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  1. Well, the track that opens disc 5 isn't completely clean, after the final beat as its fading, there's the first drum beat from the coda. Wondering if they just faded it out there for that specific edit instead of using the clean ending.
  2. Sorry, forgot to type 2.5 minute version, which I thought was on the 2008 release, but I don't see it in the track listing. But this is the track I'm referring to, just in low quality. It ends sooner than 'Washington Ending & Raiders March' does, I was just curious if there's a difference that I didn't know about.
  3. Are you referring to the very end of the films credits where it ends? Because I've been wanting to ask-the 2.5 Raiders March ends similarly to the way it does in the film, whereas the album version it goes on for another minute. Which version does the film use? I just assumed they faded it out really early to go along with the credits ending but then there's this shorter version of the Raiders March which implies they used that ending...Idk what the differences are.
  4. The hoarding is what I meant by not being nice.
  5. Ohhhh I see, I had heard about the expensive part before, wasn't sure if that applied to it. And I've also learned that Sony aren't very nice to us when it comes to expansions.
  6. I just stumbled upon this thread. I've seen Tintin one time years ago, maybe in theaters, maybe renting it after, I can't remember. What are the reasons for it being off limits?
  7. Correct. Indy V getting pushed back a year might be a blessing in disguise if Williams can score both movies, rather than maybe choosing one over the other.
  8. Would the gongs in the opening cue be apart of the score? I know there's 2 gongs on the album version, but they're really quiet, versus the 3 gongs in the film which are booming.
  9. I feel like they’ll probably go back to the OG logo for the trailers. Seeing as how we now probably have to wait almost a year for at least a teaser, this is what it’ll be. From what Mangold has been saying and that he’s really wanting to do justice, I don’t think he’d use this for the trailers.
  10. Has anyone posted pictures of the “chronos clock”? I’m in an Indiana Jones Facebook group and someone posted pictures of used props and replicas and he posted pictures of this one…I remember seeing mentions of a clock but wasn’t sure if it was mentioned here.
  11. Brando


    Ok, so it seems that they didn’t share it in the original podcast I previously mentioned, which is the screenshot. The screenshot is a conversation between 2 people, one who, at the time, was preparing for a podcast series on the production of Hook, which released like 2 weeks ago. In episode 2, he actually shared the demo not sung by Andrews, and that is here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/hooked/id1594405769?i=1000543710484 at 13:28.
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