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  1. I would add Empire of the Sun. Lost in the Crowd, Trip Through the Crowd, Return to the City...
  2. It's hard for me to choose between the first year and the third year. The first one is a good blend of different themes, as well as a few "action ideas" well used throughout the long scene. The third is interesting as a not-so-usual example of a modern action cue by JW with an bright original theme (that "polyphony" at the beginning!). This theme could have made a great fugue! Also love the ending with underscoring of Harry's fall. Tough choice, voted for third!
  3. We continue to muse on the little sheet leak on TROS... This time 1M6 Ren's Entrance cue. We know that it is intended for the scene on Mustafar, which is where the final film begins. The Oracle, who was later cut from the film, was also present in this scene. This cue has a later version (1M15 Vader's Castle), which is shorter in length and partially used in the film. This scene was not originally in the beginning of the movie - before it there was Rey's training (cues 1M3-5). I didn't think to do a video for this cue at first (since only the very last shots in the final film is intact), but since I started posting all the mockups in this thread, I decided not to make a confusion. The beginning of the cue was obviously temp-tracked by Padme's Ruminations from Ep. III that JW almost repeated (by removing the synth and adding string clusters). I "restored" this part very conventionally Honestly, I have no idea what was supposed to happen here - the slo-mo footage was already in the teaser, but there may have been more. The string fragment sounding during the perhaps gradual appearance of the Oracle was moved into 7M20 Approaching the Throne cue by the composer. It's also interesting to note the rendition of the Imperial March, which seems to be heard here during the dialogue - in the newer version of the cue, the March sounds very loud and longer, apparently during the added (and then deleted) shot of Vader's castle. After that, Oracle disappears, and Kylo takes the Wayfinder. Interestingly, unlike the new version, there is no Kylo theme or Wayfinder motif here. And an abnormally long chord (if the timecode is to be believed) is followed by a transition to 1M7 cue - possibly Journey to Exegol. @BrotherSound
  4. Love that short modulation moment, especially the string line. (0:47-0:58)
  5. Perhaps these timpani hits later evolved into what we know as the beginning of 1m15 Vader's Castle cue (which was also supposed to sound after the Main Credits). Apparently, in both versions of the beginning Abrams wanted the same ominous-mystical mood. Although the second half, IMO, was meant for other (unknown) shots or taken from a different cue altogether... UPD: haha, I didn't know, that timpani fragment (from OST Journey To Exegol) was from "Ready To Be a Jedi".
  6. In fact, this kind of use of synthes and mixing them with strings sounds a lot like A.I. Many similar textures can be found there. (for example, David and Martin, 1:15-1:37) Well, and the second version, IMO, would have been perfect for the movie, I don't understand why Abrams rejected it. I recently noticed a funny detail when the tenors go an octave higher when Snoke stands up sharply
  7. Oh, that are synth voices from Sibelius Sounds, just with heavy reverb.
  8. Someone may have done it, but I decided to look at the old versions of the cues of the two Snoke scenes from TFA. And they turned out to be quite curious... Let's start with the first scene. We know at least three versions of this cue. The first version (4m30 Snoke) is very different from the others. Here the use of synth voices (note from the score: "space" voice - distant; very still (if it can be slightly sinister)) with the slight addition of a real chorus is noteworthy. Also interesting is pretty dramatic rendition of the Kylo Ren theme at the end of the cue. Btw, the timpani roll at the beginning of the cue should overlap the end of the previous cue (3m29 and 3m29R Leia, C3PO & R2), intended for the deleted scene with Leia and the droids. The second version (4m30R Snoke) is closer to the final cue. A male chorus is used throughout the entire cue. However, the music here is very different - the chorus has four parts (unlike the unison in the film version) and no text. The choral performance of the Kylo Ren theme is also very unexpected. It's perhaps a rare case of such use of the male chorus in the JW's scores. The second scene has only two known versions (there may have been an earlier version, but AFAIK, it hasn't been leaked). The cue 6m54AR Bring Her To Me (old version) begins with a small orchestral introduction (almost kept in the final version), and then the male chorus sounds, like in the 4m30R cue, and so does the Kylo theme.
  9. Wow! There was even more unreleased stuff here than I thought. Have these mockups ever been uploaded here on the board?
  10. In the sketch, the duration is listed as 5:35. In the cue itself, I also like how a new theme (Psalm of the Sith) appears: first, at 1:50-2:17, one motif is repeated, which later becomes part of a new theme (4:36). I also like that many of the local phrases (in particular, alto flute and cello) use lowered IV degree (or Hungarian scale), which emphasizes the similarity of the Kylo Ren and Palpatine themes heard in this cue (which are also written in this sсale).
  11. The Rise of Skywalker again... This time I tried to "restore" the full cue 1M8 Approaching The Nursey (orig: Approaching The Emperor). In fact, this cue is still partially used in the movie in the right scene, though with a lot of editing. Also, in a very abbreviated form, this cue is present in the second part of the first track of the OST. The scene has undergone many changes, in particular, the Palpatine's speech has been shortened, and his off-screen lines (in the first half of the scene) doesn't match the sync hints in the JW's sketch. Also, it looks like some shots of the fleet in the middle of the scene have been added (in the movie Imperial March from 1M15 Vader's Castle sounds). The second half of the scene is difficult to reconstruct, since the material was obviously re-shot/re-edited/re-dubbed, so I decided to leave almost only the sync hints (sorry for such kind of "restored" video, but this is a TROS). Interestingly, the first appearance of the Psalm of the Sith in the unused part of the cue can be found. There is a similar but abbreviated string rendition in the "Join Me". The next rendition (horns and low string tremolos) is in the "Anthem of Evil" (I don’t know what cue it actually is).
  12. Made a mini-mockup of a small cue 3m23 No, No... No! from TFA. This cue is completely cut from the film, but some bits remain in one of the documentaries. The cue is intended for the scene where Rey and Finn are trying to fix the ship and Finn talks about "his" base. One interesting thing about this cue is the nice "quiet" use of the Pursuit theme in a slightly ironic context. There are at least two versions of this cue - but the "revised" version is a slightly abridged version of the original, adapted for new cut. Something like this would look like a scene with this music (here I used the "Revised" version, but I had to adapt some shots, since the cue was even shorter than the scene). And here is the original version separately, if anyone is interested. ragoz350 · TFA 3M23 No, No... No!
  13. Sample libraries. In fact, mixing skills (of which I have few) are also very important.
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