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  1. Yeah, i was listening to the film and i noticed the drum roll wasn't present. So I was like oh whatever, Kenny probably dialed it out. Then one day i was in the shower listening to the Jurassic Park Theme (End Credits) from TLW's album and around 2:48, the drum roll is there, and i haven't compared the tracks, but I wanna say the rest of that is the same as Tranquillizer Dart and End Credits (film version), as the piano ends and the JP theme begins. The only thing is, there's an extra instrument over the drums, so maybe MM found a way to remove it and attach just the drums to it. It'd be cool
  2. Give him a few minutes, he'll make one with no hesitation.
  3. 2:06 of Tranquillizer Dart and End Credits (film version), that drum roll that leads into the JP theme, is that taken from the same track Jurassic Park Theme (End Credits), that is also on that album? They sound very similar and I was wondering if it was? Sorry if its been discussed before, I can't seem to find an answer anywhere.
  4. I know they added it to Jedi, but I could’ve sworn I read somewhere that it was shortened, but I can’t recall myself and haven’t seen a lot of people mentioning that. Maybe what I read was wrong, but I think it was on IMDb, which isn’t always a reliable source, but I don’t see why anyone would make it up.
  5. What about Vader’s “noooooo” at the end being shortened? I was 6 when I saw it in theaters so I can’t remember it being longer than the current version, but that’s the story.
  6. Oh, I got confused with my first question, nevermind it. And now i recognize the Stick With Me theme, thanks!
  7. So the Low Below theme was written to play for the whole track, and was never recorded, or is that something else you're talking about? And what is the Stick With Me theme? I'm sure I'll know what it is if it's another track from the LLL album.
  8. Ohh, I see now. Yea, the "Alternate" title is what was confusing me. Thanks for clarifying! Edit: I saw this- "The two tracks are identical to each other after 14 seconds or so; same performance mix and master. Only the old opening vs the "End Credit Intro" opening is different." I read it late last night and it didn't click what you were saying haha. But now I understand it completely!
  9. Sorry, I see how my question could be confusing. What I meant was, were both "The Lost World" and the Alternate tracked or did they use just one? When I read the original analysis on it, it seemed to me he said they tracked in the opening of the Alternate and then switched back the "The Lost World" for the rest, but I could be mistaken.
  10. The film mix of Ludlow's End is the opening of The Lost World (Alternate) and then it switches toThe Lost World? And the end credits is strictly the Alternate right? Or did i misread something?
  11. Curious, which section starts off High Wire Stunts in the film? Nothing in the start of The T-Rex Chase sounds like it. Later in that cue, yes, but there's a lot of that. edit: nevermind i found it
  12. What cue did they replace the ending of "Life Finds a Way" with in the film mix?
  13. Personally, I don't mind CGI Yoda since what George was wanting him to do was more physical than the OT(fighting and jumping around), but they probably could've done a blend of both.
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