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  1. Regarding "Waldbühne" & JW, how about this? Konzert in der Waldbühne mit Martin Grubinger und Wayne Marshall | Berliner Philharmoniker (berliner-philharmoniker.de) Martin Grubinger & Percussive Planet Ensemble - John-Williams-Special - YouTube
  2. A pity they didn't commission a new Christmas carol by JW for the cover CD - or at least a new arrangement of Star of Bethlehem or Ring the Hogwarts Bell. ;-) Oh well, The Shepperds' Farewell by Berlioz will have to do for now.
  3. To be honest, I hope it stays "Wien, Wien, nur Du allein." I don't think this "one-off debut" can be topped by any other European line-up - even if it were the Berliners.
  4. Or whether he is bringing the Boston Pops to Berlin as a spin-off of the Leipzig-Boston connection? There would be less flubs when using musicians from the BSO.
  5. Just found this re HEIDI: "Williams recorded his score in Germany with members of the Hamburg Opera." If true, Berlin will not be his official Germany debut, and Vienna was not his continental European debut.
  6. I hope we don't just get Violin Concerto No. 2 and a rehash of Across the Strad.
  7. Refering to the Witches of Eastwick sound engineering on the DGG Vienna CD. I get a heart attack each time the fiddle comes in.
  8. Sarah Willis may be taking over the Anne-Sophie coaching part. She's an excellent horn blower... Though I hope this will be a pure orchestral concert without the amplified Paganini elements.
  9. I am preparing mentally for Dirk Brossé to keep calm for now. Hope
  10. So can we expect the next Deutsche Grammophon release - why not a direct metal mastering by Emil Berliner Studios with only 4577 copies available world-wide to be released on John's 90th? Maybe also ask Anne-Sophie Mutter to send some cookies for Christmas to be on the safe side ;-)
  11. So maybe John Williams is now the same size as Brahms or even bigger? https://slippedisc.com/2020/01/bigger-than-brahms-john-williams-in-vienna/
  12. Suggest Mahler 5 Adagietto as basis for the Cobb. And this flute solo somehow reminds me of the Face of Pan - just brain storming.
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