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  1. jpc have tweaked the content (21 CDs): 1.CD Pops on the March - Werke von Joseph Franz Wagner, Elgar, Tschaikowsky, Walton, Gershwin, Williams, Wilson, Newman 2.CD Pops in Space - Williams: Musik aus Superman, The Empire strikes back, Star Wars; Close Encounters of the third Kind-Suite 3.CD That's Entertainment (Pops on Broadway) - 4.CD We wish you a merry Christmas 5.CD Pops around the World - Ouvertüren von Kabalewsky, Suppe, Auber, Glinka, Williams, Rossini, Bernstein 6.CD Aisle Seat - Filmmusik aus E. T., Chariots of Fire, Raiders of the lost Ark, New York, New York, Gone with the Wind; The Wizard of Oz, Singin' in the Rain, Friendly Persuation, Meet me in St. Louis 7.CD Out of this World 8.CD Prokofieff: Peter und der Wolf; Tschaikowsky: Nussknacker-Suite 9.CD Whith a Song in my Heart (mit Jessye Norman) - Songs aus The Boys from Syracuse, Rosalie, I married an Angel, You were never lovelier, House of Flowers, Can-Can, Hayride, Goldwyn Follies, Very warm for May, With a Song in my Heart 10.CD Swing, swing, swing - 11.CD America, the Dream goes on 12.CD On Stage 13.CD Bernstein by Boston - Bernstein: West Side Story (Auszüge), Simple Song aus Mass; 3 Stücke aus On the Town, Divertimento for Orchestra 14.CD Pops in Love 15.CD Holst: The Planets 16.CD Digital Jukebox 17.CD Lucky to be me (mit Jessye Norman) - Songs aus Love me tonight, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Lady in the Dark, Girl Crazy, The Boys from Syracuse, On the Town, Knickerbocker Holiday, My fair Lady, Yentl, One Touch of Venus 18.CD Salute to Hollywood 19.CD Pops a la Russe - Rimsky-Korssakoff: Cortege aus Mlada-Suite; Danse des buffons aus The Snow maidenBorodin: Polowetzer Tänze; Tschaikowsky: None but the lonely Heart; Mussorgsky: Eine Nacht auf dem kahlen Berge; Prokofieff: Troika aus Leutnant Kije-Suite; Khachaturian: 3 Stücke aus Gayaneh-Suite 20.CD Pops by Gershwin - Gershwin: An American in Paris; Porgy and Bess-Suite; Girl Crazy (Auszüge); Rhapsody in Blue 21.CD By Request / Pops Britannia - Williams: Liberty Fanfare; Marsch aus 1941; The Mission-Theme; Olympische Fanfare; JAWS-Theme; 3 Stücke aus Jane Eyre; Maxwell Davies: An Orkney Wedding, with Sunrise; Delius: Brigg Fair; Grainger: Molly on the Shore; Traditionals: Londonderry Air; Scotland, the Brave
  2. Those large retro-style mics were positioned each time to capture the cello during the Elegy.
  3. I have a silly question: On which CD do I find the Olympic Fanfare conducted by John Williams? I may be blind, but I didn't find it on Sound of Glory and American Journey. Only found it on Dude's DG LA.
  4. Away with flubs! I just love the ritardandi in Harry's Woderous World and Throne Room!
  5. (Film music) composer Malcolm Arnold would have been 100 today! Very interesting material can be found here: Was heute geschah – 21. Oktober 1921: Der Komponist Malcolm Arnold wird geboren | Klassik entdecken | BR-KLASSIK | Bayerischer Rundfunk
  6. Be careful with publishing such "home-made" recordings! I think some people got into trouble with copy right issues after releasing similar footage from Vienna. 1) 14.10.2021: horn section in Jurassic Park 2) 16.10.2021: timpani in Jurassic Park 3) 16.10.2021: 1 horn played with bell down in finale of Olympic Fanfare ...
  7. Berlin, October 16 2021 Berlin, October 15 2021 Berlin, October 15 2021 Berlin, October 14 2021
  8. So Decca still seems to be doing the copy editing. Fingers crossed! Hope they get everything in the right order and complete (!) and that we don't end up with a box set full of guitar music played by "John Williams" (à la Sony Classical birthday greetings). Sony Classical can't tell one John Williams from another - Slipped DiscSlipped Disc | The inside track on classical music and related cultures, by Norman Lebrecht (slippedisc.com)
  9. I bought Salute to Hollywood second hand just for the Balloon Scene from Witches of Eastwick. I love that piece! Wear of teeth from excessive consumption of cookies?
  10. 1.CD Pops on the March 2.CD Pops in Space 3.CD We wish you a merry Christmas 4.CD Pops around the World 5.CD Aisle Seat - Great Film Music 6.CD Out of this World 7.CD Prokofieff: Peter und der Wolf; Tschaikowsky: Der Nussknacker (Auszüge) 8.CD Whith a Song in my Heart 9.CD Swing, swing, swing 10.CD America, the Dream goes on 11.CD On Stage 12.CD Bernstein by Boston 13.CD Pops in Love 14.CD Holst: The Planets 15.CD Digital Jukebox 16. CD Lucky to be me 17.CD Salute to Hollywood 18.CD Pops a la Russe 19.CD Pops by Gershwin 20.CD By Request / Pops Britannia John Williams & Boston Pops Orchestra - Complete Philips Recordings (20 CDs) – jpc
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