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  1. This is amazing! Here's a whole new composer (at least for me), whose works I now may start exploring....
  2. Oh yeah, good one. I saw the movie a long time ago. I seem to vaguely recall the score... Lots of violin solos...
  3. Do you like his works? What are your favourite JNH scores (if you have any at all)? I only know The Fugitive, which is pretty cool, and the theme from the TV series ER, which is awesome!
  4. Sorry, must have accidentally hit the close button. It's open again! It's open again.
  5. So you're not a fan of Star Wars? Okay, gotcha. Well, it's tough for me, because I love both franchises (almost) equally... Jaws 2, the score, is not really inferior. The movie, yes, but the score, no.
  6. Interesting.... It's likely some kind of percussion, not an instrument that can play notes. But its sound is so perfectly fitting!
  7. If it's an instrument at all. Maybe a synthesiser? Anyway, I'm talking about the track "Spilling Petrol and Horning In" at 0:04. The sound that's like the low moaning of an ailing Triceratops, almost... What is this? Anybody know? It is heard more than once throughout this piece.
  8. Yeah, that's actually true for me as well... I think I was 18 when PS came out.
  9. Maybe you didn't understand this poll? If JW had kept scoring... So he'd have scored the entire franchise. No other composer would have been involved.
  10. Added to what? All JP and Jurassic World movies are included, including the new one not even released yet... Good one!
  11. Well, the first 3 JP movies alone seem very different in tone, characters, and emotions to me...
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