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  1. Yeah wasn't saying it was the OP who made the cue titles up, but we'll know the truth when (or if) they add this score to the ASCAP repertoire later down the road.
  2. Travis Scott motif (from the song "The Plan". Probably had to have separate cues for it due to the rules of the academy but now that those stems are gone I'm not so sure. Either way, his song was incorporated throughout the score.
  3. There are also classical references with the duck, too I believe amongst some other references.
  4. I always thought that the tapes for Babe would have been lost considering they made an Orchestral Re-Recording release a few years back. Glad to see there will finally be a score-only album, cannot wait since there are many references to classical music in this score, similar to that of Land Before Time, etc.
  5. They removed TENET's score webpage now it seems. It redirects you to the main TENET Awards page now.
  6. Lucky whoever bought it. I didn't even think to keep checking eBay as it has been pretty quiet since like early December..so I missed out as well And I also highly doubt the next time (if ever soon) will be as cheap as $99.
  7. Are they gonna upload some zip file again? Lol It's strange that you need the direct link for Frozen 2's score page, it's not found anywhere on their site unless you know that web address.. I hope that's not what they do with the rest of their scores.
  8. Listening to The Master by Jonny Greenwood. Pretty decent score!
  9. Only 8 years! I still find it pretty crazy that a proper 'The Lion King' had leaked almost 20 years after the initial release date of the film. What's the oldest score to have leaked before?
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