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  1. IMHO I think Robertson has a bigger chance to get the Oscar than Goransson because: (a) Goransson already has one, and (b) Robertson's death (who has no wins) may trigger the sympathy vote. But I digress... An Oscar nom and Grammy win and still no CD in general retail or sheet music
  2. I think the activity you describe is illegal
  3. And another Thank you. I only check the John Williams content of these forums; not much time for the rest of the world on offer here. So, Daisy and Disney will give us a ray of a new hope? As much as I'd love to have JW back in the SW universe, I think him just writing the occasional motif or theme would work better than scoring a full SW movie.
  4. Ah...ok. Thank you for that, Jay. I'm glad that shall return (boom tish!) Peter.
  5. There's a Rey Skywalker movie in the works? The things I learn when I check in on jwfan!
  6. Doesn't Intrada have one more release to announce next week? If it's a JW then I'd like to acknowledge the wonderful assistance from the labels for helping me achieve bankruptcy
  7. I used to do that for FSM CDs for a while (Lukas was kind enough to even give me a credit on one of the box sets!) Then they kept it in-house Such is Life.
  8. You poor bloke. I've seen nothing from you on FSM but ardent passion for film scores, but it's as though your posts act as some magnet that attract a certain type of personality that just wants to troll you. The joys of having an opinion!
  9. So are you saying that if you don't get paid then you're really a score tart?
  10. Ahem... Ex-CUZE- eh moi! I do believe it was me(!) to whom Mr Matessino was replying. (sniffs indignantly, assumes Miss Piggy Attitude, and tosses back metaphorical hair over bald head) Get ya own quote, buster!
  11. Yes, but I'm guessing it's not any of us here. If it creates a new group of fans and collectors of the music of JW then this reissue won't be a total waste.
  12. To quote a younger generation: "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Thank you @Jay , Mike Matessino, John Takis, and anyone else here who worked on this release. Disney, you and your IJ releases can go raid a lost ark. We're hooked instead thanks. Edit: compared to this being the JW release for this BF, I'm glad to be wrong about how it could be The Rare Breed (not that TRB wouldn't have been appreciated).
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