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  1. I know. I remember I actually saw that live (this was back when I still cared about the Oscars). I thought the performance was... interesting. 😂
  2. Besides the ones you mentioned, "The Conspirators." Such an atmospheric, ingenious, and masterful piece. Makes my heart go faster every time I listen to it... https://youtu.be/8H2hOn8ugo0
  3. I'm not worried about John Williams, but when this movie opens, Ford will be 80 years old... Wow. I wonder what kind of a globe-trotting adventure he'll be sent off to. 😂 Also wonder whether Shia will be involved again.
  4. Okay. Well, I can't say I'm very excited about this project, but the only consolation is, Indy V can't possibly be worse than Indy IV... That's just not feasible.
  5. This doesn't mention Spielberg at all. He may not be involved anymore...
  6. Oh my God, this is great news!!! CAN'T WAIT!!! And today Spielberg announced he'll start shooting Indy V in July 2021. Let's hope JW is on board again!!!
  7. Hmmm, I'm literally hearing about this TV show for the first time! Weird. Not sure yet whether I'm going to buy this, but I'm intrigued! Do I hear a faint hint of "Forward to Time Past" here?
  8. Happy birthday, John Williams!
  9. This reminds me, somebody recently sent me the Harry Potter boxset. I found it on my neighbour's doorstep.
  10. Rewatching TLW now... Always loved that moment at 3:22! JW absolutely going crazy with the percussions!
  11. That's hardly on the same level as JP and HP! Besides, I didn't get that. I considered including the Concord Indy boxset, though, but I have a feeling, that's not the ultimate set.
  12. At the moment, Jurassic Park is winning 26:24! Seems like I'm not in the minority report, after all!
  13. Good memories! They're totally different, but I don't say that one is so much better than the other... I still think that "Journey to the Island" from Jurassic Park, for example, is one of the most perfect, exhilarating, and powerful cues of John Williams' entire career! Beats anything from TLW and anything from HP!
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