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  1. Star Wars I-IX Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  2. When people ask Google about the greatest composers (in general), what they really find overlaps 1:1 with "greatest classical composers". You will not find a mention of Williams, Goldsmith, Morricone, or Herrmann there. This reinforces the views that the four aforementioned, not to mention anyone else in the history of film, just do not cut it compared to the concert composers of their time. Example effect: a young director of the Phoenix Symphony programmed a healthy dose of the music of Waxman, Herrmann, and Korngold, and while the public enjoyed it, the board members and major s
  3. It's great. The Force itself, AKA John Williams, intervenes.
  4. You are young, @jojoju2000. Wait a generation and there will be few born before Jaws and Star Wars left to rally against the good stuff.
  5. Across the Stars followed by Rounds & Dactyls can form an elegant tri-movement concerto of their own. Especially fortunate to have them recorded on the same occasion.
  6. "We are going to play Across the Stars; a theme from one of the Star Wars films, and I have not a vaguest memory which one it was from".
  7. The second movement is a love at first sound It's basically what I am looking for in contemporary classical.
  8. So it's like Jaws but without a shark?
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