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  1. That wonderful white bird that delivers the Daily Mail...
  2. Guy Fawkes But he should have got this honor far earlier in his career. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sir_John_Williams,_1st_Baronet,_of_the_City_of_London
  3. If true we can hope for some coronation music, Symphony No. 2, and a return to London. Rise...Sir Towner! Yeah, I think Bill Gates and Spielberg have these kind of knighthoods.
  4. I just had a more generic thought: The only thing that will remain of the whole Potter/Rowling franchise will be the music of John Williams.
  5. I was thinking of the most insignificant SW characters, like Lobot's Theme. I can hear Bach.
  6. For me BfG is a kind of final statement on the childhood / fairy tale genre.
  7. Helena's Theme united with Marion’s Theme? His piano concerto?
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