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  1. I thought that was pretty clear from Rinzler's book, Lucas himself says that Brian De Palma is usually very caustic and was not being abnormally cruel
  2. I've heard a lot of negative things about Hirsch's book, apparently it contradicts a lot of other sources and he seems to take credit for things that don't really make sense.
  3. Not an alternate take but it appears that 9m1 The Walls Converge is the wrong speed/pitch on the 1997 set The entire track plays too fast, I had to change speed and pitch by a multiplier of 0.991 to get it to sync with the film and 2018 set The 1993 set is almost entirely made of alternate takes, except for 2:40-end which matches the other sets and the film
  4. The 1997 track is correct all the way through
  5. 5m2 A Hive of Villainy has the wrong take for the first 44 seconds on the 1993 set
  6. Yeah I recall you mentioning that before, but it doesn't seem to be missing in my copy, at least not in Yoda and the Force
  7. I spent a lot of time last night playing around with the LCR channels from the ATMOS releases and I can't seem to recreate the stereo 2018 releases. I genuinely have no idea what they did to get them to sound like that. If you just downmix the ATMOS to stereo correctly you get mixes that sound like the 1993/film, which is what they should sound like. No matter what I did I wasn't able to replicate the left heavy mix of the original 2018 sets
  8. I've read this before. I haven't started comparing the ESB tracks in detail yet like I have with the first film but I'm going to make a stereo downmix of the Atmos files and compare those to the original 2018 release. I'm gonna bet that the theory about the LCR channels being wrong on the original is probably what happened
  9. Technically the 1997 ESB doesn't sound "bad" at all, it's not like there are technical or sound quality issues with it. Technically and sonically, it sounds great - the main issue I have with it is that most of the tracks are remixed and sound nothing like the film mix, usually made more mono. That said, it's not terribly dissimilar to the remixes done for the 1977/1980 OST albums. I find it really strange how many people will say the 1997 ESB sounds like shit but then will heartily recommend the 2016 digital OST reissues
  10. Update on this: it's actually much more complicated than I originally described, all three sets are inaccurate to the film performance edit. The 1993 set has an incorrect take from 1:00-1:30 The 1997 set has incorrect takes from 0:00-0:19, 0:56-1:00, 1:19-1:30 The 2018 set has the correct takes everywhere, but transitions between them at the wrong point leading to a missing second at 0:59, this missing second can be recovered using the 1993 set
  11. The Force Theme: in Losing a Hand when Leia senses Luke in trouble Imperial March: ESB end credits, the transition from Yoda's theme to the Imperial March is masterful
  12. I don't have the data on hand but I don't think this is really true at all, even for John Williams scores. I can think of many many bootlegs with no equivalent expansions, and many expanded scores with no bootlegs
  13. To me it would make the most sense to just switch over on Jan 1 , go by the release date of the FYC rather than the release date of the picture or the date of the awards event
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