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  1. Other people mentioned The Last Jedi already but for me that's really one of the only movies I've seen where I walked out of the theater incredibly disappointed. Kind of sad too because I was really excited for it before it came out. It basically killed my love for Star Wars for a few years until I got back into it through the music. The Rise of Skywalker didn't disappoint me because my expectations were already so low and I didn't take the film seriously. And that's okay, because it seems the writers didn't either. Since I have such a small list and this was just so disappointing, I'm going to venture a little beyond movies for a second: The Promised Neverland Season 2 is the most disappointing thing I have ever watched, and probably ever will. I don't understand how it's even possible for the same creative team to fuck up so badly after making a masterpiece season 1. The first episode is still to this day one of the strongest hooks I've ever seen in a show, and the entire story of season 1 is just beautiful. Then for season 2 they decided not to adapt most of the rest of the story and to just skip over almost everything to speedrun to the ending. The result is a season that is confusing and nonsensical, and missing almost all of the best and most important parts of the source material. Just to give an idea of how much they skipped: Season 1 covered 37 chapters in 12 episodes Season 2 covered 141 chapters in 11 episodes Oh and also the final episode ends with a fucking *slideshow* to show the epilogue of the story, followed by a bunch of random frames of earlier arcs they didn't adapt. It's so baffling it's not even funny The Promised Neverland Season 2 is the only piece of media I've ever wished was never made.
  2. I had a dream a month or two ago that jwfan was a physical place, a bar that music fans came to discuss his work, and that I was a taxi driver who had to take John Williams there to do an interview in person.
  3. Actually I just looked this up, it seems they can be both. Interesting. I assumed 480i for all (NTSC at least) because the most recent one I watched was interlaced
  4. As much of an improvement over VHS as DVDs are, it's funny in retrospect to look back at them and realize just how *terrible* they look. 480i with compression artifacts... There was a time in the mid to late 2000s when all you could buy were DVDs and yet you could watch TV in 1080p It's quite fascinating honestly
  5. Wait what? I have the 1997 and 1993 sets pulled up in audacity and I don't see anything obvious missing. I thought the 2004 was just a rerelease of the 1997. Where is the edit?
  6. I've read before that the original end credits opening was audible on track 1 of the OST, but I don't remember hearing any differences between that and the actual end credits track which had the insert
  7. Yeah I believe the way Topic channels work is that music credited to that person in YouTube's backend copyright database get a video copy automatically uploaded to the corresponding channel. That's why "Various Artists - Topic" is a nightmare with tons of random stuff by unrelated people, anything with more than one creator in YouTube's backend gets uploaded there
  8. Do you happen to remember the name of the "origins of the 1997 track titles" thread or post I was referring to above?
  9. Actually this question reminds me I once saw a thread on here where someone asked where the 1997 track titles came from and there was some backstory about Lucasfilm policy and needing to include as many technical terms as possible or something? Does anyone remember this thread? I've never been able to find it again it's almost like I imagined it
  10. I don't really care that the article includes as much music from different Star Wars properties as possible, that's presumably what they were paid to do - it's just a fluff piece. I do think it's really pathetic that half the OT music isn't commercially available and they had to link to some random uploads because there are no official ones
  11. I actually just made some discoveries yesterday that are related to this: We don't actually have to speculate about what the full unedited cue would sound like at all: it's available in the 1983 Radio Drama, as is the clean ending of the insert. 9m6-10m1 Carbon Freeze: 9m6-10m1 Carbon Freeze radio drama.mp3 9m6-10m1 Insert Bar 57: 9m6-10m1 insert bar 57 radio drama.mp3 Sorry for the dialogue and SFX, you can remove the dialogue from the insert with phase inversion but then it's of course mono. The actual cue has dialogue that isn't mixed center so doing that isn't possible.
  12. I don't understand why using Star Wars music would cost them anything at all - my understanding was that Lucasfilm had completely paid off the reuse fees for the OT scores (and likely the PT as well) as a lump sum so they'd never owe them again
  13. Well the assignment was to write a "1500 word paper analyzing the music of one complete feature film of my choice". The guidelines said I should include some terms we had learned about (like mickey-mousing) and mentioned a couple other minor things to talk about, but other than that I was basically free to structure it however I wanted. I did go a little overboard on the length, although to be fair the instructions said it could be more than 1500 words if we wanted. I have really no idea what any of my classmates wrote about because I never saw any of their papers. Unfortunately, I did sort of get the impression that most people taking the class were simply there for the humanities requirement and not because they were interested in the material.
  14. Wait a second you might be onto something, perhaps I read the sheets wrong let me check again to be sure. Edit: yeah you're correct I saw the end of the strings section and must've forgotten to scroll up to check the rest of the orchestra. A rather silly mistake. Thanks. Edit again: that's actually really interesting, solves a mystery because I've always wondered where that extra note in the film version came from, turns out the albums just cut the insert off early Thanks! Oh yeah I forgot the Special Edition changed around the music a bit lol, perhaps I should have clarified that in the paper. That's actually probably one of the best changes made by the SE, the original analog edit sounds terrible. No actually, 6m4 would've scored the scene with Luke running around with Yoda on his back right before the dark side cave scene. All of the footage it would've scored is still in the final film.
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