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  1. I'm 20/20 with my contacts in! Trust me when you get it you'll be squinting.
  2. Delivered! Spinning the disc now... My only complaint is that the font is so small on the back cover! I can barely read the times listed on the tracks. Sound is amazing so far!
  3. Also Field of Dreams... Gone way too soon.
  4. Thanks, already made a spot for Presumed Innocent lol
  5. I found this nice pine shelf off of Facebook Marketplace right up the road from me for $25! Seller told me they got it from World Market. I love the fact that it's solid wood and not the Ikea ones I used to have. I've got plenty of room for future releases, only drawback is that the space is very snug so anything over standard jewel case size won't fit, not even the LLL box sets, so they are relegated to the top shelf. Bottom right are a bunch of extra jewel cases to replace any that get cracked in shipping.
  6. HOLY FUCK! That’s how you do a cliffhanger! I had a Diet Coke from Whataburger 😂
  7. I thought the whole shoplifting scene was a planned out deal with her mom using young Kim as the decoy? Back in the day I worked in retail loss prevention and have seen all types of tactics and schemes that some people would use to steal merchandise! 😂
  8. I can count on one hand how many times I've received two separate JW releases delivered to me on the same day, plus it's our 22nd wedding anniversary today!
  9. Just picked it up from the mailbox and taking a listen!
  10. Crap just finished watching. Such a heartbreaking scene with Mike and his daughter in law and grand daughter. Lalo got the wind knocked the fuck out of him! Shit that was tense. the dude pissing in the waterfall feature was absolutely hilarious! 😂
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