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  1. The second half of The Clones is literally just a cue from The Box, an episode that doesn't even feature a single Clone! I have no idea why it was mixed with the final cue from Rookies, an episode from three series earlier! (Although it is the only representation for the fourth series on the Seasons One Through Six release, so I am grateful that it was included albeit cutdown) "Everyone Fighting" seems to just be a mix of tracked cues by David Glen Russell ("A True Trooper") & Kevin Kiner (cues from the rest of the arc), meaning there's no theme just an excerpt of the cue being tracked.
  2. Here's another example of a theme for Boba: Another example (the start & 00:28): Also, here's my spreadsheets on Kevin Kiner and his team's Star Wars scores: The Clone Wars, Rebels, The Bad Batch, Tales of the Jedi.
  3. Star Wars: Visions (2021-) Series 1
  4. Here's my spreadsheet on the score if any one wants a breakdown of the soundtrack release: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qOTSAim1nPrYbJxYvHNoVLi_vKAXBv_Sc5oyGfKg3UM/htmlview
  5. Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge (2020) - Gordy Haab Source: Sabam 01 MUS JTC Open Theme 02 MUS JTC Introduction Host Banter 03 MUS JTC Round 1 Theme/Gameplay 04 MUS JTC Round 2 Intro 05 MUS JTC Round 2 Theme/Gameplay 06 MUS JTC Celebratory Blast Off Stinger 08 MUS JTC Temple Run 09 MUS JTC Victory Ceremony 10 MUS JTC Closing Theme 11 MUS JTC Victory Stinger 12 MUS JTC Defeat Stinger 13 MUS JTC Comedic Stinger 14 MUS JTC Dark Side Stinger 15 MUS JTC Prize Theme 16 MUS JTC Go Go Go Theme Round 1 17 MUS JTC Go Go Go Theme Round 2 18 MUS JTC Go Go Go Theme Round 3 19 MUS JTC Generic 20 MUS JTC Dark Side Loop 21 MUS JTC Comedic 22 MUS JTC Storytime 23 MUS JTC Lighthearted Buddy
  6. I've updated my spreadsheet to include this.
  7. Seems some cue information has turned up already (Courtesy of SACM):
  8. They're listed in the episode's entires here. (Search by AV productions)
  9. The GEMA repertoire. They match the in episode durations so presumably they're sourced from cue sheets that the music copyright databses are provided.
  10. Some cue information! (courtesy of Songview): There's more but they're just OST titles and with only entries for William Ross it's unsure whether those are actual cues or simply the OST. Also, Andreas Gutuen Aaser has Mapuzo on his website and has a video on his Intragram performing nose flute for the cue.
  11. He's credited for "Star Wars Logo" in the music copyright databases (BMI, GEMA, etc).
  12. Some cue information has turned up! I've added these to my spreadsheet.
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