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  1. Couple corrections imo.. 01. Ring Ring (0:00-0:21) 02. Would You Like To Play A Game 03. Ring Ring (1:48-end) 04. Rules To Survive (0:00-1:02) 05. Not My Story (0:00-0:25) 06. Rules To Survive (2:42-end) 07. Not My Story (1:40-end) 08. Ring Ring (0:21-1:30) 09. Apparitions (2:26-2:55) 10. Apparitions (2:55-end) 11. Apparitions (0:00-2:26) 12a. Amends (0:00-0:33) 12b. Amends (0:33-1:08) 13. History Repeats 14. Sacrifice (3:16-end) 15. Suspects, Rules And Requels 16a. Cold Refreshments (0:00-0:35) 16b. Cold Refreshments (0:35-0:40) 17. In Hot Water 18. Pain In The Neck 19. Diversions (0:00-1:21) 20. Chromeface (0:38-1:11) 21. Diversions (1:12-end) 22. Lights Out 23. A Hospital Visitor 24a. Sacrifice (0:00-1:05) 24b. Sacrifice (1:05-1:53) 25. Amends (1:08-end) 26. Not My Story (0:25-140) 27. Cold Refreshments (0:40-0:59) 28. Cold Refreshments (0:59-1:18) 29a. I Started All This (0:00-0:18) 29b. I Started All This (0:18-end) 30. Chromeface (1:11-end) 31. The Expert 32. Cold Refreshments (1:18-end) 33. Chromeface (0:00-0:38) 34a. Welcome To Act Three (0:00-1:14) 34b. Welcome To Act Three (1:14-2:11) 34c. Welcome To Act Three (2:11-end) 35. Where It All Began 36. Ghostface (0:00-2:05) 37. True Fans 38. Passing the Torch 39a. Ghostface (2:05-3:13) 39b. Ghostface (3:13-end) 40. New Horizons
  2. Pretty sure their release of WW84 is a CD-r as well. At least that's what their website states.
  3. I timecoded it a bit early so you could listen for it. It exactly is heard at 1:48 and is heard in any blu-ray rip that I've come across. I know it's not featured on any album as it's unreleased but still doesn't explain why there is such a strange digital error in the blu-ray audio
  4. Any clue what this digital error sound could be and is there any way to rectify it?
  5. Yeah, but they're from 3rd party sellers who import things from the UK or are in the UK shipping to the US. Unless it says Shipped & Sold by Amazon it'll probably be the UK version.
  6. Yeah, for the past couple of years they have sent out direct links to scores for consideration as well as the films themselves. And I believe you have to log-in with your credentials to their website. They really started slowing down since 2019, this year even more it seems.
  7. Order confirmed. https://mondoshop.com/products/hook-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-2xlp
  8. Zola score but nothing plays https://a24awards.com/film/zola/score.html
  9. I guess Court of King Charles is lucky enough to be on the OST.
  10. Val also up. https://www.amazonstudiosguilds.com/titles/val/?type=listen&id=0
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