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  1. Sorry for the question, which has probably been discussed many times, but why is the Flag Parade ~2 times shorter than the corresponding scene in TPM? The feeling that in the old edit, except for Sebulba and Anakin, no one was "announced", which is strange...
  2. Really like Jeremy Soule's HP2, HP3 and Quidditch World Cup scores. Too good music for not so good games. As for the music for films, then PS and POA. I can't bring myself to like Doyle's GOF, and prefer DH1 over DH2.
  3. (Big) update of the post! Changelist: Updated synchronization of some significant cues (Buckbeak's Flight, Quidditch 2004, Marauder's Map, The Whomping Willow). Now I decided not to rely too much on the movie sync points (it especially helped the Quidditch 2004). I also slowed down some parts to remove really short black screens. On the transition between the Viewing the Recent Past and Saving Buckbeak, I repeated the video material 2 times, since the cues are layered on top of each other. In Marauder's Map, I rearranged some shots in places for better sync.
  4. For fun, I made mini-mockup of original ending of 2M1 Reading The Words. This ending was never recorded and was replaced with new ending with Monica's theme (on LLL this is the end of track "Reading the Words"). In the original ending, the "Lost Child" theme is presented again, and I just very liked this unreleased piece. ragoz350 · 2M1 Reading The Words - Original Ending
  5. I have already published them in another thread, but I will post them here too. Two unreleased cues from "Empire of the Sun". Synced mockups to picture can be viewed here and here. ragoz350 · EOTS Mockups
  6. The first word is 100% "piatti", this is clear from the rest of the score. But what sound, I could not understand before.
  7. Seriously though, it looks like this word really looks like "light". hmmm
  8. Btw can anyone understand what is written here? (It's the same cue 15M2). Quality of leaked score is not very good. This is a piatti line, but in one place something else should sound - "??? sound".
  9. So here's a video with a synced mockup. It looks like the cue was supposed to start approx the moment Basie tosses the chocolate to Jim. And then with the quiet sound of tam-tam, we move on to the next scene. I had to slow down the establishing shots a little (~3/4 speed), since I apparently took a slow speed of mockup. And the march itself is synchronized perfectly, nothing had to be edited. All sync points are in place. I don't like the transition to the next scene with the final chord, but it seems that this was originally intended.
  10. And I decided to make mockup of The Freedom March (15M2). This is an old alternative to Liberation - Exultate Justi. It seems that initially Exultate was written only for credits, but then it was decided to insert a shortened version of it into the movie itself. In this cue there is a choir with lyrics. However, I cannot implement the words in the mockup, so here they are. I don't quite understand what it is, but it looks like fake Chinese or something like that. Soon I will post a video with synchronized mockup and image (as it turned out, the cue fits very well).
  11. Yes, then I understand. About insert, I meant that everything is fine
  12. Oh, I just noticed a small inaccuracy in A.I. googledoc. The LLL-track "Reading the Words" ends with a "2M1 New ending" that starts at 4.50. The original ending (which is in the h/w score) was probably not recorded. And the insert seems to really sound from 2.51 to 4.50.
  13. Despite the lack of memorable themes, I thought Hooper's music was underrated. The composer's logic is understandable. On the other hand, I hate Goblet of Fire score, so maybe my opinion is very weird. UPD: I respect the music for the Goblet of Fire, I just think it's the least interesting of the entire franchise.
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