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  1. I am done with this series. It was great! Let's walk away...
  2. This thread is the only reason I've been visiting this forum in the last weeks tbh. It gives JWFan a sense of purpose.
  3. 1940s style main-character-narrated film with Ian McDiarmid would be awesome.
  4. I encouraged and helped my mother digitalize her language school, did a translation job on some government documents (I am not a translator, but I know the language, so I get these calls sometimes), organized a Skype birthsday for my grandfather (I've never seen him so happy ), and got to enjoy the empty streets and the freshness of spring in front of my windows. Since I also bought a lot of various food, and started taking vitamins, magnesium and other supplements, my health improved as well. And my hair is the longest it has ever been. I look like Chopin. 9/10
  5. Some commentators and podcasters highlighted that Parade of the Ewoks is supremely jolly. But is it completely innocent? .
  6. I you want to hear a Star Wars opera, try the Holiday Special:
  7. Look, these transports serve merely the testing of the Amerika-Bomber!
  8. The more trilogies, the bigger the funeral pyre. With Williams gone, the magic will be gone, too.
  9. An excellent 2015 score! Comparable to JNH's early 2000s efforts for Disney. Splendidly played, too. https://open.spotify.com/album/0qYyIq8NE6DNpbY2OyRPu7 The composer, Diego Navarro, is a quite interesting person. He looks like Mahler, waves arms and eyes around like Mahler, divides phrases like Mahler reportedly did, uses lots of portamenti and quick tempi, and, willing to take risks, can bring out of music things that have never been really heard in it before. At one point I thought: yeah, if he can make the C-G leap of the E.T. Theme sound like I have always imagined Mahler would have interpreted it, I am his fan. Well... he delivered! According to his website, Navarro even composed his first symphony in D major. Recommened: In the video with Star Wars Main Title there is a brief video message from Williams himself.
  10. Over the last two years I've gotten to know over 200 film scores that I liked, and increased my knowledge about those that I did "know" to an incomparable degree. JWFan is a priceless catalyst. Each of the scores mentioned here can be considered an invitation to listen to it or watch its film. . . . . . .
  11. To anyone worrying about Morricone: https://www.optimagazine.com/2020/03/24/ennio-morricone-sui-flash-mob-dai-balconi-contro-il-coronavirus-inopportuni/1756033
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