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  1. That 40 years from now very few people will care about Gladiator.
  2. Opera music is also predominantly presented in staged versions, not in concert form.
  3. Very few artists have been in a position to say something like this:
  4. My contributions to this thread are usually in jest. While Saint-Saëns was a titan in his own right, and an underrated one, too, Williams is still the better composer of the two imho.
  5. Not that I doubt he can do it, but I hope he is at least going to use an airplane!
  6. Nice Deepfake and A.I. voice. You nearly got me there
  7. In the 'collective unconscious' Williams's triumphant brass sound is so easily identifiable with American culture at this point, that if you put it over an American national sporting event, it appears to fit like a glove. As if it had always been there.
  8. Or about Jurassic Park... or the incident in San Diego (in which he was not involved)...
  9. My favourite score of the year. Those yummy chromaticisms... the 1960s tropes... I also like how Detective Blanc says that "he is no Batman", but the music disagrees
  10. Priorities... even a single mic recording is better than nothing.
  11. Good luck to everybody participating in the conference. I regret to say I couldn't find the time to complete my "Johnny Williams and the Lessons Learned from Benny Herrmann" article. I had already gathered some quotes and materials for it, but I knew I wouldn't manage to complete the necessary transcriptions and archive hunt to seal the deal, or (for that matter) to visit France at this time. Maybe some other year, maybe as a collaboration...
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