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  1. @Mr. Breathmask 11a. Leaving (0:00-0:10) is from The Train Job, it plays after Big Bar Fight and immediately before the Main Title
  2. Sorry to revive an old thread but I noticed a mistake in the cue breakdown : ^ This should say 15 seconds are microedited out not 23. You can confirm this by either adding up the timestamps or scrolling up a bit to here:
  3. Hi everyone! Long time lurker here, first time making a real thread. I've been interested recently in cataloguing the history of Star Wars music releases both official and through various videogames. I decided to start at the beginning and look at some of the oldest posts on this forum to see what people were talking about at the time the prequel music releases were coming out and to see how the videogame music was catalogued as it was discovered. As I've been scrolling through, I've found several posts that seem to imply there was a website move/redesign around 2002 and there was an older version of this site that had threads on it that are no longer accessible. In particular, I've seen several references to old threads documenting the Phantom Menace score and it's appearances in various videogames. Does anyone know if there's a way to view the threads from this older version of the site? I was checking on archive.org here (https://web.archive.org/web/20011122193411/http://jwfan.net/messageboards/) but it doesn't seem to load, it's just a white screen. Thanks!
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