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  1. Oh yeah, you’re right. I got the 2 mixed up. Ironically, To the Island was also tracked into The Trek.
  2. I do enjoy the Lost World Alternate tracked in for Ludlow's End but that's just me. I do think tracking The Trek into the end credits was a strange move. I enjoy it but it goes from Jurassic Park Theme>The Lost World>The Trek>The Lost World Alternate.
  3. Does 'Hook's Entrance' in the film start with an alternate take? The section I'm referring to is when Hook begins to walk down the stairs. On the album version there's drums and I believe strings underneath, however in the film, the drums are absent but the strings or whatever instrument it is is still there. Separate take or did they somehow remove the drums for the film mix?
  4. You could’ve copied and pasted your explanation you gave me yesterday😂😂😂
  5. Is there a specific reason for this or a backstory? Just curious.
  6. This sort of baffles me. I get that not all the time are cues assembled in chronological order, but some of his decisions, such as certain cues being attached to others that aren't in order is confusing. But that's just me. I like chronological and complete scores but I can't complain all the time. Fingers crossed though.
  7. JW: now George, what exactly is going on here? GL: oh, well, here we have Anakin who gets together with Palpatine and they're sort of watching a television show as Palpatine gives him a bit of a history lesson on his life and we're working on a huge performance for them to watch, all done with a computer of course. JW: oh ok, I see...
  8. Yeah I did ask him hoping he would answer but he never did:(
  9. My thinking as well...however, seeing a train on set is a good sign
  10. I would love to hear some Short Round Theme-esque trek music again.
  11. Wasn't it her idea to kill of Ben Kenobi and George was even hesitant to do so at first?
  12. This might be the first time I’ve ever posted news and beat people to it! Also, is there a difference between deluxe edition versus expanded edition?
  13. JW is scoring that new Spielberg movie? I didn't know that was confirmed, all I had read that people were hoping he would. That's a nice surprise!
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