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  1. Forgot the link. See above. https://www.postcrossing.com/blog/2017/11/14/poll-results-rate-your-country-s-postal-service
  2. Hmmm, according to this survey, the worst postal services in Europe are those of... 1. Italy 2. Poland 3. Sweden https://www.postcrossing.com/blog/2017/11/14/poll-results-rate-your-country-s-postal-service
  3. Congratulations, John Williams! But I won't be holding my breath. I'm not gonna fall for the Oscars again, after over 25 (!!) years of hoping. I pretty much gave up after Azkaban.
  4. That said, I was in Germany a few months ago, when I ordered MR. It took 6 weeks or so to arrive. The post office hadn't delivered it and had forgotten to leave me a note that it had arrived. Maybe it's generally a European thing.
  5. One of the Oliver Stone movies... It's about time! Born on the Fourth of July is over 30 years old now!
  6. JW's Mecha World expresses the industrial, faceless, and mindless world of the dystopian future, I think... Underneath the busy bustle there's something absolutely cold, ruthless, and ultimately terrifying about it. A sense of inevitable doom and senselessness. JH's piece I don't know well enough to judge, one way or another. @Bayesian
  7. Where is the skip? I didn't notice anything. Do the Dutch have the worst postal system in the world? I always seem to read only the Dutch complaining...
  8. Not media in general, mind. Specifically the corporate, state-run mass media, and even specifically the so-called corporate, state-run "Western" mass media.
  9. Washington Post, along with The New York Times and several other "big names," are among the worst propaganda newspapers in existence today. Rivals Goebbel's propaganda in Nazi Germany, and that's no joke. If you are totally ignorant and clueless, you might believe the opposite. That said, I didn't even finish reading the quote about JW. No thanks!
  10. While growing up, and especially right after Jurassic Park, I was convinced Alan Silvestri was a pseudonym of John Williams! Because of this piece:
  11. Hmmm, I gotta relisten to that one. Maybe I'm missing something. So what are some of the other highlights, except "The Presses Roll"?
  12. What's so great about The Post? Seriously. Just curious, because I find this to be mediocre Williams at best. And a mediocre movie, too.
  13. It's easily War Horse or The Force Awakens for me. I voted for the former.
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