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  1. Still haven't seen the Bavarian Radio Orchestra yet but it's on my list to go see on future trips to Europe (along with Dresden and Leipzig)... waiting for them to get a new hall in Munich (they keep getting shuffled around from that cavernous multifunction hall to now this semi-permanent "shed" until a third and definitive hall gets built for 2028 or something). As for the Berlin Phil, I personally find their brass sound a little too harsh. Some may like that kind of brightness that the NY Phil also seems to have, but I prefer a more rounded and balanced sound like the RCO. The hall makes a big difference though.
  2. Yeah I think the Williams part of the program will probably be arrangements from the Across the Stars CD, given Anne-Sophie Mutter's appearance. I hope they do Sabrina! Helena's Theme is pretty much a given.
  3. Yeah when I saw it was a "benefit concert" I was a little worried that it might be in the $400s like I paid in New York in April (at the end of a year-long gap year I just finished paying off two weeks ago)! In Philadelphia it was close to $200 in 2022, which given current exchange rates was already tough on a Canadian's wallet.
  4. Yep finally got one row F a little on the left and got a confirmation. There was one available dead center in the same row but lost it when the site crashed. Looks like it's back now if somebody wants it. Left side should be good to see the interplay between Williams and Mutter. Pricing was alright (about $120).
  5. Anyone managed to get tickets this morning? Was in right at 10am and when I tried to add a superb ticket to my cart the site crashed. :@
  6. True.. although the audio tends to get neutered on Disney + (The Mouse pandering to the masses needing a flat dynamic range for watching with laptop speakers). I was watching the first four films when they turned up on Disney + but switched to my Crystal Skull Blu-ray because the flattened sound during the nuclear blast sequence was so bad. Seriously Disney, let users turn on dynamic range compression themselves without ruining it for everybody that still has a decent sound system!
  7. Is this film finally coming to Blu-ray? Missed the theatrical window and don't want to spend $25 on a digital copy.
  8. Haha yeah now it is! 馃槀 So will you be declaring this windfall capital gain on your tax return? 馃
  9. Wow they really are a bunch of jobsworths, holding back packages for a few measly cents! I mean it鈥檚 ONE CD, not a Gucci bag! 馃槄
  10. My order from the 24th of August is still showing In Progress. Will I actually receive it, or did they run out of stock again and there's a risk they might just refund me and be done with it?
  11. Yeah I missed the theatrical run of the film and am waiting on the physical release date before I commit to renting it digitally next week. Given how Disney+ neuters the audio with dynamic range compression I want a 4k Blu-ray dammit!
  12. Wouldn't it be funny if after all this debacle, Disney simply tossed a free copy of the CD with the special edition Blu-ray set like Universal did with ET and Schindler's List DVDs in the mid-2000s?
  13. Glad I put my order in yesterday before it sold out again! Thanks to this forum for giving me the heads-up!
  14. Funny that people often say Canada is a high-tax socialistic country, when on the issue of customs we are far more pragmatic than Europe in terms of bothering to apply the customs tax on postal orders. Officially the deminimis amount is only $40, but increasingly anything below $200 just gets waved through as "not worth the bother". But in Germany and Austria (examples I've read so far), it seems the pedantic authorities don't mind paying someone 20 or 25 euros an hour and let the postal system crawl to a halt to collect 4 or 5 euros because "rules are rules".
  15. Yes!! By now, that masterpiece needs no introduction. The crowd went wild. And the performance of the fanfare at the end was absolutely spot on! We could tell by his face that he was definitely exhausted by the time Imperial March was done. The second part of the program was quite long in comparison to other split-podium concerts I've attended in the past few years. In Philadelphia he stopped after ET and saved his energy for the next day's concert at Carnegie Hall. Don't worry. We've all done it at some point.
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