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  1. I've calculated something... Had Williams died at Tchaikovsky's age (54) in 1986, he would still have had 3 Star Wars films, 2 Indy films, CE3K, E.T., Jaws, Superman, Jane Eyre, 45 or so other film scores, the Violin Concerto, 4 Oscars, a honorary PhD, and 6 years at the helm of the Boston Pops to his name. 36 years later and he is still going on!
  2. An Oscar feels like one of the very few awards he hasn't got yet, if you know what I mean.
  3. That's the coolest thing. It's not just an OBE, it's a KBE. If it were an OBE, it would mean far less, since so many artists have it. Interesting that Bob Iger also gets it. I wonder whether the two getting honorary knighthood stems from the same behind the scenes conversations.
  4. I would read it as a general, philosophical hostility, and a sardonic admission that the film and the score do work on the big screen as intended.
  5. What a thing to wake up and see as the first news of the day!!! The fans calling him 'Sir John Williams' will now be seen as a bit less rabid.
  6. mocc.mp3 It's probably more than a bit incorrect since I have trouble reading the spots that are probably trying to communicate to me the sharp and flat symbols, and I am too tired to play a harmony guessing game atm. One bar of bassline is obscured, so I left it empty.
  7. I've been conditioned to hear a piano note and a huge BRAAAM over such dialogue.
  8. Could it be a financial / prestige incentive for Julliard to work on the publishing of his bequeathed scores?
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