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  1. AFAIK the published version is a revised version. It's sounds in LLL-soundtrack. The old original version seemed to be in leaked sheet music. But I do not have a leaked version, so I can not confirm this.
  2. It's old version of "Quidditch" from Children's Suite.
  3. I added "Points the Finger" mockup to playlist.
  4. Percussion intro to Cadogan can perhaps be extracted from 5.1/7.1 audio of the film... As for "Points the Finger" - I'll try.
  5. I think that in LLL-release the second version of this cue (the first might not have been recorded). The first version was written according to the old script - Harry initially had to portray as if the broom was not working. And apparently, it was previously assumed that the credits begin immediately after the scene. Then, at the time of recording, the scene was reduced and the first half of the cue was rewritten, and the credits became "different", but Williams didn't rewrite the second half of cue and kept the last chord...
  6. It's funny that there are at least two versions of the opening with percussion (OST and the one from "Mischief Managed"). I wonder why so?
  7. It's strange. I kind of set permission to download...
  8. So, I made a playlist where I collected all my POA mockups. Most of them I spammed published in mockup-thread. Looks like I didn’t do just String Overlay... In some mockups, I cut out parts that don't differ from the final version (I wrote about this in square brackets). ragoz350 · POA Mockups
  9. The most popular unrealeased cue from POA - 3M10 Remembering Mother.
  10. Old version of 7M9 cue "Lupin's Departure". This is a combination of my mockup, the LLL-version and the version that sounds in the film instead of ending of 4M10 "Brief Snow Scene".
  11. POA: Old version of 7M11 cue "A New Broomstick" ("The Firebolt" on LLL-disc). According to the old screenplay, this scene should have been a little longer. Harry first had to troll the students, and pretend the broom wasn’t working. In addition, after the scene, apparently, the credits should have started immediately. The second half is already combined orchestral recordings.
  12. Old version of 3ME cue (The Great Hall Ceiling). There are few differences from the final version - this version is longer and has a different ending. There is also a recurring hedwig theme, which was completely "removed" in this scene in the film.
  13. Old version of 7M7 cue "Ext. Whomping Willow"/"Whomping Willow Revisited". More optimistic, there is no hedwig theme, that is present in "revised" version.
  14. Yeah I also think that strings do not represent a specific character. It’s just that string sometimes form chromatic motifs similar to these leitthemes. Perhaps Williams, after he wrote the Aunt Marge's Waltz, decided to build the leitmotif system of the film based on the first oboe (and then string) motive of this waltz
  15. I noticed an interesting thing in the music for the Prisoner of Azkaban. In addition to the main theme of Sirius, tremolos of solo string instruments (sorry for eng) sound in some scenes (Shunpike talks about Sirius, Dumbledore warns about dementors and Black; dementors themselves (Apparition on the Train)). Also, these tremolo of the violin and viola sounds in the scene with the map of marauders (when Harry discovers Pettigrew on the map). In this scene, Harry hopes to find Sirius, so Williams has inserted this material here (probably). Maybe this is also a peculiar leittheme associated with Sirius?.. I also think that Williams considered the leitmotif of Pettigrew simply as a “mystical” leitmotif that intonationally resembles Sirius' main leittheme. And then shortly before the release, Cuaron (or someone else) decided to assign the theme to Pettigrew.
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