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  1. Also, with GoT just finished, there was a gap to fill for dark fantasy.
  2. Wow! Cool. Beats me why they would start before even having more Indiana Jones. But why not? Should be fun too!
  3. Basically all stories already exist as hand-drawn animation. Those work pretty well. With a cool main theme too. A few live action films also already exist. Not based on the comics, but with unique stories. I may have watched one at some point. But I can't even remember that for sure...
  4. Have to agree there. REALLY don't see the point of militarized animals in there. Hated it the second I first heard about it. Watching JW 2 did not change my mind. It's conceptually bad on the same level as aliens in an Indiana Jones film. Survival in The Lost World sounds super cool though. Somebody please make that film! It's got quite the potential for a classic adventure.
  5. @Jay Is that a new trailer? It still claims a release in October. Thought it was moved already a while back...
  6. Ahaaa!! That's really clever. And works well.
  7. What?!? Where did THAT come from???
  8. How's this for pastiche? Really have to listen to it several times before my brain starts to comprehend what I'm hearing...
  9. Listened to it once this weekend. Can't say it's actually bad. It's decent; and functional. And nothing special. Whatever happened to the HGW who wrote Sinbad??
  10. It was my way of trying to remain positive about it until proven otherwise. That said... I not at all happy with the release strategy. Cinema tickets here used to be 10 euro's. And I've got a cinema pass I haven't used in months. So I'm paying for nothing right now; and I have to pay three movie's worth of fee for a Disney+ service I'm also already paying for? I do understand where they're coming from. But that doesn't mean I have to like it.
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