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  1. Just think-in a year from now, we’ll be counting down the minutes to the last Indy movie. What are your thoughts on the OST being released before the premiere or the day of?
  2. Everytime I go into this thread there’s a brand new update, completely and entirely different from the last, which then unfolds into a new story as to what’s going on. Everyday there’s a new story about how this music was written. It’s incredible. It’s the best mystery novel I’ve ever read.
  3. Its funny, I showed a pic of it to my wife and I asked her if her sister, who bakes like you do, as a hobby, could do that. I'll have to show her that to. Also, a friend of mine who was there said it was chocolate with a pink filling. He also got pictures taken of him and Daisy, and another with Silvestri.
  4. Oh gosh. I went thru that thread before and most of the super technical stuff goes right over my head. Now I remember seeing this. For my personal playlist/film edits, I ended up utilizing different sources, same with SW, so those 2 playlists are a hodgepodge of sources. At least for TOD I was sent a folder with a few unreleased cues so I was able to switch from the atmos rip to clean tracks. One day we won’t have to worry about this anymore when we have one clean and precise album the way it should’ve been in the beginning.
  5. Really? I had no idea about that. Yes, I am aware of that. Very odd they didn’t include it. I love the interview on the bonus disc, but those 17 extra minutes could’ve been better utilized for other cues.
  6. The Concorde Raiders set is the 2008 “expanded” one correct? What’s wrong with it? Other than being “expanded”.
  7. Got a 4 hour flight to Puerto Rico this Saturday, looking forward to listening then!
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