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  1. This figure is also in the previous cue Droid Battle (it sounds like Williams missed the Imperial march and used the progression I-VIb-I in this ostinato). The Spark has a similar motive, but already "made" on tonic harmony. But I think you can find a lot of similar motives in both the prequels and the sequels...
  2. While I was trying to sync all Battle on Naboo stuff to the movie, I found fun thing. If the Gungans retreat scene is divided into two parts (split at the moment when Jar-Jar is on the tank), and in the first half a sketch is cut out where JJ is running from the cannonballs, then the scene is well syncing (as it seems to me) with the second half of 6M6 Up the Wire cue. If this is true, then the scene has been heavily reworked, and now it's impossible to neatly cut it (balls appear out of nowhere), but I like this sync. In this video included the ending of 6M5 Droid Battle, 6M6 Up the Wire an
  3. Strange, in these snippets I can't hear the differences. In the Conveyor Belt, can even hear the notes of horns, which I specifically slightly "bringed out" in my mockup.
  4. a little segment got into the some bonus video on the dvd. And it seems that this fragment has already been "mockuped" here few times UPD: here, 0:51
  5. I tried to edit the cues 7M1 Dooku vs Obi-Wan and 7M2 Yoda Strikes Back, according to the sheet score. Of course, it's hardly possible to completely restore the score with the material that remained in the film (besides, it's not a fact that everything was recorded in the same way as written in the sheets), but it's possible to get a rough idea. I also "mockuped" a little missing fragment at 1:25-:35 and 1:38-:46. Perhaps the most interesting thing here is that, according to the original intention, JW in 7M1 cue used active percussion rhythms only for Anakin's fighting, while Obi-Wan fights
  6. Ok, Attack of the Clones... I only recently realized that the cue 6M5 "Padme Falls" (the end of track "Love Pledge and the Arena") has 3 versions at once, since 2 inserts with a Force theme were written for it (it seems, with the exception of Across the Stars, this is the only case in the prequel trilogy). I tried to figure them out... In the first version (original, without inserts) there is one more rendition of Love theme (during the dialogue between Anakin and Obi-Wan), and then a sudden "chorale" with a funny counterpoint of trumpets and oboes/clarinets, which underscores t
  7. Returning to the prequels for a while... some small detail... I listened to "Are You a Jedi" from TPM a lot, and I didn't think that there might be any editing here, although this cue is a little slowed down in the film. When I was looking at the score, I noticed one bar, which is absent on the recording (users on this board have probably known about this for a long time), where the general elegiac mood for a short moment gives way to a more playful one. Honestly, it's difficult to understand whether this place was missed during the recording proces
  8. Schindler's Workforce The Quidditch Match (Philosopher's Stone) The Return to the City - alternate version (Empire of the Sun) From Mermaids to Lost Boys - The Lost Boys Chase (Hook) Replicas (A. I.)
  9. Besides Arlington, I love The Motorcade. Such a great intense development of one simple motive.
  10. oops, bad joke + wrong thread = perfection
  11. Sorry for the question, which has probably been discussed many times, but why is the Flag Parade ~2 times shorter than the corresponding scene in TPM? The feeling that in the old edit, except for Sebulba and Anakin, no one was "announced", which is strange...
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