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  1. Wow, what fantastic news. I've come to really appreciate these scores to the historical Steven Spielberg movies, even more so now than when they were first released... I'm especially talking about Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan, War Horse, Lincoln, Empire of the Sun, and Amistad. Not always easy listens, but something profoundly moving and fundamentally compelling about these scores, reverberating deep within our souls and hearts.... Music for the ages, as it were.
  2. Exactly! But I don't count myself among those. There will be some minor improvements, obviously, as LLL clearly stated as much (remastered, a few seconds added here and there, differently mixed, etc.) but I will most likely not get this edition for once. Some people are not just OCD but borderline obsessive about it... It's unhealthy. They aren't even enjoying the music anymore, I bet. They spend all their time obsessing and nitpicking and spreading bad mood.
  3. Again, we're talking about the differences between the original 2015 release and the 2021 (correct) re-issue... There is no difference. What they accidentally included and later removed is not of any concern. I don't need to have that, couldn't care less about that.
  4. We're talking about A.I. here! The 20th anniversary re-issue contains the exact same content as the original release.
  5. Nobody's really complaining... People are just wondering what the new improvements are. Not complaining, but more puzzled and confused.
  6. Ah okay. But you gotta be a sound engineer to notice that kind of an error... Anyway, I'm not that OCD. I'm perfectly happy with the original AI set from LLL.
  7. For those who missed the 2016 release, this is certainly good news. But the question is, what miniscule changes will they offer us in this new package. This is starting to look like a cheap gimmick. Anybody who got the 2016 release now have to decide whether to get this new edition because of a new remaster or 10 seconds of "never before released orchestral fade-in"... Or something like that. But with all that said, my opinion about the music doesn't change a bit. I still love this classic soundtrack, which is vintage John Williams! Wait. Was there any difference between the 20th Anniversary Edition of the expanded A.I. and the regular expanded A.I.? I thought it was the exact same content...
  8. It has sold many copies due to the success of the movie, yes. But trust me, hardly anybody has read it. Relatively speaking. Maybe 30% of the copies sold have been read from cover to cover. If that. And that number is even lower for TLW, the novel. I don't buy that at all. But whatever. The cover is not the issue, anyway. The real question is what the changes are, when it comes to the music. I'm waiting for LLL to release additional info.
  9. Speak for yourself! This won't change my love for John Williams and his music! Not one bit. That said, I may or may not buy this release. Depends on the details LLL is planning to release soon.
  10. That's nice. But I don't see why the soundtrack has to reference the Crichton novel at all, which by the way hardly anybody has read.... If that was indeed the thought behind it. Nothing beats these 2 covers, imo!
  11. Well, it specifically says "new and improved"...
  12. Actually I was only half joking... Because seriously, how can you improve on the 2016 release? I can't think of anything!
  13. What the heck is this? There can't be any more musical, right? The 2016 release was complete. Better sound quality? Doubtful. And what's this black and white cover? Looks almost like an unofficial demo or something...
  14. This is amazing! Here's a whole new composer (at least for me), whose works I now may start exploring....
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