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  1. I preordered mine at Target because of the buy 2 get 1 media deal, and my email says it should be here arriving Mon, Dec 19 - Thu, Dec 22.
  2. One of my favorite things about Doom's opening is seeing grown adults talk about how when their parents took them to go see it as a kid, they thought the theater played the wrong movie or they walked into the wrong theater because of the dramatic and over the top opening
  3. I bought Amistad and Spiderman and they haven't shipped mine either
  4. Yeah, with his history revolving Spiderman 2, we're lucky this one was approved.
  5. This statement to me is that Elfman only approved the expansion as long as the OST was included. Thats how I interpreted it.
  6. Neil posted on the FSM thread saying they had to include it. It seems there was no other option and they had to release that as well if they wanted to expand the rest of the score. I don’t know why this is so hard for people to grasp.
  7. THAT WAS YOU!!! I’m a member of the HOA, your life is about to get miserable!
  8. I was kinda hoping they’d go for the orange/red font for DoD, but that’s not a NEED for me. But I also love the Doom is the oddball of the family.
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