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  1. Amazon just notified me that my new estimated delivery date is January 9th. The release date on the product page has also changed, but only to December 16th.
  2. Vince's new show has landed at Apple (where many of the former Sony execs he worked with have migrated), and stars Rhea Seehorn. It already has a two-season commitment. https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/vince-gilligan-apple-series-rhea-seehorn-1235380950/
  3. Wish they would sell those hats online! If anybody winds up with an extra they're willing to ship, I'm down to pay.
  4. One of your problems is that viewers have to connect the dots between Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, but you also wish they’d made viewers connect the dots between Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad?
  5. Interviews! Peter with Rolling Stone (Alan Sepinwall) Peter with Entertainment Weekly Peter with The Hollywood Reporter Bob with Entertainment Weekly Bob with the LA Times Rhea with Entertainment Weekly Peter and Bob are also on the Insider Podcast as the only guests.
  6. I think that Jimmy's breakthrough was genuine, and Bob seems to feel the same (haven't read or listened to anything from Peter just yet, but I assume he does too). However, I love that the finale left so much of Jimmy's thoughts and motivations up for debate, so that death of the author people have plenty to argue over and chew on for years to come. I'm sure I'll have more to say over time, but one thing I found interesting is the use of The Time Machine in not just this episode, but the season as a whole. It first showed up in Saul’s mansion in the season premiere, and later on Jimmy's nightstand. My reading is that, between the three appearances and the discussions with Mike and Walt, Jimmy's subconscious tried to get through to him for a decade through that book. His brain kept posing that question to him not for others, but for himself, in attempts to spur his long overdue breakthrough. I don't think it's unintentional that its first chronological appearance is with Chuck in Jimmy's presence. I also love the dark joke that Jimmy decides to abandon the Saul Goodman name and reclaim "Jimmy McGill," but will spend the rest of his life surrounded by people who exclusively know him as, and call him, Saul. Once again, I think the extent to which this bothers him is up for debate (along with his overall enjoyment level in prison).
  7. That was what it needed to be.
  8. It’s in the spaceship. Seeing it in theaters this weekend was my first time noticing it as well.
  9. Enjoyed re-reading this old interview with Vince Gilligan from days after the series finale of Breaking Bad aired. It's so interesting to go back a decade and see him resigned to never topping that show as he plans his next move (which, as this mentions, wasn't meant to be Better Call Saul, which he only intended to help Peter Gould get off the ground). He says something about cracking the ending of Breaking Bad that will probably apply here: "What we realized is that we wanted to satisfy the viewers more than we wanted to surprise them." He was also very confident - "for the first time in my career," he jokes - about the how that finale would be received. There's also a recent interview with Peter Gould where he says this about the endings of both shows: There's also a fun interview with Carol Burnett about her time filming BCS.
  10. It's really hitting me this morning! Been following this universe since the summer of 2010, and it might be over for good in about 12 hours. Crazy to think of what all has transpired in both my life and the world at large since then (there were only two years between 2008 and 2022 where we didn't get more!). Got the BCS soundtrack going at the office. I don't think there's a bad episode between Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul, and I can't see that changing tonight. Even if the finale underwhelms, this has been the superior show for me (and that is no slight towards Breaking Bad).
  11. 100%. I’d like to think that the break we see in Gene when he realizes what he’s doing to Marion has opened the door to that.
  12. I'm not expecting a finale even remotely comparable to "Felina" (not referring to quality), except for maybe the great Walt/Skyler scene, where Walt finally cuts the bullshit and is honest with both Skyler and himself. I could see an ending that is basically all that - quiet, revealing conversations between characters - with none of the death or danger that gave Breaking Bad's ending its fireworks (I don't think our guy's going to die). I'd like to believe that after 50 years, Jimmy/Saul/Gene is going to stop constructing Russian doll identities to escape his thoughts and feelings, and finally look inward at why he is the way he is, and why he's done the things he's done. Not just the major ones, like ruining Howard's life, aiding and abetting Walt, and almost killing two people - everything going back to stealing from his father's store and running scams in Chicago. In contrast to a machine gun massacre, the most "exciting" thing that happens here could be that Jimmy/Saul/Gene gives himself up and goes to prison. Maybe, instead of creating yet another identity, he sheds his old ones ("Saul Gone"), and we get to see what's underneath? All that being said, come Monday night I’m going to set aside any predictions or expectations and let the finale be what it is. The episode is expected to be around 67 minutes (from 98 minutes with commercials), which would make it the longest of either show (Breaking Bad: 58mins ["Pilot] / Better Call Saul: 60mins ["Winner" and "Something Unforgivable"]). I'm curious if there's anything in particular behind its considerable length, like a time jump, or if it's just that Gould's been given the leeway to cook this thing low and slow.
  13. I don't think these details on the score have already been shared? https://comicbook.com/starwars/news/star-wars-andor-music-themes-changes-episodes-tony-gilroy-nicholas-britell/
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