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  1. @Thor have you encountered any tuneful, large orchestral scores this year? Something for a JWFan?
  2. I know that some of you have a lot of knowledge about the reality of the releases of film scores by independent / specialty labels. I've been wondering what would would it take to have some of Korngold's original recordings from the 1930s/1940s released, let's say 2 CDs. They are in excellent condition as far as I know, and are owned by Turner. I can imagine the steps as: 1. estimating whether a given release is likely to make a profit for the label 2. if yes, contacting the rights holder and convincing them to give a permission / make a deal 3. if
  3. Max Steiner's biography mentioned his involvement as an actor in this scene: So I made a gif out of it
  4. That, plus some children behave worse in the company of even more unruly ones.
  5. JWFan has truly grown beautiful recently with all this spam.
  6. And Herrmann is the granddaddy. Neat decade intervals btw. (1958 Sinbad -> 1968 Apes -> 1977 SW) I wouldn't say Goldsmith is that far from the opera/operetta classics in this one: Mere 3 weeks schedule, late changes, hating the job, whatever the reason...
  7. Tough choice, because nobody has written as many great romantic melodies as Williams has. Across the Stars, just like Horner's theme from Titanic, is one of those melodies that are surprisingly powerful whenever they sneak up on you. Voted ESB though, because it seems more mature / realistic, like the romance in OT itself, and it's one of the most complex ones.
  8. Semper Fi to the composer whose music they have just so generously released. Outstanding, marines!
  9. Williams is a heavyweight, both in the 20th century and overall. I once thought that Shostakovich was a better composer than him, but further studies of the music of both have made me reject this hypothesis. Shostakovich had a smiliar rare skill for melodically improving inspirations he followed, but overall was much more crude in his craft, with rare exceptions to be found in quartets and the preludes and fugues. As it stands, I only consider Stravinsky's and Debussy's contributions to the 20th century classical music greater, as their time resulted in what was perhaps the last gr
  10. Thanks! This year I've only had a cake with a pair of friends who conveniently live on the same street, but at least I told them about last year's birthsday trip Incredible that a full year has passed. Feels like yesterday...
  11. It's just that Lucas has claimed many things over the years
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