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  1. Agreed. The beginning is rather similar, but the climax of HTTF is pure John Williams....
  2. I'm not trying to belittle the contribution of the US, France, and the British in the war, don't get me wrong. But like I said, one shouldn't try to rewrite history. Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, and the Soviets with their Red Army beat and defeated the Nazis. The Americans were simply on Russia's side. One should see the whole picture, it's not like America came and defeated Hitler, even though that's the image the Americans like to present and spread... Incidentally with movies just like Saving Private Ryan.
  3. Yeah, I hear the resemblance. Dunno, maybe it did serve as an inspiration.... I somehow doubt Spielberg used this as a temp track, though.
  4. I just listened to it. Well, it's an American movie, that's why it has a strong pro-American bias. Nobody denies that. Even Spielberg himself admitted that. I know this comes as a shock to many people (Americans), but the Soviet Union defeated the Nazis, period. The Americans entered the war in the very last stages, when it was already abundantly clear that the Nazis were losing.... With the crazy anti-Russian propaganda bs going on in the US, most Americans aren't aware of that, and even if they did, they probably wouldn't care, either.
  5. Beautiful, yes. But there are literally thousands and thousands of choral pieces like this... You're a naive old fart, aren't ya? Hmmm, yeah, maybe. But then what about Schindler's List...?
  6. Oh yeah. We're still in 2020. After 22 years then... 😂 Yeah. I'm surprised that many people who watched the movie actually believe to this day that Tom Hanks's character shot at the tank and made it explode. And I'm like. "Newsflash: The tank was bombed by the planes, duh... !"
  7. That's mostly because of Spielberg, I'm sure. Although yeah, there is The Book Thief... And yet you ask the world, and 90% will tell you the most warmongering country on this planet is, by far, the USA. The Nazis attacked only Europe. After 28 years you finally are getting around to it? Wth. So you're saying you don't like Babe?
  8. One example. Check out the moment starting at around 8:50. One of the best quieter moments in the film, and also one of the best scored ones. When the familiar theme starts playing (so graceful, soothing, and gorgeous!), I get goosebumps. I mean wow. Spielberg's top-notch direction also helps, needless to say.
  9. Same here. Except for me, it has become one of my all-time favourites. At the beginning I only liked HTTF, but now I've grown to adore pretty much every single cue, especially Omaha Beach, The Last Battle, Normandy, and even Finding Private Ryan. It's really remarkable how indescribably good and listenable this score is, despite what many superficially think. (For me, it even surpasses War Horse, which of course I also like very much.)
  10. You could say WWI vs. WWII. And also tell us why!
  11. Regardless of the opening, this is one of those JW pieces that you can listen to thousands of times without ever getting tired of it...
  12. I suspect there's fraud involved here... I thought so too... But only at first. That's probably because we're so used to it.
  13. So everybody that's ordered their copy, already received it? No more damaged goods?
  14. Sad news. RIP. For me he'll always be Indy's Dad first, then Bond. In honour of his memory....
  15. Darn! This is like a freaking lottery! You place your order, and only the few lucky ones get a flawless copy... The rest, so sorry, maybe next time. What the hell!
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