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  1. There are multiple problems with the Fantastic Beast franchise, but the most important of all, is that there doesn't seem to be any real need for its existence. It's a typical product of studios/producers/authors not knowing when to end something, and wanting to milk the cow as much as possible. But the fanbase is to blame as well: fans always want more, more sequels, more spin-offs. As Dumbledore says in one of the books, humans tend to want things that are worst for them. I always defend an artist when he/she decides that it's time for a series to end. And I'm
  2. You're missing the thrid map cue of Raiders: Indy on the submarine.
  3. No and no. And I've never been able to understand why people tend to make such a distinction between source music and underscore. Anything goes is not just used as an opening song (which includes an intro, which would technically count as part of the score, not part of the song). It's later used during the action music as well. And the Temple of Doom music is used again in the climax between Indy and Mola Ram.
  4. "Doctor Jones: once again we see that there is nothing you can possess that I cannot take away. And you thought I'd given up" "Too bad the Hovitos don't know you the way I do, Belloq". That's how you introduce a new character who has a previous relationship.
  5. JKR not allowing Williams release the Children's Suite, or work on DH sounds messed up. But so does Williams vetoing cues from R1. But of course, real life is complicated and real people are complicated (and we don't really "know" John Williams, or JKR, or any other famous celebrity). Really interesting "behind-the-scenes" look, anyway.
  6. Really interesting info, @Jay, but I do have to ask if you vouch for the credibility of that deleted account. I'm not denying its credibility, I just want to know if its a legit source of information.
  7. That's why the theme is mostly heard when Luke watches Leia's hologram, not when he shares scenes with the actual Leia.
  8. One questions about Last Crusade.... in the film, the beginning of "Meeting Hitler" (rather, the first section of the cue that isn't dialed out) sounds.... bad. You can hear the music twice at the same time, and they're not even in sync! Suddenly, it sounds good once the blimp appear on screen. Why is it that? And why hasn't it been corrected?
  9. That's definitely not accurate. There is far less music in Star Wars than in Empire.
  10. I don't know about the conductor score, but the whole score was recorded between March 8-21 2004 in Abbey Road Studios, so no, Buckbeak's flight wasn't a later addition, as far as I know.
  11. Would be great if the film concluded with a flashforward of the young protagonist becoming a filmmaker and meeting a certain famous composer for the first time...
  12. That's true, but he could find a way around that limitation, if he really wanted. I mean, Williams works with orchestrators... who presumably know how to use computers. They could create the demos, while Williams continues working wih pencil and paper.
  13. This mentality is really unique.. and fascinating, I have to say. On the other hand, it could be said that obsessing about 5-second inserts being unreleased, or about film takes being slightly different is also unique and fascinating, and here we are lol.
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