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  1. You sure that's not 1M20 Rey Training, as it has the noted Vader and Rey's themes.
  2. Have you not seen all of the music that is already available for those? If anyone's interested I have a spreadsheet that contains everything I've come across for the score: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MFEMFDmgeWg4VzjKqp2fPxsf6KY2R2tFkhKKiJ37qRc/htmlview
  3. Here's my attempt at figuring out the "Escape" tracks OST Man Title and Escape 00:00-01:36 Main Title 01:36-02:06 1M2A [No Title] 02:06-03:02 1M4 He's Insane 03:02-03:14 ??? 03:14-04:35 1M5 Resistance Force 04:35-04:49 1M6 We Can Do This 04:49-05:43 1M7 Fighter Down 05:43-End 1M8 We Lose Girl Ace FYC Escape 00:00-00:47 1M4 He's Insane 00:47-00:52 Tracked from 1M3 Welcome Poe and Hux 00:52-01:32 Tracked from 1M5 Resistance Force 01:32-02:22 Tracked 8M76 To The Target (w/ Insert) 02:22-02:31 Tracked from 1M5 Resistance Force 02:31-03:01 [1M6 Insert Theme In?] 03:01-03:51 1M5 Resistance Force 03:51-04:26 1M6 We Can Do This 04:26-05:31 1M7 Fighter Down 05:31-07:10 1M8 We Lose Girl Ace 07:10-07:29 Tracked from 9M81 Rescuing Luke 07:29-End Tracked from 1M9 Revisiting Snoke
  4. Bachelor Flat (1961) - John Williams Source: Score Sheets 1m1 Reggie In The Colonies 1m2 Main Title 1m3 Professors Pad 1m3A Like This Olde Man 1m3A This Old Man 1m4 Libby Comes Home 1m4A Libby Hides 1m4X Humming Ad Lib 1 2m1 Professor Discovers Libby 2m2/3m1 Gladys Visits the Prof 4m1 Mama In Paris 4m2 Home Cookin 4m3 Bras And Panties 4m3A Humming Ad Lib 2 5m1 Libby Da Lip 5m2/6m1 Poor Mike 6m2 Short Trip 6m3 The Professor's Dream 7m1/7m1A Attic Antics 7m2/8m1 Liz's Biz 8m2 Artificial Respiration 8m3 Mambone 8m4 Mambone Reprise 9m1 Effects Of Alcohol 9m2 No More Inhibitions 9m2A Mambo Superimposure for "No More Inhibitions" 9m3/10m1 Galloping Gladys 10m1A The Shy Englishmen 10m2 The Reunion 10m3 End Title 10m4 Cast Credits Trailer
  5. Star Wars Resistance (2018-2020) - Michael Tavera Star Wars Resistance Main Title SWR Logo Star Wars Resistance End Title Series 1 Series 2
  6. Cue titles for the last two episodes - Again from the SABAM reptoire My attempt to sort the cue titles with the released music.
  7. The file on Batu Senor's site is simply cutdown, removing 01:34-02:24 of the OST.
  8. I don't know if this is correct but looking at my notes (that I did when the cue titles originally became known, only just recently updated to include the reel/part) it seems this is how it goes: 0M1 Tossing the Sabre 02a Arch-To Island [00:00-00:50] 0M1 Insert Rey Looks Back 02b Arch-To Island [00:50-01:43] 1M9 Revisiting Snoke 03 Revisiting Snoke 2M10 We Need Your Help 02c Ahch-To Island [01:43-02:28] 2M16 Luke's Breakfast 02d Ahch-To Island [02:28-End] 2M17 Old Books 10A Who Are You? [00:00-01:02] 2M12 We Need A New Base 04a The Supremacy [00:00-00:07] 2M13 Prep for Battle 04b The Supremacy [00:07-02:04] 2M14 Leia Saved! 04c The Supremacy [02:04-End]
  9. See here (my attempt at sorting the music from the OST with the cue titles from the online music repertoires and John Powell's Facebook) Here's just the known cue list on it's own:
  10. Thanks Jay & Fal J. M. Skywalker! How come the timings are not listed in the spreadsheet? Are you not 100% certain of them?
  11. Is there any cue timings for Destiny of a Jedi & They Will Come? I presume those tracks have been figured out as they now list the cues in the spreadsheet.
  12. I'm skeptical to believe that those are the actual cue numbers, seeing as the Force Awakens list is based on the Live to Projection list and seemingly no source for the Last Jedi list is given, so it looks like they just made up numbers to go with known cue titles. (I hope to be proven wrong as it would be amazing to finally have a confirmed cue order)
  13. We have quite a lot! The Force Awakens Original sheets The Live to Projection concert (which match the film edit) Online music repertoire (likely sourced from the music cue sheet) The Last Jedi Online music repertoire (likely sourced from the music cue sheet)
  14. Looking at Jay's spreadsheet I think he's misidentified the Battle of the Resistance cues. It's seems the track includes 3 cues: 7M12 Seven Twelve 01:12-01:57 (FYC 00:00-00:51) - it has the noted Star Wars & Force themes. 7M12A Horses #2 01:57-End (FYC 00:51-End) - Has the noted Force theme. Unfortunately it seems that 00:00-01:12 of the OST track is still unknown, but could it be 7M11?
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