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  1. Yes, then I understand. About insert, I meant that everything is fine
  2. Oh, I just noticed a small inaccuracy in A.I. googledoc. The LLL-track "Reading the Words" ends with a "2M1 New ending" that starts at 4.50. The original ending (which is in the h/w score) was probably not recorded. And the insert seems to really sound from 2.51 to 4.50.
  3. Despite the lack of memorable themes, I thought Hooper's music was underrated. The composer's logic is understandable. On the other hand, I hate Goblet of Fire score, so maybe my opinion is very weird. UPD: I respect the music for the Goblet of Fire, I just think it's the least interesting of the entire franchise.
  4. I apologize for somehow reviving this topic (really sorry), but I am very surprised at such hatred for Hooper. Jwfan changed my mind.
  5. I often wonder how Sirius Says Goodbye would sound without WttP theme.
  6. So sad that the Sandbox theme was removed. I don't like huge free space in posts of users with "tall" avatars.
  7. It's funny that now the avatar crop function is only relevant for the "last reply" in the topic list. It is also embarrassing that there is too little space between the post text and the avatar, it looks strange. And I still think posts are best displayed at least in the middle of the page (they shouldn't be wider, it's just annoying with a big gray space on the right).
  8. Now avatars are not cropped at all. I don't even know if this is good or bad.
  9. I think the old font in posts looked better. That is, the new font seems to be normal and the same size, but it is less convenient to read it, it seems smaller than it actually is. On the other hand, if you return the old font, it can look strange with the new design. This is just my opinion.
  10. This version of the cue is not bad in its idea, but in the film it certainly does not sound entirely appropriate (especially this piano solo). As for me, the situation is similar with The Return to the City - I really love the old version (I even think it could have been included in OST album instead of the final one), but in the film it would have sounded strange. Btw, it seems to me that at the end of Japanese Infantry there is a cross between old and final versions of Trip Through the Crowd.
  11. Still I decided to synchronize this mockup with the image. I had to slightly correct the shots (since this is mockup, heh), the sync points are clear, but I don't know what to synchronize with the beginning of the piano solo - perhaps something was even cut out at this moment, but I decided to slow down the shot, where a column of cars passing the checkpoint.
  12. Maybe... Actually, Freedom March is a very strange cue. It is very similar to Jim's New Life, there is a chorus with meaningless lyrics. But it looks pretty boring.
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