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  1. I dunno. I'm hardly any expert on every detail.
  2. A friend of mine likes to listen to Jazz quite regularly. Puts on the good albums on YouTube, usually.
  3. Indeed I remember the students teaching each other as well. Kam was one of the students; but he helped with lightsaber training, if I recall. I mean, "blowing up an unseen planet" is one thing. Showing PLEEENTY content on that planet and then blowing it up is quite a bit harsher. So heavy use of Alderaan anywhere else could retroactively make Ep 4 darker; even if it doesn't show anything else extra there. Just trying to think of reasons why they might tread lightly...? The Mandalore thing looked more like "bombing" and less like "people getting killed". But indeed Order 66, you really see all the Jedi actively being murdered. Quite harsh as well, yes. That's not what I meant and you know it.
  4. Would be nice! So far, we had only, wha... two shots? Getting to know the place would add quite the extra importance to seeing it blown up... (Could it be that this would turn Ep 4 too dark and that's why they wouldn't want to show it?)
  5. For me, it was just the electric guitar and obvious rock influence. But I understand why that choice was made. I like to think I've mellowed down a bit on my opinion there; compared to that first gut-response of "what the hell". These days, I actually like pirate rock and such. With special bonus points for the metal written by me long-distance-friend Franco Tempesta from Argentina. Anyway, enough of me derailing the topic already...
  6. Good points there. But I do wonder if he just never got that far yet? With him having to start over, it was all rather small-scale... Or are you taking things from Legends too? I must admit I myself didn't get that far yet. Didn't get beyond the Zahn books there; so haven't a clue how things were handled in New Jedi Order times.
  7. Didn't orchestra's exist at the time? On the whole, I always figured a good orchestral score tends to sound pretty timeless.
  8. How much could Kenobi actually teach Luke? He was killed shortly after starting. How much could he use his Force Ghost powers to continue teaching? Nobody knows the limits of that...
  9. This series must've been crazy expensive to make! I can imagine it would've been hard to recuperate the costs... Also, I wonder if perhaps it's difficult now to make a S2 because the experience gained is being used elsewhere. Certainly the focus on practical creature effects increased massively on the Star Wars sequel trilogy. I could quite imagine a ton of people who worked on Dark Crystal moved over to that one. And with Star Wars showing no signs of slowing down any time soon, could it be that many people are just not available? Perhaps they could consider doing in CGI for a S2; like they had originally envisioned. Being allowed to do it practically was an unexpected bonus. On the other hand, reverting to CGI after already having done a practical S1... It could kind-of be taken as an admission that the practical approach had been a mistake. No matter how bad-ass and impressive the results...
  10. "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" contains "The Kraken", aka. 'the #1 track that kicked me right out of the movie and back into the theater' by its blatant use of anachronistic sounds. I know that had already been a common complaint against "Curse of the Black Pearl", but it didn't hit me until the second film. Jack Sparrow's action theme never quite sounded like true film music to me either. Something about it seems 'off'... And then there's the pieces of music copied from the first film too (Sparrow's entrance). I never do like it when I recognize not themes, but whole performances. (Which indeed Williams has done several times in Star Wars films as well; and I wish he hadn't.) But on the other hand, Davy Jones was pretty great again. So on the whole, it's just an enormously uneven score. Creating just a ton of whiplash while watching. Thankfully I have mellowed down on it over the years... Of course I originally started out loving the first PotC film score. I was blissfully unaware of its similarities with other Zimmer-ite work from before. But once I heard Cutthroat Island, well... that love got instantly replaced.
  11. Should've said interesting, I suppose... Plus anyway, any quality time spent in the Star Wars world, seeing more of it, IS find-a fun; no?
  12. Wow; they don't even know if S1 will be well-received! So far, I've seen virtually no talks about it whatsoever. Seems people are pretty ambiguous about this one... Truth be told, I'm curious. Some early Rebellion in Live Action? Could be fun!
  13. Wait; how is "10 years past RotS" related to the times of Mando...? Luke was alive at both points in time.
  14. Ah; so I'm NOT alone in catching that one! Haven't watched the film; I just noticed it on the album and had to rewind to make absolutely sure. Track "Who Raised This Monster" starting just past the 01:10 mark. It's pretty blatantly obvious; and repeats twice. is it safe to assume there's a story reason for it? Have to say, on the whole this sounds pretty pleasant. Nice to hear the Williams back; and thankfully not all the exact same variations we heard before. Also fun to have some other Christmas melodies intertwined in there. As well as the Sugar Plum and such.
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