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  1. This is one of the highlights of the entire movie, I can't tell you how many times I make this same face when something I'm doing doesn't go the way I want it to.
  2. I am patiently waiting for AI, Amistad, and Catch Me If You Can to get a 4K release. Those are such great movies.
  3. That checks out, I’m sure Didier had no clue on how to program a massive album that ended up being the Ultimate Edition, since we know his idea of ET would’ve been album edits and cherry picking cues IIRC. It was probably best he ruined the 2012 Hook so Mike could do ET properly.
  4. Something that hasn’t been brought up is how in Temple of Doom, Indy is Belloq. And this never occurred to me until I found this video on Indy’s character arc thru the first 3 movies and it blew my mind. The discussion of his character by these two guys is really good.
  5. The film uses a specific take for Cantina Band when the music is cut when Luke gets pushed to the ground.
  6. Not films, but several of the animated shows reference Indiana Jones.
  7. To be fair this technically does exist just not in movie form😂
  8. I have nothing major to add but 40 years ago we were introduced to the COOLEST and most evil Indy villain, in this one scene the audience is left with one message: this guy is a step below the devil and he is not to be messed with, (that is until Indy gets involved), the cinematography and of course the score is absolute perfection here. "Kalliiiiiii maaaaaa"
  9. Shoot if that’s how it works I’ll send him a letter myself and tell him there are boots and whatnot for SW and Indy floating around as well.
  10. I have yet to watch this movie but find it amusing that Williams has vetoed it’s release (or possibly “escape” at this point) more than once. I see the movie has good reviews on IMDb, maybe I’ll check it out since it’s the 50th anniversary this year.
  11. Oh hey btw Cantina Band is on your sheet twice
  12. I think you can even make out a Transformer on it too, that just adds to the joke
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