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  1. Seems mainstream Star Wars fans really love the score to this
  2. I was just relistening to this score while doing some work today - anyone else think that the Enfys theme sounds like the Farscape intro? Something about the alien sounding female choir just rings a similar bell to me
  3. I just saw the 3 episodes. There were a couple cues here and there that I liked, although nothing was particularly memorable. I don't think it's a terrible score, it's not boring and it serves the show well enough, though I agree it sounds nothing like Star Wars and is not melodic in the slightest. While I agree it might have been nice to reference some of Rogue One's music, I don't think Cassian had a theme in that movie did he?
  4. what is that weird glitch at 0:18 of the episode 3 one? It's like everything just snaps from panned center to panned wide. Is that supposed to sound like that?
  5. I believe him being fired was just speculation. There's no question he was replaced with Tony Gilroy near the end of production, but he seemingly still stuck around for the film's marketing.
  6. Sites have done it before. I'm not sure how they did it exactly but there's probably a way to automate the process The concern I'd have over putting it on Wikipedia is their sourcing requirements. Wikipedia has very strict policies about attributing information and referencing valid sources. As I'm sure most of you know, much of our available information about various scores come from either session leaks or sheet music scans that aren't easily (or legally) available on the surface web. I ran into problems with this when I wanted to add more accurate information about the star wars scores to Wookieepedia (the star wars fandom wiki), they wouldn't allow many of my edits because I was citing "unpublished" sources - unpublished meaning not available to the general public. And Wookieepedia's policies are taken almost verbatim from Wikipedia. The other obstacle with Wikipedia is their No Original Research rule - pretty much any kind of score analysis or thematic breakdown that doesn't stem from some other site count as original research. By running an independent film music wiki we can avoid these issues because we can create our own rules
  7. I'm not really sure about the difficulty of making a wiki site from scratch/on another platform, but transferring off of Fandom is pretty easy, everything is Creative Commons so you can copy/modify all of it as long as you credit the authors/link to the original. Personally I use an adblocker so I've never had any problems with the site, but if that's really a common concern we could look into alternatives I guess
  8. The last post from the creator of Scorepedia is also the account's last day of activity, so even though the account's last message says that the database files were backed up for transferring to a different site I'm not sure if they're still available for contact However, it does look like archive.org has most of the pages archived (including Chamber of Secrets), but I'm not sure how complete of a backup it is though.
  9. Oh wow I hadn't ever heard of that. Sad that it didn't grow sucessfully. Hopefully that isn't a bad sign for my initiative that my two predecessors were both abandoned so quickly
  10. I'm excited to announce that I have recently become the admin/bureaucrat of the previously abandoned Film Music Wiki over on fandom.com. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to bring the site up to an acceptable standard, but I hope to eventually make it the de facto source of information regarding film scores. There are other sites with info of this nature on the internet but all of them are incomplete and you'd need to cross check several sources to get all the info you want. For example, if I were trying to research the first Harry Potter score, I could find the existence of and a little bit of info on the OST and the La-La Land set on Discogs, but no mention of the sessions leak. Discogs also doesn't present any sort of comparison between what material is on the OST and what material is on the La-La Land and how they overlap and how they don't. Discogs also wastes a lot of space covering reissues of OSTs, which while possibly interesting from a collector's perspective they don't really matter from a musical perspective. If I instead check out the excellent Chronological Scores / Soundtracks blog, I would learn of the existence of the sessions leak, and sort of get an idea of how the music is used in the film, but I still wouldn't know the exact differences between the releases, or exactly what alterations are made to cues in the final film. The Chronological Scores blog is also designed to be more of an editing guide than an informative breakdown of a score, which means on its own the information isn't complete. If I dug a little bit deeper I might find Jay's fantastic spreadsheet breaking down the all the releases of the score in relation to the original sheet music. This would provide a proper comparison of the releases and give most of the information I would want, but it still doesn't cover how the music is edited for the final film. Also, none of these sources go into detail about how the score was written or how different themes are utilized or when or where it was recorded. There are of course other sources that would provide this information, but I think you get the point. I want to provide one centralized source of information for film score fans to get an idea of what exists for any given score and presents most of the information they might want (cue lists, release breakdowns, behind-the-scenes info), while also linking back to all these other excellent sources. To me, it seems a wiki is the perfect way to accomplish that goal. Plus, with the high search rankings of Fandom sites, it has the added bonus of increasing exposure to and awareness of film music for the general public. Also, I should note that I plan on covering not just "film" scores but also television and videogame music as well. Lastly, I want to provide a roadmap of some of what I have planned: Obviously, I am only one person, and I will not be able to do all this on my own. If anyone here is interested in participating as an editor I'd love to have the help. Thanks!
  11. Emergency also has some cues available on Rene Boscio's website, all of which are higher quality than the one's on the FYC site: Goldilocks (same as Goldilocks on the FYC): https://play.reelcrafter.com/embed/d68d2ae3-b5ca-4a39-bee9-89ccf01c6879 The Karens (an unused alternate not on the FYC): https://play.reelcrafter.com/embed/63eb85d8-8c72-4015-8e59-182d9de81fec To The Woods (same as Slow-Drive on the FYC): https://play.reelcrafter.com/embed/8fa9ceb7-eee0-4279-930d-ca4870f5ba9f Tryna Be Heroes (part of End Credits on the FYC) : https://play.reelcrafter.com/embed/e72eb245-6c2a-48c5-aeeb-9d23e5a942ec Not Hostages (same as Pull-Over on the FYC): https://play.reelcrafter.com/embed/8e8d6ed6-e46f-4922-85a3-3017da8564db On the Ground (same as Kunle-See on the FYC): https://play.reelcrafter.com/embed/101d1eb5-f799-434c-9ae8-01076eafe427 Here On Out (same as After-Apology from the FYC): https://play.reelcrafter.com/embed/ab372131-59c0-404e-962f-c0a8744949a4 The accompanying blog post/write-up is also a very interesting read: https://bosciomusic.com/emergency
  12. I was confused by this. I thought film scores were generally written after the spotting sessions. If Britell already wrote music before they ever started filming does that mean there's no sync points at all?
  13. Honestly I'm not sure how much the composer even matters if the director has shit taste. Based on all the Natalie Holt interviews about Kenobi where she says that Deborah Chow rejected all her good or interesting themes, I don't think any other composer could've possibly done much better
  14. OSTs can be edited and looped too... At least the isolated score presents more total music
  15. I'd much rather it be digital only than vinyl exclusive
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