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  1. Urgency? Like here? 3:13 how can they be jamming us... 3:20 break off the attack, the shield is still up 3:23 I get no reading... 3:26 pull up, all craft pull up 3:36 green group, stay close to... 3:44 it's a trap To me the chief difference between classical and recent film scores is that in the former you have musicians of Williams' caliber.
  2. I think I understand now what Williams meant when he said "we've never had a love theme".
  3. How much did it cost to hire the orchestra and studio for so many takes? Feels like the GDP of a small country...
  4. Maybe a new Belloq, or an evil counterpart to Waller-Bridge's character... or both. He is not going to play Short Round, is he? Now, how about an artifact from Norse mythology? Indiana Jones: Ragnarok
  5. Devising something similar to the Ark Theme is just impossible. The idea is as simple and irreplicable as that of the motif in Beethoven's 5th. But the Wayfinder motif in TROS was cool, and Ochi's ship also had it's own musical mark, so maybe Williams can indeed come up with new ones that will be distinctive and likeable.
  6. I think I know that guy! Was there a huge monkey on the passenger seat?
  7. Really? Most people thought it was a combination of cute and awesome.
  8. Not to get too political, but democracy is not far from that. Neither form of government is meritocratic.
  9. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/behind-screen/cinema-audio-society-award-winners-2020-1270562 Anyone else simply thinks that the film is going to be fine?
  10. Complaining about Williams composing Indiana Jones 5 before it even comes out has got to be the most bafflingly sour thing on this forum since the trumpet flub groundhog day. I understand that this is a space for extreme outliers of all shapes and sizes, but why can't we just have nice things and wait for Williams to unfold whatever it is that he will actually do?
  11. Comparison with the last year: The total number of composers on the list hasn't changed much (2020 - 103; 2021 - 104) However, the top composers - Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Williams, Haendel, and Chopin were significantly hit, each ending up with fewer pieces on the list. Instead, other famous composers experienced modest gains in representation. Williams is ranked sixth on this year's list, down from the fifth spot last year. A - changes in positions green / yellow / red - changes in the number of pieces on the list Previous y
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