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  1. You may include the anecdote how Williams visited J.S. Bach's old church, the Thomaskirche in Leipzig, Germany, on October 10th 2021. As he was exiting, the organist begun to play the Jurassic Park hymn and Williams said 'now I can die'. Here is a photo from the church: The source is one of those high profile interviews, was that The New York Times?
  2. JW: Steven said: "I need a better composer than you for this film". ASM: ... JW: and then I said "I know, but they are all dead" – and raised my fee to 2 million dollars.
  3. have you composed any other such Romantic pieces? I would be interested to hear some more
  4. And this is why the Reddit folk think JWFan is one mad hive Carry on!
  5. well, the droid motif in most uses does sound like some sort of motif of trouble, especially trouble happening to or perceived by 'innocent' beings. Interesting how busy / full of notes this theme is, showing a lot of vitality even in its most peaceful rendition on Dagobah. Similarily, in IX, Yoda's Theme is played when Chewie gets a medal from the alien Maz, possibly because it's a heartwarming alien theme, and Maz is a soft reboot Yoda. I think it is an inevitable consequence of the need for utility in scoring films that Williams's themes become associated with a more general class of characters or emotions over time.
  6. literally my first thought was the crazy one that Benny's theme could be some kind of crypto-homage
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