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  1. ‘83 and ‘19 are my favorites. Hearing the opening for TROS in theaters was a surprise, especially when TFA and TLJ weren’t as strong and blasting as the previous entries(even through they’re all unique in their own ways).
  2. HelloGreedo and Star Wars Explained are excellent excellent channels for SW. Very positive points of view and discussions/topics they discuss.
  3. Do you have a reason for not watching the animated shows? At first I wasn’t completely interested in Rebels because I thought it was more geared towards kids, but it’s really not. It starts off that way but I really digs deep into the lore. Same with Clone Wars. I would definitely say give them a chance at some point, there might be stuff in them you might actually enjoy.
  4. Merry Christmas everyone! One of my favorite gifts of all time:)
  5. Wow! Thanks for the response, that’s quite a backstory. Is there anywhere I can read up on this stuff? I find these things interesting and would love to read more about them!
  6. I find myself saying “J W Fan” sometimes, most of the time I say “J Willya Fan”, and how I came up with that is beyond me haha.
  7. I could only find one single post(can’t seem to find it)about this: for ROTJ’s End Credits, the album versions don’t sound like what they do in the film. In the post i mentioned, someone said that the music editors ended up using the first bit of Empires End Credits and then switched back to Jedi. Does anyone know if this is true or not?
  8. Completely forgot to check this thread, so much fascinating stuff. I watched the movie this morning actually and rewatched the deleted scenes again and i remember now the 'believe your eyes scene'. So unfortunate that most of this stuff was cut, i so wish to see it all. And its funny you say some people remember seeing the slicing the hand scene in theaters, because Jaws 2 has a similar situation. Some people claim that there was a shot of a character who, after being eaten by the shark, is seen inside the mouth of the shark, even though the director and actress deny this scene was ever fimed.
  9. I thought you guys would want to see these answers to these questions, not sure if you guys already picked up on them though.
  10. Sorry for bringing up an old thread, but Hook is one of my all time favorite movies and i had to ask- what is the 'slicing the hand' and 'believe your eyes' deleted scenes? I did notice that after arriving in Neverland Peter has a bandage on his hand when the pirates corner him, but it never occurred to me that that's probably a deleted scene.
  11. I misread the title as “What car does John Williams drive?” And I was like oh I’m really interested in this.
  12. I can’t get a better image. Instagram has been down for the last few days but someone I know in Germany can get on, but I thought y’all would like this
  13. I just realized you said future release, not now. I searched and no one asked for that specifically
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