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  1. Dark? Depends on what it means... Except for the ones already mentioned here, maybe the dissonant, terrifying, gutwrenching moments of JFK.
  2. I assume most people know what ASMR means... if not, just look it up. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASMR Anyway, which JW pieces serves best for triggering ASMR, pieces that can be listened to while in the process of falling asleep at night? Some pieces are more suited than others obviously.
  3. Are 99% of movies garbage? No way! Are 99% of Hollywood movies garbage? You betcha.
  4. You gotta do your own research. There's a whole group of audiophiles worldwide exchanging the latest info on music equipment and high-quality portable players, and trust me, that group is considerably larger than, say, a group of people dedicated to John Williams... Anyway, this is the one I got. One of the high-end portable players from Sony. It cost me over 1,000 Euros, but I never regretted my purchase. With the right earpiece, the sound quality is just heavenly--indescribable. I have my entire music collection stored on it (orchestral scores in FLAC), around 240GB. It's a few years old now and still going strong.... I expect it to last for a decade and longer.
  5. Phones are convenient, but they will never be my main music player. Equally, PCs have their uses, of course, but for listening I dare say they're not ideal, unless you happen to be sitting behind your desk. Simply too stationary. A dedicated portable digital music player is the way to go, I believe. At least that's my opinion. iPods are the most well known and mass produced and sold, of course, but there are tons more that are better and more high-quality....
  6. Ah okay. I haven't used iTunes for a decade now, I have no idea how it looks these days...
  7. Listening to "House Selection" on my phone... Love this track!
  8. Well, that's what we all used to do, back when I was a teen in the 90's...
  9. There's no special appeal about it. It's just convenient, that's all. You always have your phone with you, but maybe not always your music player... It's like most people taking pictures with their phones these days, rather than carrying around cameras to do so.
  10. Personally, I have my go-to High-End Digital Music Player from Sony, so that's what I mostly use for everyday listening (my entire music collection is on it!), but since I got a 256GB micro SD card for my phone, I've decided to transfer a portion of my collection onto it. The Best Of, so to speak. So I can also listen to the highlights on my phone...
  11. I considered making this multiple choice, but there are only 4 real options anyway. So pick the one option that applies to you most of all. The keyword here is PRIMARILY. Also, do you listen to film scores on your phone at all? Meaning do you have such files stored on your phone? Yes or no.
  12. I'm all over the idea of getting an expanded Amistad from LLL and I'm sure it'll happen sooner than later, but... Gotta be honest, this cover art reminded me of Saw more than anything else.
  13. The Harry Potter theme doesn't sound Russian anymore than it does American. In fact, strictly speaking, it doesn't even sound British... That's because JW wasn't aiming to make this sound a specific country. It's not typical "national" music, it has no cultural identifying marks. If anything, it only sounds like Hogwarts--like magic, academics, and a sense childlike wonder and awe. And those things are pretty much universal.
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