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  1. Listened to it once this weekend. Can't say it's actually bad. It's decent; and functional. And nothing special. Whatever happened to the HGW who wrote Sinbad??
  2. It was my way of trying to remain positive about it until proven otherwise. That said... I not at all happy with the release strategy. Cinema tickets here used to be 10 euro's. And I've got a cinema pass I haven't used in months. So I'm paying for nothing right now; and I have to pay three movie's worth of fee for a Disney+ service I'm also already paying for? I do understand where they're coming from. But that doesn't mean I have to like it.
  3. Dinosaur doesn't really need a live-action remake, does it? It pretty much already is. Movie is decent enough, but not truly amazing. No wonder, since it's got Jurassic Park and Land Before Time to compete with. Music is excellent though. Love those JNH themes!
  4. Fair enough. I'm curious to read specifics of what you like about it. Would be nice to hear something positive about it for a change.
  5. Always a good idea. One of my favourite animated films. With an absolutely stellar score. Gregson-Williams sure has his work cut out for him! And I hope he throws in at least one nod to the original. I don't expect anything on the level of Goldsmith. But then... Klaus Badelt on The Promise did pretty darn well too! So this might yet be worthwhile. Have you seen it? I'm hoping for something at least reasonably decent and enjoyable. This is one film that I do believe lends itself well to a live-action approach. (Together with Atlantis and Treasure Planet; incidentally my three favourite Disney animations. )
  6. Ooh shiiiit!!! That IS a tough one. A REALLY tough one. Solo is pretty great. But so is Sinbad. And Sinbad has more of a seafaring flavour to it. So... I think it even wins for me!
  7. "Better" is a big word. But I fully agree it doesn't deserve being hated on. I like it well enough. For some reason, I don't much listen to that track. I feel like I like it less than I should do, given what it is. Must be because of what you just described there.
  8. It looks nicely Jurassic, at least. Surprised to see the classic red and yellow colour scheme in use. Does appear more classy than that odd World Blue.
  9. Perhaps the Bad Batch series is more a sequel to The Clone Wars? After all, those actual wars ended with Order 66; but that doesn't have to mean that story suddenly stops. Rebels is both a spin-off of the movies and a sequel to The Clone Wars too. But there's plenty of space (hehe) between the end of TCW and the start of Rebels.
  10. I meant that Disney+ episode. I got the impression it didn't say a whole lot. Still, wasn't too bad either.
  11. And a nice interview to go with it: https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2020/07/ludwig-goransson-mandalorian-music Actually says more about the music than that Disney+ behind-the-scenes video did...
  12. https://www.insider.com/details-easter-eggs-original-jurassic-park-movie Some interesting stuff there. Was that last one (about the music) common knowledge? First I hear of it. Is it true?
  13. A Doctor Who audiobook! By a composer we've heard of before. Curious...
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