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  1. I love his play on words, but I'm kinda confused on why the cue lists has a bunch of the top crew members names? Was it just to be funny?
  2. Were these written by John Williams or Michael Giacchino?
  3. I will analyze this for the next hour or two and see what clues Jay has given us today.....
  4. Actually, now that you said that, I can hear it as well. I wonder if it was intentional?
  5. It's odd isn't it? Every time I watch the movie and continue listening to the End Credits, I'm always confused at how that ended up in there. Maybe it wasn't a mistake and John thought it sounded unique so he left it in, that's all I can think of.
  6. I don’t have much of an input on the new movie since we know zip about it, but I think it’d be super cool if it opened like Temple of Doom did(my favorite one), with the Indy typeface and music that introduces the title, versus the other 3 movies where the titles just pops up and the music is still slow and introducing itself. I want something loud and and glorious.
  7. I've always wanted to ask this, but kept forgetting to, but is there a story behind the weird bang during the End Credits of Temple of Doom? Only in the film of course, but I've always been confused at the sound of it. Not sure if the link isn't working for just me, but the time stamp I'm referring to is at 3:44 in this video https://youtu.be/lJ3h2wNSGfs
  8. Unfortunately, thats probably how it is. Which really sucks because an extended version of Hook would be amazing and be able to flesh everything out more.
  9. I’ve tried looking it up before but to no avail, but I’m pretty certain he is against them. The Jurassic Park trilogy(he didn’t direct the 3rd one but it still has a bunch), Hook, and the Indy franchise have a treasure trove of deleted scenes just going to waste in a vault somewhere. I don’t get why you wouldn’t want to release them, it hurts no one. Surprisingly Jaws has deleted that have been released, including a few cut away shots that haven’t been released on the bonus features section but I had a torrent once years ago of an old tv broadcast of the movie, where a few shots had been added
  10. True, however, unless someone sends me a rip of it, I won't be getting this 4K set because I'm thinking of waiting to see if they'll do it again when the 5th one comes out, and hopefully they'll release the infamous deleted scenes we've been missing for almost 40 years now, which would be nice to see. Plus I wouldn't be able to rip a 4K disc anyways
  11. Dang! The rip of that isn't too bad though, so I'm not missing much
  12. Yeah, I've got it from the film audio. Was there more available from the iso leak? I was only given a few cues, but nothing to do with the Sacrifice scenes, unfortunately.
  13. I think the final chime before the choir begins hasn't been released yet. Unless it was tracked in from somewhere else, I don't hear it in the track. Maybe that's apart of the full version that hasn't been released yet, but who knows.
  14. I figured that, it seems they mixed a few parts for that specific part of the beginning of the film mix. I've always wondered why they never used the haunting choir in the very beginning of the track for anywhere in the film?
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