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  1. Today I got my copy... Yay! Now its Close and Here!
  2. You could say Far and Away is still far and away! 😅
  3. Mail is still being delivered, I understand, even in the incompetent, mediaeval EU! (And no, the UK is not one bit better.) I have this recurring image of the whole world being consumed and destroyed by the virus, and a few of us still patiently, stubbornly waiting for our copies of Far and Away to arrive.... Too real for comfort.
  4. No. Flights have been cancelled only for human passengers. Not for cargo, products, and other stuff.
  5. This may very well be the beginning of the end... Not necessarily because of the virus itself, but because of the worldwide economic collapse. It'll be so catastrophic, the economic fallout alone will likely kill millions and millions and plunge a large portion of the world population into poverty....
  6. I find myself unexpectedly loving "Oklahoma Territory"! Yes, this was on the OST album, but I just rediscovered it. Love the playful Western-like tone... And the beginning reminds me of Always!
  7. It's not OOP yet, though. It's just temporarily out of stock, so it'll soon be available again... Hopefully.
  8. Oh, right, the above list is the complete cue list... I thought these were the cues that were recorded and included on this set.
  9. It'd be interesting to listen to the two version of "The Horseshoe"... This cue wasn't on the OST album, right?
  10. Angela's Ashes and Far and Away! I'll spend the whole time listening to these two scores. They remind me of an easier, happier, more carefree time... Although the characters in these movies go through some serious struggles, of course.
  11. This reminds me... I actually had the tape cassette of Jurassic Park! But a few titles were missing.
  12. The person who gets it first, post some close-up pics please!
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