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  1. I meant that Disney+ episode. I got the impression it didn't say a whole lot. Still, wasn't too bad either.
  2. And a nice interview to go with it: https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2020/07/ludwig-goransson-mandalorian-music Actually says more about the music than that Disney+ behind-the-scenes video did...
  3. https://www.insider.com/details-easter-eggs-original-jurassic-park-movie Some interesting stuff there. Was that last one (about the music) common knowledge? First I hear of it. Is it true?
  4. A Doctor Who audiobook! By a composer we've heard of before. Curious...
  5. Temple of Doom thanks to that stunning Slave Children's theme. But both Raiders and Crusade are pretty much on par. If we count the ALTERNATE "Ugh, Vines!", even KotCS makes a deserving entry. (Though most of the stuff prior to that in Jungle Chase is quite meandering really; and brings the whole down...)
  6. Apparently it was a bit the other way around again on The Mandalorian. From what I understand anyway...
  7. Wow! Blast from the past right there!! In the meantime, believe it or not, I actually found the film and it now comfortably sits as part of the rest of the collection. Haven't watched it for a while, but I remember quite enjoying it.
  8. SO many reasons. But this is a thread for the things we DO like. I'll leave it at this then.
  9. The best stuff, I think, is: - The Force Awakens by John Williams - Solo by John Powell - The Mandalorian TV show - The novels by Claudia Gray - The Last Jedi movie (and somewhat TFA too) Clone Wars season 7 and Rebels weren't too shabby either. And I like Rogue One and Solo. Mostly it's TROS where the most severe ball was dropped.
  10. Just finished The Lost Legacy and would welcome ANY new Uncharted! Don't care about The Last of Us. I'm sure it's good in its own way, but I cannot see it having any sense of fun whatsoever... Where do I sign up?
  11. Thanks for the response! Really appreciate it.
  12. I'm really confused by how I haven't come across a single re-recording from that one. Even though it's really quite a stunningly beautiful piece of music. Would be nice to occasionally drop Schindler's List and have this one instead. (Sacrilege...?)
  13. I have a collection of all sorts of re-recordings. That one isn't in there.
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