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  1. No, that would be Close Encounters of the Tired Kind
  2. Today I clicked on the video of Spacex's Starship making a re-entry into the atmosphere: And just the title and thumbnail were enough for me to instinctively play a loop of: to accompany it. Does your brain also have an urge to hear fitting Williams pieces to scenes happening in your life (or in the news, or wherever)?
  3. To be fair, even Raiders (film and score) would have lost again, were it the contender.
  4. I recall an old video of a certain Mr. SpitzNagel playing Cantina Band with a colleague. https://youtu.be/gNi2oxH37vo?feature=shared
  5. At least they got Karina Canellakis to conduct. She is awesome!
  6. At this point the best score Oscars should be reshaped in Williams's image and renamed "Johnnies". Although I suppose captions under industry photos would then be quite unfortunate. "Here is this year's winner holding his Johnny".
  7. Next up is 'Elfman' by Danny Batman. Elfman is a superhero a bit like Superman, for whom I wrote music that you may remember... but he is a different character. His costume has ears like an elf, and he was memorably played by... Buster Keaton. Anyway, here is the march from 'Elfman'.
  8. Spotify total users: ca. 600 mln Williams Dec 2023 listeners: 23,5 mln This is boosted by his arrangements of preexisting Christmas carrols, but exposure is exposure
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