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  1. Debs Gardner-Paterson, the director of the Skywalker Legacy documentary. Apparently J.J. didn't think about notifying the documentary crew about the shooting of the scene, and they were present only thanks to the documentary director's initiative. https://www.cinemablend.com/podcasts/talking-star-wars-john-williams-and-more-with-the-skywalker-legacy-director-debs-paterson/2493713/
  2. I've always been wondering why did a scene of a slow bantha and some Tusken raiders got such lively music in SW77. Well, there it is.
  3. He was lucky the coronavirus didn't strike last year! Or was he... The next year or two will tell, I suppose.
  4. Debut which had 1/2 of its reviews written by JWFan members, or people they know. It wasn't picked up by major classical journals or news of any sort. "One of the greatest" and "arguably one of the most..." are weasel phrases that patronizingly put him merely into the front rank of film composers, as if he wasn't a poet laureate of their kind for the past 4 decades (nearly half of the history of the medium so far). The use of his first name in every mention on the web shows that he is not an established name, like Mahler or Shostakovich for example. That is one of the marks of someone having a fame of "a classic". He is also 90% of time tied to his Oscar record in mentions. Something very superficial as far as the standards of classical music journalism are concerned (at least in regards to composers). Snobs are an influential "small amount of people", and slobs are not a small number of people at all.
  5. Pedal tone in the bass line, 0:07 It accompanies Darth Maul disappearing in a dark abyss below, after the bassi portrayed his fall.
  6. Williams is in the crossfire of snobs who repeat at nauseam that he is a "thief", that he doesn't modulate themes to other keys like symphonists do, doesn't write for opera (lol), and slobs, who enjoy him as much as any "epic" pop sound---and no more, and generally don't give a damn whether there are 30 staves of skilled writing sounding in their headphones, or computer-generated ambience and vague tapestry. Snobs, if pressed, choose Herrmann, Morricone, or Takemitsu over Williams on his home turf, or else insist on ghetto-ing him under the label of "film music", away from "classical music", which somehow sooner has place for Stockhausen and Cage than for him. Slobs think Zimmer is greater, or have nearly forgotten him. He is nowhere to be found on the lists of recommended most important or influential contemporary composers, or on ranking lists of classical composers. I don't know what to think.
  7. What drives me crazy is that there is no losless audio option. Boomers upload archival recordings from their antique vinyls, acetates, shellacs, player pianos, and even cylinders for posterity only to have the already lossy sound distorted into 96kbps or whatever the retarded compression output on this platform is. But hey, at least they offer some free (mildly compressed) rarae aves too. I've found recordings in higher quality there than on desktop Spotify.
  8. Hypothetically, if he were to tackle The Rise of Skywalker, what would he do?
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