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  1. Checked my PS4 just now and the only extra's I could find are a whole bunch of deleted scenes and the movie with audio commentary. Couldn't find the "Score Only" option as separate audio track for the film or audio commentary either. Maybe time for us to Give Feedback here? https://help.disneyplus.com/csp I had just been mentioning this to certain Disney+ naysayers as a positive and this is sort-of undermining my point for them.
  2. I also looked if it was listed separately under "Specials" in the Star Wars section. But that's not where it is either... Maybe this was just the announcement and it has to show up?
  3. https://theplaylist.net/disney-plus-last-jedi-star-wars-score-only-20191230/ COOL! But where is it? Haven't found it yet here in The Netherlands.
  4. https://www.cracked.com/article_167_5-reasons-star-wars-sequels-would-be-worse-than-prequels.html With the powers of hindsight...
  5. Hmm... I was going to disagree with you there. But then: I like that idea. OOOH! Well said!
  6. RotJ opened with too many Muppets. And then teddy bears. Neither were particularly good parts. But the story elements with Yoda, Luke, Darth Vader and The Emperor certainly carried their weight! And the space battle was excellent too. Which makes it... I suppose... half a good movie.
  7. For a second there, I was quite shocked. Seemed a bit sudden to kill him off before he had the chance to do much of anything in the trilogy. Then, as it turned out, many other characters concluded the trilogy, barely doing much of anything either. Lando showed up for a double Deus Ex Machina bit, but that's about it. What was even the purpose of those brand new characters? And I can't remember a thing that famous R2-D2 did in TROS at all.
  8. It is true that is the current state of the world. And from a historical perspective, that makes sense. But the future isn't history. And we can move beyond that.
  9. Why a finale of a much-loved series should aim to mimic any other movie is certainly beyond MY understanding. I'd have said, it should've been very much its own thing.
  10. Who are you to judge? I agree they could've done better. Far better. Real shame that they didn't. The chance was most certainly there. Yes, it was indeed designed for that. It failed. It failed because it tried to do exactly that.
  11. That's the ideal, yes. We don't live up to it. Freedom isn't all it's made out to be anyway. Not when my freedom interferes with yours. For me, the ideal would be "live and let live". And I like to believe most people would agree; at least in words. In actions though? That's a different story... It's easier said than done. And we have a lot yet to learn.
  12. Real life is diverse. Having more representation only makes sense. Ideally we would live in a world where it doesn't matter one way or another. And yet here we are, talking about it. Apparently it matters.
  13. Travel times in movies are notoriously nutty. Too bad; I believe stories would be much stronger if there were some true sense of time and distance passing.
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