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  1. It's been done LTP before, at the Hollywood Bowl shows in 2017, with Kobe performing live narration. So this is a safe bet (minus the "live" narration, of course...).
  2. I would disagree that he wasn't good at comedy. Moonlighting is how he got his big break, and the light touch he gives John McClane is what made Die Hard such a success. His greatest pure comedic performance is probably Death Becomes Her.
  3. Source: https://deadline.com/2022/02/steven-spielbert-bullitt-at-warner-bros-and-amblin-1234960542/ It sounds like Spielberg has projects further along in development than this, so Williams may not be out of the game for too long (if he will indeed be making exceptions for Spielberg, as the latter seemed to be counting on).
  4. That's right - he wasn't involved in writing seasons four or five (his last credit is 3x01). His only contribution was directing 4x09 and 5x08. Peter Gould asked him to rejoin the writers' room for the final season to help land the plane, and he also reportedly directed three episodes (including the penultimate episode, which he wrote, so the credits for the final two episodes of BCS are swapped from the final two of BB).
  5. The final season will premiere on April 18th and is broken into two parts. Two episodes on the 18th, then five more weekly until May 23rd. After a short break, part two will premiere on July 11th and run for six episodes. If part two never doubles up, that would put the finale on August 15th. The show has wrapped filming.
  6. There's a great new NYTimes profile on Bob Odenkirk tied to S6 and his upcoming book. It discusses his heart attack (which he doesn't remember), filming the final season, and his initial thoughts after reading the series finale script. I'll caution anyone who wants to stay 100% spoiler-free for the final season that it describes Bob and Vince filming a scene from (seemingly) late in the season, and includes some other vague tidbits and suggestions. It's hard to draw strong conclusions from anything, but I'm still surprised that some of it was included here. Here's Bob talking to Rhea about reading the finale: Also, writer/producer Tom Schnauz seems to have confirmed the 4/18 premiere date theory.
  7. There's speculation that the premiere date is actually hidden in this teaser. The evidence markers are D (4th letter of the alphabet) and R (18th letter of the alphabet), or 4/18, which is a week after the next run of Walking Dead episodes ends, and also a Monday. Filming is supposed to wrap this week, so that's a realistic timeline.
  8. KCET, a public broadcast TV station in Los Angeles, will be broadcasting past performances from the Hollywood Bowl later this year, including Williams and the LA Phil performing Star Wars. PBS stations around the US will broadcast the shows in early 2021. From the last paragraph, it sounds like this could possibly include an interview with Williams.
  9. If all goes well I'll have a recording of this for those that miss it. UPDATE: PM me if interested
  10. https://www.kusc.org/radio/programs/announcing-at-home-with-gustavo-dudamel-john-williams/ I will attempt to record this!
  11. The cover of "Something Stupid" from the opening montage in episode 7 has finally been released as a single. Linked to it on iTunes (US) and YouTube for anyone else who's had it stuck in their heads.
  12. What a great piece! For some related reading, here is an interview with Yo-Yo Ma about Williams that posted today: http://projectorandorchestra.com/yo-yo-ma-on-john-williams-classical-side/. The interview was supposed to be part of a larger story about Williams' concert/classical career but the Washington Post pulled it when the author couldn't get an interview with Williams.
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