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  1. Just watched the film and I'm going to take advantage of this offer before its gone! Also, does anyone know what songs they weren't allowed to license for the album?
  2. They are on YT, but I assume and hope D+ is in better quality: https://www.youtube.com/@youngindyrestored9630
  3. Tickets available Monday, June 12th 10AM ET: https://www.kennedy-center.org/whats-on/explore-by-genre/classical-music/2022-2023/john-williams-and-the-presidents-own/ Here is what was stated in the email:
  4. Probably whichever one has the least amount of headaches involved....
  5. Also, John Williams has the unique ability to see a spaceship lifting off during the spotting session and go “yeah we’re gonna launch this sucker and it’s going to sound incredible” and then give us the glorious Departure. His track record for this special ability is amazing. And the best part is my favorite moment in the cue at 1:46 is looped in the film so you get to hear it twice🤌🤌
  6. KOTCS’s score is so so good. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I have a feeling that when it gets remastered and expanded, more people on here will come to appreciate it. The recording session leak is awesome, but when we have about the same thing C&C, and in better quality, there’ll be more fans.
  7. The first Cantina cue has a substantial amount of editing done to it, the second one has a little bit of editing done too, but not a whole lot I don't think.
  8. Yes. I had no idea about it until @Manakin Skywalkersent me a a clip a little while ago. Not sure why they felt the need to remove that bit.
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