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  1. While I completely disagree that it sounds better, I respect the opinion of those who work on the music as ultimately they decide what gets released and who are we to argue with them. I'm just glad we got as much as we did as I wouldn't have been surprised if all we got was just a few tracks from the composers themselves with no official release like with the earlier series. Honestly, I'm quite embarrassed to be a fan of the music after seeing the reaction on social media of people immediately accepting one fan's ridiculous theory/conclusion that I have no idea how anyone could ever come to over something so simple as 1 track on an album not being the version that got used.
  2. According to this interview: You can even see the Prague Philharmonic recording the "Y-Wing" cue from the final episode here.
  3. Update on the Battle of Yerbana track: Makes absolutely no sense though, to go from an orchestra recording to a samples version - in what way is this better?!
  4. The Kiner Brothers (Sean & Dean Kiner) have released a cue from Old Friends Not Forgotten: Anakin and Obi-Wan Speak. I've updated my spreadsheet to included this. 00:48-01:38, which scores the scene of Anakin seeing Ahsoka for the first time since she left, was dialed out in the episode.
  5. You really seem to be overthinking all of this, just let it be. Honestly, the fact that we even got not only official releases for the final series but one for each arc is amazing, and to be honest I too bought the releases in lossless, but I really don't care how the music gets released as long it does - be it officially, on a composers site, or even through use in a video game, as long it's available, surely that's better than not having it - there's already so many great cues released by the composers themselves (think of the series 5 Ahsoka arc), do you just only care about the official releases because those are "crappy mp3". (Sorry if that got a bit off topic, you're honestly seeming ridiculous with your complete dismissal of a possible alternate source for the 'correct' cue)
  6. How do you know that's not just a performance difference?
  7. It's the same just with samples (like all of the non-orchestra cues).
  8. It's only been just over a month, how is that long enough to say they're ignoring people. Who have people even asked anyway? David Glen Russell, the composer of the cue, hasn't posted anything on social media since the series ended, and none of the other composers seem to have much if any social media presence... It is ridiculous to expect anything to have been done about the track on the album in such a short amount of time, I'd honestly just accept what's on the album and hope that David will eventually release the orchestra recording of the cue himself.
  9. I know, the game was a tie-in for the series. Also, I forgot to add the spreadsheet I have Resistance. The Kiner Brothers (Sean & Dean Kiner) have released another version of the End Credits from Victory and Death. I've updated my spreadsheet to included this. This is labelled as V4 and is much closer to the version in the episode, although it isn't an exact match. Could be that there's a still yet to be released later version that is a 100% match with the episode or the version in the episode is a mix of versions.
  10. The New Yoda Chronicles, a game that used to be on lego.com.
  11. I also have ones for Rebels, The Freemaker Adventures, and The Mandalorian.
  12. The Kiner Brothers (Sean & Dean Kiner) have released an unused cue from Victory and Death: End Credits. I've updated my spreadsheet to included this. It's labelled as M15V2, and features very out of place sounds over the synths as used. Very obvious why it wasn't used. (It really doesn't fit with the tone set by the two previous cues) Presumably V1 is the version that was actually used in the episode.
  13. The Kiner Brothers (Sean & Dean Kiner) have released the final cue of the series: Vader Finds Lightsaber. I've updated my spreadsheet to included this.
  14. Looks like the score to the final arc was recorded with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra & City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra!
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