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  1. Wow! There was even more unreleased stuff here than I thought. Have these mockups ever been uploaded here on the board?
  2. In the sketch, the duration is listed as 5:35. In the cue itself, I also like how a new theme (Psalm of the Sith) appears: first, at 1:50-2:17, one motif is repeated, which later becomes part of a new theme (4:36). I also like that many of the local phrases (in particular, alto flute and cello) use lowered IV degree (or Hungarian scale), which emphasizes the similarity of the Kylo Ren and Palpatine themes heard in this cue (which are also written in this sсale).
  3. The Rise of Skywalker again... This time I tried to "restore" the full cue 1M8 Approaching The Nursey (orig: Approaching The Emperor). In fact, this cue is still partially used in the movie in the right scene, though with a lot of editing. Also, in a very abbreviated form, this cue is present in the second part of the first track of the OST. The scene has undergone many changes, in particular, the Palpatine's speech has been shortened, and his off-screen lines (in the first half of the scene) doesn't match the sync hints in the JW's sketch. Also, it looks like some shots of the fleet in the middle of the scene have been added (in the movie Imperial March from 1M15 Vader's Castle sounds). The second half of the scene is difficult to reconstruct, since the material was obviously re-shot/re-edited/re-dubbed, so I decided to leave almost only the sync hints (sorry for such kind of "restored" video, but this is a TROS). Interestingly, the first appearance of the Psalm of the Sith in the unused part of the cue can be found. There is a similar but abbreviated string rendition in the "Join Me". The next rendition (horns and low string tremolos) is in the "Anthem of Evil" (I don’t know what cue it actually is).
  4. Made a mini-mockup of a small cue 3m23 No, No... No! from TFA. This cue is completely cut from the film, but some bits remain in one of the documentaries. The cue is intended for the scene where Rey and Finn are trying to fix the ship and Finn talks about "his" base. One interesting thing about this cue is the nice "quiet" use of the Pursuit theme in a slightly ironic context. There are at least two versions of this cue - but the "revised" version is a slightly abridged version of the original, adapted for new cut. Something like this would look like a scene with this music (here I used the "Revised" version, but I had to adapt some shots, since the cue was even shorter than the scene). And here is the original version separately, if anyone is interested. ragoz350 · TFA 3M23 No, No... No!
  5. Sample libraries. In fact, mixing skills (of which I have few) are also very important.
  6. In fact, arrangement of Poe's theme is a quote from the concert version of TFA credits and also used in the 'Escape' sequence in TLJ (I just mockuped it because of the difference in tempo). It's impossible to say exactly what this cue was intended for (this may actually be an early version of Falcon Flight), but it must be said that some of the sync hints ("Poe Reacts", "Creature Dial.', "Finn - New Key") match very well with the shot lengths. I think that all the scenes from the first half of the film can't be completely restored.
  7. Now The Rise of Skywalker... Here is the mockup of the 2M1 Cockpit Dialogue, which was one of the first cues written for the film. It's believed that the cue is an early version of the Falcon Flight, and I thought so too, but judging by the sync hints in the sheets, this is not quite the case. I, of course, cannot be sure, but it looks like in the early cut (when there were 9 reels) there was some scene with a Poe and Finn's flight BEFORE getting the spy's message and lightspeed skipping. At the same time, Skipping itself, apparently, was cut out at that moment. Then they decided to greatly reduce this scene, but return the chase. Again, this is speculation, but I like this theory. Anyway, Williams moved some ideas into the Falcon Flight (same tempo, tremolo strings, Heroics theme). At the same time, 2M1 cue seems to have been recorded, since some bits can be heard in the film. In this case, it turns out that the Falcon Flight had 2 versions, and 1 insert, and they were all recorded for the first reel. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to fill in a lot of the missing video material, so I just inserted the hints from the sketch. Also, towards the end, some shots don't sync well (in particular, when TIEs arrive). Also, many thanks to @BrotherSound for breakdown the cues, and their hypothetical chronological order.
  8. Oh, thanks, I mean, the teaser as trailer #1. As for Hook, you are right, I wanted to say that Rembering Childhood has a very large and bright statement-development of this theme.
  9. I think that this theme was first written for the trailer (#2?), and then he tried to find a place for it in the film (and inserted it into the concert suite). In fact, the same can be said about the waltz version of Hediwg's theme (or just separate motive): it also sounds in the trailer #1, however, it remained only at the end of the concert suite, and never appears in the film. It also reminds me of the case with the Hook trailer: there were two themes presented, one of which is prominently used in the film (is it called a Neverland theme?), and the other sounds only 2-3 times (Pirates' theme?).
  10. Anyway, I decided to collect all cues from Battle of Naboo sequence in one video. In fact, there is nothing new here, just wondering how it looks and sounds all together. All unrecorded/unreleased fragments are my mokaping. Many thanks to @Permanent Waves for the restore videos (especially for Take To Your Ships, I wouldn't have guessed how to sync it). Important notes: The most unclear sync of the second half of the 6M4 The Big Army cue (the appearance of Darth Maul), this scene has clearly been heavily reworked. I had to skip the beginning of the duel, because it's not clear what should be between the 6M4 and 6M5 cues. I also used 6M11 End Of Darth Maul cue, which is a new ending for the 6M10 cue, and was already written for the final cut. The earlier version lacked a short scene with the gungans, and the Maul's death underscores in much more optimistic way. 6M1 The Armies Face-Off (-2:06) 6M1X Randy's Forest Mist (0:29-0:50) 6M2 Lazer Fight (2:08-3:15) 6M3 Take To Your Ships (3:15-4:46) 6M4 The Big Army (4:46-7:06) 6M5 Droid Battle (7:11-9:42) 6M6 Up The Wire (9:42-10:21) 6M7 The Great Dual (10:21-13:14) 6M8-9 Qui-Gon's Noble End (13:14-15:34) 6M10 Blowups And The Death Of Darth Maul (15:40-17:10, w/o original ending) 6M11N End Of Darth Maul (17:09-end) Btw, I just realized that the 6M1 insert (Randy's Forest Mist) appears to have been written for a different version of the cue (which sounds in the movie), but I don't know the truth.
  11. This figure is also in the previous cue Droid Battle (it sounds like Williams missed the Imperial march and used the progression I-VIb-I in this ostinato). The Spark has a similar motive, but already "made" on tonic harmony. But I think you can find a lot of similar motives in both the prequels and the sequels...
  12. While I was trying to sync all Battle on Naboo stuff to the movie, I found fun thing. If the Gungans retreat scene is divided into two parts (split at the moment when Jar-Jar is on the tank), and in the first half a sketch is cut out where JJ is running from the cannonballs, then the scene is well syncing (as it seems to me) with the second half of 6M6 Up the Wire cue. If this is true, then the scene has been heavily reworked, and now it's impossible to neatly cut it (balls appear out of nowhere), but I like this sync. In this video included the ending of 6M5 Droid Battle, 6M6 Up the Wire and 6M7 The Great Dual (partially my mockups).
  13. Strange, in these snippets I can't hear the differences. In the Conveyor Belt, can even hear the notes of horns, which I specifically slightly "bringed out" in my mockup.
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