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  1. Wow, three Steinways! Steinway Trail – Wikipedia
  2. So Sir Simon may wish to consider John T. Williams' Symphony No. 1 before he goes Munich. Why not?
  3. So he'll be 90 next year...and he's ticked the Vienna box. Hope? Rogue One 'Hope' Scene - Music Only - YouTube
  4. Yep City Light Symphony Orchestra / Kevin Griffiths – Spotlight on John Williams 2CD – Prospero Classical (8merch.com)
  5. Yeah, they currently have a -10%-offer and are reliable. I got the JW Vienna package even before the official release date...
  6. It's got hand-written numbers. It's not the only thing that counts. The booklet is of very high quality.
  7. Maybe Anne Sophie Mutter will get to play Marion's Theme properly.
  8. I won't make it from Germany although I would love to. Let's hope there'll be a physical recording - studio and live, in gold with lots of bonus material.
  9. Official Website of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Inc. | Tanglewood (bso.org) JUL 24 2021 SATURDAY, 8:00 PM Boston Symphony Orchestra Andris Nelsons and John Williams conduct Montgomery, Williams, Copland, and Stravinsky Tanglewood Boston Symphony Orchestra Andris Nelsons and John Williams, conductors Anne-Sophie Mutter, violin Robert Sheena, English horn Thomas Rolfs, trumpet Jessie MONTGOMERY Starburst John WILLIAMS Violin Concerto No. 2 (world premiere) COPLAND Quiet City STRAVINSKY Suite from The Firebird (1919 version) Ticket
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