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  1. I am absolutely the target audience for a deal like the one they just offered, having missed the JP collection the first time around, but I have been such a faithful LLL customer this year that I've already bought $100 worth of their stuff. There's not enough left in the catalog to get me to $200.
  2. Wow, between this and "And Baby Makes Three," what a stretch it's been for previously unheard Williams. Actually, I always thought "We're Lookin' Good" was some kind of cheesy song Williams had written. How excellent to discover it's actually a playful cousin to 1941!
  3. It's kind of a relief to see that, as ever, it wasn't Williams' bad instincts that led to a lousy result. I used to prefer "Victory Celebration" to "Ewok Celebration"; now I've grown up, and I don't really care for either of them. Actually, I find an unexpected poignancy in Giacchino's Muzak version of VC from Star Tours II, thanks to the out-of-left-field cantina counterpoint ("Ah, guys, remember when we were all back at that crazy bar...?"): (it's at 8:26 if the URL timestamp doesn't work)
  4. Oh man, this is pure platinum! I'm actually glad I didn't find out about it until now. Who knows how much time I would have spent on a fruitless quest to get access to it in Chicago? Thanks for the GIFs, @Jay. I also first saw JW in '07, and I always thought he was a less athletic conductor than I expected (I know, not fair at all for a 75-year-old), but seeing this is like seeing a different guy! I would love to see the whole concert!
  5. In a similar vein, is "The People's House" from Lincoln actually trailer music? I just re-watched that highly entertaining film and, as ever, was disappointed by the lack of that theme in the movie, certainly in its triumphant "People's House" mode and maybe altogether. I'm sure it played in all its glory on the trailer, though. Is it a concert suite based on trailer music?
  6. I've always been more lukewarm on the Desert Chase than most, I think. The sequence is amazing in the film, but so much of the Nazi music is (by design) plodding and pounding that it's just less fun away from picture. Meanwhile, where's the love for "Escape from Venice," "Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra," "The Basket Game," and "The Mine Car Chase"?
  7. Oh, wow, @Falstaft, I totally missed the incidental motif section. This deal is getting better all the time!
  8. @TheAvengerButton I meant the former, actually, the one you called "Rising Power." To be honest, in my mind, the latter one never really rose above the formless masses of Williams "musical action figures," so to speak―those little four- and five-note motifs that he'll fixate on from time to time, especially in The Last Jedi. I don't think @Falstaft has included any of those in his catalogue, since they all seem to signify nothing more or less than "wars are happening amid stars!" If I recall, though, folks around here classified one of them as the "Quidditch" melody back in 2017, based on its similarity to "Quidditch, Third Year." But back to the First Order motif. It pops up here and there in TLJ, almost always in fragmented but recognizable form. If you have access to the iso score on Disney+, there's a moment at exactly 20:00 when Rey is filling Luke in on the current war, and when she says soon the First Order will control everything, we get the first half of the theme (a rise and a half, if you will). It shows up again right after Leia's "death," when Hux is discussing continuing the bombardment around 31:07 on the iso score. I don't know if either of these moments appears on any of the OST or FYC tracks. There are more, but those are the first two I noticed listening to it as I type this.
  9. After listening to the isolated-score version of The Last Jedi for the first time this weekend, I realized for the first time how often that motif recurs in the second film. I probably heard it three or four times at least. Does it show up in its original form in TROS as well? If not, what an odd choice.
  10. Also added in the US! Huzzah! And thanks for the heads-up! But also, let's reiterate what a profoundly weird set of circumstances this is. Praise God for the logistics of streaming that allowed this to be added randomly, but why the regional disparities and head-scratching timeline? In any case, let's make it happen for all nine episodes now. And then every other movie in the world!
  11. "...I knew Fred [Astaire!!!] a little bit..." Sheesh, think of the eras spanned by the people with whom he's on a first-name basis. What a career. What a life.
  12. I could be wrong, but I believe every FSO YouTube Rip you've listed is also available on the FSO albums Especial John Williams, La Musica de las Galaxias, or one of their La Mejor Musica de Cine albums. They also do "Here They Come!" and "The Flag Parade."
  13. I routinely forget that this score exists. Reissue time? Actually, listening the FSM samples, I could almost imagine the love theme redone as a triumphant march.
  14. Well, now we know why he didn't score Deathly Hallows Part II. He was busy setting up his Facebook account.
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