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  1. He's credited for "Star Wars Logo" in the music copyright databases (BMI, GEMA, etc).
  2. Some cue information has turned up! I've added these to my spreadsheet.
  3. https://macp.com.my/work-search/
  4. No idea if this is new, but there's a behind the scenes photo featuring John Williams and William Ross in this video:
  5. A quick check of the databases I know of, it seems there's only general entries for the score (crediting Michael Giacchino, Griffith Giacchino & Curtis Green), no individual cues. The only exception is "Arachnoverture" being listed as Spider-Man: No Way Way Home End Title Theme.
  6. Went through the final with one of those music identification apps:
  7. I tried every single cue and only got hits for scenes on Luke's planet.
  8. Went through the last two episodes with one of those music identification apps:
  9. 00:00-02:18 is the train drive-by and the burning of the bodies. 02:18-End is Boba bringing the speeders back to the Tuskens.
  10. Likely "Buccaneer" was the production code name, with 101 being the episode number (series 1 episode 1 - "101").
  11. Here it is sorted by the "Publisher Work Codes":
  12. Interestingly, Farewell to Hera features the cue for Omega's first time offworld from Cut and Run! (the second episode, 10 episodes before the rest of the track) I have no idea why. Was that a cue people were disappointed to not have on the first volume?
  13. Tracklist and duration's for the vol. 2 soundtrack releasing tomorrow (Just over two hours of music!): I've updated my spreadsheet with a speculative chronological ordering but I will update this with detailed information once the soundtrack is available. Samples are available!
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