven't heard before?
  13. Has anyone drawn up a list of which tracks contain previously unreleased music? My initial sense is that every new cue is less than a minute long. Is that right?
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