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  1. Hi Everyone. The film was recently released on Blu Ray. According to the specs... "Special Features and Technical Specs: 1080p presentation of the film on Blu-ray NEW audio commentary by film historian Stephen Prince (2020) NEW “FOURTH DOWN: COMPOSING BLACK SUNDAY” – An all-new interview with film music historian Daniel Schweiger about the John Williams score. (2020) DTS HD 5.1 surround LPCM 2.0 Stereo Optional English subtitles Theatrical Trailer Limited Edition slipcase on the first 1500 copies" Not an
  2. I'll have a go, without knowing if you're talking about orchestration, tonality, melodic style etc. This sounds like a Tierce de Picardie with Coda. A TdP is a specific type of cadence (i.e. movement between two consecutive chords), where changes modality (not key). The music is in a minor key, but when it gets the end, instead of sounding the "home" chord (or tonic chord) in what is meant to be minor, it changes the home chord to a major chord. E.G. Let's say a piece of music is in the key of D minor. When you get to the end of the piece you're
  3. My opinion is that the melodies and their respective accompaniments have a classic-style sound to them. It sounds like something Schubert, Brahms, or Mendelssohn could have written, or in that style.
  4. https://www.classicfm.com/composers/williams/john-schindlers-list-voted-no-1-movie-music-hall-fame-2020/
  5. I love your analysis and the conclusions you make. The only thing I would question is the key: to me it looks and sounds like it's in C minor, not Eb major. Using teh G major chord at the end of the theme very much sounds like it finishes on the dominant of the key (a classic imperfect cadence), not the mediant. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks everyone for the fast answers, both straight and humorous.
  7. Just went to La La Land's site and Far and Away no longer appears there. Anyone know what this may mean please? Even the titles that are "Sold Out" still appear. F & A doesn't turn up at all.
  8. It's not a proper release of BotFJ unless it has Tom Cruise reciting his penis monologue.
  9. Kylo and Rey form the new order of the Summer Knights. And apparently there's a track called "Prologue" I now also have visions of the film opening with the voice of the late Alec Guiness saying "Previously, on Star Wars..." as we spend a hour recapping the earlier movies, and THEN we get the title and crawl. Or Ian McDairmid announces, "Star Wars was filmed before a live studio audience..."
  10. Avoiding cue titles for sake of spoilers but then glimpse "We Go Together"... ... cannot get the song from Grease out of my head. Wonders if final scene in SW9 will be cast singalong and big production number in theme park as Kylo and Rey (now dressed as Olivia Newton John) soar above the gang in their space ship and go off into the clouds
  11. I still use it a lot, but only to buy books and CDs. Never had a problem, but that doesn't mean to say there aren't problems. Maybe it could depend on from where the stock comes or the type of item being bought
  12. There's also Fishpond.com.au over here - the local competitor to Amazon
  13. Ah... thanks very much for that. I've never seen a variation on the official artwork other than the covers on the LP and the FSM cover. This is good to know (and Steve McQueen still looks like his mum mated with that tall alien from Close Encounters)
  14. Some members here commenting on the price of this set. I'm happy it's as cheap as it is. I expect that with more than the usual number of copyright owners that there'd be more than the usual set of licensing fees. And it seems they couldn't get the original artwork for TI and had to pay extra for cover artwork to be created. And then there's the issue of getting permission to use the actors' likenesses on the cover (although Steve McQueen looks like his mum mated with that tall alien from Close Encounters). And then there's MM's work in improving the audio,
  15. Agree, but maybe.. 1. this is a dummy cover used only for promo purposes, 2. the blue didn't work with the original black cover per Eps 7 and 8, and Disney wanted to stick with the blue 3. it reflects some massive shift that happens in the movie 4. Disney is just messing with us
  16. JW: "I actually had MM do proper treatments for Sugarland Express, Storia Una Donna, and everything else before Jaws, but I'm keeping them unreleased just for the giggles." ASM: "Yass Queen! That's so on fleek!"
  17. These are just amazing. Thank you for doing them and sharing them. IN AWE.
  18. I recall hearing part of "Back to America" from Angela's Ashes at one of the Oscars, but I can't remember if it was for "In Memoriam" or another sequence. More knowledgeable minds please clarify. Thanks.
  19. One of the problems was the way it was marketed and promoted, which created false expectations in the buyers. I think if Sony had sold it as nothing more than "the score as heard in the film" there would have been less outrage. But the wording and marketing implied we'd also get unreleased stuff like music for the film before it was re-edited. There was good stuff left on the editing floor and we knew about it, and thought we'd be getting it based on marketing. I don't mind the 2CD release - once I accepted it for what it is and not for what it was marketed to be.
  20. Our Channel 7 has been using NBC's news theme for it's own news theme for years now, beginning with the original arrangement. Many locals have no idea Williams wrote it or that it was written for NBC. Variations and loops like the above sample are used as underscore for the "breaking news" announcements or "up next on Seven news..." tags. They are no surprise to us as we're so used to hearing them. I just figured that when NBC licensed the theme outside the US that local channels are allowed to arrange the music to add a more local flavour or to otherwise suit their needs.
  21. Good stuff. When I read the thread title I thought you missed out on buying them, as where I'm from "lucked out" means "bad luck" or "missed opportunity" Oh the English language!
  22. 1.. An opera would be nice (and I also happen to like Thomas and the King but that's just me) but if Williams feels he's not up to it then I respect and accept that. 2. The petitioner seems to think that not writing an opera is all that's stopping Williams from achieving "true greatness", as if the Maestro isn't already truly great. J.S. Bach never wrote an opera and it never hurt his reputation. Bach did come close with the one-off "Coffee Cantata" but that's his "Thomas and the King" 3. The petition only needs 100 signatures. I figure it'll take a lot more than that t
  23. I thought Helen Reddy was still alive , and the news of her death was one of those celebrity death hoaxes.
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