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  1. Shows up as free until 23/10/2021 at my end. Anne-Sophie Mutter und John Williams mit einer Uraufführung - Programm in voller Länge | ARTE Concert Don't quite see the point of DG Stage, but hope there is a hard physical release coming up. DG could try fitting both violin concertos onto one CD, or combine No. 2 with the 2009 viola concerto (that also features prominent harp and timpani sections and seems somehow related). John Williams - Viola Concerto (jw-collection.de)
  2. You will need a positive COVID test to be allowed to stay at home ;-)
  3. Yeah, especially when compared with hotel costs in London (strictly speaking not a European capital city anymore).
  4. I have no experience but have not heard anything negative about that hall. Regarding Elbphilharmonie, some singers (Jonas Kaufmann) had difficulties being heard from the back rows, prompting some cheeky people in the audience to shout "louder please". That anecdote and Muti's complaint didn't help. I've been several times to Berlin and never had a problem with the acoustics as I was very close to the orchestra in E. In Hamburg, I still find the old Laeisz-Halle good. In the Elphie, it all depends on where you sit. If you're high up in the back the orchestra
  5. The Berlin Phil's acoustics are presumably outdated but generally still have a better reputation than the state-of-the-art Elbphilharmonie which apparently put Riccardo Muti and the Chicago off for good. It's got to do with the Karajan-Maestro myth for whom the Berlin Phil was built in the early 70ties late 60ties or so. The East-German counterpart built in Leipzig around Kurt Mazur, the Gewandhaus, is more or less identical.
  6. Concerto de Aranjuez (John Williams/ Daniel Barenboim) (Germany, 1998) - YouTube
  7. Saalpläne + Preisliste Aboserien - Philharmonie | Berliner Philharmoniker (berliner-philharmoniker.de) Saalpläne + Preisliste - Philharmonie | Berliner Philharmoniker (berliner-philharmoniker.de)
  8. No, thanks to Fabulin's forwarded post (see below). The basic booking fee should have shown up as 396/6 and not 396*6.
  9. Precautionary panic buy is the right expression. Or simply obsession (here we go again). Rather pay for vacant seats than to sit in front of a black screen ("This service is currently unavailable") on August 9 with tears in my eyes and quivering hands. I'm lucky though to live 3.5 hrs train ride from Berlin and will book a MotelOne which is reasonable. So the Mehta, Järvi, Petrenko gigs come as real added value. That said, it's interesting to see which other Abos are already sold out...Rattle, Barenboim...
  10. It's not really common practice and presumably due the pandemic to provide mutual flexibility/security I believe...
  11. ER Row 5 I think the commercial directors couldn't care less. They can sell it as a social spacing measure. The acoustics would also improve on the non-JW dates (more reverberation, less smart phones going off, less coughing, less chiming of golden bracelets, less rustling from thumbing through program booklets).
  12. It's odd and could end up in lose-lose-situation - hope not! However, if John Williams turns up you'll have tickets (priceless, really). If he doesn't show up you're stuck with the rest of the series. You may also end up getting Dirk Brossé instead. In any case, it sounds as if there would be a chance of getting a partial refund for the no-shows. Right now, buying a subscription takes the pressure off August 9 when tickets are likely to sell out in seconds (usually the internet crashes on these days). For the Vienna gig, many of us probably paid for a member
  13. The average priced subscription costs as much as a Vienna ticket - and you get Zubin Mehta with Mahler 3 on top... And then there is the small print... Subscription purchase without risk Be assured: even if not all seats in our venues can be occupied due to the pandemic, or if individual concerts do not take place – the purchase of a subscription is risk free. You only pay when we know for sure that we can offer you your seats. We make this possible via direct debit. Payment will only be collected once it is certain that the events can take place. If individual events are ca
  14. https://www.berliner-philharmoniker.de/konzerte/kalender/details/53783/ John Williams conducts the Berliner Philharmoniker in Berlin 14., 15., 16. October 2021 (to be streamed 16. October) Suscriptions on sale now! https://www.digitalconcerthall.com/de/concert/53783?a=bph_webseite&c=true
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